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Not to be confused with the middleweight which competed in Season 3.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

Kraken is a heavyweight robot built by Matt Spurk of CE Robots, which competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since Discovery Season 3.

It is a two-wheel drive robot armed with a unique crushing weapon, which utilizes an air bag to push the top jaw downwards and into its opponent's top armor. Kraken is themed to look like an anglerfish unlike the robot's name, which is a legendary sea monster typically depicted as something closer to a giant octopus. The team cited Witch Doctor as their main inspiration to carry a strong theme with their robot.[1]

In Kraken's debut season, it was reduced to fighting in two Science Channel rumbles, but failed to win in either. After losing to eventual bracket winner Lock-Jaw in the first round of the Desperado Tournament, Kraken was winless in the main season, with its sole victory coming against Red Devil in the USA vs. The World special, a competition Matt Spurk's team were only drafted into at the last moment, replacing the troubled Raven.

Kraken returned for Discovery Season 4 with notable changes. Chief among which was the considerably more powerful weapon, which was now able to crush with 60,000lbs of force, making it three times more powerful than in its debut season. Kraken also sported a flamethrower inside the mouth as a secondary weapon, to spew flame once it got a hold of its opponent. It featured a minibot named Tadpole and aesthetically, it had a shorter bulb on top, a rebuilt head, and a fresh new paint scheme for the competition. Kraken also had two narwhal minibots named Wally and Walter, though they would often find themselves getting stuck on the floor. The team's record improved from its debut campaign, but the team missed out on the Top 16 after a devastating loss against Son of Whyachi.

Due to COVID-19 regulations during filming for Discovery Season 5, much of Kraken's team was absent. However, the bot would ultimately succeed in entering the Top 32. Kraken had been working on new upgrades for the 2020 season, such as new wheels, a modified set of teeth designed to be more functional than before, as well as an inverse color scheme. There were actually two versions of Kraken built for the season, in order to aid with maintenance and repairs. One sported a air of 6" long fangs, the angler fish bulb, front wedge plates, and the smaller teeth on the upper jaw. The second one is differently shaped, lacks the bulb, had new teeth, shorter 3" fangs, and featured horizontal spinner armor. Despite having more losses than wins once more, Kraken performed well in each of its fights against high-tier opposition, managing a shocking upset against 2019 season runner-up Witch Doctor, losing out on a controversial decision against Black Dragon, and lasted the full three minutes against both HUGE and Sawblaze, the latter of whom held Kraken away from the Top 16. Kraken returned for two BattleBots Bounty Hunters mini-tournaments, but was unsuccessful in reaching the Bounty Final in both.

Kraken returned for Discovery Season 6 with another new scale design, and upgraded wheel protection either side of the primary weapon. Its signature crushing weapon has been upgraded and now can punch holes through 1/4" steel. For Season 6, Kraken can now crush with 100,000lbs of force, as well as clamping down considerably faster than in the 2020 season. Despite its upgrades, Kraken suffered losses in all three of its Fight Night battles, first to returning competitors in ROTATOR and HiJinx before losing to Glitch and failing to make the Top 32 as a result.

In March 2022, the team announced Kraken would be retiring in its current form following the conclusion of the 2021 season.[2] However, they remained open about the idea of redesigning Kraken for future seasons.[3]

Kraken bites into Extinguisher's LiPos at Robot Ruckus in January 2022.

Outside of BattleBots, Matt Spurk has designed and built over 20 different combat robots of various weight classes. These include Black and Decker Robot Wrecker, which was inspired by BattleBots heavyweight icon Nightmare and Big Ol' Blade.[4] His first build was actually a heavyweight called 4-Letter-Word, which Matt Spurk still owns and competed with in Robot Ruckus events in Orlando up until building Kraken.[5]

Kraken also competes in Robot Ruckus events away from the televised show, benefiting from its design being sportsman-legal due to a lack of kinetic weaponry. Most recently, Matt Spurk entered it into Robot Ruckus at South Florida Fair in January 2022. It is known to have fought an untelevised heavyweight robot called Ruff, as well as seasoned BattleBots competitor Extinguisher. In the latter, Kraken was able to sink its teeth into Extinguisher's lithium polymer batteries, causing smoke to fill the arena.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

Kraken vs. Sharkoprion vs. Deviled Egg

Kraken bites with Sharkoprion.

