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Not to be confused with the middleweight of the same name, which competed in Comedy Central BattleBots.

Fusion is a heavyweight robot built by Team Whyachi which competed in every season since BattleBots World Championship V under the captaincy of Reese Ewert.

It is a four wheel-drive, pentagonal robot with two powerful weapons: a drum spinner at the front with ground-scraping wedgelets on either side which weighed 18lbs in its debut season, as well as a triangular horizontal spinner at the rear built for quick spin-ups. The horizontal weapon is able to hit speeds of 250mph - the maximum allowed by BattleBots. To keep with the name, Fusion's AR500 steel armor is adorned with various explosion graphics to relate to the act of various chemical elements fusing, which tends to lead to an explosion of energy.

Fusion WCV hero shot red

Fusion during World Championship V hero shots.

Fusion uses two small wheels at the top and bottom of the bot, all of which are powered, to achieve invertibility. As such, Fusion is able to use both spinning weapons when upside-down. With two high-speed kinetic weapons and drive to deal with, Fusion uses eighteen lithium polymer batteries in total, split between three circuits for the two drive motors, the drum's motor and the horizontal spinner's motor.[1] Although it performed decently in its debut appearance by decimating rookies in under a minute, its motors proved to be too much for the robot to handle, often resulting in its speed controllers bursting into flames as a result of its dual weaponry and disabling the robot altogether after going over a minute in a fight. Fusion made the Round of 32 after going 2-1 during Fight Night, but lost out to Aren Hill and Tantrum.

Fusion hero shot WCVI

Fusion during World Championship VI hero shots.

Fusion returned for World Championship VI with upgraded speed controllers, after Reese Ewert worked with their manufacturer to assess the reasons for their failure last season. Fusion appeared visually near identical, aside from minor changes to its wedgelets and removal of the drum belt guard. Reese Ewert was joined by more of the family for the 2021 season, notably his brother Luke Ewert, mother Elizabeth Ewert and Reese's father and builder of the original Son of Whyachi, Terry Ewert. Brother Jake Ewert remained with Hydra for World Championship VI, joined by former Fusion team member Richard Stuplich, who himself competed with the superheavyweight New Cruelty. Fusion's season began with an eye-opening win over Cobalt, though it was pegged back to 1-1 after a knockout loss to Copperhead. It also burned up from its third fight to Icewave, ending its season with 1-2 without securing a spot in the Round of 32.

Fusion WCVII hero shot blue

Fusion during World Championship VII hero shots.

Fusion's involvement in World Championship VII was confirmed by BattleBots after they posted several teases to upcoming Fight Night battles in November 2022. Team Whyachi relocated Fusion's speed controllers to above its horizontal spinner in order to try and keep them cooler. As well as this, Reese Ewert now had full control of Fusion's drive and both weapons. The drum spinner now weighed 28lbs, spinning at 230mph, whereas its horizontal spinner weighed 42lbs.[2] Having been absent from BattleBots: Champions I, Fusion's season began with a win over a new build from an experienced team in Emulsifier, lasting the full three minutes for the first time in its career despite catching on fire. However, it then lost three consecutive battles to Witch Doctor, HUGE and ROTATOR. Despite this, Fusion made it into the Round of 32 as the No.32 seed, where it fought and was defeated by the top seed, Minotaur.

Reese Ewert confirmed Fusion's inclusion into BattleBots: Champions II in a May 2023 livestream.[3] However, it was defeated by Whiplash in the first round of the second Sin City Slugfest bracket.

In March 2023, Team Whyachi announced developments on a brand new Fusion for World Championship VIII. Chief among these developments was a brand new eggbeater-style spinner to replace its drum spinner from previous seasons. Terry Ewert stated the eggbeater drum which has been trialed on a 130lb testbed weighs roughly the same as Fusion's 28lb drum.[4] The retired build of Fusion, minus electronics, was sold to BattleBots collector Lars Bakker in mid-2023, confirming Team Whyachi's intention to rebuild Fusion from the ground up.[5]

Robot History[]

World Championship V[]

Fusion vs. MadCatter

Fusion catches fire from a blow by Mad Catter

MadCatter's final blow sets Fusion on fire.

