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Groom Lake Compound in the arena selection menu.

"This top-secret location plays host to an exciting BattleBots tournament. Who knows what could happen and which bots will leave the arena intact?"
— In-game description

OverKill vs. FrostBite in the Groom Lake Compound arena.

Groom Lake Compound is a fictional arena which features in the cancelled BattleBots video game for PlayStation 2 and GameCube. It is one of the variations of the classic BattleBox arena found in the game.

The arena is hosted in Groom Lake, Nevada, which is the location of the highly classified Area 51 military base in real life. Since 1955, it has been a common focal point of conspiracy theories surrounding extraterrestrial life, including aliens and UFOs.

In keeping with this theme, the Groom Lake Compound arena has satellites housed in the corners of the arena, purely as decoration. Unlike the classic BattleBox, the arena walls are relatively low and appear to be constructed from gray concrete. The square arena is largely barren of hazards, inviting pure one-on-one combat.


  • This fictional arena is staged roughly 80 miles from Las Vegas, the real life filming location for the BattleBots reboot as of Discovery Season 6.
  • Painted in white on the arena walls are the letters "CAI", which is likely a play on CIA (otherwise known as the Central Intelligence Agency) who built and oversee Area 51.