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Front-Hinged Flippers are a variation of flipper weaponry where the hinge is located towards the front end of the robot. They are considerably less common than their rear-hinged counterparts in BattleBots competitors.

Design and History[]

StrangeBrewvsPsychotron sfb01

Strange Brew taking on Psychotron.

The concept of a front-hinged flipper was scarcely seen in the United States and even less so in early BattleBots events, likely due to the surge in flipping weaponry coming from Inertia Labs and their rear-hinged flipper designs. Middleweight competitor Strange Brew featured a front-hinged flipper in both its Season 4.0 and Season 5.0 appearances, but never escaped the preliminary rounds. Speed Bump used the concept to incorporate a flipping arm into the robot's top panel, albeit positioned so it would flip from the side. However, Speed Bump's flipper functionality was near-identical to front-hinged flippers which existed in the United Kingdom at that point, notably Robot Wars competitors Firestorm, Cassius and Gravedigger.

StingervsWarhead BB2015

Stinger uses its front-hinged flipper to overturn Warhead.

Some robots, such as Stinger: The Killer Bee, utilized front-hinged flipping mechanisms alongside more passive weaponry such as a lifting wedge or forks to gain further control over their opponent. This was previously used to great effect with Team PlumbCrazy's heavyweight Sewer Snake, which largely competed outside of BattleBots events. Stinger: The Killer Bee could also be fitted with other lifting weaponry, as seen in its official photos.

P1 flips SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE onto the screws

P1 stacks SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE against the wall.

However, by far the most notable front-hinged flipper in BattleBots to date was P1, which competed in three televised seasons from 2019 until 2021, breaking into the Top 32 bracket in its final season before retirement.

British competitor Abrasion was also set to enter BattleBots with a similar weapon to Team PlumbCrazy's entries. But despite being originally accepted for the 2020 season, were forced to withdraw due to international travel bans enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Team Immersion reapplied the following year, only to be granted reserve status. Although this did not necessarily mean they had been rejected, issues concerning NIE Visas for some international teams prevented all teams from the United Kingdom from competing in World Championship VI, Abrasion included. The team again applied in 2022 with a unique design combining their front-hinged flipping mechanism with a hammer saw design, but were not selected to compete.

Notable Competitors[]

Robot Seasons Image
P1 World Championship IV
World Championship V
World Championship VI
P1 BB2021
Sewer Snake JavaOne 2007
Stinger: The Killer Bee World Championship I
World Championship II
Stinger Killer Bee BB2015
Speed Bump Season 3.0 - Season 5.0
2004 NPC Charity Open
Speed Bump XL Season 4.0 - Season 5.0
2004 NPC Charity Open
Speed bump xl S4
Strange Brew Season 4.0 - Season 5.0