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The Hellraisers, alternatively spelt Hell Raisers, are a retired BattleBox hazard which consisted of large, lifting panels in the center of the arena floor. These which were intended to flip, hoist and disturb any competitor that drove over them. In later seasons, these would be painted over with the BattleBots logo.

They also had a secondary function in that they could sometimes trap a smaller robot which drove under a raised panel. Initially, they were accompanied by multiple sets of Killsaws, but over time, the BattleBox layout changed to make the hellraisers the only hazard in this area of the floor.

Comedy Central[]

Hellraiser example

One of the Hellraisers lifts as frenZy faces OverKill.

During Season 1.0, the Hellraiser panels were individual panels which lifted to form a small incline. They were rarely effective, but briefly activated in fights such as OverKill vs. frenZy.

Ziggo Afterthought KO

Ziggo becomes trapped under the Hellraisers.

In Season 2.0, the panels were reconfigured so that they formed a grid which when all inactive, formed the Comedy Central BattleBots logo. Arguably the hellraiser hazard's most notable cameo of the season came as lightweight shell spinner Ziggo became stuck after knocking out Afterthought and deflecting underneath one of the raised panels.

Nightmare Son of Whyachi KO

The Hellraisers mess with Nightmare.

The hellraisers played a pivotal role in the Season 3.0 heavyweight division, as they lifted Nightmare in its fight with Son of Whyachi as both robots approached the center of the arena. This teed Team Whyachi's horizontal spinner up for a memorable knockout blow against Jim Smentowski's heavyweight. They were removed after Season 3.0, not featuring whatsoever in the final two seasons of the show's original run.

Untelevised BattleBots Events[]

Following the cancelation of BattleBots on Comedy Central, the hellraisers returned to the BattleBox. Though it is not certain why they were reintroduced, events such as the 2009 Pro and Collegiate Championships sported the hazard. They were upgraded to be capable of lifting 220lbs, but were only active after the preliminary rounds.

According to Team HyperShock's Kyle Awner, the hellraisers were a constant source of frustration during the competition.

"Any raised platform would need thick walls so no one gets stuck under, that was the consistent problem with the hell raisers in 09."
— Kyle Awner elaborates on issues concerning the Hellraisers during the 2009 events[1]

World Championship I-IV[]

Hellraisers 2018

The hellraisers in 2015.

Though rarely acknowledged from 2015 onwards, the hellraisers were still an active but rarely utilized BattleBox hazard during the ABC seasons and World Championship III. The hellraisers were welded permanently shut as the hunt for low ground became more and more crucial to robots' designs.

Hellraisers razorback complete control

The Hellraisers lift up Complete Control.

Notable Uses[]

Razorback vs. Complete Control[]

In an unaired 2015 season grudge match between Derek Young's Complete Control and Zack Bieber's Razorback, the hellraisers attempted to attack Complete Control as it stood its ground in the center of the BattleBox.

Razorback later pushed Complete Control away as it suddenly stopped moving, giving Razorback the victory.

Hellraisers example S2

The Hellraisers fire randomly.

Skorpios hellraisers

Skorpios is interrupted by the Hellraisers.

Skorpios vs. Bucktooth Burl vs. DeathRoll[]

In this 2016 season exhibition rumble, Skorpios was almost immediately impeded by the hellraisers as it tried to approach its two opponents. They continued to activate as Skorpios escaped and as Bucktooth Burl drove away momentarily. DeathRoll also found itself impeded momentarily.


The center of the BattleBox, where the hellraisers used to be situated, in 2021.

With the addition of a brand new BattleBox floor for the 2020 season, the hellraisers were officially scrapped in favor of a flat center sporting the most recent BattleBots logo.


  • The Ramrods rising from the ground to spike and obstruct robots were sometimes erroneously known as "hellraisers". This error in commentary was made during Bite Force's clash against Ghost Raptor during the 2015 season.