Fusion's first fight of the season was against the modular MadCatter. In response, Fusion opted to face its opponent with its rear drum and took a box rush from its opponent in the opening seconds. This caused Fusion to have some minor issues, but not enough to disable its drive or weapon. Fusion started to attack with both its weapons, further damage to Martin Mason's robot. As MadCatter's weapon briefly slowed, Fusion continued to attack but took hits from MadCatter. Unfortunately, the impacts caused Fusion's top panel to come loose and a fire broke out as a result of the robot's dual weapons' need for power. Consequently, Fusion's weapons both stopped working and Fusion's drive soon did as well, leaving Fusion to get counted out and give MadCatter the win by KO. The post fight report from Team Whyachi revealed it was the speed control for the weapons that went up in flames, and they did leave some gashes in MadCatter's bar.

Fusion vs. Aegis

Fusion delivers the killing shot to Aegis

Fusion delivers the killing shot to Aegis.

Fusion's next fight was against newcomer Aegis. Fusion began by experiencing drive issues as the weapon also struggled to spin. However, Aegis did not take advantage and Fusion's weapons started to work as intended. Both bots went toward each other, Aegis barely missed a flip and Fusion started to attack Aegis, completely ripping off the right side of the robot. After another massive hit with its drum, which flipped Aegis, Fusion started to rip the left side more and Aegis was counted out, giving Fusion the win by KO.

Fusion vs. WAR? EZ!

Fusion immobilizes War?EZ!

Fusion immobilizes WAR? EZ!.

Up next for Fusion was another rookie in WAR? EZ!. Fusion was again off to a poor start as their wedgelets kept catching seams in the arena floor. Still, they kept coming at WAR? EZ! and eventually delivered a big hit which sent WAR? EZ! flying through the air, only to land upside-down where it had no means of self-righting or driving inverted. WAR? EZ! was counted out, giving Fusion the win by KO.

Fusion vs. Tantrum

Tantrum bends its spinning disc and sends Fusion flying across the box

Tantrum's drum is bent as Fusion is sent flying.

Fusion bursts into flames and is counted out on top of Tantrum

Tantrum carries a burning Fusion on its head.

With a 2-1 Fight Night record, Fusion and Reese Ewert were in the Round of 32 where they faced Tantrum, built by Aren Hill. Fusion started off okay as they were able to deliver hits despite suffering from the gyroscopic forces of both weapons. Fusion continued to attack despite the gyro forces and ended up tilting Tantrum's weapon mount. Fusion was able to deliver a final hit before its gyro forces flipped itself over and it ended up on top of Tantrum, where it burst into flames. Unable to move and stuck on top of its opponent, the match was halted and the robots were separated off-camera before Fusion was counted out, giving Tantrum the win by KO and a spot in the Round of 16.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Fusion vs. Rampage

Fusion vs Rampage

Fusion rips off Rampage's wedgelets.

Fusion vs Rampage 2

Fusion tears off Rampage's side armor and wheels.

Fusion vs Rampage 3

Fusion delivers the final blow and flips Rampage over.

Fusion also participated in BattleBots: Bounty Hunters, where the eventual bracket winner would take on a legendary robot in Beta. First, they had to face off against newcomer Rampage. As the fight began, an initial hit sent both robots spinning to opposite corners of the BattleBox. They recovered before Fusion aimed its horizontal spinner into Rampage's side, shattering its opponent's left side armor. A second hit sent Rampage into the screws and it became evident the Knox family's bot was no longer mobile, as it had also lost a wheel in the exchange. Fusion dealt one final hit with the drum spinner that flipped Rampage over. It was counted out, giving Fusion the win by KO and a spot in the next round.

