Lock-Jaw's Discovery Season 5 appearance.

Lock-Jaw is a heavyweight robot built by Mutant Robots which competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot. Its main weapons were a 360-degree grabbing jaw and two flamethrowers which were mounted to aim downwards. The main strategy of Lock-Jaw's weapon was to grab onto something, then rotate the entire chassis so the flamethrowers would fire downwards onto the opponent. The jaws themselves resemble Root Canal's jaws, only with one top jaw and not two like Root Canal.

In Season 1, Lock-Jaw performed decently, defeating Overhaul in the qualifying rounds but losing to Overhaul in a rematch in the round of 16.

For Season 2, Lock-Jaw was completely rebuilt with a smaller body, 4 skinny wheels instead of 6 thick wheels, a triangular plow that has 2 little teeth at the bottom to get underneath others robots that can be attached to the back and pair of spring powered flipping jaws that can also act as a grabbing weapon much like Season 1, but they are also interchangeable with a pair of grabbing jaws that are similar to the jaws of Karcas 2. However, Lock-Jaw did very poorly in Season 2, losing to Yeti in the qualifying rounds by a unanimous decision after its weapon was disabled and one of the drive motors burned out towards the end of the fight and after receiving a wildcard for its close fight, Lock-Jaw went up against Brutus (built by Adam Bercu) in the Round of 32 and lost by a controversial 2-1 split decision.

For Season 3, Lock-Jaw was converted into a modular bot with one set-up including a vertical spinner with lifting arms on each side. This is very similar to the weapon of Yeti, and it could be because Lock-Jaw lost to Yeti that this change was made. Its jaws were another option for the robot during competition, though these weren't seen to a great degree. Lock-Jaw preformed much better despite a poor start. After winning the Desperado Tournament, they proceeded to defeat Son of Whyachi and former runner up Bombshell again before falling to Minotaur in the semifinals.

For Season 4, Lock-Jaw had its forks much more narrow and a different bulkhead for its drum, moving it forward to get a better bite. Despite billowing smoke in its later fights, this version still did relatively well, making the quarterfinals.

For Season 5, Lock-Jaw was largely the same, but its chassis was made a bit blockier near the weapon, the front wheels were more straight, the forks were modified, and the introduction of a 45 lb bar could be used now, which may or may not be the two discs bolted together.

Robot History

ABC Season 1

Lock-Jaw vs. Overhaul

Lock-Jaw's Season 1 appearance.

The controversial end between Lock-Jaw and Overhaul.

Lock-Jaw's first ever battle was against Overhaul. This match was very close, with both robots being aggressive and using their grabbing weapons to great effect. At the end of the match, Lock-Jaw rammed Overhaul into the screws, flipping it onto its back. The match then ended, but Lock-Jaw made one last late charge into Overhaul, getting its jaws caught in Overhaul's weapon system. The match was over, but Donald Hutson attempted to free Lock-Jaw from Overhaul, which made some of the Team JACD members upset. This culminated in Team JACD refusing to shake hands with Donald Hutson post-match in a very controversial turn of events. Lock-Jaw won on a very close 2-1 judges decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it once again faced Overhaul, which had received one of the four wild card slots available.

Lock-Jaw vs. Overhaul (Rematch)

Overhaul clamps Lock-Jaw to earn the KO victory.

At the beginning of the match, the two robots charged at each other, but Overhaul got the upper hand and punctured one of Lock-Jaw's tires with its crushing arm. It then carried Lock-Jaw around the BattleBox. While Lock-Jaw was struggling to free itself, it managed to blow out something in its electronics, crippling it severely. Overhaul ended up folding Lock-Jaw over its own weapon, hindering its mobility even more. Eventually, Lock-Jaw stopped moving entirely and was promptly counted out, but not before using its flamethrowers in an attempt to do damage (though it did little). Overhaul won by KO at 2:01 and Lock-Jaw was eliminated from the competition.

