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Ferocity is a heavyweight robot from Canada which was originally accepted to compete in Discovery Season 5 of the BattleBots reboot.

It is a low profile, eight-wheel drive robot designed to look like a large dragon. Its weaponry comes in the form of an 18" horizontal spinning bar made from 6061 aluminum and fitted with AR400 steel teeth. The bar is mounted to a rotating turret, similar to that of the 500lb rebuild of Chomp. At one end is its primary weapon, which could swipe at opponents from either side, and the other end sports a curved, defensive wedge.

An inside look at Ferocity's drive system.

With changes to rules surrounding weight bonuses for non-wheeled robots ahead of the fifth season, Ferocity was originally designed to weigh "350-400lbs" (375lbs on Ferocity's website) and feature a unique walking mechanism.[1] However, after disagreements with Greg Munson and the selection committee, Ferocity's original drive setup was deemed too similar to a shufflebot to be granted the walker bonus of up to 500lbs.

Ferocity being tested in 2020.

"They said the design was “a glorified shuffler”, which I take no offence to and actually probably agree with! It would have hopefully been a competitive, innovative, and achievable design."
— Team Seek & Destroy explain their original design.

Ferocity's reveal to Facebook Supporters in early 2020.

Team Seek & Destroy is co-captained by Julia Chernushevich and Antoine Trabulsi, both of which have extensive BattleBots experience with Red Devil. Antoine Trabulsi originally entered Comedy Central Season 3.0 of BattleBots with lightweight Archangel before joining Ravi Boolalal and Lycan in ABC Season 2 of the reboot. Julia Chernushevich also competed in the 2016 season as part of The Eh-Team and Bucktooth Burl before joining Team Black and Blue to assist with Marvin and DUCK! in Discovery Seasons 4 and 6 respectively.

Despite considerable work being completed on Ferocity, travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the team having to withdraw from the season. The team intended to reapply for Discovery Season 6, but opted against it due to a six-week emergency lockdown in Ontario, Canada being enforced at the time.

"Unfortunately the border situation is a big unknown for us, and we're going to pull out for this season. Can't justify spending $10K+ not knowing whether we can attend."
— Team Seek & Destroy announce their withdrawal.

In spite of this, BattleBots ahead of the 2021 season, co-captain Julia Chernushevich was present alongside Hal Rucker and daughter Hannah with DUCK!.

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  • Each of Ferocity's eight wheels is independently driven.
  • Ferocity features eleven motors in total: eight for drive, two for its turret system and one more for its bar spinner.