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Groundhawg, alternatively Ground Hawg, was a 15lb robot entered by Team Ringmasters, which entered BattleBots IQ 2007 as well as the first Rumble at the Rock competition.

It was an invertible, rectangular-shaped robot armed with a pair of eggbeater spinners at the front, and a wedge to help feed opponents into its primary weapons. Groundhawg was entered by Team Ringmasters, also known as The EWCTC BattleBot Ringmasters, of East Westmoreland Career and Technology Center. Groundhawg was largely metallic in color and featured the EWCTC logo brandished on its titanium armor.

Groundhawg did not place within the top three of the event, according to the archived BattleBots IQ website.[2] However, team member John Lohr claimed in the description of a YouTube upload of their robot's highlights that Groundhawg finished second overall in the 2007 event, and also won the Best Engineered Robot Award.[3] It is unknown who it fought as footage and brackets from the 2007 15lb College and High School divisions are scarce.

Team Ringmasters and Groundhawg returned for Rumble at the Rock in December 2007. However, its opponents are not known.

Robot History[]

BattleBots IQ 2007[]

Groundhawg vs. ?

Groundhawg first fought at BattleBots IQ in 2007. Its opponents are not known.

Rumble at the Rock 1[]

Groundhawg vs. ?

Groundhawg also competed in the first Rumble at the Rock event. Its opponents are again not unknown.


  • Wins: 2 (Minimum)
  • Losses: 1 (Minimum)
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2007 ? ?
Rumble at the Rock 1 ? ?


BattleBots IQ 2007
Best Engineered Robot Award