Kraken's first match in BattleBots was against Sharkoprion and Deviled Egg in a Science Channel exclusive rumble. After a slow start, Kraken took an early hit from Sharkoprion as it swung its tail, before biting down on Sharkoprion with its fangs. As a result, Kraken lost drive on one side as debris had infiltrated the bot and shorted out the speed controller on that side. After driving around Sharkoprion for a bit, Kraken let go and lost both her fangs as the tubes holding them in place had been bent. Later, it grabbed a hold of Sharkoprion again, but took damage from both Sharkoprion and Deviled Egg. Kraken eventually stopped moving as the earlier impact from Sharkoprion had bent the gearbox and the extra driving on that side removed the teeth from the sprocket and in the end, lost out to Sharkoprion by a KO after 2:22.

Kraken vs. Mohawk vs. Gemini

Kraken trapped in the screws.

Kraken's next match in the third season was against Mohawk and Gemini in another Science Channel undercard rumble. Kraken started off with little interaction from either Mohawk or the Gemini twins, who opted to fight each other instead. Kraken continued to play little part in the match and eventually got stuck at the arena screws, where it remained for the rest of the rumble. Time ran out Gemini were declared the victors, reducing Kraken to a 0-2 record.

Kraken vs. Lock-Jaw

Kraken bites Lock-Jaw behind its weapon.

Kraken is flipped over.

Without a win to its name, Kraken became one of eight participants in the 2018 Desperado Tournament, a mini competition for struggling teams to decide a guaranteed Top 16 place. Its first opponent was Lock-Jaw and veteran BattleBots competitor, Donald Hutson. The match started well for Kraken as it immediately grabbed a hold of Lock-Jaw and dragged it all around the arena before letting go. Additionally, it was also fending off most of Lock-Jaw's attacks. However, one particular hit dislodged the crushing jaw mechanism, leaving it almost useless. Making matters worse, Kraken was beginning to lose drive on one side that resulted from a drive motor beginning to burn out. Kraken took a final hit from the rear and was flipped over, where it couldn't self-right. Kraken was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO.

Kraken vs. Red Devil

Kraken bites into Red Devil's right track.

Kraken next participated in the USA vs. The World tournament against Red Devil as a last-minute replacement for Raven, who caught fire in the test box. In response to its most recent loss, the spike behind Kraken's wheels was removed to allow for invertibility. Early on, Kraken was able to bite down on Red Devil's track and show reasonable aggression. This caused Red Devil to have drive issues on that side, so Kraken moved in again, attacking the disabled track but failing to cause any further damage. Kraken was then toppled over by Red Devil but quickly self-righted and resumed its assault. This time, Kraken bit down on the remaining track but was unable to disable it. Kraken then took Red Devil to the pulverizer, which pushed both Red Devil's upper claw and saw arm down. Time ran out and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision and 1 point to Kraken.

Kraken vs. Chomp

A stranded Kraken gets roasted and axed by Chomp.

Chomp flies through the air as it tries to land a hit on Kraken.

Up next for Kraken was Chomp, who was completely win-less on the season at the time. The match started well for Kraken as it was able to clamp down on Chomp and shove her around, Kraken then shoved Chomp into the screws and flipped it over. Kraken then grabbed Chomp's axe when it tried to self-right, but this proved to be a fatal mistake. As Chomp retracted her axe, it flipped Kraken over in the process. However, unlike her last match, Kraken couldn't move because the spike on its head was bent, causing her to tip to one side. This allowed Chomp to land a hit that left Kraken high-centered, but also flipped Chomp onto its front. Kraken was counted out, giving Chomp the win by KO.

Discovery Season 4[]

Kraken vs. Ribbot

Kraken bites down on Ribbot.

