Gammatronic Robot Brigade was a team that competed in all 7 BattleBots competitions as well as the 2nd and 3rd Robot Wars competitions. The team was lead by Mike Okerman and Curtis Nemeth of Huntington Beach, California. The team performed decently in BattleBots, reaching the quarterfinals with their heavyweight Gammatron in Season 1.0 and the round of 16 with their superheavyweight Gammacide in Season 4.0.

Gammatronic Robot Brigade surprised the robot combat community when they announced that they would be coming out of retirement for Season 3 on Discovery and Science channel with a brand new robot armed with a crushing claw called Gamma 9, which performed worse than its predecessors. The team didn't enter Season 4, but plan on entering Season 5 with an updated design to Gamma 9.

Robots entered into BattleBots

Robots Weight class Events competed in
Namreko 3000 Heavyweight Long Beach 1999-Las Vegas 1999
Gammatron Heavyweight Season 1.0-Season 3.0
Gammacide Superheavyweight Season 4.0-Season 5.0
Gamma 9 Heavyweight Discovery Season 1
Namreko 2000.jpg
Gamma-9 official.jpg


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 8
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