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Gold Fury was a heavyweight robot designed by Team MYTHHADES which applied for BattleBots World Championship V.

It was a large, gold-colored robot designed to resemble a dragon. Gold Fury sported a large asymmetric vertical spinner with two claw-shaped wedgelets at the front to guide opponents into the path of its primary weapon.

The team uploaded an application video in January 2020 showcasing their design. However, they ultimately had to withdraw their application and were not part of the original roster of competitors revealed before World Championship V's postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Golden fury team

Team MYTHHADES working on Golden Fury at Bitva Robotov.

Team MYTHHADES are not known to have applied for any future BattleBots World Championships.

Outside BattleBots[]

Golden fury real

Gold Fury in October 2023.

Under the name Golden Fury, the robot would eventually compete at the Russian event Bitva Robotov in October 2023, appearing in the second group of qualifiers. It was reasonably successful, knocking out mecanum-wheeled pneumatic spearbot Red Alert before losing by knockout to eggbeater spinner Daddy Bot, eliminating Golden Fury from the qualifying rounds. Golden Fury was not selected as a wildcard, meaning their tournament ended there.

The robot featured a orange fish-scale like paint job, as well as more conventional front wedge and ear designs. The team also shared no overlapping team members with those listed in their 2020 BattleBots application.


  • If accepted, Gold Fury would have been the first Indian representatives in BattleBots history. Instead, this honor went to AutoVoltz Robotics and ATOM#94.
    • It would still have been the first robot entirely from India.