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Gamma 9 is a heavyweight robot built by the Gamma Brigade which competed in Discovery Seasons 3 and 5 of the BattleBots reboot.

In both of its modern era BattleBots appearances, Gamma 9 has been a black and red box-shaped robot. In its debut season, it was armed with a crushing claw, though the bot was rebuilt to feature a set of five lifting prongs for the 2020 season. Gamma 9 also had the teams signature domed top in both seasons.

The bot became the latest in the team's line of BattleBots competitors dating back to Namreko 3000, which fought in some of the very first events under the BattleBots name. The team also entered stompbot Gammatron and superheavyweight Gammacide into Comedy Central BattleBots.

In 2018, Gamma 9 struggled in both of its fights, losing a three-way rumble to The Four Horsemen before failing to beat Double Dutch in a 1v1, despite its opponent losing its primary weapon.

While Gamma 9 did not return in 2019, Curtis Nemeth joined forces with BattleSaw, who applied for and competed in Discovery Season 4 with limited success.

it returned a fully upgraded machine. Aside from the change of primary weapon, Gamma 9's wheels were smaller, the chassis had been made sleeker and more angular than before and the team could adopt offensive and defensive configurations depending on their opponent. This version was technically called Gamma 9 from Outer Space, but it went by Gamma 9 throughout the season. Gamma 9 again failed to pick up a win throughout the main season after, suffering damage from the 500lb walkerbot Chomp and Aren Hill's Tantrum during Fight Night.

Gamma 9 did not return after Season 5.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

Gamma 9 vs. The Four Horsemen vs. Double Jeopardy

A piece of Gamma 9's left armor is torn off by Pestilence.

Gamma 9 attacks the multibot again.

Gamma 9 slams Pestilence against the arena wall, but dies in the process.

Gamma 9's first ever battle was against The Four Horsemen and Double Jeopardy as part of an undercard rumble. Double Jeopardy fired its shot early on, which cannoned off the body of Gamma 9. It largely showed control against The Four Horsemen but had broken welds and a disabled weapon thanks to Double Jeopardy's projectile. Additionally, Gamma 9 took damage from two of The Four Horsemen, losing pieces of its armor in the process. Regardless, it continued to attack, even without its main weapon. Partway through, it became down to just Gamma 9 and The Four Horsemen as Double Jeopardy got hung-up on debris on the arena floor and couldn't move. Gamma 9 became the target of the wedgebot of The Four Horsemen, which lifted its drive wheels off the ground. When it was freed, Gamma 9 delivered a hard blow to one of them in the final seconds of the match, but this was also enough to disable itself as its receiver came unplugged on impact. The rumble went to a judges' decision, who gave a split 2-1 decision victory to The Four Horsemen.

Gamma 9 vs. Double Dutch

Double Dutch loses its top bar while gunning for Gamma 9.

Sparks fly as Double Dutch attacks Gamma 9.

Gamma 9's second battle was an unaired fight against Double Dutch. Things were off to a good start for Gamma 9 as they were absorbing the impacts from Double Dutch's spinning bars without taking much damage. As the match wore on, Gamma 9 proved to be too durable for Double Dutch's upper spinning bar and it came off and landed on the arena floor. Even so, Gamma 9 was beginning to show signs of damage as its front had taken a bunch of the hits from Double Dutch's lower bar, leaving one of its two front prongs bent. Gamma 9 started to experience slight drive issues, then decided to take a run at Double Dutch but missed, hitting the casing for the arena screws instead. The impact caused Gamma 9 to become immobile, and it was counted out, giving Double Dutch the win by KO.

Discovery Season 5[]

Gamma 9 vs. Chomp

Gamma 9 lifts Chomp.

Gamma 9 shoves Chomp onto the screws.

Chomp attacks Gamma 9 in the last remaining seconds.

Gamma 9 after fighting Chomp.

Gamma 9's first fight of the 2020 season was against the upgraded walker-bot Chomp. When the match started, Gamma 9 approached and tried to get underneath Chomp. Gamma 9 then tried to lift its heavier opponent and was almost successful, but took hammer blows in the process and got its lifter stuck in Chomp’s protective ring. Gamma 9 freed itself, but still failed to flip Chomp over. Instead, it attempted to shove Chomp into the killsaws, but the weight difference made shoving the walker almost impossible, leaving it take another blow from above. Chomp then landed a hammer shot that bent Gamma 9’s forks and seemingly lost the use of its lifter. Making matters worse, it took damage to its signature dome. Gamma 9 still remained aggressive and managed to shove Chomp onto the screws, which looked to have Chomp stuck. Chomp got down and Gamma 9 took a punishing blow that finally disabled its drive as the hit had pulled loose a wire from the receiver. Gamma 9 took one final blow before time ran out. The match went to a judges' decision, but despite Gamma 9's constant aggressive drives, Chomp won unanimously.

Gamma 9 vs. Tantrum

Tantrum slams Gamma 9 into the screws.

Gamma 9's last fight of the 2020 season came against Aren Hill and Tantrum. For this fight, Gamma 9 was armed with a bonus wedge to protect the front of the bot from Tantrum's punching drum weapon. However, Gamma 9 struggled with traction issues from the off, which left it vulnerable to early Tantrum attacks. As the fight progressed, Gamma 9 began to take bigger hits, several of which damaged their wheel guards and another flipped Gamma 9 over completely. Gamma 9 was able to right itself, but with all wheels now exposed and its frame bent, Gamma 9 was struggling to show translational movement and was counted out, leaving the team still in pursuit of their first victory in the modern BattleBots era.


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
Fight Night Rumble vs. Double Jeopardy, The Four Horsemen Lost (Split JD)
Fight Night (Untelevised) vs. Double Dutch Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Chomp Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Tantrum Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 4
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3 None The Four Horsemen (Undercard Rumble)

Double Dutch (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Discovery Season 5 None Chomp (Undercard Match)

Tantrum (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"This bot was built by a diabolical engineer, who put together parts that will have you in fear. Time to unleash this badass design. It goes by the name... GAMMA 9!"

"If it were a fraternity, it would be called Fi Gamma Ramma. It's GAMMA 9!"

"From Westminster, California, the red and black attack. It's GAMMA 9!"


  • For the opening comical segment of Episode 14 during Season 3, Gamma 9 was thrown into a dumpster by Bronco.