Extinguisher's Discovery Season 5 appearance.

Extinguisher is a heavyweight robot which competed in the fourth and fifth seasons of the BattleBots reboot on Discovery and Science. It is a four-wheeled, red, trapezoid-shaped Swiss-army robot armed with a 15 lb hammer, based on a fireman's axe. Although the back looks more effective than the front, it was confirmed by the team that the butt of the axe is 3D printed, meaning it's for aesthetics. Its other two weapons are a launcher, and a vertical bar spinner, although the axe would be the only weapon used for the majority of the competition. Extinguisher also had a siren inside the bot to please the crowd and further extend the theme its team brought. It underperformed in its match, having won only one match, losing out in his other matches, with one instance being on fire by P1's minibot, Burnout.

For Season 5, the team upgraded Extinguisher quite a bit. A more refined chassis and armor setup was introduced along with new yellow tires with custom axe treads for better traction and larger rear wheels, a more powerful drive system to allow speeds of up to 35 mph, an actual fire extinguisher, a new set of steel wedgelets, a new axe arm, and a change of the axe head to be a 35 lb AR400 spike so far dubbed Forced Entry. The only other confirmed weapon so far is an asymmetrical bar, but it's unknown on the stats so far. Unlike its previous season, its siren was omitted from the bot. Despite these upgrades, like last season, Extinguisher didn't do well in Season 5, winning only one fight and losing his two other fights via by KO, preventing him from making it into the Round of 32. Extinguisher didn't do any better in the Bounty Hunters spinoff series, losing it's only fight to Valkyrie.

Extinguisher has stated they will be applying for the sixth season of the reboot, but not much is known about what they will be changing.

Robot History

Discovery Season 4

Extinguisher vs. The Four Horsemen

Extinguisher's Discovery Season 4 appearance.

Extinguisher's first fight was against a revamped version of The Four Horsemen. Extinguisher started off rather poorly as they missed with their weapon, which was also proving to be quite sluggish due a plate connected to the clutch that powers the weapon shrinking in the cooler temperature at the event. This undid all the fine tuning the team did prior to the fight. Extinguisher then took a hit from War but didn't suffer much damage. Extinguisher continued to move around the arena, occasionally firing its weapon but had very little success hitting The Four Horsemen apart from flipping Butter Cup over.

Extinguisher strikes Pizza.

Extinguisher takes shots from War.

Extinguisher then lost drive on one side as the outer shells for half the motors tied to the drive system shattered after shaking from the impacts and hitting the centers of the motors but Buttercup had stopped moving completely after getting shoved by Extinguisher.

Extinguisher sends War flying, while immobilizing Buttercup with a shove.

Extinguisher was now driving in circles until it finally stopped moving. However, as the countdown began, Extinguisher got going and managed to survive to a judges decision. The judges awarded a 2-1 split decision to The Four Horsemen.

Extinguisher vs. Double Jeopardy vs. Rainbow

Extinguisher also participated in a rumble with Russian newcomer Rainbow and veteran Double Jeopardy. As the rumble got under way, Extinguisher missed with its weapon and instead took damage to its side from Rainbow's spinning bar.

Extinguisher takes a shot to its wedge from Rainbow.

Extinguisher continued to fight but its weapon still didn't make contact, resulting in its drive taking severe damage. Extinguisher spent the rest of the rumble driving in circles having lost a drive chain earlier on. The judges awarded Rainbow a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Extinguisher vs. Battlesaw

Extinguisher's next fight was an untelevised was against twice rejected newcomer, Battlesaw. For this fight, Extinguisher went with a thick front wedge and its axe. This proved to be a good choice as Extinguisher was able to push Battlesaw where it wanted to,

Extinguisher pushes Battlesaw towards the wall.

briefly causing smoke to appear from Battlesaw when it was near the screws. Extinguisher had little to do and nothing to fear as Battlesaw's weapon had been disabled so it continued to push the slow-moving Battlesaw into the arena barrier

Extinguisher pushing Battlesaw.

and the screws before Battlesaw finally stopped moving near the pulverizer.

Extinguisher pushes Battlesaw under the pulverizer.

Extinguisher wanted to use its axe, but the receiver for its weapon wasn't working, but Extinguisher was still able to win by KO.

Extinguisher vs. P1 vs. The Four Horsemen

one of Extinguisher's tire gets torn off by War.

Extinguisher was caught on fire and smoking.

Extinguisher also took part in an exhibition rumble with The Four Horsemen and P1. The rumble was off to a good start for Extinguisher as they were able to land hits on both The Four Horsemen and P1 with P1 losing its sacrificial spoiler. Unfortunately, Extinguisher was then lifted by P1 before losing a tire and being pushed onto the screws. Extinguisher escaped but was down to one side of drive and began smoking. To make matters worse, P1's minibot, Burnout, got under and ignited a LiPo fire inside Extinguisher with its flamethrower, which grew bigger and bigger as the match went on. Extinguisher's remaining drive stopped working and eventually lost the use of its hammer too. Extinguisher kept using its siren to keep the fire low as much as possible, but due to its battery power running out, the fire grew to such a size that the match was cut off early, bringing the rumble to a judges decision, which ruled in favor of The Four Horsemen.

Discovery Season 5

Extinguisher vs. Perfect Phoenix

Extinguisher gets hit by Perfect Phoenix.

After its extensive upgrades, Extinguisher's first match was against Perfect Phoenix. Extinguisher was armed with its hammer and plow set-up, but started off very poorly as their box rush was side stepped and they ended up hitting the screws hard enough to disable their own drive system. Extinguisher had its paint scratched by Perfect Phoenix as it was counted out, giving Perfect Phoenix the win by a rather easy KO.

Extinguisher vs. Gigabyte

Next for Extinguisher was a match against veteran Gigabyte from Robotic Death Company. Extinguisher went with its hammer setup with the intent of firing the weapon once they got Gigabyte's weapon stopped. This did not go as planned as Extinguisher had changed its drive system, which lead to it failing a box rush and allowed Gigabyte to spin up. Consequently, Extinguisher was thrown onto its head but quickly righted itself. Extinguisher mistimed its next attack and lost its weapon support piece. Extinguisher then had its weapon arm twisted, rendering the weapon pretty much useless. Extinguisher was then thrown near the screws where half its drive was disabled as a result of the chain tensioner coming loose and the left corner of its wedge had been bent upward. Extinguisher could no longer move freely and was counted out, giving Gigabyte the win by KO.

Extinguisher vs. Gruff

Fresh off a loss to Gigabyte, Extinguisher was now facing veteran Gruff, whom had also lost their previous battle to a well-driven Whiplash. Extinguisher was armed with its vertical spinner setup, which was painted to look like a dalmatian's fur. Extinguisher faced a rough start as they took flames directly from its opponent before being flipped over and pushed onto the screws. After another attack, Extinguisher was pushed back onto the screws, where it landed on its nose. Luckily, Gruff righted them but Extinguisher then took a hit that jammed its weapon with Gruff's lifting forks but Extinguisher was still upside down and unable to do anything. The match was then paused to try and separate the robots. (This separation was cut from the TV airing.) Consequently, during the process of freeing the two bots, Extinguisher's weapon belt was cut, leaving them without an active weapon for the rest of the match. When the match restarted, Extinguisher caught a major break as all the aggressive driving had worn out Gruff's drive and they were left to drive mostly in circles. Extingisher gave their opponent a final tap before Gruff was counted out, allowing Extinguisher to take their only win of the 2020 Fight Night season.

Battlebots Bounty Hunters

Extinguisher vs. Valkyrie

Extinguisher charging at Valkyrie

Extinguisher also competed in the Witch Doctor Bounty Hunters bracket, where it faced Valkyrie with its vertical spinner setup. The fight did not go well for Extinguisher, as the initial impacts between the two bots sent both of their wedges flying off. Though Extinguisher pushed its opponent back, they were able to get up to speed, and it wasn't long before Valkyrie damaged one of Extinguisher's front wheels. Struggling for drive, Valkyrie then tore that wheel clean off before doing the same to Extinguisher's other front wheel. Valkyrie then attacked Extinguisher's rear tires until it was no longer able to move, and Extinguisher was counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by KO.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 6
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 4 Battlesaw (Untelevised Undercard Match)

The Four Horsemen (Undercard Match)

Rainbow (Undercard Rumble)

The Four Horsemen (Exhibition Rumble)

Discovery Season 5 Gruff (Undercard Match) Perfect Phoenix (Undercard Match)

Gigabyte (Undercard Match)

Battlebots: Bounty Hunters None Valkyrie

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"From Tampa, Florida. Whoo child, it's the first responder, coming in hot. When it's sizzling, you're fizzling, no matter which weapon it brought. It's ok, everyone knows that you're about to get hosed. It's EXTINGUISHER!"

"Ladybot ladybot, fly away home. Your bot is on fire and your pit crew is gone. When you wonder, "Am I toast? Am I out?" Listen to me, you are son. Here to make sure you're the last finisher and reduce you to ash, it's EXTINGUISHER!"

"From Tampa, Florida, I need this bot cause I'm on fire! It's EXTINGUISHER!"


  • Extinguisher's Season 4 form was later turned into a robot designed to extinguish fires, painted yellow with a CO2 system.
    • This version had also been used in an 18-bot preview rumble on Witch Doctor's YouTube channel.
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