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Huge (stylized as HUGE) is a heavyweight robot built by Jonathan Schultz of Team HUGE, which has competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since Discovery Season 3.

HUGE is a white, box-shaped robot with 40" diameter UHMW wheels, each weighing approximately 30lbs according to team captain Jonathan Schultz. For weaponry, HUGE is armed with a very powerful spinning bar which sits high on the robot to attack from above. The AR400 steel body houses all of the components and electronics for both the drive and weapon. As of the 2020 season, this included the twelve lithium polymer batteries split between the drive motors and its primary weapon. HUGE was also paired with a minibot called Surrenderbot! for its debut year - a 1lb bot with a white flag it could wave, originally built by Tommy Wong back in 2016. Team HUGE included Surrenderbot! as a way of tricking the autonomous primary weapon of Chomp during its debut season.[2] HUGE's unorthodox design and destructive power led it to quickly become a crowd favorite, as both its wins and losses could prove to be just as entertaining.

Team captain Jonathan Schultz cited Robot Wars reboot competitor Gabriel as his main inspiration for HUGE. The team also have beetleweight and featherweight robots called Tiny Huge and Huge, which this BattleBots entry was a scaled-up version of.

HUGE came back for the 2019 season with new wheels with thicker construction for the horizontal spinners, metallic wheel hubs over the plastic ones for the wheels and bar, better support struts for the back end, and a blue colored bar and eyes. HUGE was able to do repeat its previous success, making the Top 16 for a second year running.

For Discovery Season 5, HUGE was largely the same visually as before, but the struts were altered to further solidify the robot so it could take more hits. It also had the option to change its traditional white UMHW wheels out for black wheels, made from a composite material called Tegris. After going 1-2 in the Fight Night rounds, HUGE still made it into the Championship Tournament due to the nature of its losses, only to lose a rematch to eventual runner-up Whiplash in the Round of 32.

HUGE also participated in the Witch Doctor bracket of BattleBots: Bounty Hunters, defeating Slap Box in the first round but losing to Malice in the second.

HUGE returned for Discovery Season 6 with brand new UMHW wheels, which were now machined unlike in previous seasons where they were hand-cut. HUGE retained its optional Tegris wheels, seen in a teaser photo where it is also equipped with additional armor bolted to the front, though its opponent remains unknown. The body had been lengthened to allow for space for multiple motors to power the weapon, but also shortened to accommodate this upgrade. Additional motors meant HUGE could now spin up to speed faster at the start of a fight, which proved to be an issue in previous seasons if an opponent tried to box-rush them. The flexible stabilizing legs which saw HUGE through since their debut season had also been swapped out for reinforced, machine-cut legs with pocketing to save weight while retaining structural integrity. The body now sported logos and website links for HUGE's main sponsors, Mouser Electronics and TTI Inc., and the HUGE logo itself had a new typeface.[3] It also featured aesthetic LEDs in the rear of the robot. After a surprise loss to rookie Riptide early in the season, HUGE earned a valuable knockout win over Retrograde, another rookie. This was backed up with another knockout on Switchback as HUGE entered the Top 32 again as the No.28 seed. However, HUGE was eliminated at this stage following a double knockout against Uppercut.

HUGE returned for the post-season spin-off, BattleBots: Champions. However, its pursuit of the Golden Bolt was immediately cut short by Deep Six.

Outside of BattleBots, team captain Jonathan Schultz fought with a sportsman version of HUGE at the 2019 edition of Robot Ruckus in Orlando, Florida called HUGH. The main difference was that the spinning weapon was swapped out for a 70lb thwacking arm. HUGH fought a robot called More Roadkill, winning by judges' decision. They then lost to Mammoth, a fight which played out as one of the most memorable bouts of the 2020 BattleBots season. HUGH's final fight came against the similarly-designed Button Lee, built by SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE's Joe Fabiani, which again went the distance. Team member Don Doerfler also built a 12lb version of HUGE called Ugee for Norwalk Havoc Robot League events, debuting in 2021.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

HUGE vs. SubZero

SubZero attempts to contain HUGE early on.

