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Lucky is a robot from Canadian team TKO Robotics, which competed in four seasons of the BattleBots reboot, including Discovery Season 6.

It was fielded by a team of roboteers consisting of Mark Demers of CM Robotics, who competed in Comedy Central Season 5.0 with BravePart, Gary Gin of RoboGames icon Original Sin, and Rob Masek, who himself competed in the Comedy Central era with Scrap Metal. Lucky was based on superheavyweight competitor Ziggy, featuring a four-bar launcher weapon similar to that of iconic machine.

Originally a reserve for ABC Season 2, Lucky competed due to a handful of drop-outs which occurred during filming. However, it lost to both Beta and Yeti in its debut season, finishing winless.

For Discovery Season 3, Lucky was given a tougher, more compact flipper that retracted faster than before. This version of Lucky also competed at RoboGames 2018, where it placed fourth overall. Despite its success there, it suffered more losses in Season 3, with its sole wins over Gemini and Gigabyte coming in the Desperado Tournament.

Lucky remained largely unchanged for Discovery Season 4, sporting new wheels as well as carrying no less than seven different frames, likely in response to its brutal loss to Son of Whyachi the season prior. Lucky did not do much better in this season, getting just the one Fight Night win in an untelevised rumble, and therefore entering the Desperado Tournament once again.

Lucky was originally confirmed to be competing in Discovery Season 5 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel from Canada to the US, TKO Robotics withdrew from the competition. Despite this, work was done on Lucky to prepare it for when it could compete again. In a Facebook video posted in March 2020, Lucky is shown to throw a 90lb frame high and far, with Mark Demers claiming Lucky threw an empty beer keg 48ft, and a pumpkin roughly 80ft.[1]

Lucky returned for Discovery Season 6 after being absent for last season. Though its internal upgrades are currently unspecified, it has newly-cut wedglets at the front, which have now been painted red. It also sports several pairs of brand new wheels, which are slightly larger than before. One set are custom-molded with Lucky's name written across the sidewalls, whereas another set are Brazil wheels, as used on Minotaur and other BattleBots competitors. The team believe these have "a great balance of grip and slide".[2] Now driven by dirt track RC driver Matt Olson, Lucky opened its 2021 season with a loss to Tantrum despite a strong showing in the opening moments of the battle. However, it was able to redeem itself with a knockout win over South Korean representatives Blade and a crucial victory over Mammoth to confirm their spot in the Top 32, where it lost to Copperhead.

Robot History[]

ABC Season 2[]

Lucky vs. Beta

Beta lands a blow as it is pushed back by Lucky.

Lucky flips Beta in response.

Lucky takes a hammer bow to the launcher as it shoves Beta into the wall

Lucky's first ever match in BattleBots was against Beta. The fight started poorly for Lucky, as Beta managed to use its hammer to knock off a shock absorber Lucky had put on the top. Beta would continue to land hits on Lucky with its hammer,

but not without the latter flipping the former over a couple of times. Lucky's lifting arm valve was not capable of removing the large amount of nitrogen used and despite all the times it was flipped, Beta was able to self-right quickly each time and although both robots lasted the full time, Lucky lost to Beta on a unanimous 3-0 judges decision. However, Lucky was awarded a wildcard, and was given the No.21 seed as it advanced to the Round of 32, where it faced the No.12 seed Yeti.

Lucky vs. Yeti

Yeti rips off Lucky's flipping arm.

For this match Lucky added some wheel guards over the front wheels but the match was delayed so the team could fix a loose connection. The match started out fairly evenly with no major damage being done to either robot. Eventually, Yeti lost one of its rear tires before disabling and removing Lucky's flipper. Both robots continued to move around before Yeti delivered a final blow that knocked out Lucky as a similar loose connection came undone on the other half of the drive train, then the sprocket snapped due to the set screw not being tightened and thus took out the entire drive system. Lucky was counted out and Yeti won by KO at 2:44. This meant that Lucky was eliminated from the tournament.

Discovery Season 3[]

Lucky vs. Skorpios

Lucky flips Skorpios.

Skorpios grinding Lucky and pushes it under the pulverizer.

Skorpios takes Lucky to the killsaws toward the end of the match.

Lucky's first match was against Skorpios. The match started out evenly as both robots were having trouble getting under each other, eventually Lucky got under Skorpios and flipped it, causing a shower of sparks as Skorpios' saw hit the BattleBox floor. Eventually, Skorpios got its saw into Lucky's left front wheel, disabling that side and leaving Lucky trapped under the pulverizer. Skorpios eventually disabled Lucky's right side as well, however there was not enough time to count Lucky out and it went to a judges decision. Lucky lost by a unanimous 3-0 judges decision.

