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HellaChopper is a robot built by Team Half-Life for the second season of ABC's BattleBots reboot. It was armed with a large overhead spinning weapon which could be swapped between a set of hammers on industrial cords or a more heavy-duty flail assortment depending on the match-up (the heavy-duty weaponry being nicknamed 'Beast Mode'). Despite catching fire twice during safety testing, HellaChopper was cleared to compete, but it was disqualified from the competition due to concerns about the BattleBox being able to contain its weapon. Team Half-Life originally tried qualifying with Atomic Wedgie's successor Atomic Wedgie - Accelerator, but failed as that robot was a simple wedge shape.

HellaChopper would later apply for Season 3, swapping out its drive system with a simpler tank mechanism, but they later decided to refrain from entering and decided to wait. The team decided not to enter Season 4 either, but they have come up with some ideas that include a rapid fire type weapon based on an electrical centrifugal gun.

Robot History

ABC Season 2


HellaChopper in a spin-up test, shortly before catching fire

HellaChopper was due to fight HyperShock first, but due to the circumstances noted above, they were forced to forfeit from the tournament and were replaced by UltraViolent in the qualifying round.
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