SubZero is assaulted by the spinning bar of HUGE.

HUGE's BattleBots debut came against SubZero. In this match, HUGE attacked SubZero, whom was backing in to HUGE for fear of the weapon. HUGE was proving to be too high for SubZero to do much with its weaponry or defenses and continued to take punishment, eventually losing one of the two attachments meant to fight against HUGE. As the match went on, HUGE managed to get SubZero's weaponry pretty much disabled and was attacking it up against the arena wall before time ran out. In the end, HUGE won on a 3-0 judges' decision to advance to the next stage of the tournament.

HUGE vs. Free Shipping

Free Shipping runs into the bar of HUGE.

HUGE continues to attack Free Shipping.

HUGE next found itself against veteran of the sport Gary Gin and Free Shipping. In this match, HUGE was easily able to attack with his spinning blade while Free Shipping was trying to use its forklift, which had added spikes in hopes of snaring its opponent. HUGE started its attacks and bent up one of the forks on Free Shipping. HUGE stayed facing Free Shipping and began to tear into the supports on top of Free Shipping. After another attack, HUGE had bent the flame thrower on Free Shipping, causing Free Shipping to start burning itself. As the match wore on, HUGE was still in control, but was starting to have some minor drive issues as it was nearly toppled near the pulverizer. Time ran out and the judges awarded HUGE a split 2-1 decision victory to advance it to the next stage of the tournament.

HUGE vs. Chomp

Chomp tries to attack the center of HUGE with its hammer.

Chomp is tossed on its side as its hammer arms lay mangled.

Next up for HUGE was Chomp. For this match, HUGE brought in a little white box shaped minibot with a waving flag called Surrender! The purpose for it was since they were both white, Surrender! would try to throw off Chomp's targeting system. The match was off to a great start for HUGE as it bent Chomp's hammer arm so it couldn't be used as a weapon. Chomp continued to attack HUGE with its arm like a shield, and belching fire much like Free Shipping did. After a bit, HUGE split Chomp's hammer arm in two, rendering it fully useless. Even so, Chomp managed to shove HUGE into the arena barrier, but HUGE escaped. Chomp found itself knocked over, but still managed to get back over. However, Chomp was defenseless without its weapon and was knocked over again as time ran out. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision for HUGE.

HUGE vs. Icewave

HUGE's wheel gets damaged by Icewave.

The KO shot.

HUGE gets split in half by Icewave.

The remains of HUGE after its brutal loss to Icewave.

HUGE was then drawn up against Icewave in the final bid to make the Top 16. HUGE opted to use a slightly shorter bar to allow for higher reach on Icewave's ICE, but also allow the weapon to spin even if the wheels were damaged. When the match began, HUGE took a shot to one of its wheels that broke a piece off, leaving it almost unable to drive on that side. HUGE pressed on and took more damage. HUGE was only able to drive in circles and took a big hit that ripped the robot in half. HUGE was now completely immobilized and counted out, giving Icewave the win by a quick KO. 

HUGE vs. Bite Force

HUGE knocks out Bite Force's weapon chain.

Having earned the 14th seed, HUGE had to fight the No.3 seed and former champion, Bite Force. HUGE opted to go with their longer bar for more reach. When the match began, it was looking quite good for HUGE as they were delivering hits on Bite Force without really taking any damage in return. HUGE then delivered a big hit that took out Bite Force's weapon chain, leaving it with just its wedges and pushing power.

The moment HUGE splits in half.

However, as the fight went on, HUGE's frame was starting to bow downward and after HUGE backed away to take another deliver another hit, the back supports hit the ground, the repairs from the Icewave fight gave way, and the body split in half. The wheels were still functional, but could not make any transitional movement. HUGE was counted out, giving Bite Force the win by KO and eliminating Jonathan Schultz's team from the tournament.

At the end of the season, HUGE received the "Best Design" award, based on a vote from the builders.

Discovery Season 4[]

HUGE vs. Son of Whyachi

HUGE charges at Son of Whyachi with its solid wheels.

Son of Whyachi lands a hit on HUGE.

