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Double Tap is a heavyweight robot designed by Ostrich Air which was accepted as an alternate for BattleBots World Championship VII.

It is a sleek, low-profile robot armed with a uniquely-shaped overhead spinner mounted at an angle to attack from above. Double Tap's weapon features pivoting teeth which extend as it powers up, increasing the attack circumference of the robot as a result and allowing for a second impact with every attack, hence the name "Double Tap". The teeth themselves extend approximately ten inches out on impact, and the weapon itself is able to reposition itself to hit higher or lower on its opponent. A similar idea was seen in Robot Wars Series 9 and 10 entry Expulsion, though had not been seen before in the modern era of BattleBots. Double Tap's frame is made from welded aluminum, and features several different shells. One of these, as seen in its official hero shots, consists of individual sheets of metal layered together in layers to form a unique, textured appearance. For drive, Double Tap utilizes 'Shark wheels', which are custom-molded wheels of a unique shape, sometimes seen in skateboards to improve durability by reducing contact with debris.[1] Shark Wheel also sponsored the robot, and provided wheels for the robot used to carry Double Tap in its introductions. The front of the robot is shaped to form two front prongs, which opponents can ride up to receive a hit from Double Tap's primary weapon.

Double Tap hero shot WCVII red

Double Tap during World Championship VII hero shots.

The team adopted a secret agent theme leading up to the season, referencing Area 51 across team attire and citing Double Tap as the robot's nickname as "you can't pronounce its real name".[2] Ostrich Air uploaded an Instagram video in February 2022[3] and confirmed their application for the seventh reboot season a month later.[4] Having posted regular updates in the lead-up to filming, Ostrich Air announced their confirmed participation in BattleBots via Instagram on September 19, 2022.[5] Ostrich Air brought three complete Double Tap builds to BattleBots, as well as three blade options and two different armor configurations. One of these blades is called 'The Macerator' and consists of 316 stainless steel with AR500 steel either side of it. The tips of these also contain Domite - an abrasion resistant, high chromium white iron which the Ostrich Air claim to be ideal for this kind of weaponry.[6] Notably, this specific weapon option does not feature the out-swinging blades.

The team intended to prepare a custom-molded shell made from Manganese steel, as used on Slammo! during the 2021 season, though the casting for it failed and there was not enough time left before filming to retry this innovative armor idea.[7] Double Tap also makes use of a unique self-righting mechanism consisting of a cold gas thruster operating at high pressure. However, Ostrich Air required the nod from BattleBots production to allow this. Regardless, the team ultimately decided against using it due to safety reasons.[8] Double Tap also had drones to accompany the main robot, which were not seen during the regular season. Double Tap began its season with a comfortable knockout win over fellow alternate Doomba, before getting the better of veteran Slammo! in its second battle.

Finishing its alternate battles unbeaten, Double Tap's involvement in BattleBots: Champions II was confirmed by Greg Munson in a September 2023 episode of Behind the Bots podcast.[9] Double Tap fought Beta in the first round of the third Sin City Slugfest bracket, but was comfortably beaten by its veteran opponent.

Robot History[]

World Championship VII[]

Doomba vs. Double Tap

Doomba double tap WCVII

Double Tap takes on Doomba.

Double Tap's BattleBots debut came in Episode 5 of World Championship VII, where it faced Doomba. Having originally been set to fight Rusty, Double Tap was drafted in as Doomba's first opponent due to mechanical issues with Dave Eaton's machine.[10] For this battle, Double Tap was armed with its Macerator blade.

Doomba double tap

Double Tap lands a decisive hit on Doomba.

At the start of the fight, both robots got their weapons up to speed. Both rookie robots met head-on and Double Tap pulled out Doomba's drive motor leads with the first hit, also loosening its lid protecting vital electronics.[11] Doomba began to smoke and its lid came away as it could now only drive in circles.
"Doomba moving like it's left its parking brake on, Chris, and... Uh-oh, here's some smoke!"
— Kenny Florian commentates as Doomba struggles to move
Doomba KO vs double tap WCVII

Doomba is left with limited mobility.

Knowing a count-out would not initiate as Doomba was technically still mobile as per the new rules, Double Tap went in for another strike and tore away some of Doomba's UMHW plastic armor. This hit immobilized Doomba and with its electronics exposed and the win secured, Jonathan Collazo's team backed away.
"If you were ever curious how many wires it takes to put a robot together, start counting."
— Chris Rose as Doomba is counted out
A count began on Doomba, marking Double Tap's first ever BattleBots win.

Double Tap vs. Slammo!

Double Tap next took on Craig Danby and a former Top 32 finisher in Slammo!.

Slammo double tap WCVII 1

Slammo! grapples with Double Tap, but fails to lift it.

Slammo! began the quickest of the two alternates, evading the spinning bar of Double Tap before taking a glancing shot to its side. Double Tap was then chased down as the rookie team reversed into the housing for the screws, and then drove weapon-first into the rails.
"Double Tap pretty speedy out there on the floor. Woah, a little out of control... drove itself straight into the wall."
— Kenny Florian praises Double Tap's mobility before it shows a lack of control
Slammo double tap WCVII

Slammo! gets to grips with Double Tap.

This impact slowed Double Tap's primary weapon, allowing Slammo! to slip underneath its front. However, Craig Danby's robot struggled to lift its opponent and Double Tap was able to escape to the center of the BattleBox. At this point, Slammo!'s left-side drive appeared to have been hurt as it now struggled to drive straight.

Slammo Double Tap WCVII 3

Double Tap attacks with its spinner in the final moments.

As Double Tap retreated and Slammo! arced its way to the blue starting square, Chris and Kenny began discussing the episode's Main Event between Witch Doctor and Minotaur, as well as the reveal of the Top 32 bracket and odds of favored Giant Nut winners. The fight progressed and Double Tap sensed weakness in Slammo!, attacking its front before its primary weapon ground to a halt.

Chris Rose: "Now, gimme the odds that one of these exhibition teams is able to score a knockout here down the stretch."
Kenny Florian: "Yeah Chris, I don't think Caesars has enough money to cover that bet."
— Chris and Kenny jest as the fight draws on

Double Tap remained aggressive as the fight continued, eventually finding time and space to spin its weapon back up in the closing seconds, proving weapon functionality at the very end. Both robots survived for a judges' decision and they voted unanimously in favor of Double Tap, confirming an unbeaten run for the rookie team during the regular season.

Double Tap vs. Quantum (Exhibition)

Double Tap also fought Quantum in a match filmed as part of Vengeance in Vegas II. It was armed with the unique weapon seen in Double Tap's promotional images, featuring out-swinging blades.

Quantum vs Double Tap VIV2 1

Quantum bites down on Double Tap.

The match began with Quantum performing a speedy box-rush while Double Tap dodged the incoming onslaught and began to spin up. Quantum quickly stopped the blade and got around to Double Tap's back, biting down before slamming it into the corner of the arena.

Quantum vs Double Tap VIV2 2

Double Tap is pinned by the Upper Deck.

Quantum released but immediately crushed the back of Double Tap again - this time near the Upper Deck. Double Tap then suffered another attack from Team Robo Challenge's machine as it was dragged from the corner.

Quantum vs Double Tap VIV2 3

Quantum drives Double Tap into the corner and under the pulverizer.

Quantum clamped down again before driving Double Tap into the corner and underneath the pulverizer, which damaged Double Tap's primary weapon on impact. Double Tap was no longer moving but Quantum shoved Jonathan Collazo's bot across the BattleBox as Double Tap suffered more hits from the opposite corner's pulverizers.

Quantum vs Double Tap VIV2

Quantum lifts Double Tap in the air.

Now past the 1:30 mark, the damaged horizontal spinner on Double Tap was off-balance and the robot started to shake whenever it tried to spin. Quantum bit down near its weapon, hoisting Double Tap into the air momentarily before clamping down on the blade itself. There appeared to be little life in Double Tap's weapon now too, as the fight entered its final minute.

Quantum vs Double Tap KO VIV2

Double Tap is deemed immobile.

The dominant Quantum continued to bully Double Tap around the BattleBox, opting to leave it underneath the pulverizer and retreating to celebrate. Double Tap was counted out and Quantum was eventually declared the winner by knockout with just four seconds remaining.

BattleBots: Champions II[]

Double Tap vs. Beta

Double Tap Champs II

Double Tap as it appeared during BattleBots: Champions II.

Double Tap also competed in BattleBots: Champions II, where it took on veteran John Reid and Beta in the opening round. For this battle, Double Tap sported a new, decorative shell which was not seen during its previous two battles. Pre-fight, Jonathan Collazo praised the driving ability of his opponent, while stating his intention to attack the hammer mechanism with their horizontal spinner.
"Being next to a legend, you know, and being brand new... even getting that close to fighting a legend... I mean, who isn't excited about that? We're stoked!"
— Jonathan Collazo pre-fight

Beta Double Tap Champs II

Beta strikes the top of Double Tap.

Double Tap was slow to spin up, and immediately drove into the Upper Deck in an attempt to evade Beta's box rush. John Reid stopped the weapon and drove the rookie into the short corner, landing several minor hits to its top. Beta then reversed and Double Tap drove up its sloped front.

Beta Double Tap BB Champs 2 teaser

Double Tap tries to escape a blow from Beta.

Beta retreated to the middle of the BattleBox, which allowed Double Tap time and space to spin up its weapon. However, it was quickly halted as Beta slid underneath again and drove the rookie bot towards the Upper Deck.

Double Tap Beta KO Champs II

Double Tap is scooped up and rammed into the rails.

After this attack, Double Tap's weapon showed no signs of life. Beta was able to drive to its side, pinning its opponent against the housing of the screws and getting around to its rear. With Double Tap in a vulnerable position, Beta charged it into the rails, tipping Double Tap over and resting it against the BattleBox.

Beta Double Tap KO Champs II

Beta carves a hole in the baseplate of Double Tap.

Double Tap's underbelly was now exposed, and Beta wasted no time in hammering away at its segmented baseplate. This caused visible dents in its underside before a large hole formed between its front wheels. Beta returned to the center of the arena, spinning in celebration as John Remar counted Jonathan Collazo's bot out.

This confirmed Double Tap's first defeat, and an early exit from BattleBots: Champions II.


World Championship VII
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Doomba Won (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Slammo! Won (JD)
BattleBots: Champions II
Sin City Slugfest III
Quarter-Final vs. Beta Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Quantum Lost (KO)

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship VII Doomba (Undercard Match)
Slammo! (Undercard Match)
Quantum (Exhibition Match)
BattleBots: Champions II None Beta

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From San Jose, California. The bot so nice, he'll kill you twice. It's DOUBLE TAP!"

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  • More than 40 engineers from over 20 different countries were involved in the design and build of Double Tap.
  • Double Tap ended World Championship VII as one of only two unbeaten alternates, a feat shared by Terrortops.
    • Ironically, both were defeated in Round 1 of their respective Sin City Slugfest brackets.