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frenZy was a heavyweight robot from California which competed in both of the original 1999 BattleBots events at Long Beach and Las Vegas along with every season of the Comedy Central run. A yellow and black, circular-shaped robot armed with an electric titanium 'battle axe', it was built and owned by Patrick Campbell of Team Minus Zero, having initially debuted as TerMinal frenZy at the 1996 US Robot Wars competition.

On BattleBots, frenZy enjoyed a consistent run of success, reaching the heavyweight semi-finals of Comedy Central Season 2.0 and generally finishing no lower than the Round of 16 stage. It also earned a reputation as a crowd favorite for its relentless and unpredictable attacking style, a factor contributing to frenZy receiving a Honorable Mention in the Combat Robot Hall of Fame in 2003.[1] Performances in earlier events enabled frenZy to receive byes into the Round of 32 from Comedy Central Seasons 3.0 to 5.0, though it would not progress beyond this stage in its final two appearances.

In 2000, frenZy also competed in two international events filmed as part of the fourth series of the original UK Robot Wars. These were American Robot Wars 2000 - an unaired pilot episode for a proposed MTV version - and the War of Independence, a televised special which pitted it against a variety of machines representing the United Kingdom. Like in BattleBots, frenZy would also enjoy a run of success on British soil, finishing runner-up to Mauler and Mortis in each of those respective competitions. Team Minus Zero later competed in the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with The Bat, and on Robotica with Wendingo.

Robot History[]

Long Beach 1999[]

frenZy vs. The Mauler

frenZy strikes Mauler.

frenZy's first match of the Long Beach 1999 Gigabot Championship saw it face The Mauler, which it won via an audience vote. This allowed it to face Nightmare in the second round of the main bracket.

frenZy vs. Nightmare

The fight had a pattern, Nigtmare hitting frenZy, frenZy got flipped over, frenZy got itself back on its wheels and then it starts again with Nightmare hitting frenZy. After a while, frenZy's weapon was ripped off leaving frenZy weaponless. However, Nightmare also lost its weapon as the disc got caught on the drive chain for the disc. Nightmare pushed frenZy into the spikestrip and then into the killsaws. Nightmare won by crowd vote and this lost put frenZy to the loser's bracket, where it faced Namreko 3000.

frenZy vs. Namreko 3000

frenZy won by crowd vote and advanced to the next round, where it faced Punjar.

frenZy vs. Punjar

Punjar won by crowd vote and frenZy was eliminated from the Gigabot Championship.

Gigabot Royal Rumble

frenZy is attacked by Razer during the Gigabot Rumble.

Alongside the main contest, frenZy was among the number of heavyweights to compete in the end-of-event Gigabot Rumble. There, it faced particular difficulties against Razer, which pinned and was easily able to pierce its aluminum armor on a number of occasions. Though frenZy survived the full duration, it would lose out on the audience vote which awarded victory to the emerging Robot Wars All-Star.

Las Vegas 1999[]

frenZy vs. Annihilator

frenZy being pushed onto the killsaws.

frenZy gets flipped by Annihilator.

frenZy returned for the Heavyweight Division of the 1999 Las Vegas event, initially facing Annihilator. frenZy won the fight on a 8-1 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced BioHazard.

frenZy vs. BioHazard

frenZy self-rights on the wall

BioHazard lifts frenZy against the wall.

BioHazard dominated the fight, flipping frenZy numerous times until BioHazard managed to tip frenZy onto its back and for unknown reasons, frenZy was unable to self-right. BioHazard won the fight by knockout and frenZy was eliminated from the tournament again.

frenZy vs. Slugger (Grudge Match)

frenZy fighting Slugger during a grudge match.

frenZy later had a non-championship grudge match against Slugger. In the beginning of the match, Slugger started spinning on the spot and had frenZy crash into the front of it, slamming frenZy into the spikes. Slugger continued to spin faster and hit frenZy again, throwing it backwards. Slugger started slowing down though, which gave frenZy the opportunity to ram straight into the back of Slugger. Slugger bounced back on to the BattleBox floor and hit frenZy two more times with its weapon before being flipped over. This move broke the drive chain yet again, and left Slugger uncontrollably rolling into the spikestrip. A tapout was called and frenZy won the grudge match.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Once again, frenZy competed in the Heavyweight Rumble at the end of the competition, though it would lose out on the audience vote to BioHazard.