Damage to the solid UMHW wheels of HUGE following its fight against Son of Whyachi.

HUGE's first match of 2019 put it against former champion Son of Whyachi. For this fight, HUGE went with solid UHMW wheels dubbed "anti-spinner wheels", with the intent on being able to take big hits from Son of Whyachi's rotatory hammers. This proved effective at the start as HUGE was certainly able to take the hits from its opponent without any major damage done. HUGE was also not causing any real damage to Son of Whyachi either but both robots continued. However, HUGE's durability started to fail as they took a big hit from Son of Whyachi that tore off a good chunk of the left wheel. HUGE was now hurt and unable to drive around as effectively as before. After taking a final hit from Son of Whyachi, HUGE was counted out, giving Son of Whyachi the win by KO.

HUGE vs. Jasper

Jasper is lifted off the floor in a tussle with HUGE.

Sparks fly as HUGE wails on Jasper.

HUGE was next placed against newcomer Jasper. For this fight, HUGE went with its more traditional wheels. As the match began, HUGE struggled a bit to cause much damage to Jasper, even getting somewhat tangled up with Jasper's weapon. HUGE got going and tore off both of Jasper's armor plates. Jasper self-righted so HUGE threw it onto its back again. After another impact, Jasper was no longer moving and tried desperately to either show movement or possibly get off an uneven part of the floor but to no avail. Jasper was counted out, giving HUGE the win by KO.

HUGE vs. Gigabyte

Gigabyte's scuffed shell takes pieces of tread off HUGE's wheel.

Gigabyte bends one of HUGE's wheels on impact.

Damage to Gigabyte's shell after its loss to HUGE.

Next up for HUGE was a match against Gigabyte. This time, HUGE went with its anti-horizontal spinner wheels and a 34" weapon bar to attack Gigabyte from above. As the match got underway, HUGE chased after Gigabyte as it bounced off the wall twice and moved to the center of the BattleBox. HUGE was able to strike Gigabyte twice, the latter of which left Gigabyte smoking and weaponless, even ripping the polycarbonate on top of Gigabyte in multiple exchanges. HUGE continued to attack, but was losing the rubber pieces that helped it with traction on the arena floor. HUGE was then flipped by Gigabyte, but was still attacking. HUGE was then pushed into the screws and got one of its wheels caught behind the arena hazard, but due to the size of them, they were able to escape. As the match came to a close, Gigabyte was still smoking and was no longer moving, but there was no time to count them out. The judges awarded HUGE a unanimous 3-0 decision.

HUGE vs. Bronco

HUGE turns away from Bronco, fitted with its unicorn attachment.

Bronco lands a flip on HUGE.

HUGE delivers a big shot to the side of Bronco.

HUGE now went up against Team Inertia Labs and Bronco but went in with their normal configuration. The match was off to a good start for HUGE as they immediately tore into Bronco's top armor, leaving it open on one side. HUGE was then stuck on top of Bronco and pushed around a bit before escaping. HUGE then attacked Bronco again, tearing off the piece they broke into earlier. HUGE was then tossed into the air but landed without suffering any real damage. HUGE then attacked Bronco once more, throwing them into the air but Bronco landed upright. As the final seconds ticked down, HUGE took advantage of Bronco's lack of movement by delivering a few more hits. The judges awarded HUGE a unanimous 3-0 decision.

HUGE vs. HyperShock

HUGE rips off one of HyperShock's wheels.

Damage caused to HyperShock courtesy of HUGE.

With three back-to-back wins, HUGE was now in reach of the Top 16, but had to face off against Will Bales and HyperShock. HUGE stuck with its normal configuration and started off rather poorly, getting pushed around. However, HyperShock's weapon was soon disabled thanks to its own rake getting jammed with it, so HUGE was able to start racking up damage points by ripping off armor. However, HUGE was again being pushed around from the side and wasn't able to face HyperShock with a working weapon at all. Luckily, HUGE managed to get to HyperShock's right side and rip off a wheel. Eventually, HyperShock began smoking and was counted out, giving HUGE the win by KO and a spot in the Top 16.