Lucky vs. Son of Whyachi

Lucky's wedge is torn in half.

Son of Whyachi lines up the final shot on Lucky.

Lucky's next opponent was against Son of Whyachi. In response to this, Lucky added a rear-mounted wedge in hopes of absorbing the hits from Son of Whyachi's attacks, allowing it to perhaps flip Son of Whyachi over. When the match began, Lucky was doing okay as it was able to absorb the first collision from Son of Whyachi but was still sent flying. Lucky continued to approach its opponent, but started taking damage, with the right side of its wedge ripped away and eventually losing wheels and its rear protective wedge. With drive out on one side, Lucky still continued to try and fight but was eventually knocked out and was counted out, giving Son of Whyachi the win.

Lucky vs. Gemini

Lucky flips Fred.

Lucky next took part in the Desperado Tournament to compete for a slot in the Top 16. Lucky's first match was against Gemini. The match started off fairly evenly as neither robot wanted to approach the other. Eventually, Lucky

Lucky throws Hydroxyl.

made its move and threw the red Gemini robot into the air, tearing off the rear wedge in the process. When Hydroxyl the black Gemini robot approached, Lucky threw it into the air too. Lucky continued this a bit longer until it lost one of its wheels from one of Gemini's attacks. Lucky delivered another flip on the black Gemini twin, leaving the black Gemini machine's disc to catch the side of Lucky's flipper, jamming it open and disabling it. Gemini then took two impacts from its own team member, rendering both blades useless. Nevertheless, Lucky continued to attack and was soon facing only the black Gemini robot, pushing it near the pulverizer before time ran out. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Lucky, advancing it to the semi-finals, where it fought Gigabyte.

Lucky vs. Gigabyte

Lucky and Gigabyte collide.

Lucky chucks Gigabyte.

Lucky flicks Gigabyte onto its top.

For this match, Lucky replaced its flipper plow with a much larger defensive wedge, intending to use the flipper as more of a fist to its opponent. When the match began, this proved to be a good strategy as they were able to launch Gigabyte into the air, but Gigabyte landed upright and started to spin back up. Lucky got Gigabyte into the corner and took a hit from them, causing Gigabyte to bounce off the arena walls before they started to spin back up again. Lucky took a third shot from them and had the arm bent such that it could no longer retract. Still, it kept attacking and managed to flip Gigabyte over. This flip also caused Gigabyte to lose its self-righting pole near the screws, leaving it to try and flip back over using the spinning shell's momentum. Since Gigabyte was unable to right itself, it was counted out, giving Lucky the win by KO to advance to the finals, where it faced Lock-Jaw.

Lucky vs. Lock-Jaw

Lucky uppercuts Lock-Jaw's spinner.

For this match, Lucky opted to stay in its configuration from its match with Gigabyte, but had few flips left to use with its lifting arm. When the match began, Lucky managed to get a good flip on Lock-Jaw, throwing Lock-Jaw onto its back but this didn't really affect Lock-Jaw's performance at all. Instead, Lucky started to take hits from its opponent from underneath as it was

Lucky is ground down by Lock-Jaw.

shoved around the arena. Lucky escaped and searched for an opening but took another hit from Lock-Jaw. By the third hit, half of Lucky's drive system had jammed, leaving them almost helpless as they'd also run out of liquid nitrogen to fire the flipping arm. They were also near the pulverizer with little means of escape. They continued to take hits until they stopped moving completely as a result of the wires between the drive motors and speed controller coming undone. Lucky was counted out and Lock-Jaw was declared the champion of the Desperado Tournament.

Lucky vs. Reality

Lucky gets flipped by Reality's spinning drum.

Reality delivers the killing blow to Lucky.

Lucky was next drawn up against Reality. The match was pretty even to start as both robots were maneuvering around. Lucky took the first hit from Reality, but this only caused sparks. Lucky continued to face Reality and attack but after more sparks, Lucky started to take bigger hits and ended up on its back. Lucky self-righted quickly and after a second hit. Lucky's weapon could no longer retract fully and they were only able to drive in circles. Even so, Lucky did its best to continue the fight but took a final hit that left it unable to move. Lucky was counted out, giving Reality the win by KO.