Lock-Jaw was due to compete in a nine bot rumble at the end of the tournament, but due to time restraints in filming, the rumble never happened.

ABC Season 2

Lock-Jaw vs. Yeti

Sparks fly when both robots collide.

Lock-Jaw's Season 2 appearance.

Lock-Jaw's first match in Season 2 was against Yeti. In the beginning, Lock-Jaw went straight at Yeti and was ready to flip it, but Yeti turned to the left side of the BattleBox and Lock-Jaw missed. This hurt Lock-Jaw as Yeti raised its lifting forks and started hitting and flipping Lock-Jaw multiple time with its spinning drum. These hits did some damage to one of the front wheels of Lock-Jaw, but it

Lock-Jaw take Yeti to the pulverizer.

was still moving. Unfortunately, the motor running the jaws shifted slightly and the power cables were severed, leaving it unable to load the jaws again. After this, Lock-Jaw stopped Yeti's drum for the first time and got its jaws onto Yeti's spinning drum. Yeti damaged Lock-Jaw's jaws with its spinning drum and tried to escape with its lifting forks, but its rear got caught onto Lock-Jaw's jaws and pushed it under the pulverizer. When Yeti managed to escape, it didn't take long before Lock-Jaw had clamped its drum again, and it took Yeti to the screws. Toward the end of the match, one of Lock-Jaw's drive pods started pouring out smoke and sparks. The wheel that Yeti had made contact with on the first hit of the match was finally stalled, limiting its driving ability. Yeti got the last few hits in with its spinning drum and went straight into Lock-Jaw's jaws before the time ran out.

Lock-Jaw's jaw takes some more shavings from Yeti's drum.

Yeti won on a unanimous judge's decision and went through to the round of 32. However, Lock-Jaw was awarded one of the eight wild cards and thus also went through as the 17th seed, the highest ranked wild card. This put Lock-Jaw back to the main competition, where it faced the No.16 seed Brutus.

Lock-Jaw vs. Brutus

Lock-Jaw holds off Brutus.

For this match, Lock-Jaw added a rear triangular-shaped plow in hopes of fending off Brutus' weapon and used a pair of grabbing jaws instead of flipping jaws. Lock-Jaw approached Brutus with the plow and managed to keep Brutus from doing any damage. Brutus continued to attack as the two robots circled each other for several seconds. Lock-Jaw continued to play defense but managed to get underneath Brutus for a second. After more circling, Lock-Jaw again got underneath and pushed Brutus into the screws weapon-first, leaving the screws to stop for a second before restarting. Despite this control and aggression from Lock Jaw, the judges awarded a very controversial split decision victory to Brutus, eliminating Lock-Jaw from the tournament.

Lock-Jaw vs. Stinger vs. Ghost Raptor

Lock-Jaw grapples Stinger after flipping it.

Lock-Jaw wasn't finished yet as it participated in a small rumble with Stinger and Ghost Raptor The rumble started off well for Lock-Jaw as it was able to flip Stinger over twice and help remove one of Stinger's wheels. Despite taking minor damage to one of its own wheels, Lock-Jaw won a unanimous judges decision when time ran out.

Discovery Season 3

Lock-Jaw vs. Bombshell

Lock-Jaw's Season 3 appearance.

Lock-Jaw's first match in season three was an undercard match against 2016 runner-up Bombshell. Lock-Jaw went with its vertical spinner and lifting lower jaws set-up, intending to get under Bombshell and attack it. When the match began, things went very well for Lock-Jaw as it not only got under

Lock-Jaw high centered Bombshell.

Bombshell but flipped it over in the opening seconds, leaving Bombshell in such a position where its wheels couldn't touch the ground. Lock-Jaw waited for the countdown to begin, then with 2 seconds left, used its weaponry to aid Bombshell into getting back into the bout, albeit with Bombshell staying upside down. Lock-Jaw continued its attacks until it got Bombshell in the same position up against the arena wall. This time, Lock-Jaw held back and waited for the count to finish. Lock-Jaw won by KO at 1:53 and advanced to the next round, marking the first time Lock-Jaw won a one on one match in 3 years.

