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Magnum VI was a heavyweight robot that planned to enter an anticipated Season 6.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

Magnim VI was designed to have a lot of similar attributes to Team RV's middleweight, Village Idiot. Primarily, it was to include 2 vertical impact discs like later versions of Village Idiot had[1]. However, the weapon would be powered by a 120cc chainsaw engine. The team had created CNC-milled mounts for the engine as of the last update on the website. The rest of the design is unknown at this time.

The design and construction of Magnum VI would be headed by Kenneth Peek, who was on the Alabama Slammer team, as opposed to Jon Autry.

Outside BattleBots[]


Team RV's heavyweight design Meek after BattleBots' cancellation

Team RV had created further plans for a heavyweight outside of BattleBots after the cancellation of the show. The team list Meek as a heavyweight robot that has the same style of weapon seen in Village Idiot.[2] It is unknown however if this design carried over from Magnum VI's design and build work, if Peek was involved, if it was ever built, or if it ever competed.