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A prototype HyperShock HEXBUG toy for 2022.

HyperShock is one of the BattleBots competitors due to be released as part of HEXBUG's Rivals line of remote control toys. It is scheduled to be released later in 2022.

Alongside the intended 2021 iteration of Rusty, HyperShock was announced to be a new HEXBUG release on February 18 2022. The toy is based on the Discovery Season 6 build of HyperShock, made clear by its elongated chassis. The prototype of the bot appeared in Will Bales' Instagram post where it briefly escorted his wedding, carrying the ring.[1]

Both 2022 HEXBUG releases - HyperShock and Rusty.

Though the prototype version of HyperShock is equipped with its dual disc setup, the official release will sport HyperShock's single disc as the prototype with the wedge as opposed to forks was not a real configuration, according to the team. Though unconfirmed, it is likely to be released as a Rivals pack alongside Rusty priced at $49.99, and individually at $29.99.

HyperShock's 2022 prototype toy sat on top of the real HyperShock robot.

HyperShock was planned to be one of the earlier BattleBots competitors made into infrared remote control toys by HEXBUG. It was due to be released alongside Bronco in a two-pack Rivals set with and without the BattleBox play arena. Like other standard Rivals sets, it would have been priced at $49.99.

According to HyperShock team member Kyle Awner, plans to make the bot part of their HEXBUG Rivals line of toys commenced in 2017 in line with Discovery Season 3, with the team receiving a prototype in January 2019. Like several toys before it, HyperShock was armed with a vertical spinning drum at the front and four-wheel drive.

HyperShock and Bronco in a mock-up Rivals box.

It also featured the bot's rake attachment, referencing the 2016 season to take out the drone of Warrior Clan. However, the prototype was styled its ABC Season 2 build, and HyperShock underwent a radical redesign between 2016 and 2018. The black and silver was replaced by the neon yellow color which has become synonymous with the team ever since, and the HEXBUG toy was very different to its most recent look, even despite the inclusion of the rake.

Ultimately, HyperShock was dropped from the HEXBUG line, and was replaced by an updated version of Witch Doctor.

YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV uploaded a video in February 2018 showcasing HyperShock among other HEXBUG BattleBots toys at New York Toy Fair.[2] This shows HyperShock battling Bronco in a demonstration of each toy's features, and showcases HyperShock's spinning drum and removable front scoop, back panel and top plate.

Differences from Real Life[]

  • Unlike the real bot, the HEXBUG prototype features neon green hubs rather than gray.
  • HyperShock's rake, which was implemented in place of the self-righting arm on the real bot, appeared to be static on the prototype of the cancelled release.


  • The prototype received by the team often appeared as part on Will Bales' desk as decoration for their Tale of the Tape show hosted alongside Team Witch Doctor.