Lock-Jaw vs. End Game

Lock_Jaw's wheel is badly damaged.

Lock-Jaw's next opponent was against End Game, who had previously dispatched of Captain Shrederator in quick fashion. The match started off poorly for Lock-Jaw as it found itself with one of its jaws stuck in the killsaw slot, allowing its opponent to land a hit on its backside. Lock-Jaw managed to free itself but End Game was continuing to land the hits and Lock-Jaw eventually lost a wheel. Even so, Lock-Jaw continued to fight but soon received damage to one of the wheels on the other side, greatly reducing its mobility. After the repeated attacks, Lock-Jaw was left practically immobile up against the screws and was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO.

Lock-Jaw vs. Bronco

Lock-Jaw is thrown high by Bronco.

Up next for Lock-Jaw was a rematch from Long Beach 1999 (between Donald Hutson's Tazbot and Team Inertia Labs' Rhino). The match got underway and Lock-Jaw managed to get the first hit, throwing Bronco into the air. However, not long after, Lock-Jaw started having mobility issues and was unable to make any further attacks unless Bronco came to it. As a result, it was tossed into the air by its opponent but Lock-Jaw managed to tear off Bronco's front flipper plate in the process. Luckily, Lock-Jaw stayed in the arena so the fight was able to continue but Lock-Jaw's drive issues persisted. Lock-Jaw found itself on the receiving end of another toss from Bronco but it still managed to remain in the arena. Towards the end of the match, Neither robot was really maneuvering, possibly because of Bronco having drive issues or just being too wary of Lock-Jaw's weapon. Either way, time ran out and Bronco was declared the winner by a unanimous 3-0 judges decision.

Lock-Jaw vs. Kraken

Lock-Jaw is grabbed by Kraken.

Lock-Jaw next participated in the Desperado Tournament to compete for a slot in the top 16 and first found itself up against Kraken. The match was off to a very poor start as Lock-Jaw hit a seam in the floor, then was grappled by Kraken and carried around the arena before being released. Lock-Jaw got its weapon up to speed and circled Kraken, looking for an opening.

Lock-Jaw flips Kraken over.

When it made contact, it didn't do much damage. Lock-Jaw dished out another hit that mostly disabled Kraken's crushing jaws. After another hit to Kraken, Kraken was left to drive mostly in circles. Lock-Jaw delivered a final hit that flipped Kraken over. Kraken was unable to self-right and was counted out as smoke began to pour out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO.

Lock-Jaw vs. Valkyrie

Lock-Jaw uses its shield to break Valkyrie's bar.

Lock-Jaw attacks the unstable Valkyrie.

Lock-Jaw's next match in the Desperado Tournament was Valkyrie and opted to change up the configuration to remove one lifting jaw and add both a rear shield and a different spinning weapon. These proved effective as Lock-Jaw used the rear shield to absorb hits from Valkyrie until Valkyrie's weapon lost a tooth, leaving it unbalanced. Lock-Jaw pressed on, tearing off more of the disc as Valkyrie was practically defenseless. Eventually, Lock-Jaw immobilized Valkyrie, advancing to the finals, where it faced Lucky.

Lock-Jaw vs. Lucky

Lock-Jaw almost dodges Lucky's flipper.

In response, Lock-Jaw went back to its previous configuration. As the match got underway, Lock-Jaw was immediately flipped over by its opponent but its design allowed it to run upside down so it continued. Lock-Jaw started to gain the upper hand by attacking Lucky, which had a very limited supply of flips left after its previous match, and getting underneath, allowing it to shove Lucky around. Lucky tried to retaliate but Lock-Jaw kept on the attack, making sure to circle around Lucky a bit to find an opening before moving i

Lock-Jaw bombards Lucky with attacks.

n. Lucky delivered a big hit to Lucky that jammed the drive system on that side, leaving Lucky to drive in circles near the pulverizer. Lock-Jaw delivers yet another hit, managing to avoid the pulverizer in the process. One final hit for Lock-Jaw sealed it as Lucky couldn't move anymore and was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the victory and the giant bolt trophy as champion.

