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Mega Tento, also spelt Megatento, was a heavyweight robot built by Lisa Winter of Robot Action League which fought exclusively in BattleBots World Championship II.

It was a scaled-up version of fan favorite Tentoumushi from Comedy Central BattleBots. Dubbed a "capturer" by the team, the robot featured a LDPE plastic shell measuring 5ft in diameter, made from a modified kids' sandbox. The aim was for it to lift over the top of opposition robots and obstruct their driver's view.

Mega Tento WCII hero shot

Mega Tento during World Championship II hero shots.

Mega Tento also sported an 8" diameter drum spinner made from steel and weighing 30lbs total. This was positioned underneath the shell to begin with, but was later moved to the rear as according to Lisa Winter, this change vastly improved traction on the rear wheels and made Mega Tento easier to control.[1] Outside of this, the main chassis and framework was machined from aluminum.

As was the case with the original middleweight robot, the sandbox was purchased from Toys 'R Us. However, the one for Mega Tento originally had a crab-themed design.[2] It was reshaped and painted to look like a ladybug, with antennae added and angry eyes made from spoon rests. It performed poorly in the competition, winning only one battle against Stinger in a controversial upset, but lost to Poison Arrow and Yeti. Lisa Winter and Robot Action League had also entered Plan X into World Championship I, with similar success.

Though Lisa Winter stated improvements she intended to make to the robot, including larger wheel guards and a more potent spinning weapon[3], Mega Tento would not return to BattleBots after its debut season. However, Lisa Winter would become a full-time judge for the show from World Championship IV onward.

Robot History[]

World Championship II[]

Mega Tento vs. Poison Arrow

Mega Tento's first ever match in BattleBots was against Poison Arrow.

Mega Tento Poison Arrow

Mega Tento taking aim at Poison Arrow.

Mega Tento was quick to smother Poison Arrow using its shell as the black and green robot lost its decorative tail. It then maneuvered Poison Arrow towards the screws as its drone tried to melt the ladybug shell.

Poison Arrow lay stationary beside the screws for several seconds before returning to life, only to be captured by Mega Tento's shell again. The Caustic Creations robot got its drum up to speed as Mega Tento gave chase, splitting the shell towards the back as Mike Winter gave instructions to his daughter.

Mega Tento vs Poison Arrow WCII

Poison Arrow breaks Mega Tento's primary weapon.

Time passed as both robots jockeyed for position, but this break in attacks ended by Poison Arrow slamming into the front of Mega Tento's main chassis and causing its shell to separate from its mounting point.

Mega Tento vs Poison Arrow JD

Mega Tento with Poison Arrow captured as time expires.

By this point, Mega Tento was unable to raise or lower its shell due to damage sustained, but this did not deter it from attempting to swallow Poison Arrow again, which used its drum spinner to keep hitting the frame of its opponent as time ran out.

Poison Arrow won by unanimous judges' decision. However, Mega Tento was awarded one of the eight wildcards and continued on in the tournament regardless.

Mega Tento vs. Stinger

This put Mega Tento into the Round of 32 as the No.28 seed, where it faced No.5 seed Stinger. Before this match, the team moved Mega Tento's spinning drum from inside the shell to the rear.

Mega Tento vs Stinger WCII 1

Stinger tries to flip Mega Tento.

Mega Tento drove towards Stinger before turning to lead with its repositioned drum. However, Stinger's twin prongs were able to evade the weapon and managed to shove Lisa Winter's machine into the spiked wall. Though Mega Tento was able to land a blow to the left flank of Stinger, Matt Maxham lined up its weapon and charged again, raising its lifter but only succeeding in tipping itself over.

Mega Tento vs Stinger WCII 2

Stinger pins Mega Tento as it is hit by the pulverizer.

Stinger quickly recovered and drove Mega Tento into the corner and the ladybug-themed machine was hit several times by the pulverizer. Stinger again tried to lift, but could not get sufficient leverage and fell forwards for a second time. Matt Maxham backed away before getting snagged by the killsaw slot, but was quickly on the offensive again as it drove Mega Tento into the wall, deforming the sandpit shell right in front of the Winters.

Mega Tento vs Stinger WCII 3

Mega Tento baits Stinger before capturing it.

As Stinger released, Mega Tento reversed away from danger and raised its shell in a change of tactic. Mega Tento took advantage of the onrushing Stinger and lowered the shell, looking to encapsulate its opponent.
"Could this be the turning point, Kenny? Mega Tento has come to life!"
— Chris Rose reacts to the momentum swinging in Mega Tento's favor


Mega Tento catches Stinger's side and turns it over.

Stinger ignited its flamethrower in retaliation but this proved largely ineffective as its front-right wheel came loose soon after. The flames continued as Stinger rammed Mega Tento, but the ladybug fought back and drove Stinger into the middle of the arena. With its drum spinner active, Mega Tento struck the sides of Stinger again and used its weapon to overturn the Team PlumbCrazy machine.

Mega Tento vs Stinger WCII 4

Stinger tries to leave a lasting impression on the judges.

With under a minute remaining, Stinger again tried take control but struggled to handle its considerably larger opponent. Stinger pinned Mega Tento against the drivers' booths late on, and as both robots were free, flailed its forks in a last second attempt to overturn Mega Tento. Stinger only succeeded in toppling itself, however, landing on its five remaining wheels as the clock hit zero.

After a hard-fought three minute fight, the judges ruled in favor of Mega Tento by split decision.

Mega Tento vs. Yeti

Mega tento pirate

Mega Tento with an eyepatch.

YetivsMegaTento bb2016

Yeti destroys Mega Tento's right wheel.

Advancing in the tournament, Mega Tento took on the No.12 seed, Yeti. To show its injury from Stinger, Mega Tento added an eye patch over its left eye for this fight, and kept the drum at the rear of the robot. Yeti was able to attack and managed to severely damage Mega Tento's right wheel. With limited mobility, Mega Tento was then pushed on top of the screws and was deemed immobile. Mega Tento was counted out as Yeti finished off the destroyed wheel. Yeti won by a quick KO at 44 seconds and Mega Tento was eliminated from the tournament.

Mega Tento was originally going to fight in a three-way rumble against Nightmare and Creepy Crawlies, but the rumble was canceled in favor of others going ahead in its place, as well as time constraints.


World Championship II
World Championship Tournament
#28 Seed, Round of 16
Qualifier vs. Poison Arrow Lost (JD)
NOTE: Mega Tento received a Wildcard and moved on to the next round.
Round of 32 vs. Stinger: The Killer Bee (5) Won (Split JD)
Round of 16 vs. Yeti (12) Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship II Stinger Poison Arrow

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Nighty-night. Don't let the red bug bite. It's MEGA TENTO!"

"Nobody knows whats under the hood, but we all know it's no good. It's the bot with the sassy chassis. It's MEGA TENTO!"

"It's a thrilla! This insect-zilla is a straight-up killa! It's MEGA TENTO!"


  • The Tentoumushi name derives from the Japanese word for "ladybug."
  • Zoe Stephenson of Chomp alluded to an unused "drum-fouling modification" which was intended for Mega Tento's fight against Poison Arrow, but it us known what this consisted of, or why it was not used.
  • Away from robot combat, Lisa Winter is a keen violinist. She was also diagnosed with Celiac disease in January 2019.