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"Huggy Bear is a ClampBot with a difference - it's not designed to crush opponents or even hold them in the air. It just gives them a little squeeze."
— The bot's description from BattleBots: The Official Guide

Huggy Bear was a middleweight robot built by The Bot Dudes that competed in the final three seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots.

It was a unique design which used two clamping arms to 'hug' its opponent before driving it into BattleBox hazards. It was an H-shaped robot with front wedges. The arms were in the middle of the robot moved like a scissor-lift, boasting 18" of motion from its pneumatic cylinder to clamp around opposing robots and then lift them off the ground.[1] In its debut season, Huggy Bear won several preliminary battles before losing in the first televised round to SABotage.

Huggy Bear pits Season 3

Huggy Bear in The Pits during Season 3.0.

Returning for Season 4.0, one of its arms was removed as the robot arrived at location 6lbs overweight. This time around, it won two fights before losing in destructive fashion to Heavy Metal Noise. It returned for the Middleweight Royal Rumble at the end of the season, but lost out in that too.

For Season 5.0, the robot was made largely from hardened 4130 steel but also featured a Lexan top panel as well as a 'spinner killer' for this competition. This consisted of a ¼" thick piece of hardened S5 tool steel weighing a total of 9lbs. Huggy Bear had grooved wheels for better grip on the arena floor as well as newly-machined aluminum sides made with help from Team Whyachi. The Bot Dudes equipped this for their first fight, which saw Huggy Bear beat Sunshine Lollibot by judges' decision. It then got the better of Bad Attitude before losing out to eventual champion T-Minus.

Huggy Bear Pits

Huggy Bear in The Pits during Season 5.0.

The team that built Huggy Bear returned for the 2009 BattleBots Pro Championship with a heavyweight version of Huggy Bear named Hugs & Kisses which was inspired by Huggy Bear's destruction at the hands of Heavy Metal Noise in Season 4.0.

Outside BattleBots[]

Huggy Bear H20 Psychotron Steel Conflict I

Huggy Bear and H20 at Steel Conflict I.

Following the end of the Comedy Central run, Huggy Bear went on to compete in the inaugural Steel Conflict event, where it managed to beat Viking Dragon, Knee-Breaker, Auction Block, and Psychotron en route to its first major championship victory. A lightweight version of Huggy Bear named H20 also fought at Steel Conflict I.

Huggy Bear Internals

Inside one half of Huggy Bear's drive system.

It then came back for the second Steel Conflict event, where it lost its first fight to Misty the WonderBot but then conquered the likes of Maggot, The Mullet, Hypersonic and BravePart before earning revenge over Misty the WonderBot. It then fell in the quarter-finals to The Devastator.

Robot History[]

Season 3.0[]

Huggy Bear vs. Portable Killsaw

Huggy Bear's first ever match in BattleBots was against Portable Killsaw. Huggy Bear clamped Portable Killsaw all around the arena and wedged it under the spikestrip. At 1:30, Portable Killsaw was counted out.

Huggy Bear vs. Iron Soldier

Huggy Bear advanced to the next preliminary round, where it faced Iron Soldier. Huggy Bear won on a 32-13 judges' decision.

Huggy Bear vs. Timmy

Huggy Bear advanced to the final preliminary round, where it faced Timmy. However, Timmy had control issues from the start, allowing Huggy Bear to clamp it. Timmy was counted out shortly after, meaning Huggy Bear won by knockout and advanced to the TV rounds.

Huggy Bear vs. SABotage

SABotage vs Huggy Bear SF01

Huggy Bear clamps SABotage.

SABotagevshuggybear sf01

SABotage flips Huggy Bear.

Here, Huggy Bear took on SABotage. This was a close match as Huggy Bear clamped SABotage at one point and pushed it under the pulverizer. Shortly after, SABoatge almost flipped Huggy Bear and was caught on the killsaws. In the end, SABotage won on a close 23-22 judges' decision and the crowd was booing because of the result of the match. This meant that Huggy Bear was eliminated from the tournament.

According to The Bot Dudes' website, they were invited to enter the end-of-competition rumble but were unable to remain at filming.

Season 4.0[]

Huggy Bear vs. Double Agent


Huggy Bear fighting Double Agent.

