La Machine's appearance for its exhibition battle during Season 3.0.

The original La Machine when it was a middleweight.

La Machine's Robot Wars 96 appearance.

La Machine was a wedged robot that competed in the latter three Robot Wars US tournaments. Commonly hailed as the pioneer of the wedge, La Machine's design was inspired by the visual of a jetskier going over a ramp and getting flung into the air, only with the roles reversed - the ramp would charge at the target to create the same effect. For its time, La Machine was exceptionally fast. It easily scooped up other robots and rammed them against the wall, the impact usually flipping them over and ending their chances - few robots had a contingency for being turned over. La Machine was originally a middleweight, but was upgraded to a larger scoop design in 1996, this new build pushing it into the heavyweight category. In 1997, the team added a pneumatic punch at the top of the scoop to further aid in flipping robots

La Machine won the 1995 middleweight tournament, and finished second in the 1996 and 1997 heavyweight divisions, falling to BioHazard both times. It did however remain undefeated in rumbles, winning both the middle and heavyweight rumbles in 1995, then winning the '96 and '97 heavyweight ones.

Gage Cauchois split from the team to build his own robot, Vlad the Impaler, while Trey Roski and Greg Munson went on to found and run Battlebots. Trey and Greg also built Ginsu. Consequentially, La Machine's only Battlebots appearance was an exhibition match against Jay Leno's Chin-Killa, Team Coolrobots' Dreadnought and Ginsu.

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