Lock-Jaw vs. Son of Whyachi

Donald Hutson was already in the top 16 thanks to its victories in the Desperado Tournament so it was drawn up against former champion Son of Whyachi. For this match, Lock-Jaw removed one of its front forks to make weight for the rear plow in hopes of deflecting Son of Whyachi's weapon and/or sending Son of Whyachi flying backwards. The match was off to a good start for Lock-Jaw as they were successfully using the plow to defend against Son of Whyachi's attacks without taking any damage. Partway through, Son of Whyachi's weapon powered down as smoke poured out, allowing Lock-Jaw to face Son of Whyachi properly. However, when it tried to attack Son of Whyachi, its weapon didn't have the reach to really get underneath or damage Son of Whyachi's weapon, making the match mostly a pushing match. Even so, Lock-Jaw stayed aggressive and managed to get Son of Whyachi briefly on the screws before Son of Whyachi escaped. Lock-Jaw was briefly pushed by Son of Whyachi but time ran out not long after. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 judges decision to Lock-Jaw, allowing it to advance to the quarterfinals, where it faced Bombshell again.

Lock-Jaw vs. Bombshell (Quarterfinals)

Lock-Jaw tosses Bombshell into the air.

Both robots roamed around the arena a bit before Bombshell was thrown onto its back near the arena barrier, where Bombshell was not moving anymore courtesy of Lock-Jaw. Bombshell caught fire and was counted out. Lock-Jaw won by a quick KO and advanced to the semifinals, where it faced Minotaur.

Lock-Jaw vs. Minotaur (Semifinals)

Lock-Jaw went pretty much unchanged for this bout and started off the match pretty evenly with Minotaur with neither robot taking any damage. However, Lock-Jaw started to take the bigger hits and was being tossed into the air and suffered minor damage to its wheels. Lock-Jaw pressed on and was slowly becoming less and less capable of fighting. Lock-Jaw was then flipped over but continued to fight until it suffered the knockout blow to its 6 volt regulator and stopped moving as Donald no longer had control of the robot. Lock-Jaw was counted out, giving Minotaur the win by KO. This eliminated Lock-Jaw from the tournament.

Discovery Season 4

Lock-Jaw vs. Tombstone

Lock-Jaw's Discovery Season 4 appearance.

Lock-Jaw sends Tombstone into the air.

Lock-Jaw started off 2019 with a rematch against Tombstone from 2009. In response, Lock-Jaw went with its defensive shield used against Son of Whyachi, intending to deflect Tombstone repeatedly into the air. When the match began, that's what Lock-Jaw did, leaving Tombstone unable to cause any damage after two impacts. However, when Tombstone turned away, Lock-Jaw decided to attack and was quickly hit from the left side, losing both its left drive wheels. Lock-Jaw was no longer moving and was counted out, giving Tombstone the win by KO.

Lock-Jaw vs. Quantum

Lock-Jaw's next battle was against newcomer Quantum. Lock-Jaw went with its heavier spinner in hopes of causing damage before Quantum could bite down. As the match got underway, Lock-Jaw's weapon collided with Quantum, sending Quantum flying into the air. Lock-Jaw then maneuvered around, trying to avoid a direct bite from its opponent. Lock-Jaw stayed away and got another hit, sending Quantum flying again. Lock-Jaw then had an indirect bite from Quantum right near its weapon, but it caused no damage. Lock-Jaw then hit Quantum hard, sending Quantum flying but when Quantum landed, smoke began to pour out and Quantum wasn't moving. Lock-Jaw then hit Quantum a final time, sending Quantum upside down before Quantum was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO.

Lock-Jaw vs. DUCK!

