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Kill-O-Amp was a heavyweight robot built by Operation Boilmaker which competed in the first five BattleBots competitions - the 1999 Long Beach and Las Vegas events, and Seasons 1.0-3.0 of the televised Comedy Central run.

It was essentially a box-shaped robot relying on high speed and ramming power as its main offensive output, with the design later being altered to include a triangular plough-like extension to act as a front battering ram.

Despite not having any major weaponry - along with traction issues over the BattleBox floor - Kill-O-Amp enjoyed a reasonable level of success, its best performances being Round of 16 finishes at Las Vegas 1999 and in Season 2.0. Kill-O-Amp always reached the televised rounds of the first three Comedy Central seasons and frequently appeared in the end-of-tournament Heavyweight Rumbles. During its final appearance in Season 3.0, it jointly won the Heavyweight Consolation Rumble alongside UK entry Little Sister.

Kill-O-Amp was built by Curt Meyers and Amy Sun of Operation Boilermaker, who also built Jaws of Death and Counter Revolution. The robot itself originally debuted at the 1997 US Robot Wars competition, reaching the second round of the main heavyweight bracket. Meyers also competed at the original 1996-1997 US Robot Wars competitions with Pokey, a renamed Bounty which was built with help from Dallas Goecker of Sallad fame for the 1995 UIUC Engineering Open House Wasteland Competition, Dallas would later revive the latter (still as Pokey) for Seasons 3.0-5.0.

Kill-O-Amp is a play on "kiloamp", equal to 1,000 amperes or amps, referencing the total power output produced by its drive motors.

Robot History[]

Long Beach 1999[]

Kill-O-Amp vs. Ronin (Forfeit)

Kill-O-Amp was scheduled to fight Ronin first, but Ronin had technical issues and was forced to forfeit. Kill-O-Amp won the fight by default and advanced to the next round, where it faced BioHazard.

Kill-O-Amp vs. BioHazard

BioHazard won the fight by KO and Kill-O-Amp was now in the loser's bracket.

Kill-O-Amp vs. Mr. Bonestripper (Forfeit)

Kill-O-Amp was scheduled to fight Mr. Bonestripper, but Mr. Bonestripper had technical issues and was forced to forfeit. Kill-O-Amp won the fight by default and advanced to the next round, where it faced Crock.

Kill-O-Amp vs. Crock


Kill-O-Amp slams Crock into the arena wall.

Kill-O-Amp won the fight by KO and advanced to the next round, where it faced Razer.

Kill-O-Amp vs. Razer

Razer lifts Kill-O-Amp LB1999

Razer hoists Kill-O-Amp up in the air.

In the match, Razer was quickly on the offensive and squeezed one of Kill-O-Amp's wheels, removing most of the rubber. Kill-O-Amp turned around and ran way from Razer for a minute but Razer managed to trap Kill-O-Amp against the corner of the BattleBox and started crushing it a couple of times, going straight through its main battery, shorting it to its chassis, creating sparks and smoke. Kill-O-Amp was still stuck on Razer's arm and Razer took the immobile Kill-O-Amp around the BattleBox. Razer then dropped Kill-O-Amp onto the killsaws and the match was over shortly after. Razer won the fight by KO and Kill-O-Amp was eliminated from the tournament.

Gigabot Rumble

Kill-O-Amp also competed in the end-of-tournament Gigabot Rumble, but lost out to Razer which won the audience vote.

Las Vegas 1999[]

Kill-O-Amp 2 vs. Blunt Force Trauma

Kill-O-Amp 2's first match was against Blunt Force Trauma. Kill-O-Amp 2 won the fight by KO and advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Vlad the Impaler.

Kill-O-Amp 2 vs. Vlad the Impaler

Kill-O-Amp vs Vlad the Impaler 1

Kill-O-Amp rams hard into Vlad the Impaler's front

Kill-O-Amp vs Vlad the Impaler 2

An impaled Kill-O-Amp gets slammed into the spikestrip, chucking out its top Lexan plate

Both robots immediately went straight at each other and Vlad crashed into Kill-O-Amp 2 around the corner of the arena. Moments later, Vlad impaled Kill-O-Amp 2 with its forks and slammed it against the arena wall, where pieces on the top of Kill-O-Amp 2 came off. Vlad charged at Kill-O-Amp 2 one more time and flipped it on its front, where it could not self-right.
Vladkiloamp lv99

Vlad flips Kill-O-Amp 2.

Vlad won the fight on a unanimous 9-0 decision and Kill-O-Amp 2 was eliminated from the tournament again.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

As with its predecessor, Kill-O-Amp 2 participated in the Heavyweight Rumble, but lost overall to BioHazard.

Season 1.0[]

Kill-O-Amp vs. Punjar

Punjarvskilloamp sf00

Punjar pushes Kill-O-Amp against the arena wall.

After receiving a bye, Kill-O-Amp went up against Punjar. After Punjar got underneath the rear of Kill-O-Amp and then pushes it against the arena wall, the match ended and Punjar won the fight on a close 5-4 judges' decision. This meant that Kill-O-Amp was eliminated from the tournament.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

As at the 1999 events, Kill-O-Amp would return for the Heavyweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament. It was one of the few robots still moving in the end, but it lost overall to BioHazard (again).

Season 2.0[]

Kill-O-Amp vs. Circuit Breaker

Kill-O-Amp vs Circuit Breaker

Kill-O-Amp pushing Circuit Breaker.