Season 1.0[]

frenZy vs. OverKill

frenZy fights OverKill.

After receiving a first-round bye, frenZy's first and only match in Season 1.0 was against OverKill. Both robots steadily approached each other, looking unsure to attack. OverKill finally broke the tension with a blow to frenZy's top, causing both robots to flail their weaponry aimlessly as frenZy got its first hammer blow to the front of OverKill. The two rammed each other following continuous attacking from both sides when OverKill pushed frenZy onto the hellraisers. frenZy retaliated by pushing OverKill onto the killsaws, sending it flying and retreating. OverKill came back however, and delivered a massive blow to its opponent who likewise returned the favor. frenZy then pushed OverKill into the corner and resumed pounding on its opponent, delivering four blows. This back and forth hitting continued for a while before OverKill ended the fight by getting a strong slam onto frenZy. This move decided the fight in OverKill's favor and won with a 7-2 judges decision. This meant that frenZy was eliminated from the heavyweight division once again.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

frenZy maintained its tradition of taking part in the end-of-season Rumbles, appearing in the Heavyweight Royal Rumble. Initially, it came out and immediately collided with Mjollnir. frenZy was flipped over in the exchange, but quickly self-righted. frenZy swung its axe a bit when Voltarc and Monster got close, but they both veered away from frenZy. frenZy stayed out of the action a bit as they went near one of the spikestrips as Mjollnir came back in near them and swung down with its spike. It was a small battle between the two before OverKill came in as well, where Mjollnir fled. frenZy got away from the wall and tried to swing down on one of Nightmare's tires, but missed. frenZy then tried to strike Monster that came too close, but missed. BioHazard then came over and harassed frenZy for a bit. frenZy got flipped again, but righted itself again, striking the lexan on its way back up. frenZy got its axe stuck over the spikestrip, but fired it to free itself and continue on. frenZy then began pounding away on the top of Mauler and the immobile Suicidal Tendencies. frenZy continued punishing its two immobile victims for quite a bit. frenZy then spun in between the both of them, before creeping its way creeping its way over to Gammatron. Once they were flipped, frenZy backed off to a safe distance for a while, only to be lightly pecked by Suicidal Tendencies while Kill-O-Amp crept over. frenZy moved away from the wall, only to get thwacked by Tazbot. The time ran out shortly after and frenZy was one of the remaining six eligible for the audience vote, though it again lost overall to BioHazard.

Season 2.0[]

frenZy vs. Scrap Daddy HW210

The impact between Scrap Daddy and frenZy.

frenZy's first Season 2.0 match was against Scrap Daddy HW210. At the beginning of the match, frenZy moved towards Scrap Daddy, who edged forward to attempt to hit frenZy with its spinning blade. After a few moments, while frenZy landed a couple of blows with its hammer, Scrap Daddy's saw blade made contact with frenZy and it completely broke off, landing uselessly on the BattleBox floor. A few short moments went by and frenZy pushed Scrap Daddy up against the arena wall and spikestrip, where it couldn't move. Scrap Daddy was counted out and frenZy won the fight by KO. This win put frenZy to the Round of 16, where it faced another Robot Wars veteran in Panic Attack 3.

frenZy vs. Panic Attack 3

frenZy gets lifted by Panic Attack 3.

Both robots drove out, and Panic Attack was able to lift frenZy once before letting it go. Both bots drove near the killsaws and Panic Attack lost most of its right-side skirt. frenZy began to hammer Panic Attack relentlessly, denting the top and damaging the drive train. After about a minute and a half of pounding, Panic Attack's speed controller had broken free, shorting out the electronics. As a result, Panic Attack was unable to move and was counted out. This win put frenZy to the quarter-finals, where it faced GoldDigger.

frenZy vs. GoldDigger (Quarterfinals)

frenZy hits GoldDigger.

