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Krusty Grab is a heavyweight robot built by OYES Robotics, which applied for BattleBots World Championship V and VI. The team have also competed in every BattleBots season since World Championship III with End Game.

It is a four-wheel drive control bot which boasts powerful drive and reliability. Krusty Grab features long, lifting forks at the front with static claws to hold opponents within its primary weapon. Once it has leverage, Krusty Grab is able to throw robots behind itself in a "suplex" manoeuvre. Due to the nature of this weaponry, Krusty Grab can also utilize this as a means of self-righting. Its name pays homage to The Krusty Krab, a fictional fast food joint from the popular animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Horizontal krusty grab

Early CAD of Krusty Grab featuring horizontal jaws.

According to Jack Barker and Shane de Rijk, Krusty Grab was going to feature horizontally-mounted grabbing arms with three wedgelets to slide underneath the sides of opponents. However, this idea was changed in favour of a lifting mechanism.

Krusty 2020

Krusty Grab's reveal to Facebook Supporters in early 2020.

Alongside their other robot End Game, the team also applied for the 2020 season with Krusty Grab. OYES Robotics' control bot was among the original roster of accepted teams in February 2020, captained by Emma McMillan and representing Canada rather than New Zealand. However, it ultimately did not compete due to a lack of team members to run two robots in the midst of international travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The team found great success with End Game instead, winning the Giant Nut and becoming the reboot era's first international champions.

OYES Robotics again applied with End Game and Krusty Grab World Championship VI, but were not selected to compete with the latter due to a lack of available spots. Though the team now have two separate Krusty Grab builds, it is uncertain whether Krusty Grab will ever fight in BattleBots due to the changes made to the BattleBox in 2021 and due to it "getting outdated", according to Jack Barker.[1]

"KG probably isn't coming to BattleBots ever now. There's not much it can do."
— OYES Robotics explain their stance on Krusty Grab as of August 2021.[2]

Outside BattleBots[]

Prior to applying for BattleBots, Krusty Grab competed in 2019's Robot Ruckus event at Orlando Maker Faire. adorned with New Zealand's silver fern and accompanied by a cheeseburger-themed minibot. Krusty Grab took on four current and future BattleBots competitors in the form of HyperShock, Bale Spear, Slammo! and Big Dill. Notably, Krusty Grab was able to split Bale Spear's entire left side of drive after lifting and ramming it into the arena walls.[3]

In May 2024, Jack Barker confirmed Krusty Grab would make its return during Robot Rampage - an event due to be held in October 2024 in New Zealand featuring sportsman 250lb and full combat 30lb robots.[4]


  • Krusty Grab is adorned with the social media hashtag #BigCrabEnergy at the rear.