The toy unpacked.

As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001, El Diablo was 1 of 9 licensed BattleBots made for the Battle Basher range. It is based on the Season 2.0 version of El Diablo, due to the spiked drum and front mounted horns. Like the other Battle Bashers, if the robot has been hit hard enough or a certain button is pressed, parts of the body will "explode." In the case of El Diablo, the top section will lift up at the front and the treads will lift up from the rear. Along with the Atomic Wedgie Battle Basher, this Battle Basher is not invertible like its actual counterpart. The rear lifter is free-rotating, meaning it can be used like the real robot's and along with the drum on the front, can be removed if desired.
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