As part of a range released in 2001 by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro, El Diablo was 1 of 8 robots in the RC Custom Series. Like other robots in the series, El Diablo contained the same chassis as the other toys and built in impact sensors allowed "vitual damage" to be shown on the toy, as a result of ramming and fake scars like the 2nd Edition toys. Flashing LEDs on top of each toy displayed exactly how much damage it had taken, and the robot would cease to function once the light was no longer illuminated. The toy itself is based on El Diablo's Season 2.0 version due to the spiked drum and horns and is a fairly accurate representation of the robot apart from the additional holes for the spiked horns, the much smaller and higher up spiked tail and not being invertible.

Tips for Customization

Since the toy is designed to be customized, one can easily make robots from other shows such as:

  • Cyclone from Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors using Minion's blade attachment.
  • A somewhat elongated version of Rhino from Las Vegas 1999 and Season 1.0.
  • Propeller Head from Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors using Dr. Inferno Jr's base plate and Son of Whyachi's spinning hammers.


El Diablo was the only Middleweight to be released as an R/C toy.



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