Greendragon sf01

Green Dragon's Season 3.0 appearance.

Green Dragon was a lightweight robot which competed in Seasons 2.0 and 3.0 of Battlebots. It was originally a T-shaped robot armed with a circular saw blade, but it was revised for Season 3.0 into a trapezoid shape, still armed with a circular saw. Green Dragon lost both of its battles, but still made a television appearance in the Season 2.0 royal rumble.

Green Dragon was named after one of its sponsors, Green Dragon Creations.

Robot History

Season 2.0

Greendragon lv00

Green Dragon in Season 2.0.

Green Dragon's first and only opponent was Scrap Daddy LW55. Green Dragon charged straight at Scrap Daddy LW55, but missed and took a hit from the killsaws. Green Dragon charged again and hit Scrap Daddy LW55 head on. This impact knocked off Green Dragon's right wheel, which rolled away across the arena. Green Dragon was then spinning in circles and Scrap Daddy LW55 started hitting Green Dragon with its saw. Scrap Daddy LW55 pushed Green Dragon into the killsaws and backed off as Green Dragon was counted out. This knockout eliminated Green Dragon from the tournament

Green Dragon wasn't finished, however, as it entered the lightweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. Green Dragon attacked No Tolerance III at the beginning, but broke down early into the rumble.

Season 3.0

Green dragon vs death by monkeys 3.0

Green Dragon gets caught on the killsaws while fighting Death By Monkeys.

Due to previously entering Season 2.0, Green Dragon was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0, where it eventually fought Death By Monkeys. At some point in the match Green Dragon was pushed onto the killsaws, causing many sparks to fly from its underbelly. Perhaps due to this damage, Green Dragon was knocked out and eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Season 2.0 None Scrap Daddy LW55
Season 3.0 None Death By Monkeys
  • An earlier version of the Season 2.0 Green Dragon at BotBash 2000.
  • Green Dragon without its shell, prior to Season 3.0
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