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For the robot from Team Mammoth which debuted in World Championship IV, see Mammoth.

Mammoth is one of twelve ShowBots which are present at BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon, the first BattleBots live event of its kind. Very little is known about the construction of the Mammoth ShowBot as yet, due to no images being made public, though it is functionally identical to its competitive counterpart. However, as with all other ShowBots, Mammoth is standardized to use OYES switches made by Team End Game, as well as lithium iron phosphate batteries as opposed to lithium polymer batteries. The latter was enforced to reduce the risk of hazardous fires during shows.[1]

Like other ShowBots, Mammoth is significantly heavier than the 250lb weight limit enforced by BattleBots production for their televised World Championships, weighing 380lbs up until it received upgrades in July 2023.[2] As a result of the steel reinforcements for its front legs, AR500 steel integrated into its weapon chain guard and reinforced back end, Mammoth's ShowBots now weigh in excess of 400lbs. Mammoth typically fights OverKill during Destruct-A-Thon shows. Around September 2023, Mammoth's ShowBots were upgraded to improve their lifting ability.[3]


  • Parts for Mammoth were delayed in shipping, hence why it was delayed in fighting at the live show.
  • Mammoth's entrance music is 'The Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin.
  • On December 17, 2023, Mammoth - driven by Kaz Church - earned an out of the arena win against OverKill after hooking its trunk in one of its opponent's knife holes.
    • In this moment, it became the first robot to achieve an out of the arena with its original robot and its ShowBot equivalent.