Lock-Jaw's next opponent was against Hal Rucker and DUCK!, which had come off a win over Cobalt in its previous fight. Lock-Jaw went in pretty much unchanged and was able to start mounting attacks against DUCK! when DUCK! missed with its lifting arm. Lock-Jaw started to attack, then got out of the way before DUCK! could get a lift. Lock-Jaw then moved back in and attacked again, sending DUCK! flying. Lock-Jaw then soon faced some hits from DUCK!'s makeshift hammer, but this caused little damage. Lock-Jaw's weapon soon started smoking and shut down, resulting in a pushing match that still favored it. Time ran out and the judges awarded Lock-Jaw a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Lock-Jaw vs. Bombshell

Lock-Jaw next found itself in a 2nd rematch with Bombshell and went in pretty much in its normal configuration. The match was off to a poor star for Lock-Jaw as they took a hit that damaged their right rear wheel, leaving it unable to move. This didn't hinder Lock-Jaw much and they attacked Bombshell, causing Bombshell to have drive issues as well. After another impact, Lock-Jaw began to release smoke for a period before grinding away at Bombshell's side. Lock-Jaw then took advantage as Bombshell came towards them in reverse by hitting them hard, causing Bombshell to strike the arena floor and stop moving. Bombshell was counted out as Lock-Jaw began to burn up inside, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO.

Lock-Jaw vs. Skorpios

Lock-Jaw's final chance to make the Top 16 came with a match against Skorpios. Lock-Jaw started off very well by tossing Skorpios through the air repeatedly, causing damage to Skorpios' front wedges and wheels. As Lock-Jaw continued to attack, they got Skorpios down to one wheel as Skorpios had lost a tire. Skorpios' weapon was still working but without the maneuverability, it was little for Lock-Jaw to deal with and Lock-Jaw continued to fight as smoke began to pour out from its weapon motor. Lock-Jaw made in a few more hits until Skorpios stopped moving and was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO and a place in the Top 16.

Lock-Jaw vs. Black Dragon

Lock-Jaw started the top 16 with a match against fellow Desperado Tournament winner Black Dragon. The match was off to a very good start for Lock-Jaw as they began launching Black Dragon through the air repeatedly. Lock-Jaw continued in this manner for about half the fight until its weapon began smoking. Making matters worse, Lock-Jaw got one of its front forks caught in the slot for the killsaws and wasn't able to escape without taking a hit from its opponent that threw it upside down. Lock-Jaw continued the fight and opted to keep its weapon spinning as often as possible in spite of the smoke and got Black Dragon on the screws but Black Dragon escaped. Luckily, Black Dragon was upside down by this point and was unable to mount much of an attack before time ran out. The judges awarded Lock-Jaw a 2-1 split decision to advance to the quarterfinals.

Lock-Jaw vs. Bite Force (Quarterfinals)

In the quarterfinals, Lock-Jaw met 2-time champion Bite Force, a fight that also served as a rematch to the championship finals of the 2009 tournament where Donald met Brutality. As the match got underway, Lock-Jaw seemed to do okay but was quickly facing attacks that sent it through the air.

Lock-Jaw and Bite Force collide.

Lock-Jaw then took damage to its right rear wheel. Lock-Jaw continued to attack and was flipped over before losing part of one of its lifting jaws.

Lockjaw takes some shavings from Bite Force as it is pushed under the pulverizer.

Eventually, smoke and sparks began to pour out but Lock-Jaw kept going until it lost drive on one side and was pushed under the pulverizer. Lock-Jaw tried to escape but had very little means to attack or defend with and was counted out, giving Bite Force the win by KO and a trip to the semifinals.

Amazon Alexa BattleBots Challenge

Lock-Jaw vs. Whiplash

In addition to the tournament, Lock-Jaw was one of 10 robots selected to compete for the Giant Bolt trophy in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its first opponent at this event was Matt Vasquez and Whiplash. When the match began, it was pretty even to start with neither robot gaining much advantage. However, Lock-Jaw started to gain control by tossing Whiplash into the air. After a few more collisions. Lock-Jaw ripped off one of Whiplash's tires and bent up one of the two forks for Whiplash's lifting arm. Unfortunately, Lock-Jaw's luck then ran out as the next collision caused the robot to stop working as a sodering joint to the battery came undone. Lock-Jaw was counted out, giving Whiplash the win by KO.