Fusion vs. Lock-Jaw

Fusion burns up against lock-jaw

Fusion catches on fire as Lock-Jaw stands by.

Next for Fusion was veteran Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw. Fusion started off poorly as they tried to attack with their vertical spinner and ended up facing multiple attacks that cost it both weapons at the same time. Fusion was now struggling to do anything but run away and it took another hit before stopping completely. Smoke began to pour from Fusion and it was counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO and a spot in the final to determine the Bounty Hunter.

World Championship VI[]

Fusion vs. Cobalt

Cobalt fusion 1

Fusion pops Cobalt into the air early on.

Fusion cobalt 2

Sparks fly as Fusion grinds the front wedge of Cobalt.

Fusion's first opponent of World Championship VI was Cobalt, now under the ownership of Robotic Death Company. Pre-fight, Reese Ewert stated he wanted to lead with the drum spinner, and he executed this from the off. Fusion got the best of the early exchanges, sending Cobalt flying away and into the air as Matt Maxham struggled to get underneath Fusion. Cobalt continued to attack but both weapons on Fusions were spinning, and Cobalt continued to be launched up into the air, often landing directly on its own weapon. As the fight wore on, Fusion was able to tear away at Cobalt's front wedge until another assault saw Cobalt land on its head near the arena barrier. Unable to self-right, Cobalt was counted out and Fusion took the win by KO.

Fusion vs. Copperhead

Fusion ESC fire Copperhead

Fusion catches fire in the blue square.

Copperhead fusion

Fusion struggles to escape its opponent.

Copperhead fusion 2

Fusion is left for dead.

Fusion's second fight was against Copperhead. This battle was originally scheduled for filming several days prior, but was postponed as Fusion's speed controllers caught fire in the starting square as the countdown began. However, it was eventually re-shot.[6] Fusion again led with its drum spinner, however it became apparent early on that it was not working as intended. Copperhead box-rushed Fusion and as such, landed several shots early on. After losing wedgelets and finding the space to escape, Fusion turned to deliver a shot with its triangular disc. The two went weapon-to-weapon several more times before Fusion's horizontal weapon was no longer spinning either. Fusion lost mobility and was counted out, pegging it back to 1-1 for the season.

Fusion vs. Icewave

Fusion icewave s6 2021

Both robots are immobile momentarily.

Fusion icewave 2 s6 2021

Fusion goes up in smoke.

Last up for Fusion was a crucial battle against Marc DeVidts and Icewave in Reese Ewert's first ever Main Event. Both robots spun up their horizontal weapons as they approached, and Fusion led with their wedgelets. The bots collided, but this impact appeared to break Icewave's weapon and it slowed and was no longer spinning. Fusion slowed its horizontal spinner in favor of leading with its drum, but struggled for bite on Marc DeVidts' bot. Icewave then shoved Fusion into the Upper Deck as it tried to spin both weapons at the same time and Icewave found itself picked up by the screws and unable to escape. Fusion, however, had stopped moving all together and began smoking as the screws eventually spat Icewave out. Despite losing its weapon early, Icewave returned to the center of the BattleBox to celebrate as Fusion was counted out. Icewave took the win by knockout, costing Fusion a place in the Round of 32.

World Championship VII[]

Fusion vs. Emulsifier

Returning for World Championship VII, Fusion first took on Bots FC's Emulsifier.

Emulsifier vs Fusion 1

Fusion attacks Emulsifier.

Emulsifier was quickest out of its starting square, charging at Fusion before turning away. As Fusion had both weapons up to speed though, Emulsifier's large vertical spinner appeared slow to spin up, in turn due to a brief clash with Fusion's horizontal disk before driving into the wall. Fusion then spun to prioritize its drum spinner and got underneath Emulsifier's wedge, throwing it up into the air and landing on its weapon.

Fusion Emulsifier 2 WCVII

Fusion and Emulsifier go weapon-to-weapon.