GoldDigger charged straight at frenZy and started spinning its pickaxe. frenZy approached and started beating GoldDigger with its hammer. The robots moved towards the killsaws and GoldDigger got caught on them. GoldDigger stopped moving and frenZy continued to hit GoldDigger with its hammer as it was being counted out. frenZy won the fight by KO and advanced to the semi-finals, where it faced BioHazard again.

frenZy vs. BioHazard (Semifinals)

BioHazard and frenZy locked together.

FrenZy on its back, unable to self-right

The match lasted for a long time, with BioHazard having some trouble flipping frenZy because of its round shape. FrenZy continued to attack BioHazard, even as it was being pushed around before its hammer stopped working. FrenZy attempted to back up for another shot, but got clipped by the killsaws and landed on its back, causing it to become immobile due to its hammer ceasing to function seconds earlier. frenZy was being counted out and BioHazard advanced to the heavyweight finals.

Season 3.0[]

frenZy vs. Towering Inferno

frenZy and Towering Inferno exchange blows.

Due to being a previous semi-finalist, frenZy was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of the Season 3.0 heavyweight division, where it eventually fought Towering Inferno. Both robots went straight at each other and frenZy started hitting Towering Inferno with its hammer, as Towering Inferno was hitting frenZy with its hammers. frenZy later pushed Towering Inferno against the spikestrip and Towering Inferno stopped moving as its custom welds failed, dislodging the drive train. Towering Inferno was counted out and frenZy won the fight by KO. This win put frenZy to the round of 16, where it faced OverKill again.

frenZy vs. OverKill

frenZy fighting OverKill in Season 3.0.

OverKill won the fight on a close 23-22 judge's decision and frenZy was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

frenZy is flipped by Little Sister.

frenZy re-emerged once more for the end-of-season Heavyweight Royal Rumble. frenZy first hit Kill-O-Amp with its hammer then got flipped by Little Sister. frenZy self-righted and retaliated on Little Sister. Then it was flipped by HexaDecimator, but self-righted again. It then received a hit from OverKill, then bumped KillerHurtz. Next it attacked Voltronic until Nightmare intervened, in which it started pummeling Nightmare. Next it was attacked by Little Sister again, then GoldDigger. It temporarily chased OverKill before switching to GoldDigger. OverKill drove onto frenZy, but retreated before frenZy could attack. HexaDecimator flipped frenZy again, but frenZy self-righted again. Then Little Sister flipped it again, but of course frenZy self-righted. Lastly it hit HexaDecimator and Nightmare at the same time before the timer buzzed. It was one of few robots still mobile in the end, but lost overall to HexaDecimator.

Season 4.0[]

frenZy vs. SlamJob

Slamjob grabs ahold of FrenZy.

Due to previously competing in Season 3.0, frenZy was again allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of the Season 4.0 heavyweight division, where it eventually fought SlamJob. SlamJob came across the box to frenZy before it could advance from its square, putting early pressure on. Both fired their axes, but missed each other. SlamJob turned around frenZy as it swung its long hammer, knocking itself over. frenZy righted itself as SlamJob missed twice with its axe. frenZy swung but missed as well. SlamJob gathered frenZy up its front, striking twice with its axe while driving frenZy into the pulverizer. frenZy got away, but SlamJob came back in and struck frenZy with its axe again, proceeding to slam it into the wall. frenZy swung its hammer, but couldn't get a good shot as it was hitting the lexan. SlamJob ran away from frenZy and dodged another hammer blow as frenZy pursued them. Both met in the center of the box and missed each other some more, before SlamJob used its rear to push frenZy. All the while, frenZy scored some hits with its hammer before SlamJob backed off again. SlamJob and frenZy collided once more, but the killsaws lifted frenZy up and SlamJob put them on their head.

frenZy gets knocked off-balanced and onto its back.

frenZy struggled to right itself as SlamJob came in under the long arm, firing its axe and trapping the hammer of frenZy as it was on its side. frenZy tried to right itself again, but SlamJob stayed close and prevented it. frenZy finally righted itself, but it went directly on the killsaws and was spun around and back onto its head.

frenZy gets thrown by the killsaws, toppling it back over.

frenZy finally got itself righted as SlamJob came in again, spiking frenZy and pushing them. frenZy managed to get two shots into the slot where the axe was, before it was slammed into the wall and onto the entrance ramp.

frenZy lands a shot to the axe mechanism before getting slammed into the wall.

