Madcowsrevenge sf02

Mad Cow's Revenge's Season 5.0 appearance.

Mad Cow (later Mad Cow's Revenge) was a lightweight robot which competed in Seasons 3.0 and 5.0 of BattleBots. It was originally a tall cylindrical full-body spinner powered by a chainsaw motor for Season 3.0 but was changed to an invertible pentagonal robot armed with a horizontal flywheel and a rear wedge for Season 5.0. It didn't perform well in competition, winning only one battle.

Mad Cow's Revenge was then sold to Anarchy Robotics. It returned for the NPC Charity Open in 2004 under the name Amish Rebellion, but it again only won one battle.

Robot history

Season 3.0


Mad Cow's Season 3.0 appearance.

Mad Cow's first fight with Vermicious Kenid. Vermicious Kenid won the match by KO at 1:44 and Mad Cow was eliminated.

Season 5.0


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 4
Wins Losses
Season 3.0 Bye Vermicious Kenid
Season 5.0 Havoc Afterburner
2004 NPC Charity Open






  • Mad Cow and its middleweight teammate, Bovine Intervention, as well as Featherweight teammate Morpheus were the only three robots from Connecticut to compete in a BattleBots competition.
  • Mad Cow was originally going to have a spinning dome, similar to Ziggo's, but it broke during testing.

Mad Cow with its prototype dome.

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