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Not to be confused with middleweight Lobotomy

Lobotomizer was a lightweight robot which competed in the final three seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots. It was originally a trapezoidal robot armed with a static spear, but it was eventually revised into a box-shaped robot armed with a lifting spike. It didn't perform well in competition, losing all three of its battles.

Robot History[]


G|P|G with Lobotomizer at Season 3.0

Season 3.0[]

Lobotomizer's first opponent was Wedge of Doom. Wedge of Doom won by KO and Lobotomizer was eliminated.

Season 4.0[]

Lobotomizer was scheduled to face 100% Y.A.W.N. in its first match. However, Lobotomizer had technical issues and withdrew, giving 100% Y.A.W.N. an automatic win.

Lobotomizer After Claymore

Lobotomizer after its match against Claymore.

Season 5.0[]

Lobotomizer's first match was against Claymore. During the match, Lobotomizer took heavy damage from Claymore's spinning shell, getting its spike cracked open, its right front wheel torn off, and its wedge torn off. It also got a huge chunk of the upper frame ripped out, leaving its electronics exposed. Sometime afterwards, Lobotomizer either tapped out or stopped moving and was counted out, giving Claymore the win by KO and eliminating Lobotomizer from the competition.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3
Wins Losses
Season 3.0 None Wedge of Doom
Season 4.0 None 100% Y.A.W.N. (Forfeit)
Season 5.0 None Claymore