Last Chance Rumble

All six robots in the BattleBox.

Bombshell tears away Red Devil's tread.

Red Devil is immobilized as the rest fight on.

Bombshell struggles to move in the red square as DUCK! watches on.

The Last Chance Rumble comes to a close.

Lucky was chosen to take part in a Last Chance Rumble with DUCK!GigabyteBombshellValkyrie and Red Devil to determine the 16th seed in the Top 16 bracket. Early on, each of the spinners got up to speed as Red Devil got an early grab on DUCK! and with assistance from Bombshell, took it to the screws. DUCK! was then taken to Valkyrie's undercutter, who ran into the spinning shell of Gigabyte and deflected away. Gigabyte itself then ran into the wedge of Bombshell, unbalancing it as John Mladenik's bot hit the screws. Not yet back up to speed, Gigabyte's ground clearance was breached by Bombshell as Valkyrie drove itself into the arena wall. Lucky and DUCK! tussled in the far end of the arena as Red Devil got back into the action and grabbed the back end of Bombshell, but could not get its saw into play. DUCK! and Gigabyte collided in the middle of the BattleBox before Hal Rucker's bot rammed into the back of Valkyrie, before taking a blow to its plow. Lucky was experiencing drive issues on one side while Bombshell looked to prevent Gigabyte from spinning back up. As Red Devil drove up Bombshell's wedge, its vertical spinner hit their right side tread and tore it off, which was the first major damage of the rumble. Gigabyte dealt a follow-up shot which sent Red Devil spinning away from the action. As it tried to spin up, Bombshell ran into Gigabyte with its front and popped it into the air several times. Gigabyte escaped, driving into DUCK! before turning its attention towards Valkyrie. Bombshell again ran at Gigabyte, but suffered drive issues as a result and was no longer mobile with 1:30 on the clock. Gigabyte drove into DUCK! and then Valkyrie again before it suddenly stopped moving, but was still an active hazard as its shell continued to spin. Valkyrie also appeared weary as DUCK! got to its rear and shoved it into the corner. Lucky had managed to maneuvre into the action by this point as it feebly lifted DUCK! with its arm. Valkyrie had also driven to the center of the BattleBox, but DUCK! lifted it up and dropped it into Gigabyte's spinning shell. Lucky was no longer mobile at this stage, and played no further part in the rumble. But as DUCK! lifted Valkyrie into the arena wall once more, Bombshell found life and escaped the red square that it had been immobile in for over a minute. As there had been no official countouts during the rumble, the fight went to the judges with all six robots technically still in contention as per the rules concerning no individual knockouts.

Despite its mobility issues, the damage Bombshell caused throughout the fight carried the most weight and the judges controversially awarded the Last Chance Rumble in favor of Bombshell.

Discovery Season 4[]

Lucky vs. Double Jeopardy vs. The Four Horsemen

Lucky struggles to get its flipper into play as Famine is smoking.

Lucky's first fight was an untelevised rumble against fellow veterans Double Jeopardy and The Four Horsemen. Lucky started off rather well, avoiding Double Jeopardy's projectile before taking aim on Famine and pushing it towards the arena barrier. However, its flipper appeared to be stuck for a period before retracting, and was functioning improperly for the rest of the fight, most likely due to shrapnel from Double Jeopardy's shot damaging it. Lucky played little part thereafter as Double Jeopardy had taken care of half of The Four Horsemen in spite of damage it took to its left side. Time ran out after Lucky was hit by the killsaws and the judges awarded Lucky a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Lucky vs. Bloodsport

Sparks fly as Bloodsport attacks Lucky's wedge.

Lucky's wedge is torn off by Bloodsport.

Lucky's next fight was against newcomer Bloodsport and went with a strong front wedge and the lifting arm set-up used to defeat Gigabyte in the 2018 Desperado Tournament. When the match began, Lucky was doing alright, managing to fend off Bloodsport's weapon while remaining relatively unscathed. Lucky started to take some hits but none of these were any more damaging than the first impact. However, Lucky started to have some control of the fight as Bloodsport's weapon spun down. Lucky pushed Bloodsport across the arena floor and nearly got it over but Bloodsport stayed upright and spun back up to speed.

Lucky continued to take the punishment well and got another chance to push Bloodsport around when their weapon spun down again. Things changed for Lucky as they took bigger hits from Bloodsport that tore their front wedge loose and then completely off, sending it out of the arena. Both robots had little to do after this so they simply survived to the end of the match. The judges awarded Bloodsport a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Lucky vs. Minotaur

Lucky gets kicked onto its back by Minotaur.

