Jasper was a heavyweight robot built by Team TomCo of England, which competed in the fourth season of the BattleBots reboot on Discovery and Science. It was a green, white, purple, and red, four-wheel drive robot armed with a hammer. The hammer itself was based on a space laser, was filled with ball-bearings and was designed to act like a dead blow hammer. It could also be swapped out for a lifting arm with the same design. While it looked solid, most of the chassis was actually made of plastic and the weapon was slow, resulting in its losing record.

The overall design and color scheme of the machine made it look like something from Buzz Lightyear, the Space Ranger toy from the Toy Story franchise.

Jasper won't be returning for Season 5 as Tom sold both Jasper and his other heavyweight Capers! in August 2019.

Team TomCo also competed in Series 10 of Robot Wars with Bucky the Robot which had no success, as well as King of Bots with Griffin which had little success, a beetleweight drum called Flick which competed in Bugglebots 2018 that reached the heat semi-finals before getting eviscerated, and even built a 1 lb robot armed with a chainsaw that could be swapped with a regular saw called Chick, which competed in a South Korean competition with unknown results.

Robot History

Discovery Season 4

Jasper vs. Uppercut vs. Tantrum

Jasper's fight ever fight was an untelevised rumble against fellow newcomer Uppercut, and fully remodeled veteran, Tantrum. Jasper was armed with its lifting arm configuration but as the match got underway, this didn't help them at all as they were taken across the arena by Tantrum, taking a hit from Uppercut that lost them one of their six tires, then paraded around the arena while hooked on Tantrum's right wing extension. Smoke started coming out of Jasper while it moved its lifter to and fro. Eventually, Jasper finally got free, but it was too late by then as they had stopped moving. Jasper stayed motionless and was counted out with Uppercut when they stopped moving as well from Tantrum's final attacks, giving Tantrum the win by KO.

Jasper vs. HUGE

Jasper gets kicked onto its back by HUGE

Jasper's first televised fight was against Johnathan Shultz and HUGE. In response, Jasper went with their lifting arm attachment in hopes of being able to grab HUGE by the openings in the wheels to maybe push it around and extra armor as well. When the match began, this seemed to somewhat work as HUGE was getting caught up in Jasper's weapon, but Jasper soon took a hit that flipped it over and knocked off both of its armor panels. Jasper self-righted and was quickly tossed over again. Jasper continued to right itself and resume the fight until it stopped moving up against the arena barrier. Jasper tried in vain to get going using its weapon, but it was counted out, giving HUGE the win by KO.

Jasper vs. Petunia vs. Battlesaw

Jasper would later have another rumble, this time against Dutch Petunia, and Kansas' Battlesaw. Jasper came into the fight with its hammer and some new pieces of plastic being used for wheels. Jasper was able to not only stop Battlesaw's ring, but land two shots with its hammer that seemed to immobilize it. After Petunia left Battlesaw in the corner, Jasper had a European battle, and after a bit of driving and positioning, found itself right in Petunia's crusher. Jasper used its hammer a lot while being shoved around, but couldn't cause much damage with it as Jasper was fed into the screws. After some more driving around, Jasper got a slight nick from the saws, before being pushed into the corner. Jasper tried driving over Petunia, but this proved to be a mistake as the Dutch bot was able to get right into the axe mechanism and force Jasper into the wall. Jasper was able to used the butt of its hammer, but still didn't cause any damage as it was being driven around and into the screws next to the long-since dead ring spinner. The fight ended shortly after and went to the judges, and despite the constant hits, the judges gave the win to Petunia by a unanimous 3-0 decision.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 4 None Tantrum (Untelevised Undercard Rumble)

HUGE (Undercard Match)

Petunia (Untelevised Rumble)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"This bot might be new, but it has something scary for you. Is it a friendly ghost? No, that's Casper. Is it the bot that'll hurt you the most? Yeeeesss, that's JASPER!"

"This bot is no toy story. You're gonna get little bo beat. Woodya pay attention? It looks like Buzz Lightyear and will smack you to infinity and beyond. It's JASPER!"

"This bot looks like the toy you get in a box of Slice Krispies, or Cinnamon Toast Crunched, or even Honey Bunches of Dead. Forget Raisin Bran, It's raisin' hell. It's JASPER!"

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