The Disector toy.

The training robot that came with the toy, Slicer.

As part of a series released by Road Champs in 2001, Diesector was one of the options for the Grip N' Grappler range. It is based on the Season 2.0 version of Diesector, and is the most accurate rendition of Diesector made out of all the merchandise. Like the other Grip N' Grapplers, the robot is physically attached to a trigger surrounded by a plastic casing that activates the robots' weapons. In the case of Diesector, the trigger activated both chisels and the knob on the grip activated the jaws. The wheels could be moved with enough force. It came with a training robot known as a Slicer, that when hit in the correct location, would come apart like the Battle Bashers. Also, the Diesector toy itself would come apart if struck on the top corners.

The prototype of the toy.

An earlier version of the prototype in progress.

Originally, the prototype version of the toy was very different. The tires were black with outward facing rims, and were positioned on swivelling axles. The wheels could then be folded inwards. The hammers protruded out from the robot slightly more than the production version and had yellow handles as opposed to silver, with black chisels in place of more silver. It is unknown why the paint scheme on the hammers were changed, as it was more realistic.


Disector Grip N' Grappler Demo

A Demo of the toy's functions.

The toy as depicted on the back of the toys.

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