Emulsifier was upright and drove away to spin up its disk, but suffered another blow from Fusion's drum as it faced its opponent again. Emulsifier landed upside-down this time but righted itself against the wall and continued on. However, Fusion's dominance continued, tearing a gash into Emulsifier's front wedge before tearing one of its treads away. Emulsifier still had one left as redundancy, so could still drive, but then lost one from its other side in a hit which saw Emulsifier bounce weapon-first into the BattleBox floor and bounce across the Upper Deck before landing. Emulsifier self-righted with no assistance this time and set its sights upon clawing its way back into this fight.

Emulsifier Fusion WCVII

Both robots limp to a judges' decision.

Matt Bores' bot spun its disk up to speed, dishing out a few minor hits while pinning Fusion against the housing for the screws. Smoke began to emit from Reese Ewert's bot, which quickly turned to fire as Emulsifier began to turn the screw. At this stage, Fusion's horizontal spinner was no longer active and its drum spinner appeared disabled too. Emulsifier continued to wear down Fusion and peeled its top plate away before the Team Whyachi robot retreated in the corner of the arena. It continued to smoke, but neither robot was able to show much mobility late in the battle. In the final seconds, Emulsifier arced in place to show it could still drive and Fusion stayed away as the fight went the distance.

As both teams reacted to the battle, Fusion caught fire once again and had to be extinguished by crewbots. The judges unanimously voted in favor of Fusion, giving it a 1-0 start to its season.

Fusion vs. Witch Doctor

Next up for Fusion was the reigning runner-up, Witch Doctor.

Witch Doctor vs Fusion WCVII

Fusion takes on Witch Doctor.

During the opening seconds, it charged out of the blue square, only to catch a floor seem over the BattleBots logo. Reese Ewert's machine repositioned itself to pursue Witch Doctor across the BattleBox, but stopped as the latter circled around into its twin-toothed drum. Fusion threw Witch Doctor into a backwards somersault through this engagement, which was followed up by another bump and spinner-to-spinner collision between the two competitors. Shortly after both robots separated, Fusion clipped the right-hand side of Witch Doctor's feeder wedge, flipping it over and forcing it to self-right using its own vertical spinner. As the Gellatlys' machine recovered, it then attacked its right-left wheel, but inflicting no significant damage as a result. Another collision with the fast-charging Witch Doctor allowed Fusion to throw it upwards into the air once more.

Fusion continued to chase the faster and more nimble Witch Doctor around, landing two more damaging attacks on its opponent's wedge. The second launched Witch Doctor into the air yet again; however, Fusion's drum stopped spinning shortly after, leaving its triangular horizontal spinner as its only active weapon. At that point, Fusion began to be pressured by Witch Doctor, which bumped and hit it multiple times with its spinner while pushing it back towards the Upper Deck screws. Two more powerful blows sent Fusion spinning towards the screws behind the red square, where it briefly circled around in an attempt to dodge Witch Doctor. This lead to another series of weapon-on-weapon exchanges between Fusion and Witch Doctor; one of which resulted in Fusion being deflected upwards and into one of the Upper Deck screw mounts.

Following another ram and deflection, Fusion temporarily powered its horizontal spinner down, though by this point it had inflicted significant damage to Witch Doctor's wedge and front-left tire. Tentative movements between both competitors followed, before Fusion attacked Witch Doctor a few more times with its horizontal spinner. In doing so, it disabled Witch Doctor's vertical, along with tearing a large panel - then the entire left side - off its wedge. However, a persevering Witch Doctor continued to deflect, chase and push Fusion across the BattleBox as the battle entered the second half.

Wd fusion last few secs

Fusion is pinned in place by Witch Doctor.