Kraken first faced the rookie amphibian - Ribbot. The match started off well for Kraken as it quickly won the ground battle and clamped down on Ribbot's chassis, puncturing the decorative foam. Kraken then shoved Ribbot into the screws before releasing it, allowing Ribbot to land a hit that bent one of Kraken's fangs. Kraken quickly got a hold of Ribbot again and shoved it under the pulverizer, the resulting hit bent the foam into Ribbot's vertical spinner, tearing it to pieces. Time ran out and Kraken won a 3-0 judges' decision.

Kraken vs. Blacksmith

Fire fills the BattleBox as Kraken and Blacksmith face off.

Kraken's next opponent in the 2019 season was against veteran Blacksmith. For this fight, Kraken came in with smaller teeth as the longer ones wouldn't get a hold of Blacksmith as much. When the match began, Kraken was able to avoid any impacts from Blacksmith as Blacksmith was missing with their hammer. However, Kraken was soon taking a barrage of hits, though none of these caused much damage. At one point. Kraken found herself upside down but was able to right itself after a few hits from its opponent. Eventually, Kraken grabbed a hold of Blacksmith and carried it around a bit before letting go without causing any real damage. Kraken was then flipped again before time ran out. The judges awarded Blacksmith a 2-1 split decision.

Kraken vs. Son of Whyachi

Kraken bites down on Son of Whyachi.

Kraken was next placed against former champion Son of Whyachi. In response, Kraken opted to use her sides to absorb Son of Whyachi's impacts and then perhaps use the weapon to clamp down for damage. However, as the match got underway, Kraken failed to properly box rush Son of Whyachi, allowing her opponent to get its weapon going. Kraken made a second attempt and took a hit from Son of Whyachi's hammers, sending both robots flying. Both robots recovered and Kraken took another hit that sent both robots flying again. Kraken went in again and this time was the only one sent flying, losing its left wheel as a result. When Kraken landed, it could no longer move or self-right and was counted out, giving Son of Whyachi the win by KO.

Kraken vs. Wan Hoo

Kraken activates its flamethrower on Wan Hoo.

Kraken also had a Grudge Match against Chinese representatives Wan Hoo. Kraken struggled to mount any kind of attack as it was constantly toppled over by its opponent, all the while taking damage to its wedge. Luckily, Kraken was able to self-right each time and eventually Wan Hoo lost its weapon belt. With Kraken unable to out-wedge Wan Hoo for much of the fight, it went the distance, and the judges awarded Wan Hoo a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Kraken vs. Lucky

Kraken and Lucky meet in the BattleBox.

Kraken next had an exhibition match against fellow veteran Lucky. In response, Kraken was accompanied by its minibot. Neither bot gained a significant advantage in the early moments of the fight, as Lucky's early attempts at flipping Kraken did not prove effective. Kraken's minibot was attacked and ended up motionless and smoking heavily. Kraken was then on the receiving end of multiple attacks from Lucky, where it ended up on its back for a few seconds but was able to escape. Unfortunately, during one of those flips, Kraken lost the use of her crusher for the remainder of the match. Kraken was then brought to the screws after its minibot was finished off. However, Kraken was able to escape and managed to have their lowered head right on Lucky's corner armor. This worked against Kraken as it was pushed back against the arena barrier before time ran out. The judges awarded Lucky the decision.

Kraken vs. Shatter!

Shatter! slips underneath Kraken.

The next exhibition match for Kraken was against newcomer Shatter!. Kraken started poorly as it took early blows from Shatter!'s weapon, but they were not causing much damage. Kraken was then able to get under Shatter! and push it into the arena barrier but not able to really bite down. Both robots maneuvered around until Kraken got under Shatter! again and took it to the pulverizer this time before letting go. With under a minute left, Kraken took Shatter! to the screws and managed to rip off a piece of Shatter! Time ran out with both robots still mobile and Kraken won the judges' decision.

Discovery Season 5[]

Kraken vs. Black Dragon

Kraken bites down and scorches Black Dragon.

Kraken's first fight of the season was against Black Dragon from Brazil. Kraken started off very well as they quickly bit down on Black Dragon and took them around the arena. After releasing, Kraken bit down again and took off one of Black Dragon's weapon belts. Black Dragon's weapon still worked and Kraken was flipped over, but righted itself. Kraken then took Black Dragon around again, but lost a tooth in the process. Kraken was then flipped once more and righted itself before time ran out. The judges awarded a controversial 2-1 split decision for Black Dragon.