Lucky participated in the Desperado Tournament once again, this time as the No.8 seed with the Giant Bolt trophy and a spot in the Top 16 on the line. Their first match-up was against former runner-up and No.1 seed, Minotaur, serving as a rematch to RoboGames 2018. In response, Lucky added extra armor on top, front wedgelets to get under Minotaur, and a different flipper with a more narrow front panel. When the match began, Lucky found itself quickly down to three wheels and unable to mount much of an attack. Lucky was pushed around the arena, causing mostly sparks, but soon had drive issues. Lucky was then thrown onto its back near the arena barrier,

but as it self-righted, it took another punishing hit to Minotaur right to the front. Lucky eventually stopped moving and was counted out, giving Minotaur the win by KO.

Lucky vs. Kraken

Lucky and Kraken come to blows.

Lucky wasn't done yet as they also had an exhibition match with Kraken. As the match got going, Lucky struggled to have any purchase with its lifting arm and ended up missing a few times. However, Kraken was also unable to get a bite on its opponent as well. Lucky then managed to get some lifts in but not enough to flip Kraken over. Finally, Lucky tossed Kraken over and kept them turned over a bit longer with another lift before Kraken righted itself and escaped. Lucky then went after Kraken's minibot, which ended up disabled and smoking heavily. Lucky then took Kraken to the screws where Kraken was partially on top of them but was able to escape. After completely destroying Kraken's minibot. Lucky was then grappled by Kraken but managed to push them around a bit more before time ran out. The judges awarded Lucky the decision.

Lucky vs. Tantrum

Lucky and Kraken come to blows.

Lucky also had an exhibition match against Tantrum, with Lucky sporting an ice hockey goalie's helmet on the flipper arm. Both robots were initially hesitant to attack one another, with Lucky attempting to flip, but missing, instead sending the novelty helmet flying. Lucky eventually moved in and threw Tantrum into the air, but Tantrum landed on its wheels. It was clear that Lucky was suffering from drive issues, but the Canadian robot managed to flip Tantrum onto its back. Since Tantrum could not self-right and Lucky could not show translational movement, both robots were counted out, and the fight was deemed a double KO. The judges ruled the fight in favor of Tantrum.

Discovery Season 6[]

Lucky vs. Tantrum

Lucky launches Tantrum early on.

Lucky gets Tantrum stuck on the arena barrier.

Tantrum targets Lucky's exposed wheels.

Tantrum turns the screw on Lucky.

After a season away from BattleBots, Lucky returned for the 2021 season. Its first opponent was Tantrum, a rematch from an exhibition match during the 2019 season. With a brand new driver in Matt Olsen, Lucky was able to get underneath Tantrum in the opening seconds, showing aggression from the off as it threw Tantrum around the BattleBox at will, even getting it stuck on the arena barrier at one stage. However, Tantrum was then allowed to get back into the fight and landed a few hits of their own, which deformed the front of Lucky's weapon. Tantrum then honed in on Lucky's exposed wheels and tore a few tires away from their hubs as it flipped the Canadian bot over. Lucky self-righted but was taken to the Upper Deck, where Tantrum punched into their side armor and loosened a protective panel before sending it to the side of the arena, where it was counted out. Lucky was immobilized, giving Tantrum the win by KO.

Lucky vs. Blade

Lucky throws Blade onto the arena barrier.

Lucky's second opponent was South Korean newcomer Blade. For this battle, Lucky added AR500 steel to its sides and Blade opted for their 60lb aluminum bar. As the match began, Blade spun around to show its rear plow to Lucky and landed a strong hit to their steel armor. However, Blade deflected into the corner of the BattleBox and lost part of its bar, which became lodged in the arena barrier itself. Now unbalanced, Blade attempted to spin up but could not control their robot and chose to spin down. Lucky took advantage and shoved Blade to the screws, sliding the front underneath its opponent and flipping it onto the BattleBox hazard. Lucky then threw Blade onto the housing for the screws, where it was high-centered and unable to escape. A count began on the South Korean bot and Lucky advanced to 1-1 for the season.

Lucky vs. Mammoth

Lucky punches Mammoth's wheel clean off.

Lucky lands a punch on Mammoth's other wheel.

Lucky leaves Mammoth for dead.