Lock-Jaw vs. Skorpios

Although Lock-Jaw was illegible to be selected to move on to the championship, it did partake in a grudge match against Skorpios, serving as a revenge fight from the play-in match. Things were going well for Lock-Jaw as they were not only delivering hits to Skorpios, but they even took out Skorpios' primary weapon. Skorpios continued to attack and Lock-Jaw continued to cause damage, albeit not enough to hinder Skorpios' ability to drive or fight. As the match progressed, Lock-Jaw threw Skorpios over twice, but Skorpios made quick recoveries in response. As the final minute came, Lock-Jaw's drive motors started smoking, but Lock-Jaw continued to fight anyway, taking the action near the pulverizer. More smoke began to pour out of Lock-Jaw, but Lock-Jaw ignored this and continued to fight, though was much slower to drive. As time ran out. Lock-Jaw stopped moving and burst into flames. The judges awarded a 2-1 split decision to Skorpios.

Discovery Season 5

Lock-Jaw vs. Captain Shrederator

Lock-Jaw pushes Captain Shrederator into the screws.

Lock-Jaw's first fight of the season was against Captain Shrederator. As the match started, Lock-Jaw dashed to Captain Shrederator, which gave Lock-Jaw a big hit that cracked a portion of Lock-Jaw's plow off. After two more hits, Lock-Jaw started its weapon, but Captain Shrederator cut off a piece of tire from Lock-Jaw. After both bots went to the center, they ran to each other and made a massive hit, which made Captain Shrederator vulnerable for a moment. Lock-Jaw took its chance and squared Captain Shrederator into the corner and gave a hit. Smoke came out of Captain Shrederator as its weapon brake was stuck engaged. After that, Lock-Jaw tried to drag Captain Shrederator into the screws, but ended up hitting Captain Shrederator on the center block of the screws. After some chasing, Lock-Jaw succeeded pushing Captain Shrederator into the screws, which made Captain Shrederator stuck in the bottom of the screws. Eventually, Captain Shrederator was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw a KO at 2:13.

Lock-Jaw vs. Big Dill

Lock-Jaw next found itself against newcomer Big Dill. Lock-Jaw started off strongly, causing minor damage to Big Dill and sending them through the air. These hits left Big Dill eventually down to one set of drive. Lock-Jaw attacked again and got flipped over but managed to bend the right front fork of Big Dill's weapon. Lock-Jaw's weapon also spun down but it still was able to control the fight. Big Dill was now no longer driving well but managed to avoid a countout, leaving the fight to go to a judges decision. The judges awarded Lock-Jaw a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Lock-Jaw vs. JackPot

Fresh off 2 wins for the season, Lock-Jaw was given JackPot from Las Vegas, Nevada to fight next. Lock-Jaw did not start well as they took damage from JackPot's spinner, eventually landing upside down. Worse still, the first exchange, cost Lock-Jaw its weapon belt, forcing them to fight with only their hinged forks. This left them quite vulnerable as Lock-Jaw began to slow down noticeably and eventually stopped moving near the arena barrier as smoke began to pour out. Lock-Jaw was counted out, giving JackPot the win by KO.

BattleBots Bounty Hunters

Lock-Jaw will be fighting Axe Backwards in Bounty Hunters.