Kraken vs. Witch Doctor

Kraken explodes Wally to bits on Witch Doctor's spinner.

Kraken's next battle was against former runner-up and re:MARS champion Witch Doctor. Kraken had a very good start as they immediately bit down on Witch Doctor and broke their left hardened disc's off, leaving their opponent spinning unbalanced. Wally the Narwhal then charges, bumps into Witch Doctor, and is accidentally sent spinning into Kraken's mouth. Kraken hastily bit down again, exploding Wally to bits in the process. Kraken then carried their opponent around the arena some more, pushing Witch Doctor against the screws and slamming each other against the rails. On the third grapple, both robots were at awkward angles such that only half their drive was on the ground, but this still favoured Kraken as they managed to take off one of Witch Doctor's weapon belts. Kraken took minor damage in retaliation from its opponent as a piece of armour was stripped off the front of it's head. With 20 seconds remaining, Kraken continued to use it's teeth to try and halt Witch Doctor's spinner. Kraken catches Wally's exploded body and Witch Doctor punts the minibot out of the way before Kraken bites down on Witch Doctor's right tire. Kraken then takes Witch Doctor to the pulverizer, which drops it's head and momentarily stops Witch Doctor's spinner before the time ran out. The judges gave a unanimous 3-0 decision to Kraken.

Kraken vs. HUGE

Kraken receives an uppercut from HUGE.

Having just won a surprising upset over Witch Doctor, Kraken was now against Jonathan Schultz and HUGE. As a result, they were armed with a small harpoon-like weapon to get at HUGE's wheels to keep their opponent from driving around. Kraken went in and bit down on HUGE's center, allowing them to control them for several seconds and shoot fire down the middle of their chassis. Kraken released and started to lose the decorative covers for its armor but this had no impact on its functionality. Kraken soon lost the use of its jaws but was still able to control HUGE a bit using the harpoon. However, Kraken was then thrown onto its back and lost its rear tail but was able to right itself before time ran out. The judges awarded HUGE a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Kraken vs. SawBlaze

Kraken attempts to clamp down on SawBlaze.

Despite its 1-2 record, Kraken did enough to get into the Round of 32 as the No.26 seed and ended up facing the No.7 seed SawBlaze and Jamison Go. Kraken started off rather poorly as they were quickly slammed into the screws, flipped over and took damage from SawBlaze's hammer saw. Kraken righted itself and bit down on SawBlaze's primary weapon, where it then struggled with for control. It soon became apparent that Kraken could not release SawBlaze on her own and the match was paused to separate them, however any hint of this was edited out of the TV airing. When the match resumed, Kraken took another hard hit to her head before being slammed into the arena barrier and having its left wheel cut off. Luckily, SawBlaze could not use its saw anymore but Kraken struggled to capitalize and were left taking punishment for the rest of the fight. Time ran out and the judges awarded SawBlaze a 3-0 decision and a spot in the Top 16.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Tombstone Bracket[]

Kraken vs. Claw Viper

Kraken and Claw Viper bite down on each other.

Claw Viper looks to suplex Kraken.

Matt Spurk and Kraken also took part in BattleBots: Bounty Hunters to determine which would face Tombstone for a piece of the $25,000 cash prize. This meant they faced off with newcomer Claw Viper. Kraken was off to a good start as they not only evaded Claw Viper's box rush but grabbed their opponent and started taking them around the arena with their flames going as well. Kraken took minor damage as a result before letting go and was lifted up a few times but its awkward shape made it difficult for the lift to be effective. Kraken managed to bite down again, this time taking Claw Viper to the screws. After this, neither robot made much more of an impact before time ran out but the judges awarded Kraken a unanimous 3-0 decision.


Kraken chews the side of SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Kraken's next match was against SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE, which had won a decisive KO over Mammoth. Kraken started off okay as while they weren't able to get a bite on their opponent, they weren't really taking any damage in return. Kraken threatened to bite its opponent before finally clamping down on one end, and taking SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE into the screws. After more driving, Kraken managed to bite down in the middle and take SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE back to the screws before time ran out. The judges awarded Kraken a 2-1 split decision to advance.

