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EvilCheeseWedge SF02

Evil Cheese Wedge in Season 5.0.

Evil Cheese Wedge was a middleweight wedge-shaped robot Bil Dwyer bought online that fought in a few exhibition matches during the last season of Comedy Central BattleBots. Its name was decided in the end of Season 4.0 by Bil Dwyer after many suggestions were sent in. It did poorly, though won two of its three matches, and was destroyed in its third fight, but was never actually used in the regular competition and none of its three matches were shown in full.

Robot History[]

Season 5.0[]


Evil Cheese Wedge fighting Snowflake.


Evil Cheese Wedge fighting Psyche.

Evil Cheese Wedge's first ever match was against Team Toad's lightweight SnowFlake. It was mostly a pushing match before the time ran out. The judges ruled in favor of Evil Cheese Wedge and it went up against middleweight Psyche next. Like the first match, this was mostly a pushing before the time ran out. Evil Cheese Wedge won the match on a judges' decision and its final opponent was against Inertia Labs' superheavyweight The Butcher.


Evil Cheese Wedge getting destroyed by The Butcher.

In this match, The Butcher spun up its blade and collided with Evil Cheese Wedge, making one of Evil Cheese Wedge's wheels come off. The Butcher scraped along the side of Evil Cheese Wedge, and its blade caught some wires hanging out of the broken bot, causing Evil Cheese Wedge to be dragged along the floor. Eventually, Evil Cheese Wedge lost its other wheel and got its armor ripped off by The Butcher's spinning blade, and Evil Cheese Wedge was counted out.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
Season 5.0

SnowFlake (Exhibition match)

Psyche (Exhibition match)

The Butcher (Exhibition match)


Evil Cheese Wedge in Season 4.0


  • Evil Cheese Wedge's remaining top 5 name suggestions were Lee Harvey Wallbanger, Streisand's Nosebot, Cavity Search and Slippery Underthing.