Falcon BBSeason4 2019

Falcon's Discovery Season 4 appearance

Falcon was a middleweight robot built by Team Whyachi which competed into the 2004 BattleBots charity event. The robot was invertible and equipped with a spinning drum. It performed well in competition, as it was the runner-up at the NPC Charity Open in 2004 as Falconizer, and BattleBots Rochester R3 in 2005 as Falcon, and was the two time BattleBots IQ champion in 2004 and 2005.

In 2009, Falcon was eventually given to Team Blue Devil for the 2009 Collegiate

BattleBots event. Falcon, along with its teammate Nitro SOW, still exist and are put on display every year at the annual Mecha Mayhem tournament. Falcon also entered Battlebots IQ as Falcon 15 where 15 likely stood for its weight of 15 pounds.

In 2019, Falcon was revived as a heavyweight with two spinning drums to compete in the fourth season of BattleBots on Discovery and Science. It also gained a more compact, taller body while both drums are powered by brushless motors, the first time Team Whyachi tried this method. Unfortunately, the heavyweight version didn't do as well as expected, with its record being 1-2, with the robot suffering from mobility issues that hampered its maneuverability.

Along with Son of Whyachi, Falcon sat out for Season 5 as the team focused on Hydra and their new bot, Fusion.

Robot History

2004 NPC Charity Open



Falconizer's first match was against Swamp Thing. Falconizer tossed Swamp Thing multiple times with its spinning drum and the time ran out soon after. Falconizer won on a judge's decision and advanced to the winner's quarterfinals, where it faced SubZero.

In this fight, Falconizer kept its rear pointing at SubZero so it could not be flipped. SubZero managed to flip the front of Falconizer once before Falconizer went back to pointing its rear at SubZero. SubZero won on a judge's decision and Falconizer was now in the loser's bracket, where it faced Papercut. Falconizer won by KO and advanced to the next round, where it faced Floor Jack.

Falconizer tossed Floor Jack onto its back with its spinning drum and sparks were flying. As Floor Jack was trying to run away, Falconizer ripped the front wedge off of Floor Jack and a battery came loose. Team Van Cleve tapped out and Falconizer was declared the winner by KO. This win put Falconizer to the next round, where it faced SABotage.

Falconvssabotage npc04

SABotage gets tossed by Falconizer's spinning drum.

Both robots were circling around each other and SABotage tried to lift Falconizer from the right side, but it was only a small lift and Falconizer easily dropped back onto the ground. Falconizer then managed to hit the front of SABotage with its spinning drum and ripped a piece off from the left side. Falconizer continued to hit SABotage and tossed it onto its back. As SABotage tried to self-right, Falconizer hit SABotage's lifting arm and tossed it back onto its wheels. SABotage was moving around Falconizer and both robots collided into each other shortly after. SABotage then got its lifter underneath the left side of Falconizer and tried to lifted it, but missed. Both robots backed up and Falconizer went straight at SABotage, tossing it onto its back once again. Falconizer continued hitting the flipped SABotage and SABotage tried to self-right again. However, SABotage wasn't able to and Falconizer tossed SABotage again with its spinning drum. SABotage was still on its back and Falconizer hit SABotage's right wheel. After this, SABotage was counted out and Falconizer won the match by KO. This win put Falconizer to the next round, where it faced SubZero again.

Z.I.P vs Falconizer

Falconizer charges into and reverse-launches Z.I.P into the air.

Falconizer won by KO and advanced to the loser's finals, where it faced Z.I.P. When the match began, Falconizer avoided the box rush by Z.I.P. The two maneuvered around each other for a while before Falconizer started hitting Z.I.P, first on the wedge, then on the side and underside. Falconizer later kicked Z.I.P in the air on two separate head on collisions before dishing out a series of hits that spun Z.I.P around and then hitting Z.I.P in the rear end when it reversed over it. Falconizer hit the wedge again as Z.I.P tried to push Falconizer, and doing so once more when Z.I.P rammed Falconizer wedge first. When it got rammed again, Falconizer kicked up the wedge and delivered a few shots to the underside. Falconizer delivered a few shots to the wedge as Z.I.P reversed into a pulverizer, before eventually dishing out a blow to the wedge that flipped Z.I.P upside down. By this point, Z.I.P appeared to be having drive issues, as its left side appeared to be losing drive. After another hit to the wedge, Falconizer kicked up the wedge and ground at the top of Z.I.P. Falconizer then kicked up Z.I.P from the side and delivered Z.I.P to the pulverizer, where Z.I.P was hit two times before escaping. After a small hit to the back, Falconizer charged in and dished out a massive blow to the underside that reverse launched Z.I.P in the air. After a bit of maneuvering, Falconizer ground into the right rear of Z.I.P before kicking it on top of itself again. After some more moving around, Falconizer kicked Z.I.P over itself two more times before kicking it up from the left rear along with another shot to the wedge that sent it spinning into the wall. As Z.I.P backed away from the wall, Falconizer kicked in the air once more from the back, nearly flipping it back over before a last hit in the air sent it back upside down. After another grinding to the underside from the side of the wedge, Falconizer made another charge, kicking it up from the side and sending it spinning in the air. Falconizer continued to deliver shots to the rear, the sides, and the underside as the time was winding down. When the match made the distance, Falconizer won on a judge's decision and advanced to the middleweight finals, where it faced Devil's Plunger. Devil's Plunger won on a judge's decision and Falconizer was declared the runner-up.

BattleBots Rochester R3

Falcon sends Alph flying

Falcon sends Alph flying.

Falcon's first match was against Alph. This fight started with Falcon spinning up, and immediately bending the corner of Alph's dustpan wedge. Falcon then delivered several more hits, destroying the dustpan wedge even more before nearly flipping Alph, and mangling its saw arm. After a few more hits Falcon finally flipped the now weaponless Alph, and attacked it some more before Alph tapped out.

This win by knockout put Falcon up against Mr. Chuck a lot. It won this fight, and advanced to the next round where it was scheduled to fight Chaos Toaster. However Chaos Toaster had technical issues, and were forced to forfeit the match.

This put Falcon in the semifinals where it faced Green Wave. It lost the match, and was now in the loser's bracket finals where it faced longtime rival SubZero. During the Green Wave fight, Falcon had lost the use of its drum, meaning it was going in with just its wedge. However, it won this fight, and advanced to the Middleweight finals where it faced Green Wave once again. It lost this fight, and became the BattleBots Rochester R3 Middleweight runner-up.

2009 Collegiate Championship

Falcon 2009

Falcon's 2009 Collegiate Championships appearance.

— Team Blue Devil's chant
After winning a match against an unknown robot, Falcon advanced into the next round, where it faced DracUCLA. When the match began, Falcon charged in as DracUCLA tried to avoid it, but instead they clash drum-to-drum, putting DracUCLA into the barrier connecting the screws before Falcon delivered a shot to the left side, kicking it up, tearing off an armor plate, and flipping it into a corner between the wall and the screws.
DracUCLA vs Falcon 2

Falcon kicks DracUCLA over and into the corner between the wall and the screws.

When DracUCLA turned around, Falcon delivered several shots to the front, one of which causing DracUCLA to stand on its back before knocking it back down. Falcon soon backed away, letting DracUCLA out of the space, before striking the right front once more, flipping it again and connecting drums once more, flipping DracUCLA back over. Falcon gave a shot to the back and pushed it towards the barrier connecting the screws, before DracUCLA escaped.
DracUCLA vs Falcon 3

Falcon kicks DracUCLA in the rear and pushes it towards the screws.

Falcon got a lucky break when DracUCLA turned into the path of their team's pulverizer. Immediately, the pulverizer came down on DracUCLA, the first one popping out the right front armor plate and the second one hitting the drum, stopping it. When DracUCLA tried to escape, Falcon came in and struck the front, flipping it back into the path of the pulverizer, and just as the pulverizer was about to fire again, Falcon kicked and flipped DracUCLA once more just before the pulverizer hit it again, incapacitating it.
DracUCLA vs Falcon

Falcon kicks and flips DracUCLA just as the pulverizer hits DracUCLA, incapacitating it.

Falcon gave one more shot as the pulverizer continued to pound DracUCLA before DracUCLA tapped out, giving Falcon the win by KO and advancing it into the next round, where it faced Triton. Falcon won this match also, and moved on to the next round.

Discovery Season 4

Falcon's return to robotic combat put it against veteran Jim Smentowski and Breaker Box in a bit of a rematch from past events from when Jim had Nightmare competing. When the match began, Falcon was having drive issues but both drums got up to speed. Unfortunately, this still left them quite vulnerable and they were pushed around the arena. Falcon continued to have drive issues and were shoved around again, eventually getting flipped over. Somehow, they managed to get some mobility and now it was Breaker Box's turn to have issues. Falcon tried to take advantage, with some hits to the side of the plow, but wasn't able to cause much damage before time ran out. The judges awarded Breaker Box a 2-1 split decision.

Next for Falcon was a match against newcomer Ribbot. Things weren't off to a good start for Falcon as they had trouble maneuvering around the arena but had working drums so they forged ahead with the battle. Unfortunately, Falcon started to take multiple impacts, though these didn't really cause much damage. However, Falcon soon lost the use of its gray drum so it was forced to use the white one. Ribbot was losing its cosmetic legs, but these had no effect on its performance so Falcon continued to take punishment,. losing a wedgelet before being sent into the screws. Falcon then lost more wedgelets and eventually came practically to a halt near the screws. Falcon was unable to show enough movement and was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO. After the fight, it was revealed that some of Ribbot's foam had gotten sucked into Falcon's compact body, jamming up some of the mechanisms. It was also confirmed by Team Whyachi that Clint wanted Ribbot to come in without the foam to avoid the jamming, but he was overruled and had to fight the foamed up frog the way it was.

Falcon did try to apply for the Desperado, but wasn't selected to compete in it. Instead, Falcon took part in an untelevised match against newcomer Marvin. Falcon was accompanied by its minibot and started off cautiously as it mostly avoided Marvin's weapon. Luckily. Marvin ran into the arena barrier and lost one of its disc's teeth, leaving it unbalanced for the remainder of the fight. Falcon circled around with little contact on Marvin, but did manage to flip Marvin over towards the end of the fight and leave several gouges in Marvin's back. Time ran out with both robots still mobile and the judges gave a unanimous 3-0 decision to Falcon.


  • Wins: 13?
  • Losses: 6?
Competition Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Open


Swamp Thing


Floor Jack





Devil's Plunger

BattleBots Rochester R3 Alph

Mr. Chuck a lot

Chaos Toaster (Forfeit)


Green Wave (x2)
2009 Collegiate Championship




Discovery Season 4 Marvin (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Breaker Box (Undercard Match)

Ribbot (Undercard Match)

Falcon and 15

Falcon 15 alongside middleweight Falcon.

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"The bird bird bird, the bird's the word. Everybody heard of this bird and they are scured. Oh *bird call* It's FALCON!"

"This bot's one of the Whyachi's, and destruction comes in threes. First hit, you're shakin'. Second hit, you're breakin'. Third hit, you're dead. There's no time for another rhyme. It's FALCON!"

"This bot is punching the clock, then he's punching you. The only break he's taking is when he's breaking you. You came to the box dressed that way?! Don't you know it's causality Friday? It's FALCON!"

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