Kraken vs. Gruff

Kraken in the blue square, decorated with aluminum foil.

Kraken gets to grips with Gruff.

Kraken now found itself against Sam McAmis and Gruff. For this fight, it sported additional aluminum foil around its head for decoration. Kraken was off to a great start as they quickly bit down on Gruff and carried them around, leaving Gruff to take it out on their minibot Narwal. Kraken released and was flipped over, where it spent more time than normal struggling to right itself. As a count started, Kraken was moved into a position in front of the screws where it was able to right itself. Kraken was then flipped again but righted itself again and took Gruff to the screws. Time ran out with both robots still working but Gruff won a unanimous decision to face Tombstone for a piece of the cash prize.

Son of Whyachi Bracket[]

Kraken vs. Rusty

Kraken clamps and roasts Rusty's side.

Kraken's top gets drilled by Rusty.

Kraken's head gets ripped off by Rusty.

Kraken became one of the only robots in the 2020 season to fight in multiple Bounty Hunter brackets, and in the Son of Whyachi tournament, found itself against Dave Eaton and Rusty. Rusty started of to a pretty bad start as Kraken was able to get to Rustys sides and Kraken then pushes Rusty around with a good grip on Rustys side. Later, Kraken pushes Rusty towards the corner. But then Rusty lands a powerful shot to Krakens head, managing to completely damage krakens top armor and cause the air pouch of Kraken to fall out and drag on the ground as both bots were able to still function at the end. The judges awarded Rusty a unanimous 3-0 decision, eliminating Kraken from the bracket.

Discovery Season 6[]

Kraken vs. ROTATOR

File:ROTATOR kraken 1.png

A flaming Kraken has ROTATOR in its jaws.

File:ROTATOR kraken 2 breakup.png

Kraken is extinguished as the crew attempt to separate both bots.

Kraken first fight of the 2021 season was fellow Florida veteran ROTATOR. For this fight, Kraken was partnered again by Wally the Narwhal and ROTATOR began the match inverted. As the fight began, Kraken charged right at ROTATOR, forcing it to turn as it was unable to spin up quickly enough, which made it vulnerable to Kraken's primary weapon. However, ROTATOR evaded its opponent and was able to spin up properly in the middle of the BattleBox. ROTATOR attempted to lead with its forks, with enticed Kraken to get a bite with its bladed teeth. Though when ROTATOR spun around, Victor Soto's bot dealt a big strike to Kraken's side. The second shot saw both robots turned away by the impact and before long, Wally found itself caught in the crossfire as ROTATOR attacked and parts of the minibot were strewn across the floor. In doing this, ROTATOR got itself caught in Kraken's grasp in such a way that the horizontal disc's tooth was clamped in place. Suddenly, flame erupted from the head of Kraken as it appeared its flamethrower tank had become damaged from an earlier assault. Matt Spurk's bot continued to burn, but it became apparent soon after that it was unable to release ROTATOR. As per the rules, the fight was halted and crew came in to extinguish Kraken in an attempt to separate them manually. If the two bots could not be unstuck, the fight was due to go to the judges. However, ROTATOR and Kraken were eventually apart and the fight resumed with 1:50 left on the clock.
"Let the bot battle... uh, resume?"
Chris Rose highlights the rare occurance of a fight having to be temporarily halted, and then resumed.
File:ROTATOR kraken 4.gif

Kraken becomes toothless at the hands of ROTATOR.

File:ROTATOR kraken 5.gif

ROTATOR destroys Kraken's air bag late on.

From the restart, Kraken tried to chase down ROTATOR but a swift turn saw Victor Soto's bot snap off both teeth from its opponent's primary weapon. Now toothless, Kraken still managed to run ROTATOR disc-first into the screws, but it was now without its ability to crush or shoot flame. ROTATOR dished out more glancing shots as it became apparent one of Kraken's tires was coming apart with foam littering the BattleBox. Kraken was only running on one wheel, so ROTATOR bided its time before attacking again, not wanting this to go to the judges. ROTATOR then struck the side of Kraken again, causing an explosion as the air bag was ruptured and an entire side was hanging limply. Despite all the damage, Kraken survived to a judges' decision, but they ruled unanimously in ROTATOR's favor.