Like many other robots in Episode 10's fight card, Lucky sat at 1-1 and received a third Fight Night battle to determine their tournament fate. Their final opponent was Ricky Willems and Mammoth. As the fight began, Lucky and Mammoth drove into one another and Lucky fired its weapon, but missed with the initial flip. Lucky then got underneath Mammoth and threw the 5'6" robot into the air and onto the Upper Deck. Though it tried to swat Lucky away, Mammoth's giant frame lifted its wheels off the ground and left it vulnerable to more attacks from its opponent. The Canadian bot closed in and positioned itself before punching away Mammoth's left-side wheel. Mammoth finally clambered off the Upper Deck but was noticeably hurt as its wheel rolled into the blue square. Lucky maneuvred to the back of Mammoth and flipped it again, where Ricky Willems' bot struggled to right itself before eventually throwing itself back over. However, Lucky had also suffered damage as the lip of its flipping arm had come away and the arm itself struggled to retract. As Lucky drove Mammoth back, one of its weapon chains snapped and the drive motor powering the one remaining motor began to smoke. Lucky launched Mammoth into the screws as it lay upside down once more, but it was counted out this time. Lucky's record improved to 2-1, which was enough for the No.25 seed in the Top 32.

Lucky vs. Copperhead

Sparks fly as Copperhead attacks the front of Lucky.

Now in the Round of 32, Lucky's next opponent was the vicious drum spinner of No.8 seed Copperhead. For this fight, Lucky sported two hinged forks at the front to try and get underneath the front of its opponent. However, Lucky found itself on the back foot from the start as Copperhead flipped it over with their drum, but it self-righted immediately. Lucky attempted to launch Copperhead and missed its flip. This handed Copperhead the chance to grind its drum against the front of the Canadian bot as it partially detached a side panel. Lucky was again flipped over, but righted itself and escaped the assault from its opponent. Copperhead continued to slam into the front of Lucky, but it showed no signs of dying as the fight progressed. With a minute to go, Lucky was flung into the air two more times, the latter leaving it upside-down. Lucky again recovered but lost a wheel as Copperhead honed in on its weakened side and remained aggressive as time ran out. Copperhead won by judges' decision and Lucky was eliminated from the competition.


ABC Season 2
2016 Championship
21st seed
Round of 48 vs. Beta Lost (JD)
Round of 32 vs. Yeti (12) Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
0-3 in Fight Nights, 2-1 in Desperado Tournament, lost Play-in
Fight Night vs. Skorpios Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Son of Whyachi Lost (KO)
Desperado Round 1 vs. Gemini Won (JD)
Desperado Round 2 vs. Gigabyte Won (KO)
Desperado Final vs. Lock-Jaw Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Reality Lost (KO)
Last Chance Rumble vs. Bombshell, DUCK!,
Gigabyte, Red Devil,
Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night Rumble vs. Double Jeopardy,
The Four Horsemen
Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Bloodsport Lost (JD)
Desperado Round 1 vs. Minotaur Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Kraken Won (JD)
Exhibition Match vs. Tantrum Lost (Double KO, JD)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Tantrum Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Blade Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Mammoth Won (KO)
Top 32
25th seed
Round of 32 vs. Copperhead (8) Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 12
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2 None Beta


Discovery Season 3

Gemini (Desperado Tournament)

Gigabyte (Desperado Tournament)

Skorpios (Undercard Match)

Son of Whyachi (Undercard Match)

Lock-Jaw (Desperado Tournament)

Reality (Undercard Match)

Bombshell (Last Chance Rumble)

Discovery Season 4

The Four Horsemen & Double Jeopardy (Untelevised Undercard Rumble)

Kraken (Exhibition Match)

Bloodsport (Undercard Match)

Minotaur (Desperado Tournament)

Tantrum (Exhibition Match)

Discovery Season 6 Blade (Undercard Match)

Mammoth (Undercard Match)

Tantrum (Undercard Match)


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  • In each of Lucky's losses during Discovery Season 3, the left side of its drivetrain was disabled.
  • Lucky was the only Canadian robot that competed in Season 4.
    • Lucky is also the only robot that competed in the first two Desperado tournaments.
  • As Discovery Season 4 finished airing, Demers made a deal with Paul Ventimiglia of Bite Force in which they traded the 2019 versions of their respective robots.
  • Lucky's full name is officially Lucky Canucky, but it is never referred to by this name on the show.
  • Lucky's 340lb counterpart Ziggy was involved in the final superheavyweight battle recognised in the sport's history, versus Riddle Box at RoboGames in 2010.

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