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"U-C-L-A, fight, fight, fight!"
— The chant of DracUCLA's builders

DracUCLA was a middleweight robot built by students from the University of California, Los Angeles, which competed in the 2009 BattleBots Collegiate Championship.

An invertible, silver machine with two-wheel drive and a flat six-sided chassis design, its main weapon was a toothed drum spinner made out of steel.[1] The robot's name was a portmanteau of Dracula and UCLA, the initials of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Despite receiving a bye into the second round of the main bracket, DracUCLA found very limited success in the Collegiate Championship. After a brutal first match against Falcon - where it sustained damage to its armor and weapon chain - it would be eliminated entirely following a second loss to Bear Punch. DracULCA thus finished the championship without picking up a single victory.[2][3]

Outside of BattleBots, the 120lb DracUCLA also competed in several RoboGames events, its most recent documented appearance being at the 2016 edition.[4][5] One incarnation of the robot featured a lengthened chassis with four driven wheels instead of two. A 60lb version of the same name was also known to have competed at RoboGames 2015, with one documented loss according to listings.[6]

Robot History[]

Collegiate Championship 2009[]

DracUCLA received a bye in the first round of the main bracket, allowing it to automatically progress into the second round where it faced Team Blue Devil's Falcon. When the match began, DracUCLA immediately turned to the right to avoid the drum and get to the side, but risking a shot to the side, it instead turned back into the path of Falcon and the two collided drum-to-drum. DracUCLA got knocked back into the box near the screws before getting struck in the side, kicking it in the air and backflipping into the wall, while getting an armor plate next to the drum ripped off.

DracUCLA vs Falcon 2

DracUCLA gets kicked into the corner between the wall and the screws.

Cornered between the wall and the barrier connecting the screws, DracUCLA took another shot to the side, upending it before getting knocked back down by Falcon and taking more drum-to-drum hits. As Falcon backed away, DracUCLA advanced towards it, trying to line up its drum for another drum-to-drum hit, only to get hit on the left front again and flipped over, hitting drum-to-drum again as it got shoved before flipping back right side up. DracUCLA then took a shot to the rear from Falcon

DracUCLA vs Falcon 3

DracUCLA gets kicked in the rear before being pushed towards the screws.

before getting pushed towards the barrier connecting the screws, narrowly avoiding it by turning away. As it turned to face Falcon, however, it got pounded by the opposing team's pulverizer, the first hit popping off the right front armor plate off and the second hit landing on the drum, stopping it. When it charged back in to hit Falcon, it got flipped over and kicked back into the pulverizer. Just as it tried to back away, it got flipped back over and pounded by the pulverizer at the same time.

DracUCLA vs Falcon

DracUCLA gets flipped back over by Falcon into the pulverizer, immobilizing it.

By this point, DracUCLA was incapacitated. DracUCLA took one more shot from Falcon and more shots from the pulverizer before tapping out, giving Falcon the win by KO and putting DracUCLA in the loser's bracket.


BattleBots Collegiate Championship 2009
Collegiate Championship 2009
Eliminated in Loser's Bracket (0-2)
Main bracket, Round 1 vs. No opponent Bye
Main bracket, Round 2 vs. Falcon Lost (JD)
Loser's Bracket, Round 2 vs. Bear Punch Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: DracUCLA's bye is not included in the Wins tally.

Competition Wins Losses
2009 Collegiate Championship Bye Falcon

Bear Punch

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