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End Game is a robot built by New Zealand representatives OYES Robotics, which has competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since Discovery Season 3.

Armed with powerful vertical spinning weaponry which can hit upwards of 6000rpm in just five seconds, End Game is boxy in design and four-wheel drive. Though End Game debuted with a single-tooth flywheel, this became interchangeable with an asymmetric spinning bar and teardrop-shaped disc as the design evolved. The weapon is also proven to be able to right End Game if it becomes inverted, though the robot also featured a secondary independent self-righting mechanism. Initially designed to imitate a pair of shades which articulated over the weapon to operate, this was later simplified to be a single arm positioned to the left of the primary weapon. The front wedge can also be traded out for forks or wedgelets.

End Game evolved from the team's previous heavyweight called Death Toll in 2017, which won China's FMB Finals in 2018[1] and signed up for RoboGames in the same year, but had to drop out due to conflict with BattleBots.

In its rookie season, End Game was matt black in color, with four orange fins and a solid wedge across the front leading into its single-toothed vertical spinner. End Game started modestly with two wins by KO, and became known for calling out then-reigning champions Ray Billings and Tombstone throughout the competition. End Game then suffered losses to eventual champion Bite Force and former champion Son of Whyachi to peg OYES Robotics back to 2-2. The team entered the mid-season USA vs. The World Tournament, losing to SawBlaze by judges' decision, before a loss in the play-in match against WAR Hawk in a play-in rumble also involving Brutus sealed their fate. As such, End Game were not selected for the Top 16.

End Game returned for Discovery Season 4 with their main focus being improving the reliability of their drive and weapon motors. The team swapped their 7050 aluminum chassis for 7075 aluminum, which they later cited as one of their biggest mistakes for this season, as it was brittle and prone to breaking.

"It's too brittle, cracks propagate through it and you can't weld it to fix it, so once a piece takes 1 hit it's full of cracks and can't be repaired. We brought 3 sets of front chassis/wedgelet mounting blocks with us, and still panic ordered some custom made while we were at the event."
— Shane de Rijk explains the flaws of using 7075 aluminium in End Game's earliest chassis.

The feeder wedge for the primary weapon had now been cut down the center, and bent slightly beyond the sides of the robot. The team also debuted their self-righting mechanism designed to look like a pair of shades, in keeping with the team's character. Aesthetically, End Game sported a new silver look for its main chassis and now had a yellow stripe running across the outside of the robot. Its name on the wedge was now in a thinner but overall larger black font. Contrary to its previous season, End Game lost its opening two undercard matches by KO in close fights, and subsequntly entered the Desperado Tournament. Despite beating Gruff, End Game was eliminated at the hands of Minotaur. Failing to secure a guaranteed Top 16 spot, End Game scored a KO win over Cobalt in their final Fight Night battle, but were again not selected for the competition bracket. End Game also participated in an exhibition match against DUCK! and won, ending the tournament 3-3 with all fights considered. The team had a "Kill Count" sticker on the left side of their primary weapon, which was updated with every win the team chalked up.

The damage to End Game's 7075 aluminium frame.

OYES Robotics returned for Discovery Season 5 with internal upgrades attempting to eliminate the reliability issues that had previously plagued the team. End Game also had a wider variety of fork options depending on their opponent. The robot now featured the team's sponsors on the top panel, as well as a New Zealand flag and their native symbol, the fern.Their season started very strongly after scratching their three-year itch with a KO win over Ray Billings and Tombstone. However, it was immobilized in its second match by Bloodsport. End Game then built momentum, winning a string of matches and reaching the Championship final of the tournament. The team managed to overcome the Vazquez family and Whiplash to become the first international winners of the coveted Giant Nut.

End Game lined up to face Hydra in Season 6 with their longest forks.

For Discovery Season 6, OYES Robotics added magnets to try and reduce the effects of gyroscopic forces as the robot turns while its weapon is up to speed, as well as increase friction. The top armor had again received new graphics, now white on top with honeycomb design around the edges as well as logos of MaxAmps, The University of Auckland and other sponsors for the season. The team teased another new fork configuration, which included eight forks of differing lengths and were used against Jake Ewert and Hydra in the first episode of the 2021 season. The outermost forks are so long that they double the overall length of the bot. They also have eight discs for the season in total, able to swap them out between fights to ensure their primary weapon is in pristine condition ahead of every battle. End Game started the 2021 season strong by winning three consecutive Main Events over last season's No.1 tournament seed Hydra, 2019 season runner-up Witch Doctor and two-time quarter-finalist SawBlaze. In fitting style, End Game entered the Top 32 as the No.1 seed after its win over Jake Ewert and began its run for a second Giant Nut with a dominating display against play in winner Skorpios. However, it fell in the Round of 16 at the hands of Minotaur, costing End Game the chance to defend its title.

OYES Robotics intended to compete in Discovery Season 6 with both End Game and their lifter robot Krusty Grab, but the latter was rejected due to a lack of available spots for second robots from established teams.

Outside of BattleBots, team members Steven Barker and Christina Yu compete with a 3lb robot called Emotional Damage, which won a beetleweight competition in February 2022.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

End Game vs. Captain Shrederator

End Game tosses Captain Shrederator in the air.

End Game's first opponent was against Captain Shrederator. The match was off to a poor start for End Game as they found themselves struggling to get out of their square, due to their wedge being extremely low to the ground, allowing Captain Shrederator to get its shell up to speed. However, End Game recovered and was quicker to get their weapon up to speed

End Game tosses Captain Shrederator onto its back.

and hit Captain Shrederator hard, causing the shell to stop spinning. Since Captain Shrederator was continuing to fight, End Game hit it again near the corner and Captain Shrederator took a hit from the pulverizer. Even then, its opponent wasn't giving up so End Game promptly launched it into the air and onto its top, landing on the edge of the screws. With no way to move, Captain Shrederator was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO at 1:22.

End Game vs. Lock-Jaw

End Game hits Lock-Jaw while it was stuck on the killsaws.

End Game rips a wheel from Lock-Jaw.

End Game next found itself up against Lock-Jaw. For this match, End Game had some filing done underneath the wedge to prevent ground clearance issues that were affecting it in its previous match. The match started off well for End Game as they managed to land a hit on Lock-Jaw after their opponent got one of its lifting jaws stuck in the slot for the killsaws. Lock-Jaw recovered, but End Game landed another hit, this time to one of Lock-Jaw's wheels. As Lock-Jaw continued to fight, End Game delivered more hits, taking off a wheel and damaging another. Eventually, Lock-Jaw was struggling to make any progress and ended up right in front of the screws. Lock-Jaw was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO after 2:01.

End Game vs. Bite Force

End Game is overturned by Bite Force.

End Game's next opponent was the former champion Bite Force. The match started out badly for End Game as the first hit sent them flying into the screws on Bite Force's side. They recovered and came back for another hit, but were sent flying again. However, this hit caused Bite Force to stop moving, but End Game chose not to attack. This proved to be a big mistake as Bite Force came back to life and End Game received two more impacts, the latter of which flipped it over where it could not self-right due to its disc not being up to speed. End Game was counted out and Bite Force won the match by KO after just over a minute.

End Game vs. Son of Whyachi

End Game and Son of Whyachi collide.

End Game was next drawn against Son of Whyachi. For this fight, End Game opted to go with their asymmetric bar to minimize the surface area that Son of Whyachi could hit. When the match got underway, things were pretty even, but End Game took a big hit from Son of Whyachi that instantly knocked it out while Son of Whyachi was sent into the arena lexan, tearing into the 1st layer before on top of the mount for the screws. Son of Whyachi was able to escape whilst End Game did not move at all; its radio receiver was destroyed as a result from the hit earlier at the start of the match. End Game was counted out, giving Son of Whyachi the win by KO.

End Game vs. SawBlaze

End Game and SawBlaze do battle.

End Game next found itself in the USA vs. The World special tournament where it faced SawBlaze. For this fight, End Game replaced its traditional armor with a more grid-like pattern and added plastic extensions on the front to hopefully get under SawBlaze more easily. The match was off to a good start for End Game as they were delivering some pretty decent hits, though none of them causing much damage, except to the front forks of its opponent. End Game was then pushed into the arena barrier by its opponent and was unable to fight back while its opponent worked its saw into End Game's backside. End Game got free and threw SawBlaze over, which knocked a chain off. SawBlaze got right back up and End Game was again pushed into the arena barrier before being released. End Game took a shot from the killsaws and got stuck on a piece of debris, and was unable to free itself. Luckily, there wasn't enough time for a count out, so the fight went the distance. The judges awarded a 2-1 split decision and one point to SawBlaze.

End Game vs. WAR Hawk vs. Brutus

End Game is attacked by WAR Hawk.

End Game's last chance to enter the knockout tournament was in a rumble with WAR Hawk and Brutus. End Game started off strong as they tore off Brutus' front wedge, but they were quickly thrown onto their weapon by WAR Hawk where they could not self-right. WAR Hawk then did the same to Brutus up against the arena barrier and was declared the winner by KO.

Discovery Season 4[]

End Game vs. DeathRoll

End Game attacking DeathRoll.

End Game started off Discovery Season 4 against DeathRoll in a fight between New Zealand and Australia. For this battle, End Game went with curved wedgelets to get under DeathRoll and perhaps cause damage. When the match began, End Game struck first, sending DeathRoll flying end-over-end and all over the arena. However, DeathRoll recovered so End Game sent it flying again, bringing down one of the lights, sending glass and the cover to the arena floor. DeathRoll recovered once again and End Game ran over the glass shards from the broken arena light and lost both of its weapon belts, causing its weapon to spin down. End Game collided with DeathRoll again and was thrown on its back and unable to self-right. DeathRoll came to their side and waited with their weapon at full speed, but noticed the New Zealand bot was immobile. End Game was counted out, giving DeathRoll the win by KO.

End Game vs. Ribbot

End Game and Ribbot collide.

End Game gets tossed into the air by Ribbot.

End Game hits Ribbot.

End Game was next paired against newcomer Ribbot. In response, End Game went in virtually unchanged from its previous bout with DeathRoll, apart from going with its trademark vertical spinner and a stick for its self-righter as opposed to its glasses. When the match began, End Game was doing well, sending Ribbot flying without taking much damage. After another attack on Ribbot that sent it flying, it was End Game's turn to go flying and End Game lost one of its four wedgelets. Making matters worse, End Game also had lost drive on one side, leaving it struggling to show movement. End Game was unable to last much longer and was eventually knocked out, then counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO.

End Game vs. Gruff

End Game hits Gruff's side armor.

End Game gets slammed against the screws by Gruff.

End Game was winless thus far and opted to participate in the Desperado Tournament for a spot in the Top 16 bracket and the Giant Bolt trophy. As the No.4 seed, they faced off against newcomer and No.5 seed, Gruff. End Game went with its spinning bar and front wedge. As the match began, End Game was pretty even with Gruff, not causing much damage. End Game soon threw Gruff over, but Gruff got back up quickly. End Game then faced a drive issue from the first hit, leaving it to gyro around to stay active. End Game soon faced the flames of Gruff before losing a belt to Gruff's lifting forks and getting pushed into the screws in the process. End Game was then shoved into the arena barrier, but escaped. By this point, End Game's drive problems were getting worse, but it got a lucky break as Gruff had managed to wedge its forks under the polycarbonate cover for the killsaws. Gruff was unable to move and was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO with 2 seconds left on the clock.

End Game vs. Minotaur

End Game is chewed up by the screws.

This win put End Game through to the semi-finals where it took on former runner-up and No.1 seed, Minotaur. For this fight, End Game went with its front wedgelets to get under Minotaur in addition to its asymmetrical bar. When the match began, End Game circled around before taking a hit from Minotaur that cost it a front wedgelet. End Game was still going, but was beginning to have drive issues again. End Game continued its attacks, but Minotaur was starting to gain the upper hand and End Game lost a weapon belt and its other wedgelets. End Game was then shoved on top of the screws of the screws for a bit before getting freed and gyro'd back to the blue square as Minotaur swerved towards them. End Game tried to keep its weapon pointed at the Brazilian bot, but the it had problems keeping pointed. End Game received a slight shot, but that allowed End Game to strike Minotaur's drum and flip them over. Minotaur managed to right itself and threw End Game under the pulverizer and End Game eventually stopped moving, was counted out, and Minotaur won by KO.

End Game vs. Cobalt

End Game rips off Cobalt's wedge.

End Game flips Cobalt upside down after launches into the sidewall.

After the unsuccessful run in the Desperado Tournament, End Game's next match was against Dave Moulds and the redesigned Cobalt. End Game went with its bar spinner and curved front wedgelets and when the match began, this proved to be a good choice as End Game tore off Cobalt's front wedge, resulting in the wedge embedding itself in the arena ceiling. However, End Game was having control issues and ended up struggling against its weapon's gyroscopic forces. Cobalt wasn't able to mount much of an attack so End Game eventually hit it hard, sending Cobalt high into the lexan to land upside down. Cobalt couldn't self-right and was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO.

End Game vs. DUCK!

End Game fighting DUCK!.

End Game also had an exhibition match against DUCK!. As the match got under way, End Game struggled to maneuver as its forks were getting caught in various places on the floor. Finally, End Game got its act together and sent DUCK! flying. DUCK! recovered so End Game pressed on, not causing extensive damage to DUCK! but sending it flying, including on top of the screws, where DUCK! was momentarily stuck. After another few hits, End Game seemed to stop working but this was only because it was high-centered on the floor and was able to get away. By this point, DUCK!'s lifter had become noticeably bent, but it was still functional, so End Game attacked again and briefly stopped moving once more. After a final hit near the pulverizer, smoke began to pour out of DUCK!, whom was no longer moving. DUCK! was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO.

Discovery Season 5[]

End Game vs. Tombstone

End Game launches Tombstone out of the arena.

End Game's first fight of the season was a main event against the 2016 champion Tombstone, finally fulfilling the suggestive grudge match from Season 3. When the fight started both robots met in the middle of the arena, but End Game was able to attack first and got two decent hits. When both of the weapons collided, End Game ended up near the pulverizer while Tombstone ended up near the screws. Fortunately for End Game, one of Tombstone's tires was stuck to the wall of the screws and they were able to take advantage with a hit that launched Tombstone out of the arena. End Game won by a fast KO after just 39 seconds.

End Game vs. Bloodsport

End Game and Bloodsport collide.

Fresh off its statement victory, End Game was next placed against Bloodsport. End Game opted to continue using the same weapon setup they used against Tombstone. The match stated off well for End Game as they managed to rip off both of their opponent's wedgelets and temporarily stop their opponent's weapon. However, while waiting for Bloodsport to approach, End Game lost a tire over the slot for the killsaws and its weapon was emitting sparks and failing. End Game struggled to move far, but delivered a big hit that sent Bloodsport into the corner. Unfortunately, this hit also dislodged End Game's weapon belt and End Game's weapon spun down. The damage End Game had taken was adding up and smoke began to emit from its fried speed controller, leaving End Game to get counted out, giving Bloodsport the win by KO.

End Game vs. HyperShock

HyperShock rides up the front of End Game.

At 1-1, End Game needed a second win to have any real chances of being in the Top 32 and thus were given Will Bales and HyperShock. As a result, End Game was armed with front wedgelets and a lance towards the right side, intending to keep HyperShock tilted as they got hung up. This worked perfectly in End Game's favor as they quickly tossed HyperShock over but HyperShock still had two drive wheels on the ground so it continued the fight. End Game sent them flying, this time over the screws but HyperShock got down. End Game tossed HyperShock one final time, causing HyperShock's self-righting top to become hung up on the outer lexan wall, leaving it stranded. HyperShock was counted out, giving End Game the win by a very quick KO. While waiting for the KO count to finish, End Game tossed a piece of HyperShock towards Chris and Kenny, causing Kenny to be hit with the casing for one of the lights in front of him.

End Game vs. Perfect Phoenix

End Game and Perfect Phoenix close in on one another in the opening seconds of the fight.

End Game made it into the Round of 32 as the No.6 seed and faced the No.27 seed Perfect Phoenix. End Game was armed with its anti-horizontal spinner wedges and was pretty even with Perfect Phoenix as neither robot's weapon was able to gain purchase. However, End Game managed to get in two big hits, the latter of which flipped Perfect Phoenix over on top of the screws. The screws reversed but Perfect Phoenix stayed upside down on top of them with no way to right itself. Perfect Phoenix was counted out, giving End Game the win by KO and a spot in the Top 16.

End Game vs. Rotator

Sparks fly as Rotator hits the wedge of End Game.

Up next for End Game was their fourth horizontal spinner of the season, the No.22 seed Rotator. End Game once again went with the anti-horizontal spinner wedge going into this fight. The fight started well for End Game, as the first hit sent both bots back slightly, but End Game charged Rotator after the recoil, nearly knocking it into the screws. After more glancing blows, End Game eventually ripped off one of Rotator's wedgelets. End Game then started to chase Rotator around as it tried to circle them, and landed a hit that sent Rotator into the air. However, that hit would break both of the weapon belts off of End Game, forcing it to only use It's wedge for the rest of the fight. Despite having no weapon, End Game continued to be aggressive, constantly going after Rotator and taking hits, even causing Rotator to flip itself over. End Game would manage to cause Rotator's weapon to stop, turning the match into a pushing one, which went the distance. The judges awarded a 2-1 split decision for End Game, meaning it moved on to the quarter-finals.

End Game vs. Shatter!

End Game charges at the left side of Shatter!.

End Game's quarter-final fight was against the No.19 seed Shatter!. For this fight, End Game was fitted with extra armor plating on the top designed to withstand Shatter!'s hammer blows. The fight started with Shatter! driving the length of the box to meet End Game, but the vertical spinner quickly got to work, taking apart the ablative pieces of armor. End Game had Shatter! pinned, and was able to deliver a brutal hit to its underside. With pieces strewn over the box floor and its left side fork bent outwards, Shatter! tried to push back and fired the axe, hitting but leaving itself vulnerable. End Game manouevred to the rear of Shatter!, delivering a hit which sent it flying into the timer. Shatter! self-righted, but had now lost its right-side fork and was visibly hurt. End Game maintained its spinning speed, waiting for Shatter! to drift out of the corner and return to the center of the box. The next impact decapitated Shatter!, but it still tried to attack with what remained of its axe. Unnerved by Shatter!'s swings, End Game kept attacking until Shatter! was no longer moving. The count started, and End Game progressed to its first semi-final.

End Game vs. Tantrum

Sparks fly as End Game and Tantrum collide.

Next up was surprise package Tantrum, who had shown tremendous durability in its previous wins over Bloodsport and SawBlaze. End Game spun up immediately but gyroed ever so slightly. This was enough for Tantrum to get to its side and ram it into the corner. But despite trying to punch with its weapon, it failed to make the desired impact and End Game recovered. Tantrum then slid under End Game's front forks and punched more successfully, sending sparks flying on impact. It backed away for a run up, and shoved End Game into the wall again. Unfortunately for Tantrum however, smoke began to billow from the top of the robot and the weapon came to a halt. The speed controller powering the weapon and srimech had died, though Tantrum was not deterred. With a place in the final at stake, Tantrum again got underneath End Game, but retreated to the center of the box. End Game began to deliver glancing hits to Tantrum's chassis, one of which ripped a fork clean off, and then hit Tantrum with a deadly and decisive uppercut, flipping it over. Unable to self-right due to damage sustained to its speed controller earlier in the fight, Tantrum was counted out, and End Game progressed to the title fight.

End Game vs. Whiplash

End Game prevents Whiplash from using its weaponry.

End Game tosses Whiplash out of the arena, deciding the fight and the season.

Now in the final, all that stood between End Game and the Giant Nut was Whiplash, fresh off a win over the Brazilian Black Dragon. The fight started with Whiplash circling End Game, first clockwise then counter-clockwise, biding its time. End Game, less willing to play the patient game, took advantage of Whiplash steering onto their forks and dealt an uppercut to its lifting mechanism. With Whiplash held against the screws with its lifter raised, End Game stuck its disc between Whiplash's forks and pinned it momentarily. Whiplash pushed back, but rode over the top of End Game after dropping its lifter onto the New Zealand representative's vertical spinner. Whiplash drove away, but its disc was not spinning. End Game kept its front pointed at Whiplash as it again circled its opponent, but Whiplash oversteered, and End Game capitalized by flipping it over. Whiplash righted itself immediately, but its lifting arm was bent ever so slightly out of place and could not retract properly. Another hit saw Whiplash overturned again, and one final hit saw End Game send Whiplash over the wall and out of the box. The team celebrated as Whiplash was counted out, and End Game became the first international team in the modern BattleBots era to win the Giant Nut.

Discovery Season 6[]

End Game vs. Hydra

Hydra launches the defending champions early on.

Hydra becomes stuck in the corner of the BattleBox.

Returning for the 2021 season, End Game started its campaign with a Main Event against Hydra. For this battle, Hydra and End Game both teased extremely long fork additions to the front of their bots, though only End Game followed through with the idea. In the opening moments, End Game spun up while Hydra resided in the corner, momentarily becoming stuck in the killsaw slot. As End Game turned, gyroscopic forces lifted the right side and gave Jake Ewert a prime opportunity to flip, and he did, launching End Game high into the air. End Game bounced back onto its wheels as Hydra attempted to flip again, but missed.

However, Hydra could no longer retract its flipper and the defending champions coerced it into the corner. Ironically, the length of its own forks prevented End Game from delivering a big hit immediately as they were slightly bent from Hydra's initial flip. Both bots returned to the center of the BattleBox as one of End Game's longest forks came away, but Hydra's weapon was still stuck open and they had lost multiple side wedges. End Game shoved the Team Whyachi bot into the corner once more, and it became apparent Hydra was no longer able to move. Hydra was therefore counted out, giving End Game their first win as BattleBots champions.

Following the fight, Jack Barker and Nick Mabey took to social media to address the issues surrounding their forks, and why they did not intend to use them for future fights.[2]

"We've found the limit; that was way too far. So from now on, we're gonna reign it back and no-one needs to go there ever again!"
— Nick Mabey of OYES Robotics.

End Game vs. Witch Doctor

End Game throws Witch Doctor across the BattleBox.

End Game leaves Witch Doctor for dead.

End Game's second fight was another Main Event, this time against former runner-up Witch Doctor. As was inferred following their last win, End Game entered this fight with considerably shorter forks, but was otherwise visibly unchanged. The fight began with End Game pointing its weapon towards Witch Doctor as Witch Doctor was circling the champ, looking for an angle to attack. Both bots then attacked each other several times, causing sparks. Witch Doctor was able to bend up two of End Game's forks, but End Game wasn't deterred, continuing to keep its weapon pointed towards Witch Doctor. End Game then popped Witch Doctor in the air. Witch Doctor returned the favor by getting a pop on the champ. End Game then attacked the side of Witch Doctor. Both bots were hesitant on making their next move. End Game was then able to deliver a massive hit that not only sent Witch Doctor into the corner, but also removed Witch Doctor's left plow. Witch Doctor was able to self-right itself but End Game delivered another massive hit that sent Witch Doctor several feet in the air. End Game took Witch Doctor for a ride into the screws but Witch Doctor once again self-righted itself. End Game once again put Witch Doctor on its back and took it into the corner of the Upper Deck. End Game attacked Witch Doctor several more times to make sure it couldn't self-right itself again. Unable to self-right itself again, Witch Doctor was counted out, giving End Game the win by knockout and an impressive 2-0 record for the season.

End Game vs. SawBlaze

End Game tries to outmaneuvre SawBlaze.

End Game throws SawBlaze out of the arena to go 3-0.

End Game's third and final Fight Night battle was a Main Event against SawBlaze in a rematch from the 2018 season USA vs. The World tournament. Both bots looked to finish with an undefeated 3-0 record and earn a guaranteed spot in the Round of 32. End Game brought out long, hinged forks for a second time this season, but these had large barbs at the front to not only keep SawBlaze away, but snag Jamison Go's bot. End Game also sported additional protection around its weapon belts to protect their disc spinner. The reigning champions immediately charged at SawBlaze, missing with their first collision of the match. With their next, however, End Game got around to the back of SawBlaze and drove it to the corner, immediately punting it out of the arena in front of Trey Roski. End Game took the win by knockout after just 29 seconds, progressing to 3-0 with one of the shortest fights in BattleBots history.

In a post from SawBlaze's Jamison Go, he spoke about this fight actually being recorded twice after their weapon controller died while SawBlaze was in the tent. In the aired battle, the team had just finished replacing the faulty component, almost missing out on the fight entirely.[3] As a result of this, several fights were pushed back a day in the schedule.

End Game vs. Skorpios

End Game leaves Skorpios to be counted out.

Entering the Top 32 as the No.1 seed, End Game faced Skorpios, who earned their tournament place by way of a play in victory over Malice. As the fight began, End Game progressed as Skorpios dropped their saw to hit low on End Game's chassis. This did not work for Zach Lytle's team as the No.1 seed immediately threw Skorpios across the BattleBox. Skorpios recovered, but were on End Game's forks as they received another hit, this time to the back end. The 2020 champions chased Skorpios into the short corner and delivered another strike which sent it flying. The front forks of Skorpios were now buckled and rendered useless, and their tires were shedding rubber. End Game, wary of Skorpios still having an active weapon, moved cautiously before punting Skorpios onto the edge of the Upper Deck. Skorpios was now balanced on its rear end with neither wheel able to make contact with the floor or the Upper Deck itself. With under a minute gone, Skorpios was counted out and eliminated from the competition as End Game advanced to the Round of 16.

End Game vs. Minotaur

Minotaur and End Game enter a stalemate.

Minotaur grinds the underside of End Game late on.

Next up for the defending champions was the Brazilian bull and 2018 season runner-up, Minotaur, in a rematch from the 2019 season Desperado Tournament. Early on in the fight, both robots exchanged small hits as they went weapon-to-weapon. However, it was Minotaur who dealt the first big impact, sending End Game twisting and landing on its disc. End Game was able to right itself, but lost one of its long forks in the process. In response, End Game smothered Minotaur as it rammed the Brazilian bot against the screws of the Upper Deck before releasing. Both weapons got up to speed again as End Game spun into the killsaws and became stuck momentarily, though freed itself shortly after. End Game turned straight into the drum of Minotaur, who knocked the reigning champions back before End Game landed a big hit of its own, popping Minotaur up into the air. End Game dealt another glancing blow which unbalanced its opponent and flipped it upside down. Minotaur attempted to use gyroscopic forces from its spinning drum to self-right as it had done many times in the past, but ended up being chased by End Game as it drove on one wheel. Minotaur did finally right itself in the short corner and escaped before End Game could capitalize. The drum of Minotaur then bested End Game's forks again and threw it over, but End Game bounced back onto its wheels. However, it had lost both longer forks now and one of the innermost forks had bent upwards. Both robots engaged in a pushing match before Minotaur's drum made contact with the front of End Game, and sparks flew as it grinded against their frame before throwing the champs against the Upper Deck. End Game gave chase but found itself pinned beneath the pulverizer controlled by Team RioBotz. End Game escaped and landed a glancing shot to Minotaur before the Brazilian team returned the favor in the closing seconds. Minotaur chewed the underside of End Game as time ran out. The judges unanimously awarded the win to Minotaur, halting End Game's title defense and eliminating them from the competition.


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
2-2, Lost play-in
Fight Night vs. Captain Shrederator Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Lock-Jaw Won (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Bite Force Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Son of Whyachi Lost (KO)
Play-in vs. Brutus, WAR Hawk Lost (KO)
US vs The World
Representing the Rest of the World
US vs The World vs. SawBlaze Lost (Split JD)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
1-2 in Fight Nights, 1-1 in Desperado
Fight Night vs. DeathRoll Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Ribbot Lost (KO)
Desperado Round 1 vs. Gruff Won (KO)
Desperado Round 2 vs. Minotaur Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Cobalt Won (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. DUCK! Won (KO)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night Main Event vs. Tombstone Won (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Bloodsport Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. HyperShock Won (KO)
Top 32
6th Seed
Round of 32 vs. Perfect Phoenix (27) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Rotator (22) Won (Split JD)
Round of 8 vs. Shatter! (19) Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Tantrum (18) Won (KO)
Final vs. Whiplash (8) Won (KO)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night Main Event vs. Hydra Won (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. Witch Doctor Won (KO)
Fight Night Main Event vs. SawBlaze Won (KO)
Top 32
1st Seed
Round of 32 vs. Skorpios (32) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Minotaur (16) Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 16
  • Losses: 9
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3

Captain Shrederator (Undercard Match)

Lock-Jaw (Undercard Match)

Bite Force (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Son of Whyachi (Undercard Match)

SawBlaze (USA vs. The World)

WAR Hawk (Play In Rumble)

Discovery Season 4

Gruff (Desperado Tournament)

Cobalt (Undercard Match)

DUCK! (Exhibition Match)

DeathRoll (Undercard Match)

Ribbot (Undercard Match)

Minotaur (Desperado Tournament)

Discovery Season 5 Tombstone (Main Event/Undercard Match)

HyperShock (Undercard Match)

Perfect Phoenix





Bloodsport (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Discovery Season 6 Hydra (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Witch Doctor (Main Event/Undercard Match)

SawBlaze (Main Event/Undercard Match)



Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"This bot's builder is one of the youngest in the bunch. He's so young he packs a brown bag lunch. He's new school, that is true, but he knows his bot will kill you... END GAME!"

"This bot is... my precious. You. Shall. Not. LAST! It's END GAME!"

"This young bot's matured so much it's time for its bot-mitsfa. Hava notkillyou, hava notkillyou, it's END GAME!"

"This Jack is here to slay some giants and he's ready to stalk you down. He's not looking for fame, but you'll remember his name. It's END GAME!"

"You've made it through all the levels and collected all the treasure. Now it's time to face the final boss. You're at the END GAME!"

"Straight from down under, his vertical spinner brings the thunder. You wouldn't want to get in a scrum with this young chum. It's END GAME!"

"These young guns from New Zealand will leave you squealing. Big time pain is what you'll be feeling. Hope you've brought your extra lives, because you're about to meet END GAME!"

"This bot is driven by cool guy who have it made in the shades. Wheeling and dealing, all the way from New Zealand. Now you kiwi, now you don't. It's END GAME!"

"This bot has more hits than Bon Jovi and you're going out in a blaze of gore-y. Shot through you parts 'cause you'll get maimed. You're getting played by END GAME!"

"It may be a kiwi, but it's about to go bananas. It swipes you on the left, it swipes you on the right, it peels you down the middle and.. ugh, it really bites. He roughed up Gruff, now you're going to get the same. It's END GAME!"

"Goonies, you're in for a rocky road. It'll cut you in Chunks, it'll beat you silly, then rock your world like One-Eyed Willy. It's victory dance is called the Truffle Scuffle. Heeeeey yoooou guuuuuys! It's END GAME!"

"Dang, these builders look fresh. These young hot-shots must get their sunglasses from Slay-Ban because their bot throws blows as hard as it throws shade. It's END GAME!"

"This match is over before it begins. R.I.P. you apart with its lethal spins. When it's all done, you'll take thewalk of shame. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to END GAME!"

"This next bot was born in New Zealand like the great Russell Crowe, but tonight, he's an American gangster here to crush his foes. His engineers have a beautiful mind, they dream of torture and pain. Give the thumbs down and he'll kill the opponent. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? It's END GAME!"

"From Auckland, New Zealand, tick tock... tick tock... this battle's about to start. Time's up, it's END GAME!"

"From Auckland, New Zealand, the destructive spinner in its prime, about to commit a robot crime. It's safe to say you're out of time. It's END GAME!"

"According to ancient proverbs that are rich with wisdom, you can tell how good a bot is by listing their victims. This New Zealand team first jumped onto our radar when they buried Tombstone, inside his own graveyard. They impaled Will Bales and took out Perfect Phoenix, then beat Victor Soto - a bot building genius. New York was their next target as they KO'd Shatter!, then they beat Tantrum and continued to climb the ladder. Now they're in the finals, and the Giant Nut is at stake, after an entire season of leaving dead bots in their wake. Give it up for END GAME!"

"He comes from the land that kept Peter Jackson inspired. New Zealand's still there but this bot burned down the shire. There's no fellowship, no towers, no Frodo, no ring. We're fighting for a Nut and it's the return of the king... it's END GAME!"

"He comes from the land where the Zealand is New. He's traveled across ocean and he's coming for you. It's not the maid or Colonel Mustard, it doesn't matter what room. The only clue that you need is that his name spells your doom. It's END GAME!"

"You can't kill a bot who comes from New Zealand. You may eat a kiwi but you can never beat him. It's not Australian, it's Australian adjacent and if you face him, just forfeit. Let him kill your replacement. It's END GAME!"

"I was thinking, this team name has end at the beginning. Seems backwards but it kind of explains how they're winning. They're endearing but their opponents are endangered, that's for sure. Face them and there's an endless amount of pain to endure. if you endeavor to fight them, I can't endorse that thought 'cause End Game has ended every enemy they fought. Give it up for END GAME!"

"This thing is a slasher just like Halloween. This isn't a kid's game. This isn't Red Rover, it's the end of the line. Lights out! Game over. It's END GAME!"


Any appearances by End Game in merchandise are listed below:


  • End Game is the first BattleBots competitor to hail from New Zealand.
  • OYES Robotics volunteered to take Tantrum's place in fighting Tombstone in their Season 3 exhibition match if Tantrum was unable to be ready in time. However, Tantrum was quickly repaired and would fight as intended.
  • The team entered the 2019 Robot Ruckus competition in Orlando, Florida with a new grappler bot called Krusty Grab, referencing the Krusty Krab from Spongebob SquarePants.
  • End Game is also the only robot to beat Tombstone and Whiplash by out of the arena KO, аnd only champion to win the final battle with a OOTA in both the classic and reboot eras of the show.
  • End Game is the second international robot to win the Giant Nut, the first being Canadian Middleweight Son of Smashy at Long Beach 1999, and the first to come from outside North America.
    • It is, however, the first televised international BattleBots champion, with the Long Beach 1999 event preceding Comedy Central BattleBots Season 1.0.
  • The name End Game was actually a mistake by OYES Robotics, who had already applied with that name (with the space in between the words) before realising the more common usages of the word spelt "Endgame".
    • Jack Barker later claimed that this referred to the Taylor Swift song of the same name, inspiring the name of featherweight Bad Blood and beetleweight Blank Space, both of which are scaled-down versions of the 250lb bot.
  • End Game was the first BattleBots competitor to suffer a loss, yet win the Giant Nut in the same season.
  • End Game became the first bot since Bronco in Discovery Season 3 to have all of its Fight Night matches in a single season be Main Events.
  • After their Main Event win over SawBlaze, OYES Robotics asked production if they wanted to redo the fight due to how short it was.
  • Shane Lale of Team Pun-Chant built a UK beetleweight to pay homage to End Game in 2019, named End Boss. It picked up first place in the 2022 BBB Beetleweight Brawl.