In another head-to-head attack, Fusion was flipped over by the recoil of hitting Witch Doctor once more. At this point, it suddenly lost drive on one side, had its horizontal powered down a second time, and emitted smoke while being pinned and maneuvered towards the bottom-left corner by Witch Doctor. The closer Reese Ewert's machine was pushed into the corner, however, it was able to active the spinner once again. Fusion thus inflicted another series of heavy blows on Witch Doctor while being steered into the paddle, including a hit to its right-hand side upon breaking free. However, Fusion was deflected towards the spiked bumper as a result, giving Witch Doctor the chance to slam it into the bumper. The moment Fusion tried to squirm free, Team Witch Doctor pinned it against the bumper for up to 15 seconds before backing out. Fusion struggled to maintain mobility as the match entered its final ten seconds, but appeared to be immobilized next to the pulverizer once Witch Doctor pushed and rammed it a few more times.
"This was an absolute brawl. If it ends 20 seconds earlier, maybe it's a win for Fusion. 20 seconds later, perhaps Reese's bot gets knocked out. Can't wait to see how the judges rule this one..."
— Chris Rose, over post-battle highlights

During post-battle replays, Chris Rose and Kenny Florian reflected on the even performance between both competitors, along with Fusion's stronger start and the 'serious damage' inflicted throughout. The match ultimately ended in a split decision, with Lisa Winter backing Fusion. However, Fon Davis and Derek Young both scored in favor of Witch Doctor, marking Fusion's first loss of the season.

In a video uploaded to Reese Ewert's YouTube channel, he explained that Team Whyachi forgot to show off the functionality of their horizontal spinner post-match, and believes this may have swayed the judges if they believed both weapons had been disabled.[7]

Fusion vs. HUGE

Fusion HUGE WCVII configuration

Fusion ahead of its fight against HUGE.

Looking to maintain a positive record, Fusion took on Jonathan Schultz and HUGE. For this battle, Fusion sported additional top armor and a lighter bar spinner in place of its triangular horizontal spinner; prior to the start, it was facing backwards so that the latter was facing HUGE.

Huge fusion WCVII

Fusion approaches HUGE.

Both robots crept out of their starting squares and met near the center of the BattleBox. Fusion started the slower machine, but used its bar spinner to hit HUGE's right wheel as the latter skidded into its path. Turning round, Fusion attempted to line up another hit, but ended up exposing its own right-hand side to HUGE's vertical bar. It received a heavy hit as a result, which was enough to immobilize Fusion on this side.


Fusion is left to be counted out.

Now unable to drive away from its circumference, Fusion briefly caused HUGE to bounce on one wheel as the latter charged into it. In a split-second, HUGE buffeted Fusion into a nearby Upper Deck mount, before proceeding to remove its top panel with another bar spinner blow.
"Jonathan Schultz givin' out free haircuts! Takes the top right off of Fusion and... I'm no doctor, but I'm not sure the patient's gonna survive this one..."
— Chris Rose reacts as HUGE removes Fusion's top panel

Fusion was left completely incapacitated as a result, and was promptly counted out while HUGE gyro-danced in celebration. This 44-second knockout adversely affected its overall Fight Night record, which now stood at 1-2.

In a March 2023 Team Whyachi livestream, Reese Ewert expressed regret at going into the fight with its vertical spinner, preferring in hindsight to utilize the weight for additional top armor.[8]

Fusion vs. ROTATOR

Fusion's final Fight Night battle came against former quarter-finalist ROTATOR, which lost its first fight of the season to Fusion's own sister bot, Hydra.

Fusion rotator WCVII 1

ROTATOR driving its forks into Fusion's weapon.

Leading with its forks, ROTATOR met Fusion head-on, buffeting its drum spinner before swinging its disk around and striking its opponent, causing both robots to deflect away. Fusion came off worse from this exchange, with its own horizontal spinner bouncing against the BattleBox floor and throwing the Team Whyachi bot into the Upper Deck.

Fusion vs rotator WCVII 2

Fusion bounces across the arena.