SlamJob held frenZy there with its axe, but frenZy kept popping SlamJob, leaving a dent on the top and on the left skirt.

frenZy trades hammer swings wile backed into the corner.

frenZy got away and pursued SlamJob, only to get held down by SlamJob on the killsaws, flailing its hammer uselessly.

frenZy gets held onto the killsaws by Slamjob.

SlamJob pushed freny into the wall once more, but frenZy retaliated and landed more shots on the top of SlamJob.

frenZy tries to swing at Slamjob as the latter locks down on it.

SlamJob pushed them once more, taking several shots from frenZy's hammer, but managing to push frenZy into the pulverizer once more. frenZy came out again, swinging at nothing till SlamJob came in and frenZy struck the corner seem to two of SlamJob's skirts. Once again, SlamJob pushed frenZy and took more shots on its top, trying to carry frenZy to the pulverizer. As both robots edged close to the pulverizer, frenZy leaned back and spun itself out of Slamjob's grasp, forcing the latter to turn towards the screws, away from the pulverizer.

frenZy wobbles its way out of Slamjob's grasp, avoiding the pulverizer in the process.

frenzy capitalized on this maneuver, responding with a quick shove from the side and pushing Slamjob into the screws.

frenZy shoves Slamjob into the screws.

frenZy went back to the blue square briefly before coming back out and getting rammed into the wall.

Slamjob pins frenZy against the wall.

frenZy got out, swung its hammer and missed again as SlamJob struck the killsaws next to it. SlamJob caught frenZy with its spike again, but frenZy kept popping SlamJob as it was dragged around and into the wall again.

frenZy lands a shot on Slamjob's top.

frenZy got numerous shots on SlamJob's left skirt, leaving a giant dent while SlamJob pecked away at frenZy.

frenZy and Slamjob trades hammer swings against the spikestrip.

frenZy drove over the saws once more to chase its opponent to the center of the arena, before SlamJob shunted frenZy onto another set of killsaws.

Slamjob shoves frenZy into the killsaws with its rear.

frenZy missed its final hammer blow as the time ran out and went to the judges. SlamJob won the fight on a close 23-22 judge's decision and frenZy was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Heavyweight Consolation Rumble

frenZy during the heavyweight consolation rumble.

This would not be the end of frenZy's appearances, however, as for the first time it would participate in the Heavyweight Consolation Rumble near the end of the season. Its first target was Omega-13, then almost hit Phrizbee. It then went after Towering Inferno. Next, it tackled Little Sister and Greenspan. Then it struck I-Beam, getting its hammer stuck in I-Beam, but they managed to separate. It then got bumped by Omega-13 and pushed around by I-Beam. It managed to hit I-Beam again (and avoid getting stuck this time). It then seemed to be experiencing some technical-difficulties as it wasn't mobile anymore, being tested by GoldDigger. In the end GoldDigger and Little Sister were declared the joint winners and thus qualified for the Heavyweight Robot Rumble.

Season 5.0[]

frenZy vs. The Matador

The Matador tossing frenZy.

Due to previously competing in Season 4.0, frenZy was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it eventually fought The Matador. frenZy had added a bar with a tiny bolt to the front of their robot to catch The Matador. frenZy started off strong, landing several hits on the top of The Matador and pushing it around on its stick. But halfway through the match, frenZy's hammer stopped working as the weapon battery pack had died and The Matador took the opportunity to deliver a huge flip to frenZy. As a result, The Matador was overturned and frenZy was left on its side, The Matador managed to self-right, actually sending itself flying several feet into the air. frenZy was unable to get off its side and was counted out. The Matador was declared victorious and frenZy was eliminated from the tournament once again.


