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Double Jeopardy is a heavyweight robot from Team Double Trouble which competed in two seasons of the BattleBots reboot as well as BattleBots: Champions.

It was originally an invertible, six-wheeled box-shaped robot armed with a single-shot air cannon (though it could fire multiple shots in later seasons), which fired a 5lb slug of metal at its opponent. The slug could reach speeds of up to 190mph and deliver 4500lbs of force on impact. Having began building in 2015, Team Double Trouble first applied for the 2016 season of BattleBots under the name Capital Punishment.[1] However, they ultimately would not compete in ABC Season 2. This was a highly experimental weapon after BattleBots altered the rules to allow for untethered projectile weaponry at the show's discretion. Despite its originality, Double Jeopardy lost both fights in its debut season due to its extremely thin 0.025" titanium armor and its single-use primary weapon.

Evan and Bryce Woolley are both lawyers by trade, having previously graduated from UCLA School of Law, hence the formal attire in and around the BattleBox. They have been involved in combat robotics for over 20 years, with their first event being the 2001 edition of BotBash. The term "double jeopardy" refers to punishing or prosecuting the same person for a specific crime on more than one occasion. It also forms one of the clauses of The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Evan Woolley drives Double Jeopardy, while twin brother Bryce Woolley is in charge of the weaponry.

Double Jeopardy returned for Discovery Season 4 with a new welded cannon replacing their threaded cannon from the previous season, a stronger frame, wheel protection and a unique solenoid-powered mechanism called a "rotary vane", which allowed the robot to fire more than once per fight. The canon was rated for 3600psi, but the team reduced this to 1000psi for safety and reliability reasons.[2] Due to malfunctions with this mechanism, however, Double Jeopardy were unable to showcase the weapon upgrades as it did not work as intended, instead opting to fire both slugs at once rather than at two separate shots. Double Jeopardy was no longer invertible as a result of opting to protect their wheels from overhead attacks, but it was never flipped in its three appearances. Irrespective of its weapon problems, Double Jeopardy was able to survive to the end in all of its battles, even earning a win in an untelevised rumble.

The Woolleys were originally slated to compete in Discovery Season 5 prior to the show's postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they withdrew their application ahead of the new filming dates for unknown reasons.

Double Jeopardy was revealed as part of the 2021 season of BattleBots. It was rebuilt to be sleeker and more maneuverable in the BattleBox, measuring two inches shorter in total and allowing for more weight to be dedicated to their armor. The cannon weapon could now fire up to three projectiles per fight thanks to a dedicated reloading system, and the team hope the issues surrounding multiple slugs firing at once has now been resolved. The first slug measured 5lbs, followed by two 2lb ball bearings. Double Jeopardy also featured an on-board camera to assist with aim during fights. The Woolleys performed an overhaul of their drive system, opting for two brushless motors to power six internal wheels via chain drive. The majority of these upgrades to Double Jeopardy had been done ahead of the 2020 season, but were carried over to the 2021 season. However, due to their status as a reserve, Team Double Trouble were not granted any main season battles, and instead fought exclusively in the post-season spinoff. They lost their opening battle to eventual bracket winners Ribbot.

In early 2022, Team Double Trouble confirmed progress on a new build for Discovery Season 7, featuring stronger armor and more powerful drive, as well as a new cannon.[3] In July 2022, the team applied for the 2023 edition of RoboGames with a modified version of Double Jeopardy without its projectile weaponry, going under its original BattleBots working name of Capital Punishment.

Outside of BattleBots, Evan Woolley announced they had applied for Series 10 of Robot Wars with Double Jeopardy, intending to tether their projectiles for the show. However, they were ultimately rejected on safety grounds.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

Double Jeopardy vs. The Four Horsemen vs. Gamma 9

Double Jeopardy fires its slug, to no avail.

Double Jeopardy in jeopardy.

Double Jeopardy's first battle of the season was against The Four Horsemen and Gamma 9 as part of an under card rumble. The match began with Gamma 9 and The Four Horsemen scrambling, trying to find an opening to attack whilst Double Jeopardy kept it's distance, deciding which opponent to shoot down. Double Jeopardy mistakenly turned its back on its opponents and Gamma 9 charged in, scooping up Double Jeopardy with ease. It turned to face Gamma 9, only to be forcefully taken once again into the rails. Double Jeopardy fired its projectile at Gamma 9, successfully hitting it and breaking welds in the process. The impact also dislodged the hydraulic pump for Gamma 9's weapon, disabling it for the remainder of the fight. Double Jeopardy was released by Gamma 9 and continued to move, but War made short work of Double Jeopardy, shredding the front-right of its tires, hampering its mobility. Having fired its one and only slug, Double Jeopardy struggled to make an impression in the remainder of the rumble, becoming high-centered by Gamma 9 on the debris up against the arena barrier in the second half of the match. It remained there for the rest of the rumble, and lost out to The Four Horseman on a 2-1 split judges' decision.

Double Jeopardy vs. Mecha Rampage

Double Jeopardy launches it slug at Mecha Rampage early on.

Double Jeopardy is forcefully dismantled.

Damage caused to Mecha Rampage's weapon from Double Jeopardy's cannon.

Up next for Double Jeopardy was Christian Carlberg and his latest robot, Mecha Rampage, who had fitted a target protruding from the top of the robot specifically for this fight. In response, the Woolleys packed their cannon with red tissue paper for functionality and entertainment. Double Jeopardy looked to use its weapon early on, facing Mecha Rampage and firing the slug. Though it seemed to hit the target and ricochet harmlessly off Mecha Rampage's spinning weapon, it became apparent that the projectile had actually shattered the end of Mecha Rampage's bar. As only a small amount of mass had been lost, Mecha Rampage was still able to spin up without showing much sign of being unbalanced. Now reduced to a pushbot, Double Jeopardy started to take damage from its opponent, losing part of its right front wheel. Double Jeopardy was having trouble driving on one side as Mecha Rampage continued to attack, and with the final impact, Double Jeopardy's entire drive train had been torn out, and it could no longer move. A count started on Double Jeopardy, giving Mecha Rampage the win by KO.

Discovery Season 4[]

Double Jeopardy vs. Lucky vs. The Four Horsemen

Double Jeopardy shoves War around as Lucky is distracted by the remainder of The Four Horsemen.

Double Jeopardy's first match was an untelevised rumble against veterans Lucky and for the second time, The Four Horsemen. Double Jeopardy started poorly as it missed firing its only projectile at Lucky, although the debris that came out with it may have damaged Lucky's flipper, preventing it from functioning properly. However, Double Jeopardy took advantage of its size and weight compared to The Four Horsemen and targeted Pizza, pushing it into the screws. Double Jeopardy then took a hit from War that left it mostly driving on one side. While War was driving haphazardly, Double Jeopardy went back to Pizza and managed to get it in the gap behind the screws where Pizza couldn't move or escape. Double Jeopardy survived to a judges' decision, but they awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Lucky.

Double Jeopardy vs. Extinguisher vs. Rainbow

Double Jeopardy fires and misses.

Double Jeopardy moves away and starts to give chase for Rainbow.

Double Jeopardy duels with Rainbow.

The next match for Double Jeopardy was another rumble, this time against rookies Extinguisher and Rainbow. When the match began, Double Jeopardy immediately aimed and fired both of its projectiles on the two attacking robots, only to miss both completely. Double Jeopardy tried to run away when Extinguisher stopped attacking Rainbow, but Extinguisher caught up and delivered a hammer bow to the top, causing damage to the right rear. After some maneuvering, Double Jeopardy ran head on into Rainbow, unfazed by the spinning bar, scooping it up and shoving it into the wall. However, this gave Extinguisher the opportunity to strike another hammer blow to the top of Double Jeopardy, in spite of the Double Jeopardy team's request for a double team against Rainbow. After moving away, a slow paced pushing match ensued as Double Jeopardy started to chase Rainbow around the arena with its rear end, managing to give a few shoves. After shoving a crippled Extinguisher aside and out of the action, Double Jeopardy continued its pushing and shoving battle against Rainbow, mostly consisting of Double Jeopardy giving chase while Rainbow tried to buy time for its weapon to spin up. Double Jeopardy managed to give another shove to Rainbow with its wedge, but Double Jeopardy started to lose mobility as its battery power started to run low. After taking some weak blows from Rainbow's weakening spinning bar as well as a few shoves, the time ran out. The judges awarded Rainbow the unanimous 3-0 decision.

Double Jeopardy vs. Foxtrot vs. Daisy Cutter

Double Jeopardy fires at a high-centered Daisy Cutter.

Double Jeopardy had yet another rumble, this time against lifter Foxtrot and Daisy Cutter. The match was rather uneventful and nobody could bring their weapons into play. Double Jeopardy especially had trouble because its opponents were lower than the cannon, but did fire its shot Daisy Cutter was momentarily stuck on top of Foxtrot. With Daisy Cutter freed again, the driving resumed for a while, until Foxtrot died in the corner, reversed back to the other two, then died again. In the final minute, Daisy Cutter also ground to a halt on top of the killsaws, and was attacked by the arena hazard in the closing moments. A count started on the two immobile robots, and Double Jeopardy chalked up their first BattleBots win by double KO.

BattleBots: Champions[]

Double Jeopardy vs. Ribbot

The ruins of Double Jeopardy following Ribbot's attacks.

The frog of Ribbot is decimated by Double Jeopardy.

Having been absent for the past two seasons, Double Jeopardy returned for the 2021 summer series, BattleBots: Champions. In the first round of the Sin City Slugfest bracket, it faced Ribbot, which selected its undercutter configuration. Pre-match, the team discussed their intention to fire projectiles at the exposed drive chains of Ribbot in an attempt to disable its drive. As the match began, Ribbot moved out of its square and positioned itself to allow Double Jeopardy to hit it. As Double Jeopardy launched its 5lb slug and 2lb ball bearing at Ribbot, the robot was violently launched backwards and the vacuum-formed head of Ribbot was blown apart, though no further damage was sustained. Following this hit, Ribbot advanced in with its undercutter, scuffing the wedge of Double Jeopardy and removing a side panel. As Double Jeopardy attempted to flee the onslaught, Ribbot continued to damage Double Jeopardy, peeling open one half of the wedge and eventually tearing off the additional side panel before tearing out an entire side of drive. Although Double Jeopardy was still able to move on three wheels with its motors falling out, Ribbot promptly tore out the remaining drive side, leaving Double Jeopardy with no mobility. As Ribbot threw the side panel of Double Jeopardy across the box, the robot was counted out, resigning Team Double Trouble to an early exit.


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
Fight Night Rumble vs. Gamma 9, The Four Horsemen Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Mecha Rampage Lost (KO)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night Rumble (Untelevised) vs. Lucky, The Four Horsemen Lost (JD)
Fight Night Rumble (Untelevised) vs. Extinguisher, Rainbow Lost (JD)
Fight Night Rumble (Untelevised) vs. Daisy Cutter, Foxtrot Won (KO)
BattleBots: Champions
Sin City Slugfest
Lock-Jaw Episode
Round of 8 vs. Ribbot Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 5
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3 None

The Four Horsemen (Undercard Rumble)

Mecha Rampage (Undercard Match)

Discovery Season 4 Daisy Cutter and Foxtrot (Untelevised Undercard Rumble) Lucky (Untelevised Undercard Rumble)

Rainbow (Undercard Rumble)

BattleBots: Champions None Ribbot

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"This lawyer's robot has the strength of twelve angry men. All rise for DOUBLE JEOPARDY!"

"Straight from the law firm of Fight, Slam and Pain, this bot is suited up for battle. It would like to file a motion for commotion and take a deposition for demolition. It's DOUBLE JEOPARDY!"

"Prepare to be cross-examined, then fired on by a giant cannon. Order in the court! You're about to be a Habeas Corpse. You can't defend this. Can I get a witness? Cause you gotta see DOUBLE JEOPARDY!"

"This bot's got more ammo than a paranoid doomsday prepper and it's gonna end your world. Arma-getting excited, aren't you? It's DOUBLE JEOPARDY!"

"In the Criminal Justice System, robot-based crimes are considered especially dangerous. The dedicated robot who will clean up these streets while packing main heat is a member of the elite team, Double Trouble. This is his story. *Law & Order sound*... DOUBLE JEOPARDY!"

"From Irvine, California, the bot so nice, it'll kill you twice. It's DOUBLE JEOPARDY!"

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  • According to a Facebook post from Evan Woolley, Double Jeopardy was originally going to use tracks as its means of locomotion. The front wedge also originally read "Capital Punishment", which was the bot's first name prior to being asked to change it for BattleBots.[4]
  • Having competed in no fewer than four rumbles, Double Jeopardy and The Four Horsemen share the record of fighting in the most rumbles in modern BattleBots.