HUGE vs. Whiplash

HUGE removes a tire from Whiplash early on.

Whiplash gets to grips with HUGE.

HUGE is pressed against the arena barrier by Whiplash.

Now in the Top 16, HUGE faced Whiplash and the Vasquez family. HUGE started off pretty evenly with Whiplash as they were on the attack, costing Whiplash a tire but otherwise not doing much damage. HUGE started to lose some control of the fight as they were being pushed around the arena by Whiplash thanks to its lifting arm. HUGE wasn't really taking any damage from these attacks and managed to survive relatively unscathed to a judges' decision. The judges awarded Whiplash a 2-1 split decision to advance to the quarter-finals, eliminating HUGE from the tournament again.

Discovery Season 5[]

HUGE vs. Mammoth

Mammoth tackles down HUGE.

Mammoth performs a front-flip over HUGE.

HUGE's first match of 2020 was against the other tall bot and meta breaker, Mammoth. This match also served as a grudge match from the 2019 Robot Ruckus tournament. The fight started off with both bots colliding and HUGE getting the better of the exchange by flipping Mammoth, which quickly righted itself. The two bots then charged at each other again with each bot's weapon spinning. However, HUGE was tangled with Mammoth's weapon and was thrown hard as a result. This didn't free HUGE from Mammoth, however, so HUGE went to the corner to stay away as Mammoth tried to fling it. With a few attempts to fling and somersaults from Mammoth, HUGE went to the other corner in the box to stay away. However, this turned out to be a poor decision for HUGE, Mammoth was able to toss it to the screws where it got pinned by the pulverizer. After escaping the pulverizer, Mammoth tossed one of HUGE's wheels out of the arena in a way where despite HUGE trying to work itself free, it couldn't get out. HUGE was counted out, giving Mammoth the win by KO, but not without leaving Mammoth with real repairs to be done to its frame.

HUGE vs. Hydra

HUGE causing sparks hitting Hydra's attachment.

HUGE was next facing off against Hydra, whom had already dispatched of last season's runner-up Witch Doctor. HUGE had little contact with its opponent, whom was armed with an attachment wide enough to block HUGE's progression and weapon. As a result, all HUGE could do was try to out-drive Hydra, as it was physically unable to get its weapon into play. At one point, HUGE was able to feed their legs through Hydra's attachment, lifting Hydra lightly into HUGE's blade and making sparks. HUGE found itself under the pulverizer, getting hit twice. Time ran out and the judges gave Hydra the unanimous 3-0 decision.

This fight proved to be incredibly controversial, leading to ill-feeling among fans and builders alike. Ultimately, though the attachment was within the BattleBots rules for the 2020 season, changes to rules concerning corraling and additions to a bot to encourage this were made for Discovery Season 6. According to another competing team, production were informed ahead of the fight that they would not be using their primary weapon in light of the bike rack attachment being added. The team also did not bring the controller for their flipper with them to the BattleBox, further supporting the lack of intention to use their active weapon against HUGE.

HUGE vs. Kraken

HUGE tears off Kraken's eye, revealing its internals.

Now facing the possibility of going 0-3 and not making it into the Championship Tournament, HUGE needed to defeat his final Fight Night opponent, Kraken, to have any chance of making it into the Round of 32. HUGE faced a different attachment from its opponent, shaped like a harpoon. HUGE started off by being grappled by its opponent and hit by Kraken's flamethrower. HUGE was released and, spinning downwards, managed to tear off some of the cosmetic coverings from Kraken and disabling Kraken's jaw. HUGE opted to spin its weapon the other way and toppled Kraken completely, taking off half of its opponent's top plate as well. As the match wore on, HUGE continued to take off the coverings and got Kraken toppled once more before time ran out, ripping out Kraken's batteries. The judges awarded HUGE a unanimous 3-0 decision.

HUGE vs. Whiplash

Sparks fly as Whiplash grapples with HUGE.