Kraken vs. HiJinx

Kraken takes a shot from HiJinx.

Kraken attempts to clamp down on HiJinx.

Kraken's second fight was against HiJinx. Kraken opted for their more traditional teeth for this match, as the frame containing their bladed teeth was destroyed in their previous match. As Kraken approached, it made contact with the bar and deflected away. The bar of HiJinx had been slowed in this early exchange, however, leaving Jen Herchenroeder's bot vulnerable as Kraken returned to clamp down on its opponent. HiJinx managed to escape, but had been flipped over as a result of the attack. This proved to be a blessing in disguise as the bar was positioned high enough to strike the head and teeth of Kraken, and did just that multiple times. This caused cosmetic damage to the head and buckled one of its teeth slightly. Suddenly, HiJinx was no longer moving, prompting Matt Spurk of Kraken to ask for a count, but HiJinx showed signs of life shortly after. HiJinx delivered several big hits to Kraken's head, before finding itself smothered by Kraken and unable to spin up. Kraken bit down on HiJinx, but failed to puncture their armor, then sent them to the Upper Deck via the screws. HiJinx attempted to drive off, but managed to beach itself on the edge of the hazard in doing so. With neither wheel able to gain purchase, HiJinx struggled to escape. In the background, Kraken was driving in circles, with neither robot appearing fully mobile. HiJinx fired its spinner and was eventually able to free itself and drive away. Another hit from the bar buckled the head of Kraken, and one more ripped a tooth away completely. Despite Kraken's hampered mobility, it survived to the end and the fight went to the judges. A unanimous decision was awarded in favor of HiJinx, putting Kraken to 0-2.

Kraken vs. Glitch

Kraken and Glitch go weapon to weapon.

Desperate to avoid an 0-3 finish, Kraken's third and final opponent was one of the surprise packages of the Fight Night rounds, 2-0 Glitch. For this fight, Kraken had been totally reworked between fights, now a hydrid of its old and new frames. As Kraken approached in the first few seconds, Glitch kept its weapon pointed at its opponent and strafed to avoid the crusher. Kraken attempted to push Glitch against the barrier but took a small hit from the eggbeater, followed by a bigger hit which sent Kraken spiralling through the air. Kraken landed on its side atop the screws, which dragged Matt Spurk's bot onto the Upper Deck. As a 20 second count began, Kraken struggled to right itself, but eventually escaped. However, its right side wheel was no longer turning and Kraken was vulnerable in the short corner. Glitch held back as Kraken attempted to maneuvre its way back to its opponent, but it took a hit to its back panel. Kraken was again hit in the back and was sent bouncing towards the side screws. Kraken was no longer mobile and was counted out, falling to 0-3 with a rare loss by knockout.

In an unaired losing team interview, the team formally announced that the current design of Kraken would be retired after the 2021 season. This was backed up in Kraken's March 2022 Reddit AMA.[6]


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
Fight Night Rumble vs. Deviled Egg, Sharkoprion Lost (KO)
Fight Night Rumble vs. Gemini, Mohawk Lost (KO)
Desperado Round 1 vs. Lock-Jaw Lost (KO)
USA vs. The World
Representing the USA
USA vs. The World vs. Red Devil Won (JD)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Chomp Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Ribbot Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Blacksmith Lost (Split JD)
Fight Night vs. Son of Whyachi Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Wan Hoo Lost (JD)
Exhibition Match vs. Lucky Lost (JD)
Exhibition Match vs. Shatter! Won (JD)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Black Dragon Lost (Split JD)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Witch Doctor Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. HUGE Lost (JD)
Top 32
26th seed
Round of 32 vs. SawBlaze (7) Lost (JD)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters - Tombstone Episode
Round 1 vs. Claw Viper Won (JD)
Round 2 vs. SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE Won (Split JD)
Round 3 vs. Gruff Lost (JD)
Bounty Hunters - Son of Whyachi Episode
Round 1 vs. Rusty Lost (JD)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. ROTATOR Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. HiJinx Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Glitch Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 15
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3 Red Devil (USA vs. The World)