  • Wins: 19
  • Losses: 11
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 1

Overhaul (Round of 24)

Overhaul (Round of 16)
ABC Season 2

Stinger and Ghost Raptor (Exhibition Rumble)



Discovery Season 3

Bombshell (Undercard Match)

Kraken (Desperado Tournament)

Valkyrie (Desperado Tournament)

Lucky (Desperado Tournament)

Son of Whyachi


End Game (Undercard Match)

Bronco (Main Event/Undercard Match)


Discovery Season 4

Quantum (Undercard Match)

DUCK! (Undercard Match)

Bombshell (Undercard Match)


Black Dragon

Tombstone (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Bite Force

Amazon Alexa BattleBots Challenge None


Skorpios (Grudge Match)

Discovery Season 5 Captain Shrederator (Undercard Match)

Big Dill (Undercard Match)

JackPot (Undercard Match)
Bounty Hunters Axe Backwards





Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"Call in the surgeon general. There's about to be a massive outbreak. There's no vaccines to protect against LOCK-JAW!"

"Give up all hope in the BattleBox. No one can hear you scream when you have a serious case of LOCK-JAW!"

"He’s the ayatollah of the remote controlla! Here with a modern marvel of wreck-nology, it’s LOCK-JAW!"

"Hey kids, do you like lollipops? You get one free with your tetanus shot. Don't worry, it'll only hurt forever. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"This bot went to any Ivy League Jaw School and graduated Magna Doom Laude. It's LOCK-JAW, Esquire!"

"This bot's never met a jawbreaker it couldn't bite. How may licks does it take to die? We're about to find out. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"It preys on inferior tech and turns them into a wreck. Forget the Jaws of Life, this bot's bringing the Jaws of Death. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"It's the coujo of bots. It likes to gnaw and bite but don't sleep on this bot. It stayed a ta Mauliday Inn last night. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"This bot is no punching bag. It's tough, it's stallion. I don't think it's Italian. Yo Adrian, it's me, Locky. Give it up for LOCK-JAW!"

"Last match, he took down a kraken. Let's see if he can lock down another shelakin. It won't settle for a draw. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"Fron San Diego, locked in and ready to go. Tryin' to win three-in-a-row, can it strike a fatal blow? It's LOCK-JAW!"

"This bot is locked in the chase. He took down Son of Whyachi to get to this place. Will this legend earn fortune and fame? Y'all know its name. It's LOCK-JAW!"  

"This bot will have you singing I fought the jaw and the jaw won. Here for another clash, lock the caspa. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"It'll lock you down and won't let go, then take you out with one deadly blow. It's tough, it's mean, it's without a flaw. Give it up for the one, the only, LOCK-JAW!"

"This bot's so scary, it has nightmares about itself. Don't look under the bed, or it will bite off your head. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"When's the last time you had a tetanus vaccine? Cause it's one case of robot gang green. It's going to de-feet you and have you saying, "Now I can only wear one sock." It's LOCK-JAW!"

"When Donald's at the controlla, he's like a case of Ebola. It's sick, it's rotten, better order that... *cough cough* coughin. Oh no, it's LOCK-JAW!"

"Make way for the master, the Jack Nicklaus of bots. Everyone knows it's so good, it's nuts, because he's the king of drivers, and you're just the putts. Get ready foooooore LOCK-JAW!"

"This bot's named after tetanus, and when it's in the ring, you best be sweatnus. Make some noise for the bot with the iron maw. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"Get ready to play "Who Wants to be a Killionaire?" Donald Huston has seed #9. Ask the audience, you're gonna need a lifeline. It may be way too late to phone a friend, because it's time to meet an early end. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"He's Don, the miracle on the Hut-Son. He's just like Sully, he'll bring this landing in for a landing and make sure his Giant Nut collection's expanding. He's got a lotta chutzpah. It's LOCK-JAW!"

"Lock it up, lock it in. Battle this bot? It's a sin. It's LOCK-JAW!"


  • Lock-Jaw was one of the first robots to compete on TV and be armed with a spring powered flipper.
  • Lock-Jaw is one of three robots to appear in a more recent Pizza Hut commercial. The other two are Stinger and Bronco.
  • Lock-Jaw is the first robot to beat the same robot twice in a single season. It would also go on to beat the same robot for a third time in Season 4.
  • Instead of a new photo used for Lock-Jaw's solo picture for Season 5, the website just recycled the Season 4 picture, which was shortly fixed.
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