Long Beach 1999
Gigabot Championship
Eiminated in Losers' Bracket
Main Bracket (Round 1) vs. The Mauler Won
Main Bracket (Round 2) vs. Nightmare Lost
Losers' Bracket (Round 2) vs. Namreko 3000 Won
Losers' Bracket (Round 3) vs. Punjar Lost
Gigabot Rumble
Rumble vs. BioHazard, Juggernaut, Kill-O-Amp, K.I.S.S., Malicious Mischief, The Mauler, Namreko 3000, Punjar, Razer, Rhino, S.L.A.M., Tazbot, Voltarc Lost
Las Vegas 1999
Heavyweight Championship
Round of 16
Bracket vs. Annihilator Won
Bracket vs. BioHazard Lost
Heavyweight Rumble
Rumble vs. Annihilator, BioHazard, Blendo, Blunt Force Trauma, KillerHurtz, Kill-O-Amp, Monster, Mortis, Namreko 3000, Razer, Rhino, Ronin, Slugger, Tazbot Lost
Comedy Central Season 1.0
Heavyweight Championship
Round of 16
Bracket vs. No opponent Bye
Bracket vs. OverKill Lost
Heavyweight Royal Rumble
Rumble vs. Bender, BioHazard, Blendo, Gammatron, KillerHurtz, Kill-O-Amp, Knome II, Mauler, Monster, Mjollnir, Nightmare, Overkill, Punjar, Suicidal Tendencies, Tazbot, Vlad the Impaler, Voltarc Lost
Comedy Central Season 2.0
Heavyweight Championship
Bracket vs. Scrap Daddy HW210 Won
Bracket vs. Panic Attack 3 Won
Bracket vs. GoldDigger Won
Bracket vs. BioHazard Lost
Comedy Central Season 3.0
Heavyweight Championship
Bracket vs. Towering Inferno Won
NOTE: frenZy received an automatic bye into the Round of 32 as a ranked machine.
Bracket vs. OverKill Lost
Heavyweight Royal Rumble
Rumble vs. GoldDigger, HexaDecimator, KillerHurtz, Kill-O-Amp, Little Sister, Nightmare, Omega-13, OverKill, Sharkbyte, Tazbot, Voltronic Lost
Comedy Central Season 4.0
Heavyweight Championship
Round of 32
Bracket vs. SlamJob Lost
NOTE: frenZy received an automatic bye into the Round of 32 as a ranked machine.
Heavyweight Consolation Rumble
Rumble vs. GoldDigger, Greenspan, I-Beam, Junkyard Offspring, KillerB, Little Sister, Omega-13, Phrizbee, Towering Inferno, Voltronic Lost
Comedy Central Season 5.0
Heavyweight Championship
Round of 32
Bracket vs. The Matador Lost
NOTE: frenZy received an automatic bye into the Round of 32 as a ranked machine.


  • Long Beach 1999 Wins: 2
  • Long Beach 1999 Losses: 3
  • Las Vegas 1999 Wins: 1
  • Las Vegas 1999 Losses: 2
  • Comedy Central Wins: 4
  • Comedy Central Losses: 8
  • Total Wins: 7
  • Total Losses: 13

NOTE: frenZy's byes in Comedy Central Seasons 3.0-5.0 are omitted from the Wins tally.

Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999 Mauler

Namreko 3000

Nightmare, Punjar
Las Vegas 1999 Annihilator

Slugger (Grudge Match)

Season 1.0 Bye OverKill
Season 2.0 Scrap Daddy HW210

Panic Attack 3


Season 3.0 Towering Inferno OverKill
Season 4.0 None SlamJob
Season 5.0 None The Matador

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"Its the terrifying titanium titan. From Los Feliz, California. Give it up for the 210 pound heavyweight, FRENZY!"

"When push comes to shove, robotic annihilation is his only true love. Here is FRENZY!"

"Don't run and hide. Face the relentless fury of FRENZY!"

"His fans swear he's the absolute best. His opponents dismiss him as an annoying pest. Now its time for his ultimate test. Its FRENZY!"

"It's your daddy's belt, your mamma's left shoe and your babysitter's spike club all rolled into one. Here is FRENZY!"

"Like Star Jones at Hometown Buffet, keep your hands away from this feeding FRENZY!"


Any appearances by frenZy in merchandise are listed below:


  • frenZy made an appearance in the TV show Grounded for Life titled "Mr. Roboto".[2]


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