In spite of its record, HUGE was now in the Top 32 in a rematch against Matt Vasquez and Whiplash. HUGE opted to spin its weapon downward to land hits on top. This in turn did help HUGE land some shots but HUGE was unable to land all that many as they were shoved into the Screws twice and prevented from spinning up their weapon properly by their opponent. HUGE managed to get its weapon going briefly but found itself once again being controlled, only managing to tear off its opponent's wedge attachment on the lifter before time ran out. The judges awarded Whiplash a spot in the Top 16 and a unanimous 3-0 decision.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

HUGE vs. Slap Box

HUGE debuting its Tegris wheels.

Following a frustrating season, HUGE entered the Witch Doctor Bounty Hunters bracket, facing newcomers Slap Box in the first round. Sporting its new Tegris wheels, it started on the offensive, immediately knocking off one of Slap Box's tires. Undeterred, HUGE was pressured by Slap Box as it tore off its own treads in places. Though HUGE had its weapon spun up, Slap Box was low enough for most impacts to be glancing shots at best. HUGE managed to get back into the fight as it progressed, causing sparks to fly as it rode over the top of its opponent. Slap Box remained aggressive, hooking HUGE's wheel at one stage, but at the same time making itself vulnerable. HUGE managed to attack from overhead once more and this time tore off one of Slap Box's side wedges. Slap Box was dead with 10 seconds to go, but there was no time for a count out. HUGE finished strong, tearing off another of its opponent's wheels as the clock hit zero. HUGE won by unanimous decision, and moved on in the bracket.

HUGE vs. Malice

HUGE struggles to escape Malice.

Next up for HUGE was Bunny Sauriol and Malice, who had opted for Purple Pain in this fight to allow for additional top armor. HUGE itself chose its asymmetrical spinning bar for this fight. HUGE started on the offensive, attacking from overhead where possible. Malice retaliated by attacking the wheels, tearing off parts of the tread and one of the stabilising arms in the process. HUGE continued to be attacked, and after losing one arm and having the other bent inwards, now struggled to drive forwards. Malice's weapon had now also stopped working, its belt strewn across the floor of the box. Despite this however, it maintained its attacks on HUGE. As the fight entered its closing moments, HUGE was shoved into the screws and this left the lasting impression on the judges. Despite losing its weapon, Malice won by unanimous decision, ending HUGE's run in the tournament.

Discovery Season 6[]

HUGE vs. Riptide

Riptide box-rushes HUGE.

HUGE returned for the 2021 season, and its first opponent was against newcomer Riptide. For this fight, HUGE opted for its traditional white wheels. As the fight began, Riptide charged at HUGE, content with going went weapon-to-weapon, knocking HUGE backwards into the red square. A second hit in quick succession launched HUGE backwards and trapped one of its UMHW wheels behind the screws. Despite its best efforts, HUGE appeared stuck even despite the screws attempting to spit it bot back out. Riptide then received a warning about corralling as a count began on HUGE. Riptide won by KO in one of the biggest upsets of the season to date.

Riptide's jumps the green light.

Cut from the final broadcast, Riptide unintentionally committed a false start, leaving its box to rush HUGE on the orange light and popping it into the air. Both teams reset their positions and the fight commenced for a second time.

HUGE vs. Retrograde

HUGE stares down Retrograde.

HUGE chases down Retrograde.

Retrograde is left to be counted out.

HUGE celebrates its first win of the season on the Upper Deck.

Next up for HUGE was the dual weaponry of newcomer Retrograde. HUGE opted for its black Tegris wheels for this battle, as well as it’s shorter bar. In response, Retrograde dropped their undercutter in favor of additional top armor. Retrograde immediately tried to face HUGE head-on and attack, but quickly found itself being chased by Jonathan Schultz's bot. Retrograde was able to circle its opponent and largely avoid the spinning bar until it tried to push one of HUGE's wheels. It caught an uppercut from the blade of HUGE which overturned Retrograde and snapped off a lifting fork. Retrograde self-righted, but left itself vulnerable to another assault, and HUGE tore away the extra top armor. Retrograde was now struggling for mobility and a fire began inside the bot. HUGE landed one more hit before Retrograde was counted out, and HUGE celebrated by climbing on top of the Upper Deck and spinning in place. HUGE went to 1-1 ahead of their third and final Fight Night battle.