Huggy Bear Double Agent pulverizer
Due to previously competing in Season 3.0, Huggy Bear was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it eventually fought Double Agent. Huggy Bear went straight at Double Agent, but Double Agent escapes and gets caught on the killsaws. Huggy Bear gets around Double Agent and Double Agent tries to get away. Huggy Bear pushes Double Agent to another set of killsaws and sparks were flying everywhere. This caused damage to one of Double Agent's side spikes and Double Agent gets caught on the killsaws again. Double Agent escapes and Huggy Bear clamps Double Agent again. Huggy Bear takes Double Agent to the pulverizer and Double Agent took direct blows from the pulverizer. Both robots were moving around the arena and Huggy Bear gets it's side caught on the killsaws. Huggy Bear clamps Double Agent again and takes it to the pulverizer again, but Double Agent escapes. Double Agent gets caught on the killsaws again and with twenty seconds left, Huggy Bear clamps Double Agent again. The killsaws briefly popped up under Huggy Bear and Huggy Bear gets Double Agent under the pulverizer for one hit before the time ran out. Huggy Bear won on a 39-6 judges' decision.

Huggy Bear vs. 2925 Jack Rabbit


Huggy Bear takes 2925 Jack Rabbit to the killsaws.

Continuing to the Round of 16, Huggy Bear now fought 2925 Jack Rabbit. In the match, Huggy Bear clamped 2925 Jack Rabbit multiple times and dragged it onto the killsaws. Jack Rabbit managed to escape and the killsaws just missed Jack Rabbit's chain. Jack Rabbit then gets itself caught on the killsaws, which produced a shower of sparks. Jack Rabbit did some damage to Huggy Bear, with one hit ripping off one of its cover plates. The time ran out and Huggy Bear won on a 29-16 judges' decision.

Huggy Bear vs. Heavy Metal Noise

HMN vs Huggy Bear SF01B

Heavy Metal Noise destroys Huggy Bear.

Huggy Bear damage post Heavy Metal Noise

Damage to Huggy Bear post-fight.

This win put Huggy Bear in the quarter-finals, where it faced Heavy Metal Noise. Despite still only being armed with one disk, Heavy Metal Noise had no trouble tearing into Huggy Bear, ripping off armor and destroying its electronics despite being in Huggy Bear's grasp. Heavy Metal Noise won by a destructive KO at 1:42 and Huggy Bear was eliminated from the tournament again.

Middleweight Royal Rumble

Turtlemwrumble sfb01

Huggy Bear tries to grab T-Minus.

Psychomwrumble3 sfb01

Huggy Bear is stuck on a killsaw hole with Psychotron and Heavy Metal Noise.

Huggy Bear also participated the Middleweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament. In the beginning, Huggy Bear got its "hug zone" on Psychotron and took it toward T-Wrex's thwacking tail. T-Wrex knocks Psychotron off of Huggy Bear and Huggy Bear was now being pushed by Turtle Road Kill. After this, Huggy Bear got T-Wrex onto its "hug zone" for a brief moment and it was now pushing an immobile 2925 Jack Rabbit. Huggy Bear almost got flipped by T-Minus and Huggy Bear got its "hug zone" on T-Minus and Psychotron. Shortly after, Psychotron pushed Huggy Bear onto a killsaw hole and Huggy Bear got stuck. Huggy Bear tried to escape, but it wasn't able to and it was almost flipped by Alabama Slammer. Heavy Metal Noise drove itself on top of Huggy Bear and got one of its support beams stuck on the right side of Huggy Bear. After this, Psychotron also got itself stuck on Huggy Bear's wedge and the time ran out shortly after. Bad Attitude was declared the winner of the Middleweight Royal Rumble.

Season 5.0[]

Huggy Bear vs. Sunshine Lollibot

Huggy bear vs sunshine lollibot

Huggy Bear clamps Sunshine Lollibot.

Due to previously competing in Season 4.0, Huggy Bear was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it eventually fought Sunshine Lollibot. Huggy Bear kept clamping Sunshine Lollibot and dragged it around the arena into hazards, including the killsaws. Huggy Bear also managed to drive Sunshine Lollibot into the pulverizer. This broke off the top caster of Sunshine Lollibot. Huggy Bear won the match on a 32-13 judges' decision.
Sunshine Lollibot leg given to The Bot Dudes

The gifted part.

Post-fight, the Sunshine Lollibot team decided to give to the Huggy Bear team post-match as a souvenir, with "You hugged me too hard!" written on the supporting metal.

