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Gammatron was a robot built by Gamma Brigade which fought in the first three televised seasons of Comedy Central's BattleBots, having debuted in Season 1.0.

It was a unique walking robot which had a variety of weapons: a spinning helicopter blade, a pickaxe on a rotating turret, and a saw blade on an arm on the same turret. After Season 2.0, these were replaced with an overhead spinning weapon named "The Hopeless Hoop of Doom." It performed poorly in BattleBots, reaching the quarter-finals of Season 1.0, but never winning another match. Due to it being a walker, it had a 100lb weight advantage over other heavyweights.

Gammatron post BB

Gammatron on display between seasons.

After Season 3.0, Gammatron was retired because it no longer applied for the walker weight bonus and replaced with a superheavyweight named Gammacide. The team behind Gammatron also competed in early US Robot Wars events and the first two untelevised BattleBots competitions with Namreko 3000, as well as returning for World Championship III and V with Gamma 9.

The name "Gammatron" came from the name of a band member and also a song from the sci-fi influenced rock band Servotron. It was also the name of a song from Servotron's album, "No Room for Humans."

Robot History[]

Season 1.0[]

Gammatron vs. Suicidal Tendencies

GammavsSuicidal SF00

Gammatron aiming to strike Suicidal Tendencies.

ST vs GT

Gammatron hits Suicidal Tendencies with its axe.

Gammatron's first match of the season was against Suicidal Tendencies after receiving a first round bye. Once the fight started, Suicidal Tendencies charged over and immediately struck Gammatron with the axe several times, until eventually it got stuck in Gammatron's polycarbonate armor. After getting it free, it pulled away before attacking once more. Despite the lifters not working, Suicidal Tendencies continued to pound on Gammatron with its axe, whilst Gammatron's huge axe was banging down on either side of Suicidal Tendencies. Gammatron managed to connect several times in the fight, causing some damage. It almost managed to cut through Suicidal Tendencies' 12mm Macrolon shell, but instead went through the gap where the axe ran through, causing no damage. Despite this aggression from Suicidal Tendencies, Gammatron surprisingly won the fight on a 6-3 judges' decision after Suicidal Tendencies' motors burnt out.

Gammatron vs. Punjar


Gammatron hits Punjar's top armor with its axe.

Punjarvsgammatron sf00

Gammatron and Punjar colide.

Gammatron advanced to the quarter-finals, where it was put up against Las Vegas 1999 semi-finalist Punjar. Gammatron did get a few hits on Punjar with its axe, but Punjar mostly maneuvered itself to avoid Gammatron's blows and started pushing Gammatron against the arena walls and the killsaws. The match lasted the whole three minutes and it came to a judges decision. Punjar won the fight on a 7-2 judges' decision and Gammatron was eliminated from the tournament.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Gammatron was repaired in time for the Heavyweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament and it was armed with two saw blades instead of the axe. It didn't perform well as it had problems moving at the start. Eventually, Gammatron started moving, but was flipped immediately by BioHazard near the corner of the arena, and played little part in the rumble.

Season 2.0[]

Gammatron vs. Panic Attack 3


Gammatron gets its dome ripped off by the killsaws.

Panicattackvsgammatron lv00

Panic Attack lifts Gammatron over.

After receiving another first round bye, Gammatron was put up against Panic Attack 3. Panic Attack drove out to meet Gammatron and got hit by its saw, taking no noticeable damage. Panic Attack tipped Gammatron onto its side using its lifting forks and pushed it onto the killsaws. The killsaws ripped Gammatron's top dome off, and Panic Attack continued to push Gammatron around the arena as it was counted out. Panic Attack won the fight by KO at 1:10 and Gammatron was eliminated from the tournament again.

Heavyweight Consolation Rumble

Gammatron was repaired in time for the consolation rumble at the end of the tournament and it was armed with a spinning rotating blade. It was one of few robots still moving, but lost out to Punjar and OverKill

Season 3.0[]

Gammatron vs. Little Sister

Little Sister vs Gammatron SF01

Gammatron gets flipped by Little Sister.

Gammatron was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0 and immediately went straight to the TV rounds, where it met Little Sister. Gammatron was flipped all around the arena by the Watts family's robot and was later counted out with only seconds left. Little Sister won the match by KO at 2:51 and Gammatron was eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 3

Curt Nemeth and Mike Okerman with Gammatron at Season 3.0

Competition Wins Losses
Season 1.0


Suicidal Tendencies

Season 2.0 Bye Panic Attack 3
Season 3.0 None Little Sister

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Weighing in at 315 pounds. His only pleasure is causing pain. His only flaw is that he's insane. It's GAMMATRON!

"Knock knock. Who's there? Your ultimate doom, courtesy of GAMMATRON!"


  • Gammatron fought three competitors from Robot Wars in its career. Its other one on one was against a US Robot Wars veteran.
    • In addition, Suicidal Tendencies was the only one Gammatron defeated.
  • Every rumble it participated in, Gammatron used a weapon that would be its primary weapon for the next season.

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