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— The team's catchphrase

Forge & Farm Combat Robots are a team who competed in BattleBots World Championship III and V with their heavyweight entry Bale Spear.

Known for their rustic builds, the Forge & Farm Combat Robots team have scarcely found success in BattleBots, only winning once across three competitions.

Bale Spear team 2018 green square

The Forge & Farm Combat Robots team in the green square during World Championship III.

However, the team's strong theming allowed for Bale Spear to return for a second season in 2020, where they picked up their sole victory against Chomp during the side series, BattleBots: Bounty Hunters.

Outside BattleBots[]

The team have since competed at numerous other events, including Robot Ruckus, with Bale Spear under a different guise - Bales Pear. The team also debuted the predecessor to Bale Spear in 2016, known as AG-gresive.

Bale Spear has made several appearances at Robot Ruckus in Orlando, Florida, both as a competing robot and static display. In 2019, it chalked up a win over non-BattleBots multibot Macaroni and Cheese, before matching OYES Robotics and Krusty Grab. Despite getting its pneumatic spear into play, Krusty Grab was able to hoist it in the air and slam it into the arena wall. As Krusty Grab picked it up again, Bale Spear's entire left-side drive was pulled away from the rest of the robot, resulting in a brutal knockout loss.[1]

Team Members[]

Earl Pancoast III Bale Spear WCV

Earl Pancoast III[]

Captain of the team, Earl Pancoast has built a 30lb bot called Cultivator, which has fought at Motorama events.

He intended to make up part of Red Devil during the 2021 season, prior to their withdrawal, but instead found himself with Al Kindle and his newly redesigned Blacksmith.

Matt Bradway[]

The only other member of the team present for each of Bale Spear's BattleBots fights, his role is unknown.

Kyle Singer[]

Kyle Singer joined Blacksmith ahead of World Championship IV with Bale Spear not being present. He has been part of Al Kindle's team ever since. Away from BattleBots, he competes with 30lber Big Ripto.

Alex Grant[]

Part of the team only for Bale Spear's debut season, his role is unknown.

Kenny Blades & Joe Filigno[]

Present only for World Championship III, their roles are not known.

Miro & Malcolm Matheson[]

Joining the team in 2020, both were present with Bale Spear in World Championship V and BattleBots: Bounty Hunters. Their roles are unknown.


Name Weight Class Season
Bale Spear Heavyweight World Championship III
World Championship V
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters

Win/Loss Record[]

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 6