HUGE vs. Switchback

HUGE deflects upwards off its own attack on Switchback.

Switchback is counted out.

HUGE rounded off its Fight Night with a matchup against Greg Needel and Switchback. For this battle, HUGE kept its Tegris wheels and adopted a Tegris "chin" to absorb blows to its underside. Switchback opted against leading with its primary weapon as it turned to spin up. HUGE was able to smother its opponent, however, and landed a hit which led Switchback to momentarily stop. A second hit from HUGE flipped Switchback over completely but it righted itself with its arm. The rookie team escaped the short corner, though not without taking another glancing hit from HUGE's vertical bar spinner. Switchback repositioned its arm in an attempt to hit higher up as both bots returned to the center of the BattleBox. However, it appeared HUGE was no longer mobile on one wheel. It was still able to spin and maneuvre towards its opponent, and delivered several blows to the top of Switchback again. After another hit, Switchback had lost a weapon belt and the discs on the arm were misaligned. Switchback slowed down before stopping altogether as a count began on Greg Needel's bot. HUGE took the win by knockout and advanced to the Round of 32 as the No.28 seed.

HUGE vs. Uppercut

HUGE and Uppercut go weapon to weapon.

Both bots lay immobile in the short corner.

HUGE's first opponent in the Top 32 was the No.5 seed Uppercut. For this battle, the team again added Tegris to the front and underside of HUGE, thicker than the "chin" used against Switchback. In the opening seconds, Uppercut darted towards HUGE but Jonathan Schultz was able to evade the box rush. The two spinning weapons collided which sent HUGE bouncing over the Upper Deck and Uppercut flying backwards into the arena wall, landing in the corner of the BattleBox. Both robots' weapons survived the impact as HUGE attempted to smother Uppercut in the center of the arena, cutting away one of their side poles and leading them into the short corner. HUGE stopped moving as Uppercut attacked from the rear, driving underneath and bending one of their stabilizing arms inward. However, Uppercut went in to attack a second time and flipped onto its side. A count had not yet started on HUGE and Uppercut was now also immobile. With neither bot moving, both judges began counting as a simultaneous knockout was announced. The fight therefore went to the judges, who ruled in favor of Uppercut. This meant HUGE was eliminated from the competition.

BattleBots: Champions[]

Deep Six vs. HUGE

HUGE approaches Deep Six.

HUGE and Deep Six become stuck.

Deep Six pins HUGE near the pulverizer.

HUGE also entered BattleBots: Champions and met Deep Six in the first round of the Lock-Jaw bracket. For this battle, HUGE was again fitted with its Tegris wheels and chin protection. This time, the team opted to double up on wheels to protect against attacks from its opponent's weaponry. Both robots got up to speed early on, but Deep Six landed an uppercut to the left side of HUGE and throwing it over. This appeared to immediately kill one side of drive on HUGE, who gyro-danced into the path of Deep Six's asymmetric bar. As a belt lay on the BattleBox floor, Deep Six waited patiently before its weapon tore through the Tegris wheel, causing both robots to become stuck momentarily. They spun around to free themselves and the fight continued. As HUGE found its feet, this gave Deep Six the time and space to spin back up to speed as it dished out a brutal blow to HUGE, launching it high into the air. HUGE was able to escape the Upper Deck, but its mobility had been seriously affected. Neither robot's bar spinner was now active as Deep Six pushed against the flat side of HUGE, forcing it into the corner. HUGE escaped and both robots returned to the center of the arena for the closing moments. HUGE's weapon belt hung loose and Deep Six spun back up in the final seconds to prove functionality as it went to the judges. Deep Six won by unanimous decision and HUGE was eliminated at the first hurdle.


