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|Season 1.0
|Season 1.0

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Mechadon doing some tricks before a BattleBots event.

Mechadon was a superheavyweight robot built by Mark Setrakian. It was a walkerbot built to resemble a spider with six huge claws for legs. Although it only competed in the Las Vegas 1999 event and Season 1.0, where it won one fight in each competition, it showed up for every consecutive season where Mark would show off some new tricks the robot could do.

Robot History

Las Vegas 1999

Mechadon before the Las Vegas 1999 competition.

Mechadon flips Ginsu with its legs.

Mechadon fought Ginsu in the first round of the competition. Early on, Ginsu was dominant, ramming Mechadon about the BattleBox. However, then Ginsu knocked itself on its side after ramming Machadon against the wall. With no way to self-right, Ginsu was counted out and Mechadon advanced to the semi-finals against Ricon. However, one of the motors that powered Mechadon was broken during the battle and the team was unable to repair it in time for the fight, so Mechadon forfeited the match.

Season 1.0

Mechadon's Season 1.0 stat sheet according to the show.

Mechadon moves slowly towards Prompt Critical.

Mechadon first fought Prompt Critical. In this match, Prompt Critical self-destructed before Mechadon could even move out of its square, meaning Mechadon won the fight and advanced to the second round.

In the second round, Mechadon fought Rammstein. Mechadon slowly moved out of its square as Rammstein moved in and reversed into Mechadon, slamming it into the wall. Mechadon moved away as Rammstein backed up and

Mechadon gets slammed against the wall by Rammstein.

Mechadon rolled four of its legs over to quickly get it away from the wall. Mechadon then used its two middle legs to roll the other four back over. Rammstein rammed Mechadon into the wall as it was trying to roll itself over again. Mechadon appeared to be caught on the spike strip as Rammstein continuously rammed it. One of these rams broke one of Mechadon's actuators for its legs and immobilized that leg for the remainder of the match. Rammstein continued to ram Mechadon as Mechadon feebly tried to move away from the wall. Eventually, Mechadon was able to get one of its legs underneath Rammstein and lift it, but it was unable to completely turn Rammstein over as it drove away. Time ran out as Rammstein was coming in for another ram, and an 8-1 judge's decision eliminated Mechadon from the tournament.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Las Vegas 1999 Ginsu


Season 1.0 Prompt Critical Rammstein
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