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Discovery Season 4 was the fourth season of BattleBots since its return to television in 2015, and the second season since the Discovery network picked the show up from ABC.

Similar to the previous season, the 2019 season of BattleBots aired Fridays on Discovery, with an "encore episode" the following Wednesday on the Science Channel, often featuring a bonus fight. The show kept its Fight Night format throughout the season, with the majority of the field of 68 competitors being guaranteed four fights. From then, the selection committee would pick the majority of the Top 16, who fought a single-elimination knockout tournament until a winner was found.

A thirty second trailer was launched to the BattleBots YouTube channel in May 2019, showcasing hero shots of several robots, including End Game and Kraken, as Chris Rose hyped up the season to include the largest field of competitors to date. The later snippets of battles focused on different Fight Night battles including SawBlaze vs. Rotator, End Game vs. DeathRoll and Quantum vs. Blacksmith as various commentary lines are played. Faruq Tauheed closes the trailer with his iconic "It's robot fighting time!" catchphrase as a couple more fights are teased, before it announces June 7 as the date for the first episode of Discovery Season 4.

The Desperado Tournament made its return, with the mid-season tournament format remaining the same. This was ultimately won by Team Uai!rrior and Black Dragon, who defeated Captain Shrederator, WAR Hawk and fellow Brazilian team Minotaur in the Desperado final to win the Giant Bolt trophy and earn a guaranteed spot in the Top 16. Ironically, their 8th seeding put them up against the 2018 Desperado Tournament winner Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw, but Black Dragon fell at this hurdle and were eliminated from the competition.

Chris Rose, Kenny Florian and Faruq Tauheed once again kept their roles on the show, but FOX Sports broadcaster and sideline reporter Jenny Taft took over pit reporting duties. Neither Alison Haislip nor Jessica Chobot returned to BattleBots.

Changes were made to not only the judging criteria ahead of Discovery Season 4, but also the personnel. There were no guest judges for the 2019 season, with the panel being made up of three former BattleBots competitors of both the classic and reboot eras: Derek Young of Complete Control, Pressure Drop and Son of Smashy, Jason Bardis of Dr. Inferno Jr., Towering Inferno and The Disk O' Inferno, as well as Lisa Winter of Tentoumushi, Plan X and Mega Tento. The criteria saw a 7 point system split between three categories - 3 points for damage; 2 points for aggression; and 2 points for control.

Champion Runner-Up Semi-Finalists Quarter-Finalists
Bite Force Witch Doctor Tombstone

Death Roll





The season was again won by Bite Force, built and driven by Paul Ventimiglia of Aptyx Designs. He successfully defended his Giant Nut became a three-time champion in the process - a feat which had only previously been met by Tony Buchignani and his incredibly successful middleweight, Hazard. Three Giant Bolt awards were also presented to competitors for other categories: the Founders Award was won by Jake Ewert and Hydra, whereas the Most Destructive Robot was won by Cobalt and the Best Design Award was won by Quantum.

BattleBots: Fight Night[]

Episode 1: That's What You Call a KO![]

"The season begins as bots compete to be the 2019 BattleBots World Champion."
— Official description for Episode 1.
SawBlaze vs. Rotator
Cobalt vs. SubZero
Kraken vs. Ribbot
End Game vs. DeathRoll
HyperShock vs. Valkyrie
Blacksmith vs. Quantum

Tombstone vs. Lock-Jaw

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Marvin vs. Gruff vs. Gemini

Episode 2: You Mess with the Bull, You Get the Drum[]

"Minotaur goes against Whiplash as a new group of 14 bots make their debut."
— Official description for Episode 2.
Son of Whyachi vs. HUGE
Texas Twister vs. Black Dragon
DUCK! vs. Bombshell
Shatter! vs. Witch Doctor
Axe Backwards vs. Mammoth
Wan Hoo vs. Captain Shrederator

Minotaur vs. Whiplash

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Chronos vs. Gigabyte

Episode 3: Don't FLIP OUT![]