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. SubZero Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Free Shipping Won (Split JD)
Fight Night vs. Chomp Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Icewave Lost (KO)
Top 16
14th seed
Round of 16 vs. Bite Force (3) Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
3-1, won Play-in
Fight Night vs. Son of Whyachi Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Jasper Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Gigabyte Won (JD)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Bronco Won (JD)
Play-in vs. HyperShock Won (KO)
Top 16
12th seed
Round of 16 vs. Whiplash (5) Lost (Split JD)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Mammoth Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Hydra Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Kraken Won (JD)
Top 32
25th seed
Round of 32 vs. Whiplash (8) Lost (JD)
Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters - Witch Doctor Episode
Round 1 vs. Slap Box Won (JD)
Round 2 vs. Malice Lost (JD)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Riptide Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Retrograde Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Switchback Won (KO)
Top 32
28th seed
Round of 32 vs. Uppercut (5) Lost (Double KO, JD)
BattleBots: Champions
Sin City Slugfest
Lock-Jaw Episode
Round of 8 vs. Deep Six Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 11
  • Losses: 11
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3 SubZero (Undercard Match)

Free Shipping (Undercard Match)

Chomp (Undercard Match)

Icewave (Undercard Match)

Bite Force

Discovery Season 4

Jasper (Undercard Match)

Gigabyte (Undercard Match)

Bronco (Main Event)


Son of Whyachi (Undercard Match)


Discovery Season 5 Kraken (Undercard Match) Mammoth (Undercard Match)

Hydra (Undercard Match)


BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Slap Box Malice
Discovery Season 6 Retrograde (Undercard Match)

Switchback (Undercard Match)

Riptide (Undercard Match)


BattleBots: Champions None Deep Six

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Wheels of destruction, turn, turn, turn. It'll teach you a lesson and make robots burn. It's not big, it's HUGE!"

"It'll make you shiver, it'll make you quiver. Capable of rollin' on a river, big wheels keep on turnin'. Is this plastic capable of burnin'? We're about to find out. HUGE!"

"He rolls in defiant like Andre the Giant, reaches extra long like King Kong. It's HUGE!"

"Powerful, plastic, wheels in spastic. Wheels up. It's HUGE!"

"This bot's no jolly green giant but it must've eaten plenty of mean beans. Here comes the ruffage and the toughage, HUGE!"

"If this bot were a rock song, it would be called 'Bohemoth Rapsedy.' This killer Queen is king sized. We will, we will clock you! HUGE!"

"This bot has the best looking wheels on television and will Vanna Wipe you out. After they win this battle, you're going home with a brand new scar! Here to disembowel you, it's HUGE!"

"If this bot asks you, 'Do these wheels make me look fat?' You say, 'Yes. You're all that. I like 'em round and big. You can't lose.' It's HUGE!"

"This bot looks angrier than your mom when she tells you not to miss curfew. But... why're you still living with your mom anyway? Find your own place! Then you have more room for house guests like HUGE!"

"You should stop believing, cause this will be the end of the Journey. Who's crying now? Youuuuu cause it's HUUUUUGE!"

"It's the twelfth seed, straight out of Connecticut. Its plan is it connect and cut, then rip your bot to shreds from above. It's HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, it's hell on wheels. It's HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, the bot so big it gives Shaquille O'Neal nightmares. It’s HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, the wheels on this bot go round and round all over your face. It's HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, a bot so big part of it stretches so big into Vermont. It's HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, prepare for a wheely, wheely bad time against HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, this bot makes Andre the Giant look like Andre the Regular Guy. It's HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, he's bigger than the Beatles in the '60s. It's HUGE!"

"From South Windsor, Connecticut, its got a bar to leave you scarred. It's HUGE!"


  • At BattleBots Season 5 filming, Team HUGE reused one of their robot's wheels as a dinner table.
  • For HUGE's first three seasons in BattleBots, each wheel was cut by hand from UMHW plastic. From the 2021 season onwards, these have been machined.
  • HUGE is the first heavyweight in the reboot era to compete from the state of Connecticut.
  • The overall design was similar to that of Gyrax from the Comedy Central era of BattleBots, though the two are unrelated.
  • HUGE's fight versus Kraken amassed over 63,000,000 views on TikTok.
  • Jonathan Schultz competed with a virtual version of HUGE in the video game Garry's Mod for the fourth season of web-series Bashbots.
    • It is one of two replica BattleBots competitors to take part in the series, alongside Rampage.