Kill-O-Amp's first match was against Circuit Breaker. Kill-O-Amp begins to attack Circuit Breaker immediately and pushes it under the spikestrip. Kill-O-Amp lines up for another shot, but gets stuck under the pulverizer and gets hit multiple times. Kill-O-Amp stopped moving and Circuit Breaker was being counted out. Kill-O-Amp won the fight by KO and advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Tazbot.

Kill-O-Amp vs. Tazbot

Tazbotvskiloamp 2

Tazbot lifts the front of Kill-O-Amp.

At the sound of the buzzer, both bots immediately traveled to the center of the area to begin their opening attacks; however, upon reaching the center of the arena, Tazbot suddenly ceased movement as Kill-O-Amp turned away, driving slowly towards the corner of the area. Apparently suffering from control problems, Kill-O-Amp briefly wandered the arena in an erratic manner, eventually coming within range of Tazbot, an action that seems to suddenly bring life back to Tazbot. Tazbot manages to get its pickaxe underneath the front of Kill-O-Amp, elevating its front end. Both bots remained motionless in this position for several seconds, at which point Curt Meyers notifies the referee that he is unable to get Kill-O-Amp to respond to any of his radio commands. A time out is eventually called, at which point the builders and crew bots enter the BattleBox to asses the situation. Simultaneously, Amy Sun leaves to discuss the radio situation with the spectrum analyzer. After careful consideration, Kill-O-Amp was eventually hauled away, and Tazbot was declared the winner by KO. This meant that Kill-O-Amp was eliminated from the tournament.

Heavyweight Consolation Rumble

Kill-O-Amp would later return for the end-of-season Heavyweight Consolation Rumble. It began by tangling with Bigger Brother near its starting point, and then began driving around the arena, looking for opponents to attack. After being pushed by Punjar, Kill-O-Amp briefly became stuck in the spike strip near one of the pulverizers, but managed to free itself. Kill-O-Amp seemed to be suffering control problems thereafter, as it remained in the corner of the BattleBox, spinning in circles for a long period of time.

"That's Kill-O-Amp, spinnin' and spinnin', but what's he doin'?!"
Bil Dwyer, during a shot of Kill-O-Amp spinning in circles in the BattleBox corner

Eventually, it became tangled up with the immobile Bender near the spike strip and ceased movement. Time ran out, and Punjar and OverKill were declared the winners, meaning Kill-O-Amp lost overall.

Season 3.0[]

Kill-O-Amp vs. Son of Whyachi


Son of Whyachi hits Kill-O-Amp's right side.

KilloampvsSOW sf01

Kill-O-Amp after getting hit by Son of Whaychi.

Due to it's seeding, Kill-O-Amp was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0, where it eventually faced Son of Whyachi. In this fight, one decisive blow by Son of Whyachi launched Kill-O-Amp 3/4 across the BattleBox and Kill-O-Amp was knocked out cold because that hit had destroyed Kill-O-Amps kill switch. Kill-O-Amp was being counted out and Son of Whyachi won the fight by a quick KO. This meant that Kill-O-Amp was eliminated from the tournament.

Heavyweight Consolation Rumble

Robosapien sf01rumble

Kill-O-Amp during the consolation rumble.

For the final time in its BattleBots career, Kill-O-Amp took part in the Heavyweight Consolation Rumble at the end of the Season 3.0 tournament. It first attacked Towering Inferno, then gets scooped by SlamJob, who rams it into Little Sister. After it was released Kill-O-Amp tackles SlamJob. It attacks Towering Inferno again, ramming it into the entrance ramp. It then got scooped by Greenspan. It also fled from Little Sister and bumps a dead Punjar. At one point it rammed into the spikes and got stuck, but managed to pull itself free, then it tackles Towering Inferno. Then it goes for FrostBite. It also began harassing a dead SlamJob. It then rams Greenspan and almost Towering Inferno, but had second thoughts on the latter. It performed well as it won overall with Little Sister and both robots returned for the Heavyweight Royal Rumble.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

It first went at FrenZy, then gets attacked by Sharkbyte and HexaDecimator. It then got shoved into Nightmare by Omega-13. After escaping it tackled Omega-13 some more. It then bumps into MechaVore (which seems to have damaged something in Mechavore as it stopped working), then attacks Sharkbyte and Little Sister. It then got stuck on the spikes until Omega-13 rammed it free, then goes for GoldDigger. Next it was being attacked by OverKill, then it tackles a flipped Nightmare. It also delivered a glancing blow to Sharkbyte. It was one of few robots still moving in the end, but it lost overall to HexaDecimator.


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6

Team Boilermaker with Kill-O-Amp at Season 3.0

Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999

Ronin (Forfeit)

Mr. Bonestripper (Forfeit)




Las Vegas 1999 Blunt Force Trauma Vlad the Impaler
Season 1.0 Bye Punjar
Season 2.0 Circuit Breaker Tazbot
Season 3.0 None Son of Whyachi
KillOAmp RWUSA97

Kill-O-Amp's Robot Wars 1997 appearance.

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Well versed in all things diabolical, get ready for an education in devastation from the robot in the red square KILL-O-AMP!" (Kill-O-Amp vs. Tazbot)


  • Kill-O-Amp was originally going to be named "Hercules" but Jim Smentowski's application arrived first and thus the name became Kill-O-Amp.

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