Huggy Bear vs. Bad Attitude

Badattitudevshuggy sf02

Bad Attitude gets underneath the right side of Huggy Bear.

HuggybearvsBadAttitude sf02

Huggy Bear takes Bad Attitude to the pulverizer.

Huggy Bear advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Bad Attitude. Bad Attitude made a quick turn so it can approach Huggy Bear from the side, but Huggy Bear simply turned in place so it faced Bad Attitude. Bad Attitude briefly drove into the "hug zone," but escaped before Huggy Bear could deploy its clamping arm. Bad Attitude tried to get to the side of Huggy Bear again, but Huggy Bear turned in place again and Bad Attitude stayed away. Bad Attitude tried to lure Huggy Bear over the killsaws, but Huggy Bear stayed in place. Bad Attitude got underneath the side of Huggy Bear, but Bad Attitude just slipped underneath Huggy Bear. Huggy Bear got around Bad Attitude, but didn't activate its clamping arm, instead pushed Bad Attitude to the killsaws, but wound up taking all of the killsaw damage on itself and Bad Attitude escaped. Bad Attitude got another chance and got under the side of Huggy Bear again, but it couldn't push Huggy Bear into the arena wall before Huggy Bear slid off. Bad Attitude took some damage from the killsaws, then backed up and drove over Huggy Bear. Bad Attitude drove over the killsaws and the tires were being shredded. Bad Attitude almost got under Huggy Bear's side, but then it drove into Huggy Bear's "hug zone." Huggy Bear took Bad Attitude to the killsaws, but it decided to take Bad Attitude to the pulverizer and Bad Attitude took four hits from the pulverizer. Huggy Bear then turned around and pushed Bad Attitude into the screws. The screws freed Bad Attitude, which got hit by the pulverizer again, and then drove itself into the screws again. Huggy Bear moved to the center of the BattleBox and went back to turning in place while Bad Attitude drove around behind the hazards. This went on for about thirty seconds. Bad Attitude got caught on the killsaws and was sent flying, landing on its back and on top of Huggy Bear. Huggy Bear pushed Bad Attitude, but it fell off as Huggy Bear turned to guide it into its "hug zone." Bad Attitude drove itself into the spikestrip. Bad Attitude drove into Huggy Bear again and Huggy Bear grabbed Bad Attitude. Huggy Bear tried taking Bad Attitude to the killsaws, but since there were only five seconds left, Huggy Bear stayed in place to keep Bad Attitude helpless at the end of the fight. The time ran out and Huggy Bear won on a 30-15 judges' decision.

Huggy Bear vs. T-Minus

T-minus vs huggy bear

Huggy Bear gets flipped by T-Minus.

Next up for Huggy Bear was Inertia Labs and T-Minus. T-Minus attempted to get Huggy Bear at the side, but Huggy Bear kept its "hug zone" facing T-Minus. Huggy Bear then went toward T-Minus who retreated. T-Minus managed to get around Huggy Bear but failed to flip it. T-Minus went in and successfully flipped Huggy Bear, but Huggy Bear pursued T-Minus and grabbed hold, but T-Minus broke free by activating its flipper. Huggy Bear grabbed hold again, but T-Minus managed to escape the same way, all while both take a shot from the killsaws. T-Minus then flipped Huggy Bear again, and Huggy Bear retaliated by pushing T-Minus into some killsaws. Huggy Bear then attempted to play dead (looking like it lost its mobility), but T-Minus never took the opportunity at first, but eventually did and nearly flipped Huggy Bear, who took off. Huggy Bear almost grabbed T-Minus three times and began pushing T-Minus until the timer sounded. T-Minus won on a 27-18 judges' decision and Huggy Bear was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 3

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 4

The Bot Dudes with Huggy Bear at Season 4.0.

Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0 Portable Killsaw
Iron Soldier
Season 4.0 Double Agent
2925 Jack Rabbit
Heavy Metal Noise
Bad Attitude (Rumble)
Season 5.0 Sunshine Lollibot
Bad Attitude

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Sent to anger management and out way to early from the program, here is HUGGY BEAR!"

"This robot makes the Bubonic plague look like the common cold. Please welcome HUGGY BEAR!"

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  • Huggy Bear always lost to a middleweight that had fought Hazard.