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Inertia-Labs, formerly known as Team Rhino until Season 4.0, are one of most well-known teams in BattleBots. The team is best known for their championship-winning flippers Toro and T-Minus as well as their most recent entry Bronco.

The Team[]

Inertia-Labs' logo.

It is headed by Alexander Rose and Reason Bradley. The team won many battles at Robot Wars and BattleBots, and continued to fight long after BattleBots ended, mainly in the antweight category. Each of the robots entered into BattleBots by Inertia Labs was armed with a pneumatic weapon, be it a spike, a flipper or even a spinning disc.

Team Members[]

Reason Bradley[]

Alexander Rose[]

Christopher Daniel[]

Nolan Van Dine[]

Matteo Borri[]

Greg Staples[]

Brad Sykes[]

Scoutt Balchowsky[]


Robot Weight class Events competed in
Rhino Heavyweight


Long Beach 1999-Season 1.0
Toro Superheavyweight Season 2.0-5.0
T-Minus Middleweight Season 3.0-5.0

The Matador

Heavyweight Season 4.0-5.0
The Butcher Superheavyweight Season 5.0
Bronco Heavyweight (250lbs) ABC S1-Discovery S4
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters


  • Wins: 53
  • Losses: 26

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