Sharkoprion (Undercard Rumble)

Gemini (Undercard Rumble)

Lock-Jaw (Desperado Tournament)

Chomp (Untelevised Match)

Discovery Season 4

Ribbot (Undercard Match)

Shatter! (Exhibition Match)

Blacksmith (Undercard Match)

Son of Whyachi (Undercard Match)

Wan Hoo (Grudge Match)

Lucky (Exhibition Match)

Discovery Season 5 Witch Doctor (Main Event/Undercard Match) Black Dragon (Undercard Match)

HUGE (Undercard Match)


BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Claw Viper (Tombstone Bracket)

SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Tombstone Bracket)

Gruff (Tombstone Bracket)

Rusty (Son of Whyachi Bracket)

Discovery Season 6 TBA ROTATOR (Undercard Match)

HiJinx (Undercard Match)

Glitch (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"If this bot was a holiday, it would be "Fangsgiving." Here with a side of candy slams, get ready for a big helping of pumpkin die. It's KRAKEN!"

"Your lips will be smacking, fighting spirit won't be lackin', destruction will be stackin'. It's KRAKEN!"

"This snake is straight from the Garden of Beatin'. Bringing a fight of biblical proportions and that's the gospel truth. It's KRAKEN!"

An alternative design for Kraken, submitted in a second application.

"Here to make you walk the plank is a bot that's part snake and part tank. It'll give you a whackin'. Release KRAKEN!"

"Step on a crack, break your momma's back. Don't step on this bot without a plan of attack. Its scales never fails. Its fangs provide bangs. It's packin', it's KRAKEN!"

"It's the scourge of the seven seas and it's coming for your booty. Better cover your buccaneers, 'cause the show you're about to see is rated ARRR! Let's get crack-a-lacking! Release the KRAKEN!"

"Knock knock. (Who's there?) Ahh yeah. (Ahh yeah who?) Ahh yeah, it's the mystic sea creature who's coming to crush you. Open the door for KRAKEN!"

"It's covered in scales and will leave you impaled. X marks the spot where you got bit by this bot. It's here for paybackin', it's KRAKEN!"

"They see it rollin', they hatin'. Controllin', and tryin' to catch it biting dirty. It's our own chomp-millionaire, KRAKEN!"

"This team and bot are a scary looking lot. I see pirates and a monster, but that's not all they got. If you haven't seen it fight, then that's your loss. My favorite part is now, when the kids do The Floss. Prepare to get a smackin' from the KRAKEN!"

"Yo-ho, yo-ho. These pirates about to be beat. Coming from the briny depths to chomp you 'til there's nothing left. Dead bots tell no tales. KRAKEN!"

"From Titusville, Florida, he came here to breathe fire and chew bubblegum. AND HE'S ALL OUT OF BUBBLEGUM! It's KRAKEN!"

"Crack is whack, that's where we should begin. But this team will crack a bottle when they celebrate their win. This bot has giant metal teeth that can break you in two. So if you ask him what’s crackin', it's probably you. Give it up for KRAKEN!"

"From Titusville, Florida, he's got more bite than a vampire at a neck convention, it's KRAKEN!"

"From Titusville, Florida, this swashbuckling crew of pirates will hit you so hard you won't know your port from your starboard. It's KRAKEN!"

"From Titusville, Florida, it's the beast from the deep, here to put you to sleep. this is KRAKEN!"

"From Titusville, Florida, here to do some serious bot smacking, it's KRAKEN!"

"From Titusville, Florida, you can't handle the tooth. Here's KRAKEN!"


  • According to a Reddit post Kraken is female, evidenced by the LED at the front which is commonly associated with the female anglerfish.
  • All eight of Kraken's battles in 2020 were decided by judges' decision, including its BattleBots: Bounty Hunters fights.
  • Kraken is pictured as the poster bot on the cover of BattleBots: The Official Guide (2022)..
  • Between Kraken's Season 4 loss to Son of Whyachi and their Season 6 loss to Glitch, Kraken lasted the full three minutes in 13 consecutive fights.