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Ghost Raptor was a heavyweight robot which competed in four BattleBots World Championships. It is the most recent entry from veteran competitors Team Raptor.

The robot has evolved throughout BattleBots, but all iterations have been four-wheel drive and featured a large bar spinner as its primary weapon. Unlike most spinning bars, Ghost Raptor's could adjust its angle and even right the robot when overturned. The arm on which the bar was mounted on also possessed small forks and could be utilized as a lifting weapon. However, after the bar snapped in half early in the competition, the team were forced to use its actuating arm as its primary weapon for the remainder of the tournament. However, this encouraged Team Raptor to explore modular options, beating Warrior Clan with a metal plate attached to the arm to aid it in lifting, and knocking out Icewave with a keep-away stick dubbed the 'De-Icer'. Ghost Raptor attached forks to its lifter to face Bite Force, but fell at the semi-final stage.

Ghost Raptor WCII hero shot

Ghost Raptor during World Championship II hero shots.

The team returned for World Championship II with a bare metal look. After breaking in the previous season, Ghost Raptor received a newly machined weapon bar which proved to be considerably stronger. Ghost Raptor also sported new tires, a different weapon clutch, a rebuilt weapon mount and had replaced their weapon belt with a chain. The chassis had also been rebuilt from the ground up. Though its weapon did not break this season, Ghost Raptor failed to replicate its former success, losing two consecutive fights despite being awarded a wildcard, and chalking up a third loss in an exhibition rumble featuring Lock-Jaw and Stinger: The Killer Bee.

Ghost Raptor's builder, Chuck Pitzer, confirmed he would not compete in the 2018 season due to lack of time to get Ghost Raptor ready, especially with his work schedule at the time.

After a season away to rethink the design, Team Raptor announced that they would come back for World Championship IV. Ghost Raptor was accepted, but the team had to withdraw. Chuck Pitzer of Team Raptor stated that he struggled to gain the necessary sponsorships for another season of BattleBots, but did not rule out returning in the future.

Ghost Raptor wc V hero shot

Ghost Raptor during World Championship V hero shots.

Ghost Raptor finally returned for World Championship V but continued to under-perform. Its only win came from an untelevised match against the newly-redesigned 500lb walker Chomp and losing out to Shatter! and JackPot. With a 1-2 record heading into the end of Fight Night, Ghost Raptor was not chosen to make the Top 32.

Falling short of the main tournament, Ghost Raptor entered BattleBots: Bounty Hunters, where it saw a potential rematch against Icewave in its bracket. It earned a victory over Deadlift, but was eliminated by HyperShock in the second round.

Ghost Raptor WC VI hero shot

Ghost Raptor during World Championship VI hero shots.

For World Championship VI, Ghost Raptor return with fashion tech designer and innovator Anouk Wipprecht, as well as Xo Wang added to the team. The biggest known upgrades to Ghost Raptor is the flamethrower secondary weapon in addition to its lifting bar spinner with longer forks to the side, and an alternative steel bar which is longer but thinner, similar to a lawnmower blade. Ghost Raptor started its season with a close loss to rookie team Glitch, who Chuck Pitzer himself assisted in getting battle-ready prior to their battle, but was demolished by Cobalt in one of the most brutal knockouts in BattleBots history.

Despite this, the team rallied together to reassemble Ghost Raptor and it fought again in the post-season spin-off, BattleBots: Champions I. After getting the judges' nod against Captain Shrederator, Ghost Raptor fell to Whiplash in the second round. The team confirmed in a 2022 Reddit AMA that Ghost Raptor would be retired.[1]

Outside BattleBots[]

The World Championship VI build of Ghost Raptor was among the BattleBots competitors displayed at Open Sauce in San Francisco in July 2023.