"BattleBots Champion Bite Force squares off against famed bot Yeti."
— Official description for Episode 3.
Skorpios vs. Copperhead
Bloodsport vs. Lucky
Free Shipping vs. Hydra
Monsoon vs. Ragnarök
MadCatter vs. Railgun MAX
Breaker Box vs. Falcon

Bite Force vs. Yeti

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
WAR Hawk vs. Petunia

Episode 4: A Duck Only a Mother Could Love[]

"Elite bots Tombstone and Sawblaze go to war in the BattleBox."
— Official description for Episode 4.
DUCK! vs. Cobalt
Rotator vs. Bombshell
Nelly The Ellybot vs. Rainbow
Quantum vs. Lock-Jaw
Kraken vs. Blacksmith
End Game vs. Ribbot

Tombstone vs. SawBlaze

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
DeathRoll vs. Foxtrot

Episode 5: A Family Affair[]

"Undefeated bots Son of Whyachi and the Ewerts look to continue their reign."
— Official description for Episode 5.
Black Dragon vs. Bloodsport
Captain Shrederator vs. Witch Doctor
Jasper vs. HUGE
Gigabyte vs. Minotaur
Mammoth vs. Uppercut
Wan Hoo vs. Shatter!

Son of Whyachi vs. Whiplash

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Texas Twister vs. Axe Backwards

Episode 6: Buckers and Brawlers[]

"Defending champ Bite Force takes on legendary flipper Bronco."
— Official description for Episode 6.
Hydra vs. WAR Hawk
Sidewinder vs. Skorpios
Valkyrie vs. Ragnarök
Free Shipping vs. Yeti
Gruff vs. Copperhead
HyperShock vs. Monsoon

Bronco vs. Bite Force

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Petunia vs. Marvin

Episode 7: The Most Destructive Robot[]

"Tombstone and Rotator look to settle a year-long feud once and for all."
— Official description for Episode 7.
Quantum vs. DeathRoll
Bombshell vs. Cobalt
Gemini vs. Tantrum
Lock-Jaw vs. DUCK!
SawBlaze vs. Blacksmith
Railgun MAX vs. Shellshock

Tombstone vs. Rotator

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Falcon vs. Ribbot

Episode 8: The Desperado Tournament II[]

"Eight bots go head-to-head in the last-chance Desperado tournament."
— Official description for Episode 8.
Desperado Quarter-finals
(1) Minotaur vs. (8) Lucky
(4) End Game vs. (5) Gruff
(3) Black Dragon vs. (6) Captain Shrederator
(2) WAR Hawk vs. (7) Ragnarök
Desperado Semi-finals
(1) Minotaur vs. (4) End Game
(2) WAR Hawk vs. (3) Black Dragon
Desperado Finals

(1) Minotaur vs. (3) Black Dragon

Exhibition Match
Deep Six vs. Axe Backwards
Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
The Four Horsemen vs. Extinguisher

Episode 9: Eyes on the Prize[]

"Undefeated Whiplash and Witch Doctor look to end an enemy's hot streak."
— Official description for Episode 9.
HUGE vs. Gigabyte
Breaker Box vs. Uppercut
Wan Hoo vs. Mammoth
Son of Whyachi vs. Texas Twister
SubZero vs. P1
Deep Six vs. Nelly The Ellybot

Whiplash vs. Witch Doctor

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Double Jeopardy vs. Rainbow vs. Extinguisher

Episode 10: Flips, Fires and Flinches[]

"Undefeated Hypershock looks to take down the reigning champ, Bite Force."
— Official description for Episode 10.
Hydra vs. Petunia
Rainbow vs. Yeti
Skorpios vs. Tantrum
Bronco vs. Free Shipping
Valkyrie vs. Monsoon
Copperhead vs. Chronos

Bite Force vs. HyperShock

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle*
Ragnarök vs. MadCatter

* This battle only aired as part of the South Korean airing of Episode 10.

Episode 11: Like a Bot to a Flame[]

"In the Main Event, Rotator and Death Roll compete in the BattleBox."
— Official description for Episode 11.
DUCK! vs. Quantum
Blacksmith vs. Captain Shrederator
Bombshell vs. Lock-Jaw
Tombstone vs. Gruff
End Game vs. Cobalt
Ribbot vs. SawBlaze

Rotator vs. DeathRoll

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Shatter! vs. Kingpin

Episode 12: This is Gonna Be Huge[]

"Huge looks to earn its first win against the legendary Bronco."
— Official description for Episode 12.
Minotaur vs. Shatter!
Son of Whyachi vs. Kraken
Railgun MAX vs. Wan Hoo
Witch Doctor vs. Gigabyte
Breaker Box vs. Bloodsport
Texas Twister vs. Whiplash

Bronco vs. HUGE

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle*
Petunia vs. Valkyrie

* This battle only aired as part of the South Korean airing of Episode 12.

Episode 13: One Flipper to Rule Them All[]

"Hydra and Bronco fight for the title of greatest flipper in the world."
— Official description for Episode 13.
Breaker Box vs. HyperShock
Yeti vs. Tantrum
Copperhead vs. WAR Hawk
Bite Force vs. Monsoon
Free Shipping vs. Railgun MAX
Uppercut vs. Skorpios

Bronco vs. Hydra

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Bloodsport vs. The Four Horsemen

Episode 14: Live to Die Another Day[]

"The greatest bots redouble their efforts for a spot in the knockout round."
— Official description for Episode 14.
Play-in Matches
Valkyrie vs. Quantum
Yeti vs. DUCK!
Lock-Jaw vs. Skorpios
HyperShock vs. HUGE
Railgun MAX vs. Bloodsport vs. Uppercut
Rotator vs. Blacksmith
Son of Whyachi vs. Copperhead
Cobalt vs. Minotaur
Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Ribbot vs. Sharkoprion

Top 16[]

Episode 15: My Super Sweet 16[]

"The 2019 BattleBots World Championship kicks off a Sweet 16 competition!"
— Official description for Episode 15.
Round of 16
(1) Bite Force vs. Uppercut (16)
(8) Black Dragon vs. Lock-Jaw (9)
(5) Whiplash vs. HUGE (12)
(4) Tombstone vs. Quantum (13)
(2) Witch Doctor vs. Blacksmith (15)
(7) SawBlaze vs. Son of Whyachi (10)
(3) Hydra vs. Minotaur (14)
(6) DeathRoll vs. Yeti (11)
Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Nightmare vs. Mammoth

Top 8[]

Episode 16: 2019 BattleBots World Championship[]

"The final eight bots face off for the 2019 BattleBots World Championship!"
— Official description for Episode 16.
Championship Quarter-Finals
(1) Bite Force vs. Lock-Jaw (9)
(4) Tombstone vs. Whiplash (5)
(2) Witch Doctor vs. SawBlaze (7)
(6) DeathRoll vs. Minotaur (14)
Championship Semi-Finals
(1) Bite Force vs. Tombstone (4)
(2) Witch Doctor vs. DeathRoll (6)
Championship Final

(1) Bite Force vs. Witch Doctor (2)

Science Channel Exclusive Bonus Battle
Team U.K. (Monsoon & Ragnarök) vs.

Team USA (MadCatter & Chronos)

Critical Reception[]


  • The only drop-out from Discovery Season 4 was Electric Ray, who failed safety checks during filming and was omitted from the 68 total competitors.
    • Despite not competing, much like the drop-outs from ABC Season 2, Electric Ray is still present on the BattleBots website.[1]
  • Discovery Season 4 marked the 20th anniversary of BattleBots with, up to 2019, the largest field of robots in the reboot era to date.
  • Discovery Season 4 marked the final appearance of Nightmare, who was effectively retired after losing its exhibition match to Mammoth.