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Kegger at BattleBots 2.0.

Kegger was a middleweight robot that competed in Season 2.0 of BattleBots. It was black and beige robot built by Nathan Roseborrough and armed with a small axe/lifter arm described as a "high speed bashing arm", despite not living up to that description when seen in action. It was also said to have "stationary impaling spikes", despite them being nowhere to be seen on the robot. Kegger had weak armor (made up of mostly plywood) and was only built in 2 weeks. Despite this, it did average, making the televised matches of Season 2.0, but never making it past the round of 16.

The team returned in Season 3.0 with lightweight Brain Mold and middleweight Cheap Shot.

Robot History

Season 2.0

Kegger hits the flipped Bumper Bawt with its axe.

Kegger's first round was against Bumper Bawt. This fight was over in about 10 seconds. The robots moved towards each other, Bumper Bawt reaching the middle of the arena as Kegger lined up a shot, but Bumper Bawt was driving directly over the arena hell-raisers, which popped up suddenly and flipped it over. Kegger then took the opportunity to hammer Bumper Bawt a few times as it was counted out.

Kegger was now in the round of 16, where it was pitted up against Deadblow. Deadblow immediately attacked Kegger, leaving a few holes in Kegger's thin wedge armor before hooking its hammer into the slot for the axe weapon.

Kegger locks with Deadblow in a pushing/tug of war match.

Kegger retaliated with a slow downward swing with its lifting axe, but missed Deadblow entirely. Kegger started pushing Deadblow, trying to push it into the spikestrip, but Deadblow escaped, with Kegger driving past by mistake. Kegger tried to turn around to face Deadblow with its wedge, but it got pushed against the spikestrip by Deadblow, leaving its side and back exposed. Kegger got pounded repeatedly on the top from behind before getting hit on the left side, tearing apart the flimsy side armor.

Kegger gets pecked repeatedly on its top by Deadblow

Kegger backed away from the spikestrip, but it soon got pushed back into the spikestrip from behind. Kegger soon backed away and into Deadblow, taking another hammer blow to the top, but forcing Deadblow into the killsaws.

Kegger pushes Deadblow into the killsaws

Kegger used this opportunity to try and turn around and face Deadblow with its wedge, but it too was caught by the killsaws, giving Deadblow the opportunity to impale its hammer through the left side and briefly lift it.

Kegger gets impaled on the side and lifted by Deadblow

This move ultimately killed Kegger, as Deadblow had punctured one of Kegger's two control boards. With Kegger's team allowing Deadblow to continue the assault, Kegger continued to get dragged by Deadblow, which was trying to get free. Eventually Deadblow managed to free itself, and Kegger continued to get pecked on the top before getting pushed into the entrance ramp, where Kegger continued to get toyed with. Kegger was now being counted out and Deadblow won by KO with only one second left. This meant that Kegger was eliminated from the tournament.

Kegger wasn't finished, however, as it entered the middleweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. Kegger was moving slowly out of the blue square and it was being attacked by SABotage. Kegger was able to escape and started attacking and taking hits from Scrap Daddy MW110 briefly. Kegger was then slammed head on by Bad Attitude and started moving to the center of the arena. A little while later, Kegger was scooped up and slammed against the spikestrip (presumably by Ankle Biter), getting its hammer lifter stuck under the spikestrip. This was immediately followed up by Bad Attitude pushing Super Chiabot against the stuck Kegger.

Kegger in the background, stuck on the spikestrip next to an immobilized Chiabot

Both robots were left there for the rest of the rumble and Deadblow was declared the winner of the middleweight royal rumble.



  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
Wins Losses
Season 2.0 Bumper Bawt Deadblow

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"With a dual major and no hope of graduating. Here is KEGGER!"