Fusion landed upside-down near the short corner, rendering its drum spinner useless as it was now spinning downward. ROTATOR approached and struck Fusion in a weapon-to-weapon exchange, but caused little in the way of damage. Victor Soto then turned and fed its forks into the horizontal spinner instead in a move which unbalanced Fusion again, sending it tumbling towards the center of the arena again.

Fusion vs rotator WCVII 3

Fusion catches fire before grinding to a halt.

Attempting to play Soto at his own game, Reese Ewert swung Fusion around and struck with its triangular spinner, first grazing the frame of ROTATOR and then engaging with its side panel. Fusion's horizontal spinner stopped after this hit and ROTATOR came in again, tearing a fork away. The fight then moved to the centre of the BattleBox again as a small fire erupted within Fusion.
"This has been an issue for them. Running both of those weapons causes an insane amount of heat inside Fusion an- Oh my God... no, the fire! Here we go again!"
— Kenny Florian

Fusion is immobilized and counted out.

This appeared to disable Fusion's drive as it suddenly stopped moving altogether. ROTATOR dealt a couple of final blows, dislodging the drum spinner from its mounting point. Fusion was counted out and fell to a 1-3 record to round out its Fight Night campaign.

Fusion vs. Minotaur

Despite its record, Fusion broke into the Top 32 with the lowest possible seed. As such, it had to fight the No.1 seed, Minotaur.

Minotaur Fusion WCVII 1

Fusion gets the better of the early exchanges.

As Fusion approached with its drum spinner, Minotaur got its own up to speed. Both robots went weapon-to-weapon and the Brazilian bot was flung backwards, landing inverted.
Chris Rose: "Another nice jab from Fusion..."
Kenny Florian: "WOW!"
Chris Rose: "... and a belt goes flying! Is the No.1 seed in trouble?!"
Kenny Florian: "Oh no! And it's on fire!!"
Chris Rose: "Ohh, no... of course it is!"
Kenny Florian: "The Fusion inferno has returned! Not like this, Chris! Not like this!"
— Chris and Kenny react as the tide turns
Minotaur Fusion WCVII fire 2 KO

Fusion bursts into flames.

Minotaur drove into Fusion again, righting itself but suffering damage to the guard for its weapon belt in the process. Shortly after, Fusion began arcing to the right and then stopped completely. A fire began within the Team Whyachi robot and it was counted out soon after.
Chris Rose: "Another nice jab from Fusion..."
Kenny Florian: "WOW!"
Chris Rose: "... and a belt goes flying! Is the No.1 seed in trouble?!"
Kenny Florian: "Oh no! And it's on fire!!"
Chris Rose: "Ohh, no... of course it is!"
Kenny Florian: "The Fusion inferno has returned! Not like this, Chris! Not like this!"
— Chris and Kenny react as the tide turns
Minotaur post Fusion WCVII

Post-fight damage to Minotaur's side rail.

In the tenth episode of the Whyachi Rumble livestream, Reese Ewert revealed he could not turn off Fusion's weapons. He theorized that the fire may have melted Fusion's receiver wires.[9]

BattleBots: Champions II[]

Fusion vs. Whiplash

Fusion competed in BattleBots: Champions II, where it faced off against Whiplash in Round 1 of the second Sin City Slugfest bracket. Pre-fight, Reese Ewert hoped Fusion's weaponry would compensate for his self-proclaimed lack of driving skill.
"Matty's a pretty good driver... I'm a bad one. That's why I have a lot of weapons; makes up for my driving."
— Reese Ewert during the pre-fight build-up

Fusion Whiplash Champions II flip

Fusion is flipped over and immediately catches fire.

Whiplash initiated the box rush, driving plow-first into the drum spinner of Fusion. This saw Reese Ewert's robot deflect into the screws before it turned away to power up its horizontal spinner. However, it bounced off the left side of Whiplash's plow, overturning Fusion and initiating a noticeable fire within.

