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Flails are a loose-hanging and versatile type of rotating weapon found on a number of BattleBots competitors.

Design & History[]

A flail is a rotating weapon with spikes, blades or other objects that dangle loosely from the weapon mechanism, usually by a chain or cord. The mechanism can take any form, from simple axles to flywheels or discs and even revolving rings attached to the robot's chassis. When the weapon rotates at full speed, the objects at the end "flail" around, hence the name, with the intention of hitting opponents and causing cuts, scratches or dents to their armor or locomotion.

Frenzy vs mauler

frenZy attacks the 1999 iteration of Mauler.

Flails were sometimes used in conjunction with other spinning weapons, such as shell spinners, their flexible designs helping to prevent recoils to the robot's main body and armor.

The earliest known robot using flails was SlapPest, who's member Slappy the Squirrel carried an overhead spinner with flails. In Las Vegas 1999, Blunt Force Trauma used them in conjunction with a spinning ring. Flails continued to be used throughout the Comedy Central series, with Mauler becoming the most iconic when during Season 2.0, one of its flails snapped off while fighting Bigger Brother and it became so unstable from its spinner's gyrating that it flipped itself over (this gave the action the name "Mauler Dance").

To date, no robots sporting flails have competed in the reboot era. Though HellaChopper attempted to compete in World Championship II, it suffered from reliability problems and was forced it to drop out.

Notable Competitors[]

Robot Seasons Image
Blunt Force Trauma Las Vegas 1999
Hamunaptra Season 2.0
HellaChopper World Championship II (Withdrew)
Hellachopper official
Mauler Long Beach 1999
Season 1.0 - Season 5.0
Mauler sf01
SlapPest Long Beach 1999
Slappest lb99
The Ripper Season 3.0
Season 5.0
Ripper sf01