Robot History[]

World Championship I[]

Ghost Raptor vs. Complete Control

Ghost Raptor's first ever match in BattleBots was against Complete Control. For the fight, Complete Control held a gift-wrapped box, which unbeknownst to both Team Raptor and the BattleBots staff contained a net.
Chris Rose: "Derek Young, the creator of Complete Control, has done a little, um... I don't know if it's birthday shopping or what have you. What does it say? 'Dear Ghost Raptor, our deepest condolences...' Ha!"
Chuck Pitzer: "Oh for f**k's sake..."
Kenny Florian: "Very interesting... the mind games of Complete Control. I love it. If you win that mental battle early, you can win the fight."
— Chris Rose, Kenny Florian and Chuck Pitzer react to Complete Control's addition

Complete Control Ghost Raptor net WC I

Ghost Raptor is incapacitated by Complete Control's net.

The fight began and Ghost Raptor spun its bar up to speed. As soon as Chuck Pitzer's bot broke through the box, the net inside ensnared its spinning bar. Ghost Raptor drove around, but was then totally incapacitated. The fight was halted as referees John Remar and Michael Ayers looked to decide whether or not this was a legal move. Derek Young specifically stated that the rules disallowed some materials and weaponry, they did not specifically rule out nets. Eventually, a rematch was called.

CCvsGhostRaptor2 BB2015

Complete Control attempts to grab Ghost Raptor.

In the rematch, Complete Control drove quickly towards Ghost Raptor but hit a seam in the BattleBox floor, causing it to jolt and stop, damaging its drive train. Ghost Raptor took advantage of this and maneuvered Complete Control towards the wall, to strike it with its spinning bar.

Ghost Raptor spinning bar broken

Ghost Raptor's spinning bar was broken after hitting Complete Control.

However, the bar snapped in half, rendering it useless. The battle became largely a pushing match. Complete Control managed to briefly grab and lift Ghost Raptor at one point and seemed to regain some mobility, but not enough to make use of the grapple. Ghost Raptor also managed to shove and slightly lift Complete Control at the very end of the match.

Ghost Raptor won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision and advanced to the Round of 16.

Ghost Raptor vs. Warrior Clan

Ghost Raptor moved on to face Team Whyachi's Warrior Clan.

Ghost Raptor was fastest out of its starting square, driving to one side before drifting around to scoop up Team Whyachi's flamethrowing minibot, immobilizing it instantly.

WCI Ghost Raptor vs Warrior Clan

Ghost Raptor tries to lift Warrior.

The rest of Warrior Clan tried to attack Ghost Raptor, though as the remaining minibot got underneath Chuck Pitzer's heavyweight, Warrior itself drove flywheel-first into the wall. Ghost Raptor looked to capitalize on this driving error but could not get underneath Warrior. Likewise, the flywheel-powered flipper was unable to get leverage under the frame of Ghost Raptor.

As Warrior avoided several blows from the pulverizer, its outer ring ground to a halt, meaning its flipper was now also out of action. The Ewert family's robot was still able to initiate a pin in the corner, and continued to get underneath Ghost Raptor, despite its opponent's best efforts to flip Warrior.

GhostRaptorvsWarriorClann BB2015

Ghost Raptor nearly flips Warrior Clan.

Now in the final thirty seconds of the battle, Warrior began to smoke and stopped moving over the killsaws. Ghost Raptor drove head-first into the BattleBox before returning to its immobile opponent, getting to its side and charging into the wall late on.

Warrior Clan smoking KO WCI vs Ghost Raptor

Warrior is immobilized.

Referee John Remar initiated a count-out and Ghost Raptor won by knockout with three seconds remaining on the clock.

Ghost Raptor vs. Icewave

Ghost Raptor WCI de-icer attachment

Ghost Raptor fitted with its de-icer attachment.

In the last eight, Ghost Raptor faced off against where it faced the No.2 seed Icewave. Team Raptor added an arm on top Ghost Raptor to keep Icewave's dangerous blade at bay. The arm - known as the 'de-icer' - had two strips of metal at the end to push against the engine housing of its opponent.