Chris Rose: "Can Fusion even move, or is con-Fusion just confused?"
Kenny Florian: "Well at least Fusion has been consistent... consistently on fire."
— Chris and Kenny poke fun as Fusion bursts into blames again.

Whiplash Fusion KO Champions II

Fusion is stacked against the corner.

Fusion gathered itself before driving back to the center of the BattleBox, where Matt Vasquez gave chase. Whiplash then pinned Fusion against the rails, lifting its smoking opponent against the wall with its wheels off the floor. John Remar counted Fusion out, confirming its elimination in under a minute.


World Championship V
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. MadCatter Lost (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Aegis Won (KO)
Fight Night #3 vs. WAR? EZ! Won (KO)
World Championship Tournament
#15 Seed, Round of 32
Round of 32 vs. Tantrum (18) Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters - Beta Bounty
Quarter-Final vs. Rampage Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Lock-Jaw Lost (KO)
World Championship VI
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Cobalt Won (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Copperhead Lost (KO)
Fight Night #3 - Main Event vs. Icewave Lost (KO)
World Championship VII
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Emulsifier Won (JD)
Fight Night #2 vs. Witch Doctor Lost (Split JD)
Fight Night #3 vs. HUGE Lost (KO)
Fight Night #4 vs. ROTATOR Lost (KO)
World Championship Tournament
#32 Seed, Round of 32
Round of 32 vs. Minotaur (1) Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Champions II
Sin City Slugfest II
Quarter-Final vs. Whiplash Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 10
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship V Aegis (Undercard Match)
WAR? EZ! (Undercard Match)
MadCatter (Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Rampage Lock-Jaw
World Championship VI Cobalt (Undercard Match) Copperhead (Undercard Match)
Icewave (Main Event/Undercard Match)
World Championship VII Emulsifier (Undercard Match) Witch Doctor (Undercard Match)
HUGE (Undercard Match)
ROTATOR (Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Champions II None Whiplash

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From Abbotsford, Wisconsin, the two-headed terror, FUSION!"

"From Dorchester, Wisconsin, the ambidextrous assassin, it's FUSION!"

"Welcome, bot class. Today, we'll be discussing the difference between fission and fusion. The first is the splitting of atoms. The second delivers a nuclear contusion. Fusion is a pro. It has no cons. There's no confusion. No illusion as to who was giving you a radioactive bruising until your life comes to an unnatural conclusion. Thank you. Class deceased. It's FUSION!"

"This bot's like a rabid dog with no muzzle. Chews legs that cut both ways like a crossword puzzle. Don't try to solve them, you don't have a vocabulary. He's a six-letter word that means you're gonna get stabbed and buried. It's FUSION!"

"From Wisconsin, the big cheese about to bring you to your knees. It's FUSION!"

"From Abbotsford. Wisconsin. It'll give you a contusion! It's FUSION!"

"From Dorchester, Wisconsin, this Ewert boy is here to leave your bot in Reese's Pieces. Give it up for FUSION!"

"From Dorchester, Wisconsin, His dual direction weapons are the most lethal pairing since the combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. Give it up for FUSION!"

"From Dorchester, Wisconsin, the greatest lake of all will be the pool of blood he leaves you in. It's FUSION!"

"From Dorchester, Wisconsin, the Ewerts are the most murderous herd in all the Dairy State, and this calf's no exception. It's FUSION!'

"From Dorchester, Wisconsin, he's just a hunka, hunka burning rage. It's FUSION!"


  • As of World Championship VII, Fusion has caught fire in 64% of its career fights, including in the moments before its battle against Copperhead.
  • Fusion captain Reese Ewert has twelve pet cats. Seven of these are named Quentin, Nala, Simba, Pika, Dusty, Bella and Scar.
  • Having been confirmed in November 2022, Fusion was the last main season entry to be revealed for World Championship VII, and was the only entry to be publicly confirmed post-filming.
  • Fusion's loss to Witch Doctor was the first split judges' decision of the season, five episodes in.