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Falcon was a heavyweight (formerly middleweight) robot built by Team Whyachi, which competed in Discovery Season 4 of the BattleBots reboot, as well as BattleBots-sanctioned events in the mid-to-late 2000s.

Originally a middleweight, Falcon first fought at the 2004 NPC Charity Open. The robot was metallic in color, invertible and equipped with a spinning drum. It performed well in competition, finishing runner-up at the NPC Charity Open as Falconizer, and the following year's R3: Rochester Robot Rampage event as Falcon. It was a two-time BattleBots IQ High School Division Champion in 2004 and 2005.

Clint and Jake Ewert brought back Falcon for the 2009 Battlebots Collegiate Championship as a representative of UW-Stout, ultimately coming up on top as the champion of its division as Team Blue Devil. Falcon, along with its teammate Nitro SOW, are still owned by Team Whyachi and are put on display every year at annual Mecha Mayhem events. Another smaller version of Falcon entered Battlebots IQ as Falcon 15 where the number in its name likely stood for its weight - 15lbs.

For the 2019 season, Falcon returned. Now a 250lb robot, it was taller than before and armed with two spinning drums rather than one, both powered by brushless motors. The bot itself was incredibly dense and also invertible, as its top wheels were powered separately to its bottom wheels. Its drums were shaped in such a way that the teeth would interlock with the gaps between each front fork, increasing the chance of bite on an opponent. Despite its history and Team Whyachi's pedigree within the sport, Falcon did not live up to expectations and finished 1-2 in the regular season, failing to make the tournament bracket. The team put this down to Falcon being an experimental design, according to their 2019 Reddit AMA.[1]

Falcon did not return after the 2019 season, as the Ewert family prioritized Hydra and Reese Ewert moved on to captain their newest bot, Fusion. Though it has never officially been announced as retired, Team Whyachi's website lists the bot as "inactive" alongside their Comedy Central BattleBots entrants, live event bots and reboot entry Warrior Clan.[2] The team briefly brought Son of Whyachi back for BattleBots: Bounty Hunters driven by Jake Ewert, but it lost its crown to Gigabyte.

Both versions of Falcon in storage in 2022.

Both the middleweight and heavyweight versions of Falcon reside within the Team Whyachi workshop, as shown by Reese Ewert in an April 2022 blog from Team Skorpios.[3] He also revealed that despite being over twice the weight of the 120lb robot, the 250lb Falcon was actually a smaller robot overall.

Robot History[]

2004 NPC Charity Open[]

Falconizer vs Swamp Thing

Falconizer kicks Swamp thing into the air.

Falconizer strikes the wheel of Swamp Thing as it runs past.

Falconizer kicks Swamp Thing right side up.

Falconizer kicks the rear of Swamp Thing in mid-air.

Falconizer's first match was against Swamp Thing. When the match began, the two bots met at the center of the arena, trying to get in a position to strike Swamp Thing as it appeared to be struggling with its left side drive. Eventually, Falconizer took a head-on charge by Swamp Thing and kicked it in the air and upside down, and struck Swamp Thing a second time to flip it back over. After Swamp Thing danced over Falconizer's drum, it landed a glancing blow to the right side of Swamp Thing. Falconizer countered a charge from the wedgebot and struck it hard on the right tire, flipping it over. Falconizer then retreated to its staring square, and Swamp Thing followed suit. After Swamp Thing bumped Falconizer in the front, Falconizer responded with two kicks to the tires, tossing the wedgebot around. After hitting the front of Swamp Thing, Falconizer followed it out of the square and delivered another hit to the side as it ran away, flipping it upside down. Falconizer then hunted down Swamp Thing and dealt a blow which threw it back over. Falconizer then followed up with a kick to the wheel and the back side that sent Swamp Thing spinning in mid air. Falconizer then chased Swamp Thing around the box, flipping it over as kicked under the wedgebot's rear end and struck a tire, throwing Swamp Thing again. Falconizer followed up with another kick to the tire that flipped Swamp Thing right side up, before moving in to land several successive hits to Swamp Thing. After Falconizer maneuvered around, attempting to turn and face Swamp Thing, Falconizer eventually charged in and delivered a major blow to the side of Swamp Thing's wedge, sending the wedgebot into a spin and landing upside down. Falconizer chased it down and delivered a minor blow to the underside from the front. Both bots then roamed around the box for over 30 seconds without making any contact with each other until Falconizer delivered a final hit to the side of Swamp Thing before the match made the distance. With Swamp Thing managing to achieve little in the way of attacks throughout, Falconizer won by judges' decision and advanced to the winners quarter-finals.

Falconizer vs SubZero

Falconizer gets popped upwards by SubZero.

In the quarter-finals of the winners bracket, Falconizer failed to get its spinning drum going and kept its rear pointing at SubZero so it could not be flipped. SubZero managed to flip the front of Falconizer before the Ewerts' bot pointed its back at SubZero again. SubZero won on a judges' decision and Falconizer was now in the losers bracket, where it faced Papercut.

Falconizer vs Papercut

Falconizer pops Papercut into the air.

Falconizer kicks Papercut onto its back.

When the match began, both robots spun their weapons up and maneuvered around, trying to line up for their shots. Eventually, Falconizer approached Papercut as it passed by and pivoted its right side towards the bar spinner, taking several shots to its hinged skirt before pivoting right and clashing with its drum, popping Papercut into the air. As Papercut landed, Falconizer got struck on its front left corner, sending it spinning across the floor. To Falconizer's fortune, Papercut's spinning bar became incapacitated after the impact. To capitalize, Falconizer charged in and kicked Papercut into the air and onto its back, where it was counted out. Falconizer moved on to the next round, where it faced Floor Jack.

Falconizer vs Floor Jack

Falconizer kicks Floor Jack onto its back.

Falconizer tears apart Floor Jack's wedge and rips its internals out.

Falconizer tossed Floor Jack onto its back with its spinning drum and sparks were flying.

As Floor Jack was trying to run away, Falconizer ripped the front wedge off of Floor Jack and a battery came loose. Floor Jack tapped out and Falconizer was declared the winner by knockout. This win put Falconizer to the next round.

Falconizer vs SABotage

Falconizer tosses SABotage onto its back.

Falconizer kicks SABotage back onto its wheels

Falconizer kicks SABotage back onto its back.

SABotage gets tossed by Falconizer's spinning drum.

Next up for Falconizer was SABotage. In the opening moments, both robots were circling around each other and SABotage tried to lift Falconizer from the right side. Falconizer then managed to hit the front of SABotage with its spinning drum and ripped a piece off from the left side. Falconizer continued to hit SABotage and tossed it onto its back. As SABotage tried to self-right, Falconizer hit SABotage's lifting arm and tossed it back onto its wheels. SABotage was moving around Falconizer and both robots collided into each other shortly after. SABotage then got its lifter underneath the left side of Falconizer and tried to lifted it, but missed. Both robots backed up and Falconizer went straight at SABotage, tossing it onto its back once again.

Falconizer continued attacking as SABotage tried to self-right again. However, SABotage was unable to and Falconizer tossed SABotage again with its spinning drum. SABotage was still on its back and Falconizer hit its opponent's right wheel. After this, SABotage was counted out and Falconizer won the match by KO. This win put Falconizer to the next round, where it faced SubZero again.

Falconizer vs. SubZero

In the rematch, Falconizer avenged its former loss and eliminated SubZero.

Falconizer vs Z.I.P.

Falconizer spins Z.I.P. in the air.

Falconizer kicks Z.I.P. onto its back.

Falconizer won by KO and advanced to the losers finals, where it faced Z.I.P. When the match began, Falconizer avoided the box rush by Z.I.P. The two maneuvered around each other for a while before Falconizer started hitting Z.I.P, first on the wedge, then on the side and underside. Falconizer later kicked Z.I.P. in the air on two separate head on collisions before dishing out a series of hits that spun Z.I.P. around and then hitting Z.I.P. in the rear end when it reversed over it.

Falconizer charges into and reverse-launches Z.I.P. into the air.

Falconizer grinds into Z.I.P's rear

Falconizer hit the wedge again as Z.I.P. tried to push Falconizer, and doing so once more when Z.I.P. rammed Falconizer wedge first. When it got rammed again, Falconizer kicked up the wedge and delivered a few shots to the underside. Falconizer delivered a few shots to the wedge as Z.I.P. reversed into a pulverizer, before eventually dishing out a blow to the wedge that flipped Z.I.P. upside down.

Falconizer tosses Z.I.P. into the wall.

Falcon grinds into Z.I.P.'s rear.

By this point, Z.I.P. appeared to be having drive issues, as its left side appeared to be losing drive. After another hit to the wedge, Falconizer kicked up the wedge and ground at the top of Z.I.P. Falconizer then kicked up Z.I.P. from the side and delivered Z.I.P. to the pulverizer, where Z.I.P. was hit two times before escaping. After a small hit to the back, Falconizer charged in and dished out a massive blow to the underside that reverse launched Z.I.P. in the air. After a bit of maneuvering, Falconizer ground into the right rear of Z.I.P. before kicking it on top of itself again. After some more moving around, Falconizer kicked Z.I.P. over itself two more times before kicking it up from the left rear along with another shot to the wedge that sent it spinning into the wall. As Z.I.P. backed away from the wall, Falconizer kicked in the air once more from the back, nearly flipping it back over before a last hit in the air sent it back upside down. After another grinding to the underside from the side of the wedge, Falconizer made another charge, kicking it up from the side and sending it spinning in the air. Falconizer continued to deliver shots to the rear, the sides, and the underside as the time was winding down. When the match made the distance, Falconizer won on a judges' decision and advanced to the middleweight finals, where it faced Devil's Plunger.

Falconizer vs Devil's Plunger

Falconizer kick Devil's Plunger in the air and onto its back.

Falconizer kicks Devil's Plunger into the air and back upright.

Falconizer gets scooped up by Devil's Plunger before being shoved into the wall.

An inverted Falconizer gets hit on the underside by the pulverizer.

When the match began, Falconizer approached a rushing Devil's Plunger and started delivering glancing blows to the latter's front wedge. Just as Devil's Plunger started to gain leverage on the front, Falconizer slipped off and immediately kicked Devil's Plunger into the air and upside down. Falconizer gave chase and delivered some shavings on the front wedge until Devil's Plunger suddenly charged straight into Falconizer's drum, causing the former to go airborne. Following this, Falconizer approached Devil's Plunger and delivered a couple more blows to the wedge, the second one jamming the wedge upwards. Falconizer then kept on pressing Devil's Plunger as the latter reversed and charged head on into Falconizer's drum, sending the wedgebot flying and landing back upright. Falconizer proceeded to keep up the pressure on Devil's Plunger, coming in for another shot to the wedge. This time, Falconizer was scooped up and rammed into the wall, flipping the drum bot upside down. Now unable to win the ground game so easily, Devil's Plunger now had the upper hand. Falconizer was pushed into the corner as it struggled to drive inverted, and Devil's Plunger took it to the opposing team's pulverizer, slamming the hammer down on Falconizer's underside. Falconizer eventually escaped but the fight ended soon after. Despite Falconizer dominating first minute of the match, Devil's Plunger won on a judges' decision and Falconizer was declared the runner-up.

BattleBots Rochester R3[]

Falcon vs Alph

Falcon sends Alph flying.

Falcon's first match was against Alph. This fight started with Falcon spinning up, and immediately bending the corner of Alph's dustpan wedge. Falcon then delivered several more hits, destroying the dustpan wedge even more before nearly flipping Alph, and mangling its saw arm. After a few more hits Falcon finally flipped the now weaponless Alph, and attacked it some more before Alph tapped out. This win by knockout put Falcon up against Mr. Chuckalot.

Falcon vs Mr. Chuckalot

Falcon rips off Mr. Chuckalot's right fork.

Falcon gets its drum under Mr. Chuckalot.

When the match began, Falcon advanced forward and struck Mr. Chuckalot on the side. briefly popping it upwards. After it ran away to reposition, Falcon charged head on and kicked Mr. Chuckalot upwards, tearing off the right fork on the lifter in the process.

Falcon kicks Mr. Chuckalot onto its back.

Falcon then gave chase as Mr. Chuckalot tried to retreat, before striking Mr. Chuckalot in the rear and turning it around, crippling the lifter bot in the process. Falcon followed up with a hit to the front, getting under the bot.

Falcon then shook Mr. Chuckalot off its top and made some attempts to push the lifter bot, all the while trying to restart its weapon. When it finally did, Falcon delivered a few shots to the left side and kicked Mr. Chuckalot upside down in the process. With Mr. Chuckalot's lifter disabled, it was unable to self-right, and it was counted out. Falcon won by KO and advanced to the next round where it was scheduled to fight Chaos Toaster. However Chaos Toaster had technical issues, and were forced to forfeit the match. This put Falcon in the quarter finals, where it faced SubZero.

Falcon vs SubZero

When the match began, Falcon moved to the center of the arena and started to deliver the first blows to SubZero. However, SubZero soon got under from the side and flipped it 3 consecutive times, the last one ending with Falcon upside down.

Falcon gets flipped by SubZero.

Afterwards, Falcon got pushed into the corner and struck the rear of SubZero with its drum, kicking itself upwards and hooking the drum to SubZero's rear.

Falcon on top of the rear of SubZero.

Falcon got freed by a push to the wall, and it got pushed into a corner. After a while, Falcon managed to move out of the corner and spin up its drum. Falcon then proceeded to deliver several shots to SubZero's front, one of which managing to pop Falcon back right side up.

Falcon kicks itself back upright.

With Falcon now back with the positional advantage, the drum spinner delivered a big shot to SubZero's front as the latter attempted a flip in desperation. Falcon then followed up by maneuvering to both of SubZero's wheelguards and delivering shavings, before charging into SubZero's front and prompt the latter to attempt a flip. With the flipping arm in bad shape though, Falcon easily countered with a few shots to the retracting flipper, disabling the flipping arm and incapacitating the entire bot.

Falcon delivers the killing blow to SubZero.

Falcon continued to chew on SubZero's carcass until Team XD tapped out.

Falcon vs Green Wave

Falcon delivers the first exchange.

Falcon gets kicked in the rear by an unstable Green Wave, sending both bots flying.

This put Falcon in the semifinals where it faced Green Wave, an opponent it previously faced in the BattleBots IQ event earlier that year. When the match began, both bots activated their spinners and approached with caution. In the middle of the arena, Falcon initiated the first exchange, popping Green Wave upwards. As Green Wave maneuvered around to the side in an attempt to get under the skirt, Falcon turned and kicked up Green Wave's front wedgelets with its drum, allowing it to gain purchase from underneath and deliver a major collision that sent Green Wave flying uncontrollably.

However, this also resulted in Falcon landing inverted and digging its drum on the floor. Green Wave tried to take advantage of having the ground game, and as Falcon tried to press on by ramming drum first into Green Wave's spinner a couple more times, it stopped moving and tapped out. With Green Wave winning by TKO, Falcon was now in the losers bracket finals where it fought a rematch against SubZero.

Falcon vs SubZero (Losers Bracket Final)

During the Green Wave fight, Falcon had lost the use of its drum, meaning it was going in with just its wedge skirts and front forks. However, it won this fight, and advanced to the Middleweight finals where it faced Green Wave once again.

Falcon vs Green Wave (Final)

For this match, all three of its hinged skirts were removed and replaced with a thick, static wedge, with the intent of playing a defensive game. When the match began, Falcon moved outside of its square cautiously and seemingly got stuck on some debris.

Falcon takes a glancing blow from Green Wave.

After Green Wave knocked it free, Falcon started taking glancing blows to its front wedge as it got shoved into the wall, all the while starting to show problems with its right side drive. Falcon then backed away towards another side of the arena as a spun down Green Wave gave chase.

Falcon gets pushed by Green Wave.

During the scuffle near the wall, Falcon got its front forks under Green Wave's wedge and attempted to push with little success, only resulting in both bots moving in circles.

Falcon puts Green Wave into a pushing battle.

As Green Wave backed away and spun up its bar, Falcon waited for Green Wave to get close. When it did, Falcon took a glancing blow to the right rear side and, after a brief head-to-head standoff, took a big shot to the left side.

Falcon takes a big shot to its right side.

Falcon then turned to prepare for another approach from Green Wave, but by mistake turned to its left and took a big shot to the right rear, knocking the wedge loose.

Falcon gets its wedge jarred loose by Green Wave's spinner.

Immediately after, Falcon's team tapped out, giving Green Wave the win by TKO and Falcon the runner-up spot at the event.

2009 Collegiate Championship[]

Falcon vs DracUCLA

— Team Blue Devil's chant ahead of the fight.
After winning a match against an unknown robot, Falcon advanced into the next round, where it faced DracUCLA. When the match began, Falcon charged in as DracUCLA tried to avoid it, but instead they clash drum-to-drum, putting DracUCLA into the barrier connecting the screws before Falcon delivered a shot to the left side, kicking it up, tearing off an armor plate, and flipping it into a corner between the wall and the screws. When DracUCLA turned around, Falcon delivered several shots to the front, one of which causing DracUCLA to stand on its back before knocking it back down.

Falcon briefly upends DracUCLA.

Falcon soon backed away, letting DracUCLA out of the space, before striking the right front once more, flipping it again and connecting drums once more, flipping DracUCLA back over. Falcon gave a shot to the back and pushed it towards the barrier connecting the screws, before DracUCLA escaped.

Falcon kicks DracUCLA and pushes it towards the screws.

Falcon got a lucky break when DracUCLA turned into the path of their team's pulverizer. Immediately, the pulverizer came down on DracUCLA, the first one popping out the right front armor plate and the second one hitting the drum, stopping it. When DracUCLA tried to escape, Falcon came in and struck the front, flipping it back into the path of the pulverizer, and just as the pulverizer was about to fire again, Falcon kicked and flipped DracUCLA once more just before the pulverizer hit it again, incapacitating it.

Falcon tosses DracUCLA, eventually killing it.

Falcon gave one more shot as the pulverizer continued to pound DracUCLA before DracUCLA tapped out, giving Falcon the win by KO.

Falcon vs Triton

Falcon advanced into the next round, where it faced Triton. Falcon won this match also, and moved on to the next round. The rest of its opponents are not known, as much of the event is considered lost media, though it was confirmed that Falcon eventually made it to the final and won the tournament.[4]

Discovery Season 4[]

Falcon vs Breaker Box

Falcon gets pinned against the screws.

Falcon's televised BattleBots debut came against fellow veteran Jim Smentowski and Breaker Box. As the match began, Falcon experienced drive issues but both drums got up to speed. This left Falcon vulnerable as they were pushed around the arena. Falcon continued to have drive issues and were shoved around again, eventually getting flipped over.

Falcon gets flipped upside down after getting slammed into the wall.

Somehow, they managed to get some mobility and now it was Breaker Box's turn to have issues.

Falcon gets pinned against the wall by Breaker Box.

Falcon tried to take advantage, with some hits to the side of the plow, but wasn't able to cause much damage before time ran out. The judges awarded Breaker Box a 2-1 split decision.

Falcon vs Ribbot

Next for Falcon was a match against newcomer Ribbot. Things weren't off to a good start for Falcon as they had trouble maneuvering around the arena but had working drums so they forged ahead with the battle.

Falcon gets backflipped on the initial collision.

Unfortunately, Falcon started to take multiple impacts, though these didn't really cause much damage.

Falcon takes shots to the side from Ribbot's bar.

Falcon takes more shots to the side from Ribbot's bar.

However, Falcon soon lost the use of its gray drum so it was forced to use the white one. Ribbot was losing its cosmetic legs, but these had no effect on its performance so Falcon continued to take punishment, losing a wedgelet before being sent into the screws.

Falcon gets rammed into the screws by Ribbot.

Falcon then lost more wedgelets and eventually came practically to a halt near the screws. Falcon was unable to show enough movement and was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO. After the fight, it was revealed that some of Ribbot's foam had gotten sucked into Falcon's compact body, jamming up some of the mechanisms.

It was revealed Team Whyachi that Clint Ewert wanted Ribbot to enter the fight without the foam frog to avoid it potentially jamming their weapons, but he was overruled.

Falcon vs Marvin

Falcon hits and flips Marvin with its spinning drum.

Marvin's last fight came against Hannah Rucker and Marvin, who started this fight backwards in its red square in hopes of tanking a hit to the rear and attack with its own primary weapon. Falcon did not have to engage much before Marvin hit the arena wall and lost one of its hinged teeth. As Marvin tried to spin up regardless, it became unbalanced and Falcon quickly changed direction, landing a hit which popped Marvin up into the air. Falcon's minibot was pushed away but the main bot managed to shred one of its opponent's tires. Despite its weapon being largely useless now, Marvin was able to use its flat rear end to push Falcon side on into the screws. Falcon escaped and spun up both of its drums, delivering another harsh shot to Marvin's back. The minibot continued to torment Marvin and as, Falcon came in for a big hit, Hannah Rucker's machine was overturned.Falcon opted to grind against Marvin with one of its drum spinners, and the upside-down Marvin attempted to spin up again, unbalancing itself but dealing a blow to Falcon's minibot in the closing stages. The judges awarded Falcon a unanimous 3-0 decision, but Falcon's 1-2 record was not enough to make the Top 32.


BattleBots 2004 NPC Charity Open
2004 NPC Charity Open
Winners Bracket vs. Swamp Thing Won
Winners Quarter-Finals vs. SubZero Lost
Losers Bracket vs. Papercut Won
Losers Bracket vs. Floor Jack Won
Losers Bracket vs. SABotage Won
Losers Semi-Final vs. SubZero Won
Losers Final vs. Z.I.P. Won
Grand Final vs. Devil's Plunger Lost
BattleBots Rochester R3
Rochester R3
Winners Bracket vs. Alph Won
Winners Quarter-Finals vs. Mr. Chuckalot Won
Winners Semi-Finals vs. SubZero Won
Winners Final vs. Green Wave Lost
Losers Final vs. SubZero Won
Grand Final vs. Green Wave Lost
BattleBots 2009 Collegiate Championship
2009 Collegiate Championship
Winners Bracket vs. DracUCLA Won
Winners Bracket vs. Triton Won
Winners Bracket vs. Unknown Opponents Won
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Breaker Box Lost (Split JD)
Fight Night vs. Ribbot Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Marvin Won (JD)


  • Live Event Wins: 13+
  • Live Event Losses: 4
  • TV Show Wins: 1
  • TV Show Losses: 2
  • Total Wins: 14+
  • Total Losses: 6
Competition Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Open


Swamp Thing


Floor Jack





Devil's Plunger

BattleBots Rochester R3 Alph

Mr. Chuck a lot

Chaos Toaster (Forfeit)

SubZero (x2)

Green Wave (x2)
2009 Collegiate Championship




Discovery Season 4 Marvin (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Breaker Box (Undercard Match)

Ribbot (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"The bird bird bird, the bird's the word. Everybody heard of this bird and they are scured. Oh *bird call* It's FALCON!"

"This bot's one of the Whyachi's, and destruction comes in threes. First hit, you're shakin'. Second hit, you're breakin'. Third hit, you're dead. There's no time for another rhyme. It's FALCON!"

"This bot is punching the clock, then he's punching you. The only break he's taking is when he's breaking you. You came to the box dressed that way?! Don't you know it's casuality Friday? It's FALCON!"