Team Raptor stated that it felt hard to drive with, as it tilted it to one side, but felt it was their best chance at beating Marc DeVidts' machine.

Ghost Raptor managed to evade Icewave in the opening seconds, who wasted no time in getting its bar up to speed. As it approached, Ghost Raptor kept its front pointed at Icewave, taking advantage as it oversteered and holding Icewave's engine casing with its de-icer.

Icewave vs Ghost Raptor WCI KO de-icer

Ghost Raptor topples the No.2 seed.

After Icewave was pushed back, its spinning blade made contact with the front plow of Ghost Raptor, unbalancing the robot and throwing it over.
Chris Rose: "Look at the sparks fly and- OH MY! Icewave is on its head!"
Chuck Pitzer: "You're mine, bitch."
Chris Rose: "Can it right itself?!"
— Chris Rose reacts as Chuck Pitzer executes his game plan

Icewave Ghost Raptor KO WCI

Icewave is immobilized.

Ghost Raptor then used its arm to pin Icewave against the screws. Icewave lacked the torque in its weapon to self-right from this position as referee Michael Ayers began a count on the No.2 seed.

In what was considered "the biggest upset in the tournament" by Chris Rose, Icewave was eliminated by knockout and Ghost Raptor advanced to the final four.

Ghost Raptor vs. Bite Force

Now in the semi-finals, Team Raptor met the third seed, Bite Force. Ghost Raptor had again been modified, this time with a small attachment to its forks which was designed to get in between Bite Force's tracks and tear them off.

Bite Force Ghost Raptor lift WCI

Bite Force lifts Ghost Raptor.

The match began with both bots rushing towards the center, Ghost Raptor momentarily caught on a seam in the floor. Bite Force quickly took advantage, grabbing hold of its opponent and bringing it to the corner before hoisting Team Raptor's machine up in the air.

BiteForcePulveriseGhostRaptor bb2015

The pulverizer attacks Ghost Raptor.

Bite Force dashed across the box to bring its opponent under the pulverizer, flipping it over on its back in the process, but Ghost Raptor was able to regain its footing.

BiteForcevsGhostRaptor BB2015

Bite Force lifts Ghost Raptor.

Bite Force continued to pressure the veteran, however, pushing it back under the arena hammer before chasing it out into the center of the box. Ghost Raptor was able to lift Bite Force's front off the ground briefly, but failed to make effective use of its hold. Bite Force flipped Ghost Raptor over again, causing a wheel to fall out, before pushing its opponent up onto the screws.

Bite force Ghost Raptor KO WCI

Bite Force celebrates as Ghost Raptor is counted out.

With no way to escape, Chuck Pitzer could only watch as his robot was counted out, eliminating Ghost Raptor one step from the title decider.

World Championship II[]

Ghost Raptor vs. Son of Whyachi

Ghost Raptor's first match in 2016 was a rematch with Team Whyachi, with their brand new Son of Whyachi build.

Son of Whyachi Ghost Raptor initial blow

Ghost Raptor collides with Son of Whyachi.

Early in the fight, Ghost Raptor approached Son of Whyachi with its lifter raised and bar stationary, looking to smother its opponent. However, Ghost Raptor missed its charge and suffered a glancing blow to its front wedges followed by a considerably bigger hit.

Son of Whyachi vs Ghost Raptor wedge stuck WCII

Ghost Raptor's wedge is jammed.

Son of Whyachi got its cage spinner back up to speed and backed into Chuck Pitzer's machine, causing noticeable damage to its left-side wedge. The Ewert family's robot was momentarily high-centered on its own minibot, but Ghost Raptor was experiencing issues of its own. As it got its bar up to speed for the first time in the match, Ghost Raptor's hinged wedge became stuck behind its own weapon, much to Chuck Pitzer's frustration.

"Aw, c'mon. That's not happening..."
— Chuck Pitzer

Ghost Raptor high centered vs Son of Whyachi WCII

Son of Whyachi's minibot high-centers Ghost Raptor.

Ghost Raptor's left-side drive chain hung loose as it now struggled for mobility near the killsaws. The Whyachi minibot drove underneath its opponent, proving a nuisance as it teed their main robot up for a devastating attack.

"I got him pinned! I got him pinned!"
— Reese Ewert

Son of Whyachi vs Ghost Raptor WCII KO

Son of Whyachi's final attack.

Son of Whyachi slammed its weapon into the right-side wedge of Ghost Raptor, before striking from the front and immobilizing its opponent outright.

Ghost Raptor was counted out, leaving Son of Whyachi to win by knockout. However, Ghost Raptor was awarded one of the eight wildcards and was given the No.18 seed.

Ghost Raptor vs. Razorback

Back in the competition, Ghost Raptor advanced to the Round of 32, where it faced the No.15 seed Razorback.

RazorbackvsGhostRaptor BB2016

Razorback gets to grips with Ghost Raptor.

Immediately, Razorback charged down the stationary Ghost Raptor, which tried to get its bar up to speed from the off. The box-rush initially proved successful as Razorback halted Ghost Raptor's bar and then turned it around, preventing it from spinning. As Chuck Pitzer's robot escaped the corner, Ghost Raptor was able to land several attacks and tore a chunk away from Razorback.

Razorback then clamped down on the end Ghost Raptor's bar, lifting and then throwing Ghost Raptor over in an impressive suplex maneuver. This attack resulted in both robots being inverted, with Razorback quickest to recover. Ghost Raptor, meanwhile, lay stranded on its bar and let out a small puff of smoke.

Ghost Raptor vs Razorback screws WCII

Razorback drives Ghost Raptor into the screws.

Ghost Raptor remained upside-down as Razorback took it to the screws. The Pitzers' robot was hauled atop the rotating augers before dropping onto its wheels. However, the weight of Ghost Raptor's blade saw it fall onto its back again and Razorback capitalized, slamming it into the awaiting pulverizer.
"It's gonna have a tough chore showing up for work in the morning after getting hammered like that!"
— Chris Rose as Ghost Raptor is repeatedly struck by the pulverizer

Ghost Raptor Razorback WCII KO

Ghost Raptor is counted out beneath the pulverizer.

The hazard continued to rain down blows on the immobile Ghost Raptor, with the referee's count following soon after. Razorback won by knockout and this time, Ghost Raptor was eliminated.

Ghost Raptor vs. Stinger vs. Lock-Jaw (Exhibition)


Ghost Raptor loses a drive chain.

Ghost Raptor returned to compete in a three-way rumble with Stinger: The Killer Bee and Lock-Jaw, dubbed the Legends Rumble. Ghost Raptor began on the back foot as it was unable to deal major damage, but eventually tore off one of Stinger's tires and damaged another. Due to the damage it sustained from its match with Son of Whyachi, Ghost Raptor lost two of its chains and was barely moving by the end of the fight and lost to Lock-Jaw on a unanimous decision.

World Championship V[]

Ghost Raptor vs. Shatter!

GhostRaptor vs

Ghost Raptor attacks Shatter!.

Shatter Ghost Raptor S5 2020

Shatter! attacking Ghost Raptor.

After sitting out for two seasons, Ghost Raptor's first match of the 2020 season was against the powerful hammer of Shatter!. As the match got underway, Ghost Raptor spun up its weapon and took a shot to its top, but was able to push Shatter! around. Ghost Raptor lost the use of its weapon due to Shatter! bending the bearing to the weapon, leaving it only to lift or defend from attacks. Despite this, this Ghost Raptor was somewhat favorable as they were able to push Shatter! around some more, taking some shots from the Brooklyn bot, one very dangerously close to half of its drive chains. However, after taking Shatter! to the arena barrier, smoke began to pour out of Ghost Raptor that evolved into a fire. The match was paused while the bots were separated off-screen, but Ghost Raptor failed to get moving and was counted out, giving Shatter! the win by KO.

Ghost Raptor vs. JackPot

Jackpot hits Ghost Raptor's rear

Ghost Raptor's rear is struck by Jackpot.

Ghost Raptor's second match in the season was against newcomer JackPot, who recently got a win against a malfunctioning SubZero. Right off the bat, Ghost Raptor kept its back to the Vegas bot to get its spinner going, but this proved to be a slight mistake as Ghost Raptor took a shot. When Ghost Raptor turned to go weapon to weapon, Ghost Raptor's weapon and shaft flew off off, bending one of the forks shortly after. Despite pushing back, Ghost Raptor took a shot to the wedgelet, separating the left of Ghost Raptor's drive system. It was then slammed by another hit into the corner. With another piece falling out and no way to escape, Ghost Raptor was counted out.

Ghost Raptor vs. Chomp

Chomp ghostraptor 2020 1

Ghost Raptor sizes up Chomp.

Chomp ghostraptor 2020 2

Ghost Raptor pushes Chomp into the rails.

Next for Ghost Raptor was Zoe Stephenson's Chomp. This fight went unaired during the main season, but was later released as a Basement Tape battle. The fight started with Ghost Raptor spinning up and lifting its arm up as Chomp walked towards the center of the box. Ghost Raptor then slowed down as Chomp blasted it with flame. After circling its opponent for much of the opening half of the fight, Ghost Raptor pushed Chomp towards the corner. Chomp could not seem to get its turret pointed in the right direction and equally, Ghost Raptor's spinner had not been working since the first ten seconds of the match. Ghost Raptor shoved Chomp around the arena for the remainder of the fight and won by a unanimous decision to go 1-2.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Ghost Raptor vs. Deadlift

Ghost Raptor vs Deadlift

Ghost Raptor hits and bends Deadlift's lifter.

Deadlift roasts Ghost Raptor

Ghost Raptor gets roasted by Deadlift.

Ghost Raptor vs Deadlift 2

Ghost Raptor pins Deadlift to the pulverizer.

Deadlift arm damage

Deadlift's damaged lifter panel.

Ghost Raptor started off their Bounty Hunters campaign against newcomer Deadlift. When the match began, Ghost Raptor had an okay start as they managed to bend the lifter on Deadlift, but had lost the use of their weapon completely. This turned the match into a pushing match that heavily favoured Deadlift, leaving Ghost Raptor to be pushed around and take flames inside. Ghost Raptor was then flipped, but quickly recovered, only to take more punishment from Deadlift. After being tipped on its back end again, Ghost Raptor struggled for a bit before eventually righting itself. After being delivered to a pulverizer they operated, Ghost Raptor then went after Deadlift, who stopped moving entirely. Ghost Raptor decided to take them directly under the pulverizer for a shot before Deadlift was counted out, giving Ghost Raptor the win by knockout.

Ghost Raptor vs. HyperShock

Ghost Raptor vs HyperShock

Ghost Raptor's spinning blade was broken after the first impact.

Ghost Raptor vs HyperShock 2

Ghost Raptor's backside gets hit by HyperShock.

In the next round of the bracket, Ghost Raptor met HyperShock. Ghost Raptor began poorly as they lost a chunk of their weapon on the first impact, and this left them unbalanced. Forced to spin down to regain control of the robot, Ghost Raptor took more hits from its opponent. Finally, Ghost Raptor was taken atop the screws momentarily but when it came back down, it was unable to drive. Ghost Raptor was counted out, giving HyperShock the win by KO and eliminating Team Raptor from the bracket.

World Championship VI[]

Ghost Raptor vs. Glitch

Glitch ghost raptor 1

Ghost Raptor takes an uppercut from Glitch.

Glitch ghost raptor 2

Ghost Raptor is attacked again in the closing moments.

Ghost Raptor's first opponent of the 2021 season was against newcomer Glitch. Ghost Raptor started strong in the opening seconds as it was able to coerce Glitch into the screws of the Upper Deck and landed a small hit to their side. However, they made the mistake of lifting their weapon, which gave Glitch the purchase to land an uppercut on the veteran machine, flipping it over. Though Ghost Raptor was eventually able to right itself, this impact seriously harmed the bot's weaponry as it lost its right-front fork, the hose for its flamethrower detached and its spinning bar was also no longer working. Glitch then found itself at the side of the Upper Deck and became stuck underneath the arena barrier. Wanting to keep the fight going, Chuck Pitzer opted to continue the fight by freeing the rookie team. They then drove Glitch into the opposite arena barrier but this time, they were able to drive away. Glitch strafed to keep its weapon pointed at Ghost Raptor as both bots evaded one another for some time. Ghost Raptor was flipped over by Glitch's eggbeater again and was rammed into the Upper Deck and upended once more as it tried to escape. Glitch then began to grind at the underneath of Ghost Raptor's lifting weaponry. The fight went the distance, and Glitch took the win by a unanimous judges' decision.

Ghost Raptor vs. Cobalt

Ghost raptor cobalt stuck

Cobalt is stuck under the screws, but Ghost Raptor struggles to capitalize.

Ghost Raptor KO Cobalt

Cobalt destroys Ghost Raptor.

Ghost raptor remains Cobalt KO

The remains of Chuck Pitzer's bot.

Ghost Raptor's second opponent was Cobalt, now piloted by Matt Maxham and fitted with hinged forks for this battle. Ghost Raptor started aggressive as it box-rushed Cobalt in the opening seconds, and delivered a hit which sent Cobalt into the screws of the Upper Deck. However, it escaped and landed a few hits of its own to the front of Chuck Pitzer's bot, shredding both of their front wheels. Cobalt's forks then became stuck in the screws, but Ghost Raptor was unable to capitalize before Cobalt turned to face it again. It then scored a hit on the rear of Ghost Raptor before overturning it. Cobalt slid its forks underneath its upturned opponent and charged across the BattleBox, making contact right in front of the drivers. This impact caused Cobalt's primary weapon to hit Ghost Raptor's frame, completely destroying it, splitting it in multiple places, separating the drive pods and eventually causing smoke to emit. Ghost Raptor was counted out, putting it to 0-2 for the season.

According to the team, it took upwards of two full days to repair Ghost Raptor after this loss, but it was fully rebuilt before the end of filming.[2] Due to being brutally destroyed by Cobalt, Ghost Raptor was unable to be repaired in time to be offered a third Fight Night battle and thus was eliminated from the competition.

BattleBots: Champions I[]

Ghost Raptor vs. Captain Shrederator

Ghost Raptor intro BB Champs

The rebuilt Ghost Raptor ahead of its first round bracket fight.

Ghost Raptor Captain Shrederator BB Champs

Ghost Raptor and Captain Shrederator do battle.

Remarkably, Team Raptor were able to fully repair Ghost Raptor in time for BattleBots: Champions I, entering one of the five brackets for a shot at the Golden Bolt. Their first round opponent was the veteran shell spinner, Captain Shrederator. In the first minute, Ghost Raptor rammed Captain Shrederator with its wedge, effectively preventing it from spinning up. However, an attack from Ghost Raptor saw its own weapon bar fly away. Unfazed, Ghost Raptor continued with the aggression, pushing Captain Shrederator into the path of the pulverizer and not letting it spin up, Captain Shrederator did get out of the short corner before spinning up for a hit, landing a blow on Ghost Raptor's wedge before being stopped by Chuck Pitzer's bot again. Ghost Raptor ran Captain Shrederator onto the killsaws for the last few seconds having dictated much of the fight, leaving it in the hands of the judges. Despite losing its primary weapon, all three judges voted unanimously in favor of Ghost Raptor, who moved on.

Ghost Raptor vs. Whiplash

Whiplash ghost raptor 1 BB Champs

Whiplash overturns Ghost Raptor.

Whiplash ghost raptor 2 BB Champs

Ghost Raptor lies unable to self-right.

Next up for Ghost Raptor was the 2020 season runner-up, Whiplash. Both robots met head on and Whiplash won the opening exchange, lifting the front of Ghost Raptor but failing to overturn it. With its lifter raised, Whiplash drove Ghost Raptor into the screws where it was pulled away from its opponent. Whiplash lowered its lifter and got underneath, successfully overturning Ghost Raptor. With no way of self-righting, Ghost Raptor was counted out and eliminated from the competition.


World Championship I
World Championship Tournament
#10 Seed, Semi-Finals
Qualifier vs. Complete Control Won (JD)
Round of 16 vs. Warrior Clan (7) Won (KO)
Quarter-Final vs. Icewave (2) Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Bite Force (3) Lost (KO)
World Championship II
World Championship Tournament
#18 Seed, Round of 32
Qualifier vs. Son of Whyachi Lost (KO)
Round of 32 vs. Razorback (15) Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Legends Rumble vs. Lock-Jaw, Stinger: The Killer Bee Lost (JD)
World Championship V
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Shatter! Lost (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. JackPot Lost (KO)
Fight Night #3 vs. Chomp Won (JD)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters - Icewave Bounty
Quarter-Final vs. Deadlift Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. HyperShock Lost (KO)
World Championship VI
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Glitch Lost (JD)
Fight Night #2 vs. Cobalt Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Champions I
Sin City Slugfest V
Quarter-Final vs. Captain Shrederator Won (JD)
Semi-Final vs. Whiplash Lost (KO)

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 9

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 10
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship I Complete Control
Warrior Clan
Bite Force
World Championship II None Son of Whyachi
Lock-Jaw (Exhibition Rumble)
World Championship V Chomp (Untelevised Undercard Match) Shatter! (Undercard Match)
JackPot (Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Deadlift HyperShock
World Championship VI None Glitch (Undercard Match)
Cobalt (Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Champions I Captain Shrederator Whiplash

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"If you left your heart in San Francisco, it's probably because it was ripped out by the foulest bot in the Bay. Give it up for GHOST RAPTOR!"

"It doesn't get medieval on you, it gets prehistoric. Prepare to be ancient history. It's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"Some ghosts float through walls. This one slams you right into them. Here's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? GHOST RAPTOR!"

"Its spinning tool makes you look like a fossil fool. Here to arma-get-it-on, it’s GHOST RAPTOR!"

"In the book of disaster, this is the last chapter. It’s GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From prehistoric times, it's not a bot, it's a terror-dactyl. From the Crush-taceous Period, it's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"Boo! Did I scare you? I'm just trying to prepare you for a terrifying apparition. Here to win the war of attrition, you can't look away even though you're aghast. It's back, the ghost of BattleBots past. It's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From San Jose, California, the scare-odactyl, it’s GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From San Jose, California, it's the ghost of winning future. GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From San Jose, California, the most dangerous raptor since Vince Carter. It's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"This Jurassic assassin's ready for the fight to start. This team has spared no expense and he'll turn you into spare parts. Tears opponents asunder like prehistoric prey. It might seems impossible but death finds a way. It's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From San Jose, California, leaving its opponents totally ghosted, it's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From San Jose, California, when you see this ghost, you're toast. It's GHOST RAPTOR!"

"From San Jose, California, the scariest thing to escape Jurassic Park, it's GHOST RAPTOR!"


  • Ghost Raptor had a different configuration for each of its World Championship I fights.
  • Team Raptor were going to implement tracking software to assist in hunting opposing robots, though the team ran out of time to add this feature.
  • In World Championship I, Ghost Raptor was the only robot outside of the Top 4 seeds to actually make the final four.
  • Ghost Raptor was the only robot in the Top 4 of World Championship I not to have any kind of merchandise.