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Iron Eagle was a heavyweight robot from Japan which competed in Season 2.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots. It was armed with a swinging axe which was to represent the beak of an eagle and a ramming wedge. Prior to its BattleBots appearance, the robot was also armed with an airbag (it is not clear whether this powered the axe or was intended to be used separately), but it was removed as a result of changing the robot's communication system to a more standard American radio setup. In addition, the robot featured a vacuum skirt system under the shell to improve its traction, something much more common in robotic sumo. It lost its first match, but later returned for the consolation rumble.


Nishimura Robot Club with Iron Eagle

Robot History[]

Season 2.0[]

Iron Eagle vs. OverKill

Iron eagle without axe

Iron Eagle without the axe.

Iron Eagle's first and only match in Season 2.0 was against OverKill. In the beginning of the match, OverKill approached Iron Eagle immediately, swinging its weapon, before Iron Eagle backed off and retreated into the killsaws. Iron Eagle recovered and started to move around the BattleBox. OverKill got in several good blade hits on Iron Eagle, before Iron Eagle backed up the arena entry ramp, high-centering itself. Unable to move with its wheels off the ground, Iron Eagle was counted out by the referee. OverKill won by KO and Iron Eagle was eliminated from the tournament. Following the fight, the team found that their vacuum seal's fan had become clogged with debris and the skirt was damaged from the killsaws.

Heavyweight Consolation Rumble

Iron Eagle wasn't finished however, as it participated the Heavyweight Consolation Rumble at the end of the tournament (interestingly, without the “beak of the Eagle” attached). At the beginning of the rumble, Iron Eagle immediately turned right attempting to attack Dreadbot, and then charged across the arena. At some point shortly after, it wound up high centered on the wedge of Decimator, rendering both of the bots immobile. In the final thirty seconds of the rumble, Decimator was hit in the back by Punjar, freeing Iron Eagle and allowing it to move once again. Iron Eagle proceeded to push Decimator around the arena, after which it attempted to push Gammatron. Time eventually ran out and although it managed to survive the rumble, Iron Eagle lost out to Punjar & OverKill.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
Season 2.0 Bye OverKill



A drawing of what Iron Eagle 2001 might have looked like.

  • Prior to competing at Battlebots, Iron Eagle made its debut at Fuji TV's "Robot Coliseum" tournament in April 2000. There, Iron Eagle was defeated in the first round by eventual champion Vlad the Impaler.
  • Iron Eagle was the only robot that competed in BattleBots to come from Japan.
  • The team behind Iron Eagle planned to rebuild it for Season 3.0 as Iron Eagle 2001.[1] However it never got past the drawing stage.

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