Toy gripn grendel

The Grendel Grip N' Grappler

As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001, Grendel was one of the options for the Grip N' Grappler range and came with a practice bot. It is a very accurate representation of Grendel, although it is a lighter shade of green and the wheels are much smaller, allowing for the toy to have a much lower ground clearance than in real life. Like the other Grip N' Grapplers, the robot is physically attached to a trigger surrounded by a plastic casing that activates the robots' weapons. In the case of Grendel, the trigger activated the hammer. Like the Battle Bashers line, if the Grip N' Grapplers were struck in a certain location, they would "explode". Grendel's weak spots were the panels in front of the toy. The axe on the toy can also be removed. For the third release of the line, Grendel was replaced with KillerHurtz.
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