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Jäger is a heavyweight multibot which fought in Discovery Season 6 of the BattleBots reboot.

The multibot consisted of three smaller robots, each of which are two-wheel drive and feature a different variety of spinning weapon inspired the respective builder's most successful lower weight class robot.

Team captain Ralf Schneider has experience with UK beetleweight robots, having competed in the web series Bugglebots with robots called Anxt and Phoenix. With the latter, he managed to get third overall at the 2019 UWE Beetle Brawl event in Bristol, UK. He was responsible for building the pink overhead hammer saw which bears a slight resemblance to BattleBots competitor Skorpios.

Jäger's CAD for Discovery Season 5.

Cosmin Gorgovan is another familiar name in the UK beetleweight scene, having also competed in Bugglebots and various live events with Daedalus. He finished 1st overall at the aforementioned 2019 UWE Beetle Brawl event while also coming second in the 2020 Battle in the Burgh event held in Edinburgh, Scotland. As well as Daedalus, Cosmin Gorgovan built highly successful X-301 and its featherweight counterpart which competed in the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships, X-303. For Jäger, he was responsible for building the drum spinner, inspired by X-301. However, this part of the multibot would not compete in BattleBots.

Jäger's initial CAD ahead of Discovery Season 6.

Andy Russell also competed in the 2018 King of Bots UK event with featherweight robots Pendulum and Telekinesis, the latter of which inspired his involvement in Jäger - the undercutter robot. He also has vast experience of heavyweight builds, competing in Series 10 of Robot Wars as part of Hobgoblin and in Chinese shows This Is Fighting Robots and King of Bots II with Bonfire and Switch respectively.

Team member Charlie Dangerfield previously competed in Discovery Season 4 of BattleBots as part of Nelly the Ellybot, and too has experience of insect-class robots having captained The Berg and its successor 2 Berg 2 Furious in UK web-series Bugglebots. Ed Hodges has also competed on the UK live scene as part of Team Immersion, and intended to compete in Discovery Season 5 with Abrasion. Jonas Fink previously competed alongside Ralf Schneider with a multibot called Quack Quack.

Jäger was initially accepted to compete in the 2020 season, though COVID-19 travel restrictions at the time meant it was forced to drop out of the competition, as was the case with the majority of international competitors.

Ralf Schneider working on Arm Muscle during the season.

However, Jäger was again accepted and confirmed to be participating in Discovery Season 6. However, due to delays in the US State Department processing NIE forms meant the majority of the team, who came from the United Kingdom, could not legally fly to Las Vegas. Traveling from Germany was less of a problem for Ralf Schneider, who enlisted the help of Big Dill captain Emmanuel Carrillo to pilot another third of the robot.

The pink hammer saw is called Arm Muscle, and the green undercutter is called Toe Kicker.

Little is known about the construction of each robot, however, due to weight restrictions, only two of the three robots are able to enter the BattleBox at any one time. Due to this, as well as Team Jäger being so understaffed for the season, Ralf Schneider opted against entering the drum spinner built by Cosmin Gorgovan, instead focusing on maintaining just the other two robots. Jäger suffered a rough start in its rookie season, losing both of its fights to P1 and Captain Shrederator.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 6[]

Jäger vs. P1

Jäger fighting P1.

Arm Muscle lands a shot to the top of P1.

P1 attacks the Jäger minibot as Arm Muscle lies immobile and Toe Kicker tries to escape the Upper Deck.

The remaining half of Jäger is flipped back onto the Upper Deck by P1.

Jäger's BattleBots debut came against the returning P1. The fight began with P1 ramming into the small, unnamed minibot that Jäger had decided to run in the fight alongside its two main bots, Toe Kicker and Arm Muscle. But it immediately got underneath P1 and high centered its opponent. Jäger was quick to capitalize with Arm Muscle getting a hammer saw hit onto the back of P1, but it was propped up a little bit too high for Toe Kicker to get a good hit, and its blade just slid underneath P1 and took out the right two wheels on the mini bot instead. P1 then pondered which part of Jäger to go after, and after bumping into each one, promptly flipped over Arm Muscle. The hammer saw finds itself unable to self-right after this exchange, and the fight becomes a 1v1 between P1 and Toe Kicker. The undercutter finds itself driven into the screws by P1 and shortly after, the Upper Deck, where it was stranded on top. While immobile on top of the Upper Deck, P1 decides to play with the broken minibot, driving it into the screws. The countdown began but with two seconds remaining, Toe Kicker escapes from the Upper Deck. However, it found itself hoisted onto the hazard for a second time by P1. Another count started and Jäger was deemed immobile, giving P1 the win by knockout.

Jäger vs. Captain Shrederator

Toe Cutter loses its undercutter.

Arm Muscle momentarily gets underneath Captain Shrederator.

Jäger's second fight came against Captain Shrederator. For this fight, Jäger was again comprised of Arm Muscle and Toe Kicker, with both halves heavily armored in an attempt to withstand hits from its heavyweight opponent. In the opening seconds, Captain Shrederator danced around both halves of Jäger before delivering a hit which sent Toe Kicker flying across the BattleBox and separating its undercutting bar. Arm Muscle then got underneath the shell of Captain Shrederator, biting down with its articulated saw but only slicing into their opponent's UMHW plastic top armor. Arm Muscle backed off, allowing Captain Shrederator to escape. However, it found itself coerced into the corner and unable to spin up to any great speed, taking a shot from the Jäger team's pulverizer. Captain Shrederator was then allowed the time to spin in the center of the arena and punted the weaponless Toe Kicker around before turning its attention to Arm Muscle, who had one side of its drive disabled. Captain Shrederator remained aggressive and hit Toe Kicker again, which knocked it into the wall and killed it completely. With the remaining half of Jäger unable to show translational movement, it was counted out, and Captain Shrederator delivered one final hit to leave its mark on the match. Jäger fell to 0-2 for the season, staring down the barrel of a winless season.


Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. P1 Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Captain Shrederator Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 6 None P1 (Undercard Match)

Captain Shrederator (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"A multibot that's so in sync, they finish each other's sentences... and each other's murders. It's JÄGER!"


  • The name Jäger derives from the German word for "hunter".
  • Jäger is the first German BattleBots representative across both the classic and modern eras of the show.
  • The team purchased an old shipping crate from Monsoon ahead of shipping the robot for Discovery Season 5, however, the team would have to withdraw due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  • Jäger was the only multibot that competed in Discovery Season 6.
  • The undercutter and hammersaw were not originally given names by the team, but were named Toe Kicker and Arm Muscle respectively during filming to help Chris and Kenny commentate on the multibot.

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