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Emulsifier is a heavyweight robot built by Bots FC which debuted in BattleBots World Championship VII. Captained by Matt Bores, Emulsifier previously attempted to qualify for World Championship V and VI, but withdrew in 2020 and were then not selected in 2021.

The team have also fought in every season of BattleBots since World Championship IV with Shatter!.

It is essentially a scaled-up version of Bots FC's 30lb bot of the same name, which competes regularly at Norwalk Havoc Robot League events and earned second place and the "Most Destructive" award at Motorama Robot Conflict in 2020.[1]

Emulsifier is a tracked robot armed with a 50lb, single-toothed vertical spinner at the front which measures 20" in diameter. Emulsifier also features a steep front wedge with the bot's name and team logo adorned on the front and sides. Like Shatter!, Emulsifier was designed to sport 3D-printed ablative armor on the top panels, as well as UMHW plastic to reinforce the back end. Bots FC opted for tracks to increase the contact area they would get with the BattleBox floor, though believe the bot could still operate with two-wheel drive even if it lost both treads during battle.[2]

Emulsifier was originally accepted for World Championship V, though the team were unable to get it and Shatter! built and ready for the 2020 season in time, so withdrew Emulsifier's application and fought solely with Shatter! instead.[3]

Emulsifier hero shot 2022

Emulsifier during World Championship VII hero shots.

Bots FC reapplied for World Championship VI with Emulsifier but was ultimately rejected, as was the case with several other secondary robots from established BattleBots teams. As such, they again fought solely with Shatter!.

Undeterred, the team unveiled a new-look Emulsifier in March 2022, sporting a black, red and yellow color scheme and considerably wider treads.[4] Emulsifier would be captained by Matt Bores, who also captains the 30lb version of the robot. While the team did not publicly confirm their inclusion into World Championship VII, Greg Munson confirmed during an interview with Behind the Bots that Emulsifier had been accepted.[5] In October 2022, the team teased large treads for Emulsifier, made from Linatex rubber.[6]

Emulsifier's season began against Fusion, losing its first fight after being viciously battered despite enduring a full three minutes. Its loss was compounded by becoming high-centered in its match against Malice, where it delivered major damage to its opponent's frame but again failed to pick up a win. Although it earned its first victory against fellow rookies Banshee, Emulsifier lost its final battle to Quantum, ending their hopes for the Round of 32 early. Although its weapon has knockout potential, its magnets proved to be a hindrance which resulted in drive issues and its wedge was not able to get underneath other robots at times.

Emulsifier returned for BattleBots: Champions II, competing in the fourth Sin City Slugfest bracket. Despite getting the better of Captain Shrederator in the first round, it lost out to Cobalt in the semi-finals.

Outside BattleBots[]

In 2023, Emulsifier was acquired by the National Havoc Robot League for their combat robot museum based in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Robot History[]

World Championship VII[]

Emulsifier vs. Fusion

Emulsifier's BattleBots debut came in the second episode of World Championship VII, against Team Whyachi and Fusion.

Emulsifier vs Fusion 1

Emulsifier takes on Fusion.

Emulsifier was quickest out of its starting square, charging at Fusion before turning away. As Fusion had both weapons up to speed though, Emulsifier's large vertical spinner appeared slow to spin up, in turn due to a brief clash with Fusion's horizontal disc before driving into the wall. Fusion then spun to prioritize its drum spinner and got underneath Emulsifier's wedge, throwing it up into the air and landing on its weapon.

Fusion Emulsifier 2 WCVII

Emulsifier and Fusion go weapon-to-weapon.

Emulsifier was upright and drove away to spin up its disc, but suffered another blow from Fusion's drum as it faced its opponent again. Emulsifier landed upside-down this time but righted itself against the wall and continued on. However, Fusion's dominance continued, tearing a gash into Emulsifier's front wedge before tearing one of its treads away. Emulsifier still had one left as redundancy, so could still drive, but then lost one from its other side in a hit which saw Emulsifier bounce weapon-first into the BattleBox floor and bounce across the Upper Deck before landing.

Emulsifier Fusion WCVII

Both robots limp to a judges' decision.

Emulsifier self-righted with no assistance this time and set its sights upon clawing its way back into this fight. Matt Bores' bot spun its disc up to speed, dishing out a few minor hits while pinning Fusion against the housing for the screws. Smoke began to emit from Reese Ewert's bot, which quickly turned to fire as Emulsifier began to turn the screw. At this stage, Fusion's horizontal spinner was no longer active and its drum spinner appeared disabled too. Emulsifier continued to wear down Fusion and peeled its top plate away before the Team Whyachi robot retreated in the corner of the arena. It continued to smoke, but neither robot was able to show much mobility late in the battle. In the final seconds, Emulsifier arced in place to show it could still drive and Fusion stayed away as the fight went the distance.

As both teams reacted to the battle, Fusion caught fire once again and had to be extinguished by Crewbots, but the judges unanimously voted in favor of Fusion.

Emulsifier vs. Malice

Keen to recover from an 0-1 start, Emulsifier's second battle came against a former Bots FC team member Bunny Liaw and her returning entry, Malice.

Malice Emulsifier fight WCVII

Sparks fly as both robots collide.

Early in the match, Malice tried to attack the wedge of Emulsifier but lost the fight for low ground and took several hits to its front. As it escaped the assault from Emulsifier, Malice lost its right-side fork before the vertical spinner caught Malice's side, launching it across the BattleBox. Malice's frame had been mangled at the front and as Emulsifier came in for another hit, both robots ricocheted in the short corner and landed inverted. These impacts also cracked the titanium wedge of Eric Bores' robot.[7]

Malice Emulsifier KO WCVII

Malice drives on one wheel while Emulsifier is high-centered.

Whereas Emulsifier was able to drive upside down and used the spiked wall to flip back over, Malice appeared stuck on top of the pulverizer, and then on the warped piece of metal which had been bent upward on impact and kept Malice's right-side wheel off the floor. However, it was still mobile whereas Emulsifier appeared unable to escape the short corner whatsoever. Emulsifier's right hand side had become high centered, and the tracked bot suddenly could not move.
"Keep in mind, the rules this season state that movement of any kind will keep you in a fight."
— Chris Rose highlights the major rule change regarding mobility for World Championship VII.
Malice continued to dance around on one wheel while a count began on Emulsifier, putting it to a precarious 0-2 record in spite of two strong performances.
"We actually aren't sure what caused the left side tread to go out yet. We also didn't realize the right side was high centered until seeing this higher res footage."
— Adam Wrigley elaborates on Emulsifier's issues.[8]

Emulsifier vs. Banshee

Emulsifier vs Banshee configuration WC VII

Emulsifier in the blue square.

Desperate for its first win, next up for Emulsifier was the rookie flipper Banshee. The team encountered issues ahead of the fight, so opted for a single fork attachment as a last minute change to their configuration. For this fight, MadCatter captain Martin Mason served as a guest commentator.

Banshee Emulsifier WC VII 1

A damaged Banshee drives away from danger.

Banshee dashed towards its opponent as Emulsifier hung back, but drove into the path of the vertical spinner, peeling up one of its side panels. David Small drove away, but became caught in one of the killsaw slots momentarily. As it attempted to circle Matt Bores' machine, it clipped Banshee and caused further damage.
"A game of cat and mouse here so far. Emulsifier searching for that big shot; Banshee looking to upend Emulsifier with its flipper..."
— Chris Rose as Banshee misses an opportunity to fire its weapon.

Banshee Emulsifier WC VII 2

Emulsifier immediately peels up Banshee's armor.

Emulsifier then stabbed its single fork against the flipper panel of Banshee, but the 1-1 bot squandered a chance to flip its opponent and escaped. Giving chase once more, Emulsifier forced Banshee back as it reversed into the wall.

Kenny Florian: "Emulsifier has Banshee on the run. David Small on his heels here, Martin."
Martin Mason: "Emulsifier looking really aggressive, but here comes Banshee again."
— Kenny Florian and Martin Mason as Banshee fights back.

Banshee Emulsifier WC VII 3

Banshee is attacked by Emulsifier.

Though it drove onto the flipper a second time, Banshee again failed to fire its weapon. David Small's robot got underneath for a third time, but once again opted to retreat, sparking questions over the functionality of Banshee's primary weapon. Emulsifier then slid its fork under Banshee and coerced it towards the drivers' booths, landing several grazing shots with its 50lb disc.

Banshee Emulsifier WC VII 4

Emulsifier watches on as Banshee is counted out.

Damage began to show as Banshee lurched forward, grinding to a halt over the killsaw slot as one of its batteries dangled loosely. Referee David Sanfilippo asked David Small if he had any control over Banshee, to which he shook his head. Banshee was counted out, and Emulsifier sealed its first BattleBots win, and a first win of the season for Bots FC.

Emulsifier vs. Quantum

Last in Emulsifier's Fight Night schedule was the UK crusher Quantum, which entered this match with a 3-0 record. After outlining his strategy, Matt Bores expressed hopes of winning, going 2-2 and potentially qualifying for the main Round of 32.

"Quantum is a terrifying hydraulic crusher. They're honestly one of the robots I did not want to fight going into this. Wherever they sink that tooth, it's gonna hit something important. Really, I think we only need one clean shot on his arm to disable him. So we're gonna try and keep the front facing him, and hope, in case that fails, our thick top armor plate keeps him out of our electronics. This match is huge. As a rookie, I want to make it into the top 32 and make a statement, and we have to win this fight to do that."
— Matt Bores

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 1

Emulsifier is charged by Quantum.

In an attempt to give Emulsifier's flywheel the most bite possible, Bots FC decided against fitting it with any wedges or forks for this battle. A pair of striped HARDOX 450 plates were attached to the front of each top panel, mounted vertically as a measure to stop Quantum from biting down on either side of the weapon.[9]

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 2

Quantum bites down on Emulsifier's track.

Emulsifier moved out the red square quickly and turned left, but was unable to avoid an immediate collision with a speeding Quantum. This indirectly resulted in it ripping the left-front tooth off the Team Robo Challenge machine, though the flywheel had slowed down considerably following the impact. Quantum capitalized by shoving Emulsifier back into an Upper Deck screw mount. Emulsifier responded by chipping away at the front-left side of Quantum, though it was powerless to prevent its own left track from getting pierced by the latter.

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 3

Emulsifier delivers a blow to Quantum's head.

The two competitors pushed, dragged and spun each other around in their embrace, until Emulsifier was released by Quantum. Another head-to-head exchange followed near the bottom-left killsaw slots, wherein Emulsifier turned into and inflicted more blows to Quantum's crusher and anti-horizontal wedge. Emulsifier, however, was pushed and spun backwards by Quantum, which proceeded to scoop up and push it backwards in circles while stopping the disc. The Bots FC machine was almost tipped onto its back as it was twice rammed into the spiked bumper, though Quantum lost its other front tooth while trying to pierce one of the HARDOX 450 plates.
Kenny Florian: "Oh, and THERE GOES the other tooth, Chris! "
Chris Rose: "Man, oh man, I have a reoccurring dream that's just like this! It's more of a nightmare!"
— As Emulsifier is pressured, but causes Quantum to lose its remaining front tooth

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 4

Emulsifier loses its additional armor.

Emulsifier escaped as its right track drove up Quantum's wedge. This was short-lived, however, as Quantum quickly rammed it disc-first against another bumper in the bottom-left corner. It appeared at this point that Emulsifier's left track was no longer working fully. Emulsifier reversed into an entry/exit gate bumper, before Quantum rushed in to clamp down on - and snap off - the right-front defensive plate. From there, Emulsifier was again clamped, this time by the right track, and repeatedly rammed, pulled and pushed around in the corner.
"...they are locked on. Heck, who NEEDS teeth? Quantum's gonna try and gum Emulsifier to death! Absolutely incredible what this robot can do in the Box, Kenny!"
— Chris Rose, as a partially-toothless Quantum clamps and controls Emulsifier

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 5

Both robots tussle by the Upper Deck.

Emulsifier once again got its disc up to speed, though it was again slammed into the bumper once Quantum let go. As before, Quantum rammed Emulsifier front-first into the left-most bumper, sending sparks flying, before the disc again stopped intermittently. Emulsifier was prised upwards while Quantum again grabbed it from the front. Matt Bores' machine was again locked in an embrace, while Quantum dragged it out and back into the corner bumper. Emulsifier's weapon flicked Quantum upwards as both robots broke free, enabling it to push the Coopers' machine into the bumper. This recovery was not to last, however, as Quantum immediately turned around to push Emulsifier back across the BattleBox, and twice coming close to tipping it over again.

"And now, Emulsifier's weapon tryin' to do a little, err, cosmetic surgery on Quantum..."
— Chris Rose, as Emulsifier lands more blows on Quantum's crusher

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 6

Quantum celebrates as Emulsifier is immobilized.

With the battle over half-way complete, Emulsifier landed more glancing blows at Quantum's side as both robots separated again near the center. More heavy hits were inflicted to Quantum's front and crusher head, before Emulsifier found itself being rammed into the right-hand Upper Deck screw mount. From that point, it was again clamped by the right-hand side, with Quantum proceeding to drag it back and forth over the BattleBots logo. Once Quantum let go, Emulsifier suddenly lay immobile, though its flywheel kept spinning as Team Robo Challenge began celebrating a looming knockout victory.
Chris Rose: "Emulsifier not moving right now, Kenny!"
Kenny Florian: "Uh-oh! Quantum... may have gotten themselves a knockout!"
— During Emulsifier's first bout of immobility

Quantum Emulsifier Bots FC running

Matt Bores and Mary Chimenti race to the other side of the BattleBox.

Accompanied by referee John Remar, Matt Bores left his control area in an attempt to regain the radio signal for his transmitter. When Emulsifier did not respond immediately to Remar's prompt, a count-out was initiated, seemingly cementing a knockout loss. However, the robot suddenly regained mobility with two seconds left on the count.
"They are on their way to being counted out! Quantum now just seconds away from improving to four-and-oh this season. Matt Bores desperate to get his bot to move - AND HE DOES! EMULSIFIER is BACK, Kenny!"
— Chris Rose, as Emulsifier springs back into life

Quantum Emulsifier WCVII 7

Emulsifier suddenly stops once again.

Emulsifier took another ram from Quantum, before throwing the British machine into the air with one last blow from the flywheel. However, it continued to suffer mobility issues, as its right track seized up seconds later, and was unable to prevent Quantum from nearly tipping it onto its back twice more. As Emulsifier knocked Quantum away, it became beached on one of its opponent's discarded front teeth, which became stuck to one of its downforce magnets.[10] Again, a count-out began for Emulsifier through the resulting immobility, though this happened late enough in the match that Bots FC's machine survived to a judges' decision alongside Quantum.

Kenny Florian: "Trying to come back to life again - I don't think he'll be able to pull it off here! Matt Bores refusing to give up, running back to the driver's deck, to see if he can get his robot to respond!"
Chris Rose: "Well, Emulsifier's gonna make it the full three minutes here! That is simply remarkable... but you have to imagine that Quantum will remain unbeaten!"
— As Emulsifier survives the distance

Though Emulsifier's attacks were favorably noted by Chris Rose in post-match replays, the decision was still awarded unanimously to Quantum. Emulsifier thus finished its difficult Fight Night schedule with a 1-3 record, though Bots FC and Team Robo Challenge frequently congratulated each others' performances in battle.

"Hey, credit to Emulsifier for achievements in dentistry! Made this a much tougher fight on Quantum. That giant disc was active all fight long; later on played a little possum and landed a nifty shot!"
— Chris Rose weighs his thoughts on Emulsifier's spinner attacks

Later on, Bots FC explained on Reddit their discovery of Quantum's tooth attaching to Emulsifier's magnet, along with their suspicion that its periods of immobility were related to an ESC issue.[10] Meanwhile, in addition to ripping the teeth and 'large chunks' out of its crusher, Emulsifier's attacks were found to have cracked Quantum's rear chassis and hydraulic pump mount.[11]
"Very frustrating. But, no shame losing to Quantum. Amazing robot, amazing team, amazing fight."
— Bots FC Reddit post, congratulating Team Robo Challenge[12]

BattleBots: Champions II[]

Emulsifier vs. Captain Shrederator

Emulsifier returned for BattleBots: Champions II, where it fought Captain Shrederator in the first round of the penultimate Sin City Slugfest bracket. Matt Bores' robot sported Emulsifier's traditional wedge configuration previously seen against Malice during the regular season..


Captain Shrederator deflects off Emulsifier's wedge.

Captain Shrederator got up to speed as Emulsifier approached, opting to strike without fear and buffeting the shell of Brian Nave's robot. As it gave chase, Emulsifier bounced back and slammed its disc into the steel floor before twisting through the air, ultimately landing upright.
"Near disaster there for Emulsifier, but Matt Bores being very aggressive early on!"
— Chris Rose

Captain Shrederator Emulsifier BB Champs 2

Emulsifier struggles for mobility, but Captain Shrederator shows reluctance to engage.

Emulsifier charged towards Captain Shrederator again, who kept its forks pointed at Matt Bores' robot and prevented it from striking the shell again. Captain Shrederator drove away but hit the spiked rails and ricocheted across the arena. In the meantime, Emulsifier's drive appeared compromised as Chris Rose questioned the mobility on its left side.
Chris Rose: "I don't know if it's stuck on the killsaw slits or not, but something is going on with those treads..."
Kenny Florian: "I don't see that left side of Emulsifier working there as far as the treads go."
— Chris and Kenny assess Emulsifier's mobility

Captain Shrederator Emulsifier BB Champs

Both robots duels in the corner.

With Captain Shrederator at full speed, it drove over the killsaw slot and towards Emulsifier, but seemed hesitant to attack its opponent. Referee John Remar instructed both teams to engage, in line with the new rule introduced ahead of World Championship VII.

As Emulsifier arced its way to point at Captain Shrederator again, the shell spinner eventually made contact with its front plow. It retreated once more before striking Emulsifier again. Leading with its rear, Captain Shrederator hit Emulsifier for a third time and bounced it into the corner. However, this attack cost Team LOGICOM power to their primary weapon as the fight past the halfway mark.
Chris Rose: "Here's the thing. Shrederator can move, but has no weapon; Emulsifier has got a weapon, but cannot move!"
Kenny Florian: "And this is why we were calling for Brian Nave to try and finish off Emulsifier when he had the chance."
— Chris Rose summarizes the situation while Kenny Florian laments Captain Shrederator's inability to capitalize earlier in the fight

Captain Shrederator Emulsifier BB Champs 3

Captain Shrederator takes a hit from the killsaws.

Without its weapon, Captain Shrederator could do little more than nudge Emulsifier, who still posed a threat with its vertical spinner still active. Matt Bores edged its opponent toward the killsaws, which were now active in the final sixty seconds, which sliced into Captain Shrederator's underbelly. Emulsifier landed several more glancing blows to the shell of Brian Nave's bot in the closing moments.
"Spin it up all the way. We gotta show function..."
— Adam Wrigley instructs Matt Bores to show functionality to the judges as the final seconds tick down

The fight went the distance, and all three judges voted unanimously in favor of Emulsifier, advancing it to the next round.

Emulsifier vs. Cobalt

Emulsifier's semi-final opponent was another damaging vertical spinner - Cobalt. The Bots FC machine entered this fight without any wedgelets or forks to gain a reach advantage over Cobalt. Eric Wrigley played on this during the pre-fight button presses by holding a clipboard of the BattleBox floor layout, with the message 'Forks are for eating' written across it.

"Cobalt may win the ground game on us, but we are a little bit more maneuverable than Cobalt, in my opinion, so we might try to get around to the side of them, get a shot off on its chassis and try to disable them that way."
— Matt Bores

Emulsifier and Cobalt go head on.

Emulsifier and Cobalt go head on.

Emulsifier immediately drove towards Cobalt, slamming its blade into the sloped from of Cobalt as Kenny Florian picked up on the difference in size between the two robots' vertical spinners. This attack also tore off Cobalt's rightmost wedgelet. As Emulsifier turned, though, Cobalt struck its front and damaged its armor to the right of its blade. In retreating, Matt Bores' robot fled into the Upper Deck and then away.
"C'mon John, you gonna come after us?"
— Eric Wrigley goads Cobalt's driver
Emulsifier then attacked Cobalt again, but failed to cause significant damage. The tracked bot showed speed as it tried to stay squared up to the 2019 Most Destructive Robot winner, but as Cobalt reversed, Emulsifier charged and tilted to one side as it turned sharply. This error offered Cobalt a free opportunity to capitalize, so Mladenik delivered a big hit to the underside of Emulsifier which sent it bouncing across the arena.
Kenny Florian: "Matt Bores does not have good control of his robot, Chris!"
Chris Rose: "Not at all. Not at all. In fact, it's lost half of its treads - one on each side."
— Kenny Florian and Chris Rose discuss Emulsifier's driving

Now down one of its two treads on that side, Emulsifier looked to retaliate but wheelied, slamming its own blade into the floor, hauling itself back towards the corner. Emulsifier got its primary weapon back up to speed, but another of its treads slipped off - this time on its right side.

Emulsifier KO vs Cobalt BB Champs II

Emulsifier lands inverted in the short corner.

Cobalt was now down three of its five wedgelets, but delivered a big hit which propelled Emulsifier into the short corner as it landed upside-down. The rookie bot suffered several blows from the pulverizer before the hazard pushed Emulsifier out of reach. Although its left-side drive was still semi-functional, the robot could not self-right from this position and count began. Emulsifier was immobilized and crashed out of BattleBots: Champions II.


World Championship VII
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Fusion Lost (JD)
Fight Night #2 vs. Malice Lost (KO)
Fight Night #3 vs. Banshee Won (KO)
Fight Night #4 vs. Quantum Lost (JD)
BattleBots: Champions II
Sin City Slugfest IV
Quarter-Final vs. Captain Shrederator Won (JD)
Semi-Final vs. Cobalt Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 4
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship VII Banshee (Undercard Match) Fusion (Undercard Match)
Malice (Undercard Match)
Quantum (Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Champions II Captain Shrederator Cobalt

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From Columbus, Ohio, in 2022, this bot from Columbus pummeled you. Give it up for EMULSIFIER!"

"From Columbus, Ohio, he's about to Colum-bust you up. It's EMULSIFIER!"

"From Columbus, Ohio. He'll bond your face with the back of his hand. It's EMULSIFIER!"

"From Columbus, Ohio, trained at Le Cordon Bleu, and here to julienne the vegetables and you, it's EMULSIFIER!"


  • Emulsifier is a rare example of a lower weight class robot being scaled up to 250lbs for BattleBots. Other well-known examples include HUGE, SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE and Starchild.