Jaws of death5

Jaws of Death during Season 5.0.

Jaws of Death was a superheavyweight robot that competed in the final three seasons of BattleBots. It was gas-powered and armed with hydraulic jaws. It never made it out of the preliminary rounds, but was surprisingly popular, appearing in lots of merchandise.

Jaws of Death was built by Curt Meyers and Amy Sun of Team Operation Boilermaker who also entered Robot Wars 1997 and the first five BattleBots competitions with Kill-O-Amp and Counter Revolution for the 2009 Professional Championship. Curt Meyers also competed at the original Robot Wars in 1996/97 with Pokey, a renamed Bounty which was built with help from Dallas Goecker of Sallad fame for the 1995 UIUC Engineering Open House Wasteland Competition, Dallas would later revive it (still as Pokey) for Season 3.0-5.0.

Robot history

Season 3.0


Jaws of Death's original appearance for Season 3.0.

Jaws of Death's first opponent was The Killdozer. J.O.D won by a judge's decision 29-16 and moved to the next round.

Jaws of death vs killdozer 3.0

The KillDozer pushing Jaws of Death.

J.O.D's next opponent was Electric Lunch.
DCP 1834

Electric Lunch pushes Jaws of Death against the spikestrip.

In the match, Jaws of Death used its claws to grab onto the side of Electric Lunch, but Electric Lunch escaped and started pushing Jaws of Death against the arena wall. The whole match was turned into a pushing match until the time ran out. Electric Lunch won on a 30-15 judge's decision and J.O.D was eliminated.
Jaws of death vs electric lunch 3.0

Jaws of Death grabs Electric Lunch.

Season 4.0

JOD sfb01

Jaws of Death as it appeared in Season 4.0.

Jaws of Death's first match was against Rocky Balbota. Both Jaws of Death and Rocky Balbota had a hard time steering, but Rocky eventually managed to ram the Jaws and break off a panel. Rocky was winning until he accidentelly rammed the wall and got impaled and was unable to break free. The Jaws of Death came over and gave Rocky a few good bites, putting some holes in his sides, as he was counted out. Jaws of Death won by KO.

Moving, Jaws of Death then went against Gammacide. The robots circled around each other, the Jaws trying to stay facing Gammacide to get a bite. Gammacide hit the Jaws every so often, as well. The Jaws never once got a bite in this fight--they could chew up their last opponent because he was stuck, but Gammacide was a moving target and Jaws of Death was too slow to catch it. Gammacide eventually rammed the Jaws from behind and raised it up high on his plow, slamming it into the wall standing straight up. Maybe it was being tipped up, maybe it was the impact- something killed the Jaws' gas-engine. Gammacide won by KO.

Season 5.0


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3

Wins Losses
Season 3.0 The KillDozer Electric Lunch
Season 4.0 Rocky Balbota Gammacide
Season 5.0 Magnasty Destructotron(forfeit) DaCraw
Jawsofdeath afterBattlebots

